We welcome comments and questions. But of course we have some guidelines — one need only look at the comments section of a Youtube video to see that there are countless places on the web where anything goes — this is not that place. Genuine inquiry and interest, criticism and skepticism are welcome. Cynicism and outright aggressive comments on the other hand are not something we will waste white space on. There are enough sites on the web that cultivate and encourage a culture of complaining and bitching, frankly we find those sites boring. We care for humanity and in the interests of humanity we will not create or sustain environments that foster hate and offer little else.

And yes this is a question of protecting and honouring freedom of speech, because when speech is hateful or aggressive it intimidates others; it bullies them and inhibits them from speaking freely. Whatever criticisms are there to be expressed can be delivered without reaction and aggression. Since when did ‘freedom of speech’ become a right to freely and anonymously abuse others? A society that allows this is not a free society, it is a society that is held hostage to cowards who troll sites and digitally pillage with no accountability. We don’t play ball with that. We ask for people to engage but to engage responsibly. Your considered contributions are valued and appreciated.

Please note we also reserve the right to decline the publication of comments that are purely self-promotional or which are designed to advance a predefined agenda or dogma, we find that comments of this nature are not conducive to open two-way conversation. This means no Scripture-spam please.

11 thoughts on “COMMENTS POLICY

  1. I love this comments policy and all it offers to the integrity and honesty of what is written on the internet. A beautiful contribution to the world for all of us, thank you.

  2. This comments policy is most welcome and indeed pioneering as in reality, there is no room for the proliferation of expletives and abusive speech found on many sites these days – that is not freedom of speech, it is freedom to abuse and intimidate, and it is not welcome.

  3. This is an amazing policy and I love the genuineness and integrity of it! Freedom of speech cannot be about allowing abusive talk. It would be great if there were more people who handled this as responsibly as on this site. Thank you.

  4. Just found this page by accident. I feel it deserves greater prominence as what is written here is so important in presenting the truth of what free-speech is and how that freedom is abused. This abuse and the evil of allowing it by not speaking up gives the excuse for censorship of which the ultimate outcome is totalitarianism.

  5. Great explanation of free speech. There are some things like ‘free speech’ that have become something of a mantra, and as soon as they are ‘invoked’ by someone or by a body, no one can, or few are game enough to take a stance that might seem at first blush to limit it. Of course I support freedom of speech, but as is so precisely illustrated here, blindly following the mantra of free speech, and not questioning what is being disseminated by right of it can be counter productive. We have to be more discerning with this, as with many things.

  6. Attending a Universal Medicine workshop in March 2013 I asked a question:
    “Why was I unable to look into and hold the gaze of another without needing to keep blinking ?”
    Serge Benhayon answered:
    “Its about anxiousness Wendy, you are not letting people in ”
    I so wanted to argue and refute this and say – I am not anxious, I have many close friends.
    Over the following weeks and months I looked deeper into his reply, questioning myself. I discovered indeed there is an anxiousness deep within me, like an inner buzzing that was driving me, I was never aware of in the past.
    I too realised that in spite of the many friends, relationships and 2 marriages I had never truly let anyone know the real me.

    Since that answer from Serge my life has radically changed. I no longer need that ‘adrenaline high’.
    I began receiving gentle and affirming healing sessions from Practitioners and Student Practitioners here in Frome.
    With this greater awareness of the striving and driven-ness, steadily the buzz has decreased.
    I now notice signs and messages (completely dis-regarded in the past ) from my body alerting me to stop, breath gently, rest and be still.
    I nurture and love myself and my delicate body, no longer denying the beautiful female I am. Allowing friends and family to see the newly discovered real Wendy.

    I have also joined an Internet Dating Agency at 70 !

    Thank you Serge

  7. This is music to my ears, or should I say Music to my Heart! Anyone with a site supporting comments has a responsibility toward the people they profess to be serving: they need to put systems in place to ensure the communication channels can not be hijacked by those who wish to abuse and intimidate others. Thank you for taking care of this and for providing a beautiful example that I hope every public site and every public forum will one day follow.

    1. I have just come across this Comments policy page – Golnaz – it is music to my heart too. what a different world we would be living in if this policy could be implemented within the media, the social network sites and people enjoying a different experience within their own lives.

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