Esoteric Medicine: is it complementary or alternative medicine and what’s the difference?

by Eunice J Minford MBChB MA FRCS Ed, Consultant Surgeon, N Ireland

I used to think that complementary medicine and alternative medicine were the same thing. I have come across others who speak of them as one and the same thing as well. The words are used interchangeably by many, and both often get tied together in the abbreviation ‘CAM’ – to refer to all things complementary and alternative in the world of medicine.

I was also very dismissive of anything that was in any way alternative/complementary and basically anything that was not mainstream medicine, and which had not been verified scientifically as I understood it. I viewed them, as many medical doctors do, with contempt and considered them all to be a waste of time and potentially dangerous if they prevented people getting access to ‘real medicine’. I had heard stories of people refusing medical treatment and who insisted on the ‘alternative’ path – only to end up dead when their cancer was of course not cured by the ‘alternative’ treatment. So it would be fair to say I was pretty staunchly against anything that had the label of complementary or alternative, as to me they were all in the same bag!

At that time I was of course very much in the arrogance of the medical/scientific consciousness, which thinks that doctors and scientists are the only ones who understand the body, illness and disease and treatment, and that unless people have been through the rigors of a bona fide medical and scientific training, then they basically have no right to make any claims as to the workings of the body – even their own.

The fact that everyone has a body and therefore has the lived experiences of their own bodies and the things that affect them was irrelevant. Unless people are medically trained, they do not know how to interpret their own bodies – or so the thinking goes. Also included in this type of thinking is the desire to own knowledge – to be the ones that know – to be the ones that tell others how it is, what they can and cannot do, tied up with a belief about being special and of course super-intelligent. The arrogance and supremacy are very tangible, even obvious, in this form of thinking – and whilst it may be a common form of thinking, it is one that is deeply harming and defies who we are as human beings.

I was deeply immersed in this form of thinking, so I know it well! The ‘need to know’ can be never-ending, the desire to know more than another, to be superior, more intelligent, and to have the power that comes from being in possession of such knowledge that others do not have or know – all exists to cover up the deeply buried emptiness, insecurity and lack of true knowing. Yes, a good dose of ignorance goes into the mix with the arrogance and the supremacy.

So rather than take the time to find out what complementary and alternative medicine were, it was easier to just clump them together and arrogantly claim they were all unscientific, unproven rubbish at best, a waste of time and money, and even potentially dangerous and life threatening if they prevented people from accessing ‘real medicine’.


I have since taken the time to find out more about them and have significantly changed my views in the process with regards to complementary medicine. The crucial difference then between complementary and alternative medicine is in fact in the name – one is complementary to and supportive of conventional medicine and the other is alternative to it. In other words in alternative medicine, a client or patient refuses all other forms of conventional medical treatment and uses only ‘alternative’ forms of treatment. As a surgeon, I therefore do not personally support the ‘alternative medicine’ approach. It can be potentially dangerous to always avoid conventional medical treatment, and I am not an advocate for alternative medicine.

However, this is quite different to how I now understand complementary medicine – which is a form of medicine that works side by side with medicine and is in fact in no way alternative to it. It embraces conventional medicine and knows that the latter is well needed in the world today. So a true complementary medicine practitioner works hand in hand with conventional medicine and would never advise a client or patient to not see their doctor for a medical condition and is supportive of medical treatments.

A complementary medicine practitioner can help the patient to go deeper, in terms of evaluating their life choices and how those choices may have contributed to the illness or disease. They take a holistic perspective that understands that all aspects of an individual are important in both illness and disease manifestation and in healing. They can address the spheres of a person’s life that conventional medicine neither has the time nor the training to address, but which are crucially important to health and wellbeing, in particular issues pertaining to the spiritual and emotional domains of life. Whilst alternative medicine practitioners may say they do likewise, I do not support it due to its anti-medicine stance.

Esoteric Medicine is a form of complementary medicine (and is in no way alternative) – but in fact it is even more than that. It is a truly holistic form of medicine that is supportive of and works with conventional medicine (hence complementary) and it takes the WHOLE being into consideration. It is encompassing of all aspects of the human person – body, mind, heart, spirit and soul. It is an aspect of Universal Medicine – which is an even grander form of medicine that encompasses not just the whole of the person, but the whole of life as we know it esoterically and energetically – and that includes God, the whole of humanity, the whole planet, the whole Universe – nothing and no-one is left out when the fullness of Universal Medicine is understood.

Therefore esoteric medicine, whilst seemingly fitting in to the category of complementary medicine, is in fact much grander and broader. As a way into understanding Universal Medicine its potential is huge. It raises the bar further and brings understandings to the whole of medicine that in my opinion are well needed and currently unsurpassed by any other form of medicine.


ps – whilst we’re talking differences – did you know that there is a difference between complementary and complimentary?
Complementary(with an e) is what we use in referring to complementary medicine as described above, and as something that goes along with, or complements medicine, and can also be where two things combine in such a way that as to enhance or emphasise the qualities of the other – ‘the colour of your coat really complements or brings out the colour of your eyes.’  Whereas complimentary (with an i) is when we get given something for free e.g. tickets to an event.  It also refers to when someone pays us a compliment, expressing appreciation, praise, adoration etc and so may be very complimentary regarding our appearance e.g. ‘you are looking very beautiful today’.


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  1. It is great what you have shared here Eunice and how your understanding of complementary medicine has changed. What you say about Universal Medicine is so true it ‘is in fact much grander and broader’ and takes everything into consideration especially the way that is lived, how we live and that HOW we live affects not only our health but everything around us. I used to be the opposite, I used to be all for alternative medicine and not conventional. Even when I needed an operation I would look at and try every other avenue to avoid this. Since knowing Universal Medicine this has now changed because I now have a far grander and broader understanding of life and health.

  2. Thank you Eunice, that is very clear – I was once in the no-no-medicine field until I ended up in hospital with an ischemic leg – an arterial clot, which could have meant I lost my leg. After that I was very happy to follow doctor’s advice, and it was a year after that a friend introduced me to Universal Medicine and that helped me to understand more about my body and my responsibility for self-care. I am now under the care of a consultant who arranges regular blood tests, keeps me informed about what any implications are – I’m still keeping medication to a minimum, and he is allowing me my choice, but advising as best he can. I have radically changed my way of living and there are still changes I need to make, but it feels great to be working on my own health whilst supported by the medical profession.

  3. I like the distinction you make here Eunice, between complementary and alternative. Interestingly, I have also seen (and been) a complementary and alternative medicine practitioner that was as much about ‘owning’ the knowledge as a traditionally trained practitioner.

  4. Eunice what I thoroughly enjoyed about this post, is the way you so clearly explain with such authority and sense the differences, and pitfalls of the two and so often inter-changeable words, with their meanings. You take us by the hand and walk us through to see and feel truth by your expression of it, and particularly building the macro description of Universal Medicine in its grace to serve the world we live in, and all its people.

  5. Eunice – this is pure gold. It is so refreshing to see a someone that works in the medical profession willing to acknowledge the arrogance of the assertion that we do not understand our own bodies.

  6. Thank you Eunice for a beautifully honest sharing of how your understanding of medicine has changed. I was in the doctors the other day and they had a video of what people consider medicine to be. Many were saying it was a lotion or a drug that will help them feel better. I love here how through discussing the meaning of ‘complementary’ you illustrate that actually all of my life has potential to be great medicine. It just depends on me.

  7. Awesome clarification and understanding of the different types of medicine and what they truly are, thank you Eunice. Conventional medicine is what the medical field supports us in taking further and deeper care of the physical body, which we truly have to appreciate. When conventional medicine works side by side with complementary and Esoteric medicine, this makes much more sense as we are more than just a physical body. Yet, the knowing of this truth has led me to turn away from conventional medicine in favor of alternative medicine for many years–and in doing so, I have arrogantly chosen to ignore physicality! In the end nothing truly works if it is not approached as a Whole. This is something we know innately within us. Universal Medicine is actually us when lived in full.

  8. Hi Eunice. In the past I always confused the two – Alternative and Complementary and it wasn’t until someone pointed out the difference in the two words that I finally understood. Ignorance in this respect can do a great deal of harm. Now when I consider my own health options, I live complementary medicine as a foundation to conventional medicine and now with the exposure to your blog have come to realise that – Universal Medicine is becoming my way. The understanding that we are all connected, that what I live and love in my life , I live and love in all others, that we are all Sons of God returning home. Thank you so much for encapsulating this understanding and greater connection in your blog.

    1. Like you ch1956, I’ ve often confused the two. Great to be given this clarification. I’ve used complementary therapies for many years, few of the practitioners I saw related to the client and treated the whole person in the way of Universal Medicine practitioners.

  9. Great to have a clear understanding of the difference between complementary and alternative medicine and to have the much grander, broader understanding of Esoteric/Universal medicine … as you so eloquently put it.. ‘nothing and no-one is left out when the fullness of Universal Medicine is understood.”

    1. It was also great to feel how Esoteric/Universal Medicine is complementary TO medicine as this indeed is treating a person wholistically. Then nothing is left out in assisting a person to truly heal their illness and dis-ease as the root cause and the physical manifestation are both treated.

  10. Thank you for explaining the distinction Eunice. I used to not know the difference between alternative and complementary medicine, I wrote them off as the same mumbo jumbo, as many people do. I have lived irresponsibly and wanted my doctor to fix me up so that I can keep abusing my body. When I did see the doctor it was usually a two-minute consultation where the doctor was mainly writing and a script would be produced. I felt I deserved a greater level of care, but wanted someone else to provide the care rather than care for myself. Through Universal Medicine I have come to understand that my physical ills have an emotional or psychological origin. This is where a holistic approach that involves Esoteric Medicine and conventional medicine together to facilitate lasting healing. It is complementary because it reinforces the importance of conventional medicine and makes the most of what it has to offer.

    1. I can absolutely relate to what you have expressed about wanting the doctor to “fix you up” Bernie. I can see that Universal Medicine supported me to accept responsibility for my choices and my health. Understandably this is something that the local GP would have trouble doing in the standard allotted 10 minute appointment, but even more revealing is the fact that many GPs have not accepted full responsibility for their own health and the impact of their lifestyle choices. Universal Medicine provides much needed support to everyone (GPs included).

      I was very ill when I first discovered Universal Medicine. I suffered from debilitating headaches that would put me in bed for a week, constant colds and flu, acne, exhaustion – the list goes on. Conventional medicine had supported me to a degree, with medication to manage my symptoms, however, it was not until I discovered Universal Medicine that my health began to turn around dramatically. I am now far healthier than I have ever been in my life and my GPs often comment on how healthy I am when I go in for a check up.

  11. You are inspiring Eunice, both in your commitment to your healing work as a doctor and your commitment to humanity to inform, fully aware that your views will challenge some and cause comment as well as move many to reconsider their own ways of seeing.

    1. I agree Debra, Eunice as a medical professional and simply a fellow and equal human being is deeply inspiring here. She inspires me to embrace and communicate more openly about my own understanding of medicine and the complementary healing that I witness within myself, friends and family through the support of Universal Medicine.

      1. Thank you Debra S and cheriseholt I agree also. Eunice Minford also inspires me to ‘not give ground’ on how much I do know about medicine when it comes to myself. I have witnessed personally many things in my life and peoples lives around me that can be directly linked to the equal partnership of conventional medicine and and the complementary esoteric medicine. There are that many it is almost common place in the Universal Medicine community and as you say cheriseholt, all “through the support of Universal Medicine”.

  12. This is such a great article, Eunice. The truth about conventional medicine, alternative medicine and complementary medicine is clearly and simply laid out, for all to understand, and the place of medicine in Universal Medicine simply stated, with such clarity and grace. You have done us all a great service in dispelling the deliberate confusion that has been created in this area, to separate people from each other, and from themselves and the wisdom of their bodies, and allowing us to see and feel the truth. I love that you expanded our definition of medicine to include Universal Medicine, which embraces everyone and everything in the Universe, including God.

  13. Hi Eunice, I had no idea that the true meaning of alternative medicine was in fact meaning a denial of any western medicine whilst complementary therapies like the Esoteric Medicine modalities are a true partner to Western Medicine so thank you for making this super clear in your blog.

  14. It’s crazy that we could mix up the words “complementary” and “alternative” but your explanation is needed Eunice to highlight this common misconception that they are one and the same thing. Equally so there is a misconception that the word spirit and soul mean the same thing. Many Medical Centres now brings in “alternative therapies” to their clinic and advertise them as holistic, but they are still missing a key component and that is there is a difference between spirit and soul. Understanding the difference is the bridge that alternative medicine needs to cross in order to provide complementary medicine … Plato knew this and has left his wisdom for us to rediscover … It is time to come back to what was once known and lived and that is you cannot treat the body without also treating the body, mind, heart, spirit AND soul.

  15. Eunice I absolutely agree and thoroughly appreciate a medical practitioner being so forthright. I spent years seeking alternative medicine advice and avoiding the medical. I had to avoid mentioning this fact or I’d raise the ire of the medical profession. The result was a lot of confusion and lack of coherence, because no one agreed. Since attending Universal Medicine practitioners I have utilised the complementary and medical approaches seamlessly to ensure my treatment covers all aspects of the condition – the why the condition has appeared in the first place, and what needs to be addressed in my living/thinking and the treatment of the symptoms of the condition. As such I am learning how to work with my own body’s intelligence and the considerable offerings of medical science.

  16. Thank you for clarifying the difference between alternative and complementary medicine Eunice. Esoteric medicine is an amazing and essential adjunct to conventional western medicine as it brings to us the understanding that we have our own part to play in our healing in the way in which we choose to live and the necessity to look at the underlying energetic causes of dis-ease in the body (something which alternative medicine fails to do). When we are prepared to take responsibility for ourselves the outcome from any medical intervention can be vastly improved or the need for it prevented altogether.

  17. Thank you Eunice for so clearly stating the huge difference between complementary and alternative medicine, it makes sense and explains why I became disillusioned with alternative medicine,…. after 10 years the pain in my back and stomach seemed to be getting worse not better, and I would notice how my friends were looking healthier than me and yet I was doing all this ‘work’ to try to make me feel healthy. Esoteric Medicine along with medical support when needed has been the only thing that has made a true difference to the pain in my body, I very rarely get back or stomach pains now and when I do I can back track it to something I have done to cause the pain and make the necessary changes before it escalates into a more permanent pain.

  18. Eunice you have put it all together – the importance of conventional, complementary medicines and esoteric medicine. Medicine means something that is beneficial or good for us and the combining of these three modalities means we can bring everything that our bodies need together under the one umbrella of Universal Medicine – something beneficial for us from the whole of the universe.

  19. It is very inspiring to hear a Doctor’s perspective here. In my the experience some Medical Professionals can be rather dismissive of complementary medicine and assume it is quackery or indeed ‘alternative’. Esoteric Medicine is clearly a complementary treatment and offers a great support to medical treatment. Thank you Eunice.

  20. Thank you Eunice for this awesome blog – I found it very informative and gave me clarity as to where most folk do not have the clear understanding and the true definition of each of the words ‘complementary’ and ‘alternative’ – now it makes more sense to me that Universal Medicine Therapies and Modalities are ‘complementary’ to traditional medicine and not alternative to the understanding of healing the body by the medical profession.

  21. What a great article Eunice. You’ve so clearly explained what is meant by complementary medicine and alternative medicine – these definitions are great for people who hear these terms and think they mean the same, when they are very different, with complementary medicine working hand-in-hand with mainstream medicine, whereas alternative medicine says ‘no’ to mainstream medicine. For me, it makes sense, so I use complementary medicine (esoteric medicine in fact) as well as seeing Doctors and being open to taking medication or having a procedure if it’s needed. It’s a perfect marriage of true medicine and healing for me.

  22. Absolutely agree with you Eunice, Esoteric Medicine is complementary to Medical treatment where the whole of the person is considered, body, mind, spirit and soul. This offers the possibility of a true healing and deeper understanding of the nature of illness and disease where the illness can be addressed, as in surgery and also any behaviour, lifestyle choices that may be adding to an illness. Both are needed as the way we live and the choices we make have a direct relationship, and our bodies receive them all. I have experienced having Esoteric Therapy sessions as a support while undergoing medical treatment and found it extremely supportive on a physical level as well as mentally and emotionally supportive.

    1. The mental and emotional support afforded by the Esoteric Healing therapies encompassed within Esoteric Medicine deserve to be studied, published and their rightful place in medicine endorsed. I stand with you Victoria and can say Esoteric Medicine has supported me physically, mentally and emotionally to heal from medical ailments – and it has at least already been shown by research that the mental and psychological well-being of a patient contributes to the outcome of conventional medical interventions. Perhaps in this we have a starting place for further research.

      1. Absolutely Deanne, further research here would confirm what those who have experienced this ‘marriage’ know to be true. I have also witnessed, even regardless of any particular outcome, as in ‘being cured’, the support that is available from complementary treatment along with medical can greatly increase the quality of one’s life, whether that be short or long.

  23. When I had my first child, I became disillusioned by traditional medicine and their inability to address more than the presenting symptoms. This took me on a path of exploring alternative medicine, along with an arrogance of not needing doctors and thinking that I actually knew more than them because they were stymied by only reading medical and scientific studies and weren’t able to see the whole picture. Since becoming a student of Universal Medicine I have re-embraced traditional medicine along with complementary Esoteric Medicine. This way, my family and I, receive the best medical care through our doctors but truly address the whole by also consulting Esoteric Practitioners. We get to heal physically, as well as the underlying reasons for our illness and disease, by taking responsibility for our choices. Thank you for such a great article on the difference between alternative and complementary medicine – they are definitely not the same!.

  24. A fabulous summary and great clarification between the two therapies Eunice. Thank you, I also loved the beautiful subtle humour and your lovely honest sharing about how you used to think and feel while under the medical consciousness as you put it.
    You are totally correct and as a student of Universal Medicine for 9 years I can vouch that Esoteric Medicine is not only complementary, as it has always supported conventional medical medicine, but it is truly far far grander than that- it does encompass every aspect of the whole as a form of true healing. Hence the title ‘Universal Medicine’.
    I, and many through the use of using medical conventional medicine alongside esoteric medicine, have turned my life and health around. It is definitely something to look into for those who may still be choosing to stay only with alternative medicine or with conventional medicine.
    Deep thanks to Serge Benhayon who presents, lived and breathes moment to moment true living and esoteric medicine, universally so.

  25. I hadn’t really grasped before the difference between alternative and complementary medicine, it is great to read your clear take on this Eunice. I would also be a strong advocate of complementary medicine, particularly the practice of esoteric medicine but have first hand experience of the importance of western medicine to our health and wellbeing.

  26. I too didn’t understand the difference between truly complementary medicine and alternative medicine prior to my experience of Universal Medicine / Esoteric Medicine. As the quote from Serge Benhayon at the top of the page so clearly states: “The marriage of Western Medicine and Esoteric Medicine is the greatest union that will serve humanity”. Esoteric Medicine works hand in hand with Western Medicine, and is fully respectful and deeply appreciative of the medical profession and the great and much needed part they provide. However, Western Medicine can only provide one part of the answer. Esoteric Medicine says yes you provide that part wonderfully, but there is also an energetic aspect to illness and disease and a responsibility from the individual as to how they live their life and we have an answer to this part. The two working together is a marriage made in heaven.

    1. Dear Nicola,
      “But there is also an energetic aspect to illness and disease and a responsibility from the individual as to how they live their life and we have an answer to this part.” This is so very true, Esoteric Healing is the answer. Before becoming a student of Universal Medicine, I thought that I was being responsible for my health. I was eating according to the food pyramid, not smoking or over doing alcohol. Yet I still had health problems. It has taken the support of Universal Medicine Practitioners in helping me to reconnect to my body and to feel from my body what is ok for it and what is not to show me that the general information that is available is not generically okay for all bodies. This is simple stuff, but what is missing in many aspects of self care that people search for when they are feeling un well. The barrage of information out there is truly mind boggling, this has enhanced for me the importance of the Universal Medicine Blog sites and the Unimed Living and Esoteric Women’s Health Websites. Now the understanding that we have come to for ourselves (that we are worth caring for) is out there in the world available for any one who is searching to choose it.

  27. It is great to have alternative and complementary medicine explained as they are very different but yet are commonly put under the same defining umbrella. I feel this has a lot to do with the reaction conventional medicine has to therapies outside their way of practising. Any one who works with a form of medicine in the exclusion of others is running a high risk of being quite arrogant and self-rightous, both the practitioner and client miss out in this case, hence this way of practising medicine could not work. This article really opens up the space for understanding the difference between alternative and complementary medicine and the very important difference between the two.

  28. Eunice, those people that choose to only go down the ‘alternative’ root of curing their ills and issues sometimes end up suffering so much and it really affects themselves, their families and really the whole community. The beautiful understanding of how important complementary medicine is in conjunction with western medicine is crucial in the health and healing of us as whole wonderful being. Western medicine is incredible in what it offers people to support the physical body and complementary medicine in my experience supports the wellbeing of the soul. It’s harming to only do one and not incorporate both into a way of living. Both are significant and equally important in my books.

  29. Eunice, I love and can feel the power in what you have written here. What esoteric medicine can add to “modern” medicine is such a complete picture. Recently I was with my dad as he was dying and felt how powerful the combination of the practical support offered by conventional medicine and my understanding and sharing with my family of the passing over process. A complete process.

    1. Wow Anne, that is beautiful what you have shared. I can feel what you mean about a complete process ~ that all areas of support have been dedicated and taken care of.

    2. The amount of love conventional medicine offers us today is under valued and appreciated, especially for pain relief and in the process of passing over. I have experienced something similar to you Anne recently with my father’s passing over, the support and understanding of Esoteric Medicine not only helped to hold a space of stillness and beauty in the passing over process but I feel it also contributed to my father requiring quite a relatively low dosage of pain medication.

  30. Amazingly written Eunice. It is so great to clarify the difference between complementary and alternative medicine, and totally awesome to clarify what esoteric medicine is and then bring an understanding to the fact that true medicine is universal including absolutely every aspect of life.

  31. Hello Eunice Minford thank you for redefining “alternative medicine and complementary medicine” and now you have done that, why does it seem so obvious but yet it wasn’t before? It is great to read an article and learn something or more so clear something up. This is exactly what has happened for me simply with the definitions of these two types of medicine so thank you. If we all don’t take a stand in this, it would seem at some point in the future it would be illegal for you to say anything about your body whatsoever. I love this line and it is true, “that unless people have been through the rigors of a bona fide medical and scientific training, then they basically have no right to make any claims as to the workings of the body – even their own.” Who better to know about the “workings of the body” than the person who is in it? Thank you again Eunice.

    1. I love this line Ray: ‘Who better to know about the “workings of the body” than the person who is in it?’

      When we do not claim the wisdom we each hold deep within we are forever left scrambling for someone to fix us – in truth this is a complete refusal of taking responsibility for our own health and the choices that got us to this point. Part of listening to our inner wisdom is knowing when we need help and exactly who to go and see to achieve this. We are not meant to do it all alone but neither are we meant to have someone else do it all for us. As always, a delicate balance leads to a thriving ecosystem.

      1. Ah Liane Mandalis, the word “balance” comes in to reveal the responsibility we have for ourselves and then everyone. How often do we go to the Doctor or turn to medicine for an answer without bringing into balance our part? Not that you are meant to ‘know it all’ but when it comes to your own body, well you would have to be considered an expert wouldn’t you? So from there you would need to be a part of any treatment or healing that took place and I don’t just mean turning up to the appointment. As you say Liane this part is equally important, “When we do not claim the wisdom we each hold deep within we are forever left scrambling for someone to fix us – in truth this is a complete refusal of taking responsibility for our own health and the choices that got us to this point.”

  32. I enjoyed reading this article Eunice and have in the past rejected conventional medicine and set my sights on alternative medicine to cure my ills, but soon found out that it wasn’t working either. After attending presentations by Serge Benhayon I now have a new appreciation for both the esoteric healing and conventional medicine, which work together beautifully.

  33. I get the sense that in general and if given the chance, many medical institutions of the world would welcome and even embrace Universal Medicine, because with it a person is given the opportunity to take responsibility for their own health and well being, thus alleviating some of the stress and pressure put upon the already strained medical systems.

  34. The general medical world’s disdain or contempt for the practice of complementary medicine has always seemed like a huge arrogance to me. This, combined with the fact that often mainstream medical practitioners displayed less than optimum health and vitality themselves, did nothing for my faith in medicine.
    Through Universal Medicine and esoteric medicine – with its truly complementary approach – I have come to better understand and appreciate the fact that in order to treat the part we must indeed treat the whole, and the important role that general medicine plays in this.

  35. In the past in my arrogance I had been an advocate for the path of alternative medicine in word but not in deed. For like many others who I knew, when the alternative approach did not cure the problem we would resort to the medical profession. What hypocrisy! With my involvement in esoteric medicine as presented by Serge Benhayon I have come to appreciate true complementary medicine as you have so clearly outlined in this article.

    1. I know this one Jonathan too, by word not deed, and it is certainly a perspective worth exposing and nailing as you have here – yes – hypocrisy and arrogance especially when after resorting to conventional medicine to fix the problem rather than find a new found appreciation for the place of conventional medicine, a staunch preference for alternative medicine continues to be touted while turning to conventional medicine as needed.

  36. What an awesome article Eunice and I absolutely agree with you: “Universal Medicine encompasses not just the whole of the person, but the whole of life as we know it esoterically and energetically – and that includes God, the whole of humanity, the whole planet, the whole Universe – nothing and no-one is left out when the fullness of Universal Medicine is understood”. Nothing to add….

    1. I love this part too Mariette, it gives me tingles of beauty to feel the all-encompassing possibilities of a way of living that is universal and equal in the true meaning of the words.

  37. This is such a unique article Eunice. I don’t think I have read the distinction between Alternative and complementary therapies explained so well and so clearly. The expression CAM is used so often and by the practitioners themselves which is quite surprising when their emphasis is so different.
    The description of Universal Medicine was a standout. To have all life, down to our relationship with God restored to its rightful place as medicine is just so beautiful to read, particularly from a highly accomplished doctor. Universal Medicine holds each person as a equal in a greater whole. People are not the isolated units that they have become in conventional medicine or in CAMs.
    What is also beautiful to read (at last) is the place of God in medicine, unconcealed, and fully stated. It is very fashionable to leave out God, to claim that seeing how God is not ‘evidence-based’ he cannot be considered a part of medicine. I am not quite sure what tool they are using to measure God’s presence, but we can see with our own eyes and feel with our own hearts that secularity has not contributed very much to human health.
    There is so much to us that is not addressed by medicine or CAMs alone, and this is where Universal Medicine comes in…but each one is needed for the whole person to be served.

    1. I think perhaps it is the ‘fool’s’ tool Rachel. Fool because implying that God has a role in medicine labels one as such, and fool because to leave omnipresence out of medicine is ultimately foolish…

  38. Thank you deeply for the clarification of these two terms Eunice. Like you it has been my understanding that they were similar if not the same but they are in fact starkly different.

    1. It would actually be revolutionary for society if more people looked into and truly understood the difference between the two.

  39. I had not previously considered the different meanings of alternative and complementary medicine, but reading how you describe them, they are definitely very different, and will have very differing outcomes for people. Esoteric complementary medicine and conventional medicine fit so well together to provide the complete holistic approach to everyone who chooses them. It’s really beautiful how they work together.

  40. Amazing Eunice, love how you explain the difference between alternative and complementary medicine. I grew up with alternative medicine, but lost faith in it as people were often very miserable and not truly vital. I basically was then very critical of any medicine, because I lost faith in doctors as well as they treated my body like a functional piece that just needed to get tuned with antibiotics when not truly functioning. There was no clear understanding of the human body in its all encompassing way as you describe it so beautifully with Esoteric Medicine as a form of complementary medicine that “is encompassing of all aspects of the human person – body, mind, heart, spirit and soul. It is an aspect of Universal Medicine – which is an even grander form of medicine that encompasses not just the whole of the person, but the whole of life as we know it esoterically and energetically – and that includes God, the whole of humanity, the whole planet, the whole Universe – nothing and no-one is left out when the fullness of Universal Medicine is understood.”

  41. Eunice, I love with a capital L, the humbleness that you write with as someone working as a doctor. Often we can remain stubbornly fixed in the way that we see life, but by you choosing to stay open to exploring complementary and alternative medicine and understanding more about them, your views have now changed. It is beautiful to read how much you now embrace complementary medicine in the form of Esoteric Medicine.

  42. This is a great blog Eunice, you have simply stated the obvious – when up to now it has been so easy to bundle these two together as if they are the same. Thank you for pointing out the obvious. With everything I know, and have experienced of Universal Medicine and their position of being pro conventional medicine, their modalities are very much complementary.

    1. And very real, practical and easy to incorporate into everyday living should one want to live a life that is living and healing of old patterns and ailments everyday.

  43. Wow, what a powerful article you deliver here Eunice Minford explaining very clearly the differences between complementary and alternative medicine. Since attending presentations by Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine, I have more awareness of my own personal science laboratory (my body), how it is feeling and when something does not feel quite ‘right’. Prior to these presentations I would have avoided visiting the doctor as much as possible – no longer is this the case – now I am first in line for my annual check up or when support is needed! From personal experience I know the coming together of medicine and complementary esoteric healing is profound and grander and broader than their stand-alone status. Serge Benhayon fully endorses connection with the medical profession alongside the esoteric.
    Why would we not want to fully embrace medical & esoteric together for true healing of “body, mind, heart, spirit and soul”.

  44. Amazing to read Eunice. Your understanding of medicine and the difference between alternative and complementary medicine I enjoyed reading very much. That said I am studying dentistry at the moment and am very interested in the workings of the whole body. I find the classes on the body very interesting but I always felt like something was missing. What I was missing I have found in Esoteric Medicine, the consideration of the whole being physically but also energetically. Every part of the body reflects something about the way we are living. So healing an illness is not just about repairing the body but also about healing the energetic root cause which is mostly found in the way we are living.

  45. Thank you Eunice for this clarification. I have been quite ignorant of the fact that alternative and complementary medicine are not one and the same, although, as you describe, the words say it already. Great call to be more astute with the words I use.

  46. Thank you for your honest sharing Eunice. I totally relate to your experience and was once a prisoner to the consciousness of supremacy and arrogance and wielding knowledge as power over another. I remember studying Anatomy and other medical and scientific subjects at University and feeling that I had made it – that I was on par with Doctors who I perceived as elitist with regard the Human Body. Strangely all of my peers and close relatives who studied medicine and went on to become Drs, Surgeons and other Medical professionals did not a healthy body have. In fact, they often were up the latest, eating the fast and easy high fat, high sugar diet lacking nutrition or balance and practising (if at all) poor self-care regimes. It never occurred to me ‘The fact that everyone has a body and therefore has the lived experiences of their own bodies and the things that affect them’ – like many, I grew up being told the Dr knew everything. Strangely, never before receiving Complementary Therapy with Universal Medicine had I ever been asked to consider the whole picture and whole aspect of my health – my choices and the reasons behind them. Up until my first Complementary Healing session with Universal Medicine, I was living a band-aid approach to life (I don’t recommend this- it doesn’t work) and seeking solutions but never addressing the cause of why I was unwell and not living a truly vital life.
    It was not until Esoteric Healing that I began to consider and later to develop a relationship with my own body – to listen to me and to honour what I know and am needing…which is strange when I consider I ‘knew’ all about the body medically but had not taken the time to listen to or to learn one thing about my own.

    1. Thank you Eunice and Deborah, I too grew up with the belief that the doctor knows all and had handed my health over to them to take care of. This meant that I was not taking one bit of responsibility for why my body was un healthy. Even in this though there was an arrogance as I was arrogantly believing that no matter what happened to my body, the doctor would fix it. As I have aged and observed the illnesses of my own body and that of others around me I have seen that “the doctor will fix it” is not a valid truth, as many times there can be help for the symptoms, but definitely not a fix for the illness. Since becoming a Student of Universal Medicine I have made many changes and continue to make changes as to how I hold, support and care for my body and have experienced a much improvement in my vitality and health. Esoteric healing and Universal Medicine is definitely complementary to that which is offered to us by doctors. The missing link as you will, that link being to value self enough to care for self.

  47. I love this Eunice – ‘everyone has a body and therefore has the lived experiences of their own bodies and the things that affect them’… This is a huge statement, and you’re absolutely correct. Everyone (including children) has an experience of what it’s like to live in a body, so dismissing what they have to say because they aren’t medical professionals just doesn’t make sense. There is still so much to learn and discover about the body; I wonder what would happen if doctors and nurses consulted everyday carpenters or school children… Something awesome could be found.

    1. Hello Susie Williams and I agree. A ‘one size fits all’ approach to medicine and the body is crazy. Individuals, no matter who they are or what the profession or training they have are an expert on their own body to some degree. Universal Medicine is leading the way in care in this area. The person or the body isn’t just an object, it is an important part of the whole process, never is either disregarded but instead supported to see for themselves what is going on. People shouldn’t be on ‘autopilot’ when it comes to healthcare but more engaged. Any medicine that does encourage or support this isn’t true medicine, it’s just a form of medicine.

      1. Thank you Raymond Karam and I agree with you too. It’s quite unusual for a young person like myself to attend and participate in events with hundreds of other adults, but when it comes to Universal Medicine this is totally normal. Children/teenagers are respected, adults are respected and elderly people are all respected equally. Group work is effortless, and the amount each individual can bring is incredible, through their lived experiences and expression.

      2. Hello Susie Williams and yes we should appreciate the ‘normal’ when it comes to Universal Medicine. As you say, “Children/teenagers are respected, adults are respected and elderly people are all respected equally.” This line alone is huge, a whole community of differing ages, genders and origins coming together and truly respecting, trusting and working with each. How healing is that part alone for so many people, I know it has been and is for me. Thank you Susie.

    2. Often when I talk to people about their health and experiences with medical professionals they do say things like, ‘something just didn’t feel right’, or ‘I knew something was going on’. When we let ourselves be, we are all experts on our own bodies, and there are many stories when patients are not taken seriously but they had a ‘knowing’ that things weren’t right, so I do feel it’s important that responsibility for our health is not left entirely to our GP, that it is a joint effort…

  48. It’s great to read a Dr writing like this and it’s so clear that esoteric medicine is not an alternative medicine and is instead a way of living, that can work hand in hand with conventional medicine and all parts of life!

    1. I agree Danielle Pirera, how refreshing to see an experienced Doctor willing to stand by the truth in the face of what is going on. This blog very clearly lays out the differences in medicines, and for me from that clarity I can see that conventional medicine with esoteric medicine complementing it is the way to go. Thank you both.

      1. Many doctors support complementary therapies but are most likely afraid to speak up the way Dr Minford has in this blog. Full credit to her for leading the way and hopefully inspiring other doctors concerned about their reputations to also speak up about what they really feel about this topic.

      2. Hello Danielle Pirera I agree but there are many speaking up in their own way. Eunice Minford is another building block on this ‘speaking up’. I won’t say she alone is leading the way but is a part of the lead, yes. I see many Doctors doing great things as they see it and it all supports. Eunice Minford has given us all something further to build on, thank you both.

    2. I agree Danielle. It is refreshing to read about a doctor who has informed herself and supports esoteric medicine, complementary medicine. Universal Medicine is exactly that. A way of living that not only works hand in hand with conventional medicine but fully supports the whole of the body and being to live a true life of harmony, joy and vitality while healing ailments and old patterns.

      1. Esoteric medicine brings a whole new meaning to life and healing. No longer is it about fixing our issues so we can get on with living our life how ever we want to. It’s about taking responsibility for how the way we live affects our body. I feel this can be a bit scary for many people, as it’s sometimes easier to not have to face up to the fact that we are the result of every single one of our choices.

    3. Yes Danielle, that’s my experience of esoteric medicine – it’s a way of life, so how I live each day impacts on how I feel – for example, if I eat sugar, I feel terrible, or if I stay up late watching TV, I’ll wake up feeling tired – these simple examples are a part of esoteric medicine for me…when I live in a way that supports me to feel vibrant and full of energy, then that is good medicine in my book!

      1. Yes Sandra, simple common sense, definitely + good medicine. Dr Minford has presented such a comprehensive and much needed essay on the wisdom of both esoteric and conventional medicine being applied to all of life. As a nurse I also endorse fully what she is saying here.

      2. It’s good medicine in my book too, Sandra. And what a joy it would be for doctors to treat you as you fully embrace responsibility for your own health.

      3. Yes Catherine, and doctors could focus on treating people who genuinely need treatment and not have their time taken up with people who have illnesses that we know are preventable.

    4. Absolutely Danielle, it is really great for a Dr to write such an article, esoteric medicine and conventional medicine together are the way forth.

    5. It could not be said any simpler Danielle, ‘that esoteric medicine is a way of living’. Simple and profound

      1. Living medicine is actually so ancient that people have been doing it for life times, but yet it is so very simple. It’s just that with the ever changing ways and pace of life this way of living has been forgotten by most. Coming back to Esoteric Medicine is far from new and eventually every Doctor will begin to see that it’s a way of living to support modern medicine!

  49. Great article, Eunice, explaining the enormous difference between alternative medicine and complementary medicine. In the past I too did not realise that there was any difference, and thought they were interchangeable labels. Since I have been involved with Universal Medicine I have come to realise just what complementary medicine is, it just makes sense, it is to work side by side with conventional medicine, to complement what the doctors are trained in and understand. There is no way that conventional doctors can cover all that affects a person’s health, as you say, Eunice, “body, mind, heart, spirit and soul”. As you say, esoteric medicine as presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, is even “so much grander and broader”. It is absolutely amazing in its scope and I have so benefitted from its teachings.

  50. Wow Eunice the clarity with which you have described alternative and complementary medicine will go far in supporting many people to understand the difference and to gain a deeper awareness in supporting their true health and wellbeing. You then introduce what true medicine is – Universal Medicine. This is ground breaking, the way you have described it here, and I for one will be storing this piece in a safe place to pass on when required. Thank you, I love that you are practicing Universal Medicine!

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