Simple Lifestyle Changes Help Heal Hyperthyroidism

By Carmel Reid, Somerset, UK

I am an engineer, and I have come to realise our bodies are amazing pieces of engineering, with extraordinary delicacy in the way our various systems keep our bodily functions in balance, and I have come to truly appreciate the exquisite instrument we live inside every single day!

In 2002 I was noticeably breathless at the smallest exertion, like climbing a flight of stairs, and my major muscles were weak – with my arms I could not lift my own body weight on parallel bars at a children’s playground and with my legs I could not stand up from a squatting position and my hands were very shaky. My GP checked me for asthma by inviting me to blow into a tube, but I had been attending singing workshops and my lung capacity was pretty good, so he suggested I might have a thyroid problem and gave me a blood test, thinking, as I was overweight at the time, that my thyroid was underactive.

As it turned out, my thyroid was hyperactive; I had a swelling on the right side of my neck and a radioactive iodine test showed a ‘hot nodule’ in the thyroid gland. Then in 2003 on a visit to the gym, my heart rate showed up at 166 on the cycle machine, and a further visit to the doctor gave me a diagnosis of atrial fibrillation. He explained that hyperthyroidism can cause weakening of the major muscles (which explained my weak arms and legs) and can also cause atrial fibrillation (irregular heart rhythm). This can lead to clots forming in the heart, which can then cause a stroke, and he recommended I take aspirin to thin my blood.

At the time I was into alternative medicine and didn’t take the aspirin he recommended, but looked at my lifestyle, i.e. what had caused the thyroid to be hyperactive in the first place. When the doctor agreed that it could be caused by stress, I decided then and there to de-stress my life. I stopped doing committee work and generally tried to get less stressed about everything. It took a while because living with stress had become my whole way of being.

Unfortunately it wasn’t enough – I was still living in a stressful way and in 2004 I ended up in hospital with a cold right leg, due to an arterial clot that meant no blood was getting to my leg. Fortunately I didn’t lose my leg – but if I hadn’t sought medical help, I could have done. At that point I surrendered to whatever medication was recommended to me and after leaving the hospital feeling somewhat shaken and subdued, I obediently took both Warfarin to thin my blood and Carbimazole to suppress the thyroid. The other options were surgical intervention to remove the overactive nodule, or radioactive iodine to reduce the thyroid function and it would then mean I would be on Thyroxine for the rest of my life. Neither felt right and the doctor agreed for me to take the Carbimazole for two years, with various warnings about possible side effects, none of which I had.

In 2005 I was introduced to Serge Benhayon, founder of Universal Medicine, and inspired by his way of living, I have made several significant changes in my own life. These have included refining my diet and adopting a much more gentle approach to work, relationships and life in general. I used to do everything in a rush, I was very hard on myself and very critical of others – not a very pleasant way of being I can tell you – and it would seem, my body agreed!

By now eating predominantly what supports me to feel truly well and vital, I have developed far more awareness of how the things I choose to eat or drink affect me and my body – either supporting me to stay feeling clear and light, or making me feel heavier and unfocused.

Interestingly enough, as time goes by and I keep refining my diet, the more my ability to feel clearly and be aware increases – thereby showing me that my body is a fine instrument and that clearing it of junk food and food that numbs or dulls me has enabled it to work more effectively.

I have attended numerous courses and presentations with Universal Medicine over the last ten years and have had many individual Esoteric Healing sessions, many of which have helped me to observe how much my way of living affects my body. I can also feel how I am affected by my thoughts, and the tension and discomfort they can sometimes create.

When I look at what the body does – even just the glands and the way they monitor the blood, responding by releasing more or less hormones that are able to keep the body working in perfect condition – it is truly amazing! The body has an incredible, intelligent monitoring system and we can marvel at how delicately it adjusts its internal production of hormones in order to maintain balance and harmony where possible.

What I have come to learn by my own experience is these internal systems are so delicate that it seems they cannot work well if we treat our bodies roughly by living hard and ingesting food and drink which cause an imbalance.

I am finding the more I refine my diet and let go of my previously constant busy and stressed way of getting through life, the more I am able to feel just how much I have, in effect, been abusing my own body. I can feel the way I am affected by emotions and to some extent even by the actions of other people – or the way I feel drained at the end of a busy day at work if I get lost trying to ‘get it right’, as has been my tendency.

Through all this I am gradually learning to be more still (calm), to be more respectful of my body, to walk through life gently, moving my arms and legs with a greater degree of tenderness, and am finding myself naturally speaking more gently. I don’t get so anxious about getting things done and funnily enough, I’m getting more done because I am so steady. As a result I am far less exhausted at the end of my day and my body feels more relaxed and at ease with the world.

The vitality I now experience is far greater than it was twelve years ago. I stayed on the Warfarin and was allowed to continue beyond two years taking Carbimazole. Usually it is stopped at two years because of the risk of side effects, but I didn’t have any. The symptoms of hyperthyroidism gradually decreased, until in 2010 the endocrinologist agreed that I could come off the thyroid medication (I stayed on the Warfarin as the heart condition had not resolved). My muscle strength has returned and my hands no longer shake. My body regained its natural weight, shedding 41Kgs on the way.

My thyroid is now virtually back to normal, two out of the three measurements are within normal range (T3 and T4) but the TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) is still suppressed, so I am defined as ‘borderline hyperactive’. I have been diagnosed with osteoporosis in my spine, which can be caused by hyperthyroidism, so the consultant is still concerned and recommends radioactive iodine, but accepts that I still want to work on lifestyle changes before going down that route. At the moment I still feel there is more that I can do to improve my health, but will follow his advice if I am unable to get the thyroid function completely back to normal.

I am in effect my own medical experiment, with regular blood tests to support monitoring the changes I feel occurring: I will be continuing to take even more tender loving care of this amazing body as time goes on. Regular exercise to increase bone strength will help the osteoporosis, as well as looking at the deeper issues underlying these conditions as revealed by esoteric medicine, such as deep disregard.

The deep disregard rings a bell – I have not taken great care of me or my body – doing everything for others first. So I am working on more self-love, really taking care of my body first – rest, gentle exercise and nutritious food.

Many thanks to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for providing the inspiration for me to make these changes and as a result, turn around my health and vitality in the way that I have. It is astounding how much my body and life have benefitted by making simple lifestyle changes and caring for myself in a true way, and this shows me that there is much we can do to help ourselves, if we so choose.

910 thoughts on “Simple Lifestyle Changes Help Heal Hyperthyroidism

  1. I have recently come across a report that links the consumption of sugar to thyroid issues and I used to be a complete sugarholic. Apart from the fact that sugar made me buzzy, it seems that it was also affecting my gut and that is where, according to this report,’…close to 20 per cent of T3 (active thyroid hormone) production happens in your gut.’ The report also says:
    ‘The presence of bad bacteria decreases production and causes the release of endotoxins (chemicals released by bad bacteria), which lead to leaky gut. Leaky gut has been linked to thyroid dysfunction and numerous autoimmune conditions.’
    Reference: I Quit Sugar blog 20 November 2016

  2. “What I have come to learn by my own experience is these internal systems are so delicate that it seems they cannot work well if we treat our bodies roughly by living hard and ingesting food and drink which cause an imbalance.” We are our own bodily medical experiment. By changing the way we eat, sleep and live – and changing the quality with which we do things – our body adapts and loves us for it. Miracles can happen! Lifestyle is so important and can outweigh the effect of our genes.

  3. The more I let go of what I ‘think’ needs to get done, and experiment with allowing myself to feel what needs to be done next, the more I actually get done and the less drained I am at the end of the day. By making simple changes, like eating when I’m actually hungry, and going to bed when I feel tired, I’m more aware generally of my body, and have started to notice all the things I do that drain it – the procrastination because I don’t want to make a decision, followed by a frenzied drive as I’ve not left enough time, the doing of tasks in my head before I’m actually doing them so that I’m completely off somewhere else in my head in any given moment. With awareness comes the ability to change and let go of old patterns.

  4. I find it interesting that we can find so many ways to self sabotage – going to bed late is one of them – I can procrastinate, put something off that really must be done and end up doing it in my sleep time.

  5. “I am in effect my own medical experiment, with regular blood tests to support monitoring the changes I feel occurring: I will be continuing to take even more tender loving care of this amazing body as time goes on”. So true – we are all living breathing medical experiments. Change x, y or z about our life and our body and mind can change too. Science is so keen on wanting evidence-based results yet they ignore people’s own personal individual lives, which are also experiments – empirical evidence.

  6. It’s crazy really how fixated we are on our every email and social media notification. Like a bear with a nose for honey we can’t resist finding out how many likes we have got. Yet all this time we wilfully ignore and disregard the messages our body is constantly sending us. ‘I’m sorry but not today..’ we repeatedly seem to say, imagine if we treated a friend this way? Our body truly is our greatest buddy in the world, never leaving our side or deserting our cause. Even when it’s at a loss, it uses its incredible engineering to mitigate this and helpfully let us know there is something amiss. We marvel at big bridges, new cars and high technology but what would our life be like if we reserved our highest regard for our beautiful body? Thank you Carmel, this blog is a great notification from God.

  7. Developing our awareness enables us to observe and feel how much our way of living affects our body even with our thoughts. Connecting and choosing to feel what our body truly needs guides us to making simple lifestyle changes that builds a way of living that is deeply nurturing and caring so that we can heal from our past unloving choices and allow our body to return to the harmony that it naturally knows to be.

  8. What we eat affects our body in a huge way – we may simply eat too much in order to numb our feelings, or choose sugary foods that make us racy and stop us from reading situations, but we can also choose foods that affect our blood. For anyone on Warfarin, eating too many greens is a bit of a no-no because they counteract the blood thinning properties of the medicine. So life becomes a balance – eating a few healthy greens but not so much the medicine dose has to increase to keep blood clotting rate within the target range to avoid having a stroke.

  9. Carmel thank you for sharing your ongoing journey with your health. I can see from the comments that you are still refining what you eat. When we work with our medical professionals it is a powerful combination. There is so much we can do to bring about our own healing.

  10. A patient with the willingness to heal and not just being cured by the doctors, that is the true collaboration of patient and physician that is required for both to contribute their best to the healing process.

    1. I agree Alex. This is what is missing in the current health care equation. Patients have given their power away to the idea that ‘doctor knows best’ and passively wait to be fixed by the doctor. Medicine can only do so much if we don’t play our part. It was our ways that created the disharmony that become disease, so it is our responsibility to actively undo those ways.

  11. There is much we can do to work with the medical profession. We currently have a crazy situation where doctors are making themselves ill with overwork caring for their patients because we are so sick and resources are so scarce, and when you consider that much of our illnesses are lifestyle related, not only are we killing ourselves, we are killing our doctors and nurses too.

  12. I love the irony that you are getting more done because you are steady and still. Nothing in the world (except Universal Medicine and the amazingly intelligent body) says that to become still and steady within ourselves is actually the way we can be more purposeful and productive. Without all the distractions of getting stressed, anxious and overwhelmed, life and what needs to be done becomes clear and simple.

  13. Reading this reminds me that medication or natural supplements alone are not what is going to ‘fix’ the problem. I too have a thyroid condition along with a few others things that are all linked in some way. I’m yet to take pharmaceuticals for it but am on many supplements to assist the inner workings of my body. But, in saying that, if I continue to live a life that has me running around like crazy, taking other people’s stuff on and not expressing my true self in full, then I have zero hope of healing the thyroid.

  14. When we take an active part in our own healing from a still and steady place miracles happen. They have certainly happened for me and many people I know.

  15. I love the phrase “walking through life gently”. We often hear of reducing our carbon footprint, but might we extend that to reducing our footprint in all types of ways, be it the way we talk, eat, move, rest, everything we do in fact, making gentle, caring living our natural way.

  16. I enjoy returning to this article, the wisdom it holds inspires me each time I read it. Our bodies are fine tuned machines and I am really beginning to ponder on our health in our world today. Going back 80 or 90 years our diet was much simpler. It was based upon meats, fresh veggies and seasonal fruit with none to very little processed foods. Yet now with our crazy busy life styles and processed and fast foods we find ourselves with illness that sometimes are so multi symptomatic that we don’t know what to treat. In my way of looking at my body and how I feel a return to the diet of the past is now my choice, with a dedication to be still and present with life, hense a huge reduction in anxiousness.

  17. As part of an esoteric yoga program currently I have been looking at this rushing thing and how easy it is to rush my movements and activities in the day and also how much of a negative impact this has on my body, and on my day. It is definitely worth staying focused on my body and the quality of my movements and “walking through life gently.”

  18. ‘I am in effect my own medical experiment, with regular blood tests to support monitoring the changes I feel occurring: I will be continuing to take even more tender loving care of this amazing body as time goes on.’ The more we connect to our own body the greater our relationship is with it, and the more aware we become of the choices we make and how they affect our body.

  19. ‘What I have come to learn by my own experience is these internal systems are so delicate that it seems they cannot work well if we treat our bodies roughly by living hard and ingesting food and drink which cause an imbalance.’ I have asked a lot of my body and chose to be in deep disregard towards my body. This has changed but when I read about the delicate systems I feel there needs to be a deeper appreciation for my body and its systems, underneath my selfcare there is actually still a disrespect and I am not truly responding at the signals my body gives. Love or not love is the only choice to make.

  20. Being our own experiment is something I would never have done before and would have left it all up to the medical profession thinking that they have all of the answers and that I know nothing about my body. But in actual fact learning to read the messages of our own individual body is far more useful than going with one size fits all.

  21. Recently I have been doing some drawing and painting in an environment where ‘getting it right’ was not an option. Oh my gosh it has been a breath of fresh air to do artwork and so enjoyable to not put pressure on myself to try and get it perfect which has been a big behaviour I am gently letting go of.

    1. Trying to get things right is like a self imposed lead weight chained to our ankle. It takes the joy of life away and replaces it with a heaviness that weighs first on our hearts and then on the hearts of those we meet.

  22. I love going to the doctor and having my blood pressure taken because it is the same as it was when I was younger – that goes to show that my health is dependent on my state of mind, not my age.

  23. Carmel I love your dedication and commitment to healing yourself with the help of your Medical practitioner and Universal Medicine. To me you had the perfect situation to prove that both Esoteric and Traditional Medicine can work so well together.

  24. It is a gorgeous thing to truly appreciate the amazingness of the human body which as you say is an incredible piece of engineering. In appreciating it we can stop abusing it and start to love it and in this change we offer ourselves the opportunity to heal.

  25. ‘I… generally tried to get less stressed about everything. It took a while because living with stress had become my whole way of being.’

    Stress has become the norm for so many of us. But when you consider stress = perpetually living in ‘fight or flight’ mode, this is an incredibly debilitating way to do life. It’s certainly not about developing our beingness in life.

  26. Our bodies really are amazing finely tuned instruments forever alert to what they experience and offering us a barometer of how we are in life, indeed we’d be lost without them and not just that we need them to move, but that they show us clearly how we live and the impacts on ourselves. Your story is such a great example of how we can be our own science experiment and with support of medicine and being willing to take responsibility and heal, how our lives and bodies can change beyond recognition.

  27. I had no idea that Hyperthyroidism can cause Atrial fibrillation! Its another example of how our body is so interconnected.

    1. I was also told that I was at more risk of having osteoporosis because of the hyperactive thyroid so yes, Harry, everything is connected, we cannot heal ourselves in parts, everything is part of the whole

  28. When we are willing to make simple lifestyle choices it is amazing how we are able to initiate change when the truth is felt and honoured by the body allowing it to restore its natural balance and harmony.

  29. Giving ourselves realistic life changes that are not clouded with judgements or expectations from ourselves and others makes the process of self-healing truly life changing, as we get to the root cause of the behaviours that set us into the pattern of harm that without doubt leads to illness and disease down the track.

    1. Life changes includes going into new relationships and discovering that we are repeating patterns from the last one we were in – for example, pandering, trying to please, giving our power away and not making time for ourselves – all these things contribute to exhaustion and misery. Our deeper connection with ourselves is an essential part of being in a healthy relationship and contributing our all.

  30. Carmel you are so inspirational and a great example of how it is possible to turn your life around by making seemingly simple lifestyle changes. Many try but find it hard to sustain such changes but you approach it with a reverence for all that your body is showing you and a willingness to be in constant communication with what it is revealing to you.

    1. Hm… not always – I find that eating too much or eating foods that are not nourishing can dull my senses so much that I can ignore what my body is telling me. The downside of that though is that my body might have to shout a little louder so that I listen…

  31. I love this part about refining your diet by listening to your body, this is such an important part of daily life and in all ways too as I am learning that we can actually by constantly refining what feels right or true from the body’s perspective.

  32. That stopping and checking in on how we feel at the end of the day and being honest about what is presenting in our bodies is such a great starting point. What I have found fascinating is the amount of times I don’t want to check in, forget or don’t truly feel how I am feeling so I don’t want to look at the way I am choosing to live my life. But the more I do bring this awareness and attention I feel myself get more confident within myself because I am choosing to connect deeper. Letting go of perfection and just being.

    1. Letting go of perfection has been a good thing to be doing, it was draining me, so now I am learning to observe what is going on, perhaps to explore deeper the emotions I am truly avoiding dealing with, and allow myself to feel the tension of knowing where I am and where I could be, energetically speaking, but without judgment. How to inspire myself, that’s the question. Through my body is the answer – I know that my mind is fed its thoughts and if my body is aligned to the ‘wrong’ energy, then all my thoughts will be aligned to that too, so I can change my alignment through my movements, changing my posture, being more gentle, more tender in my touch and with my breath.

  33. There is a great humbleness in knowing when we need to get medical support and when we don’t, and we need to take responsibility and change our way of living.

    1. This is true, Lieke. Many of us who think we take care of our bodies are already pretty healthy, but there comes a time where standard medical support is a necessity and we are foolish to ignore that help. Working with a combination of Universal Medicine and conventional Medicine means that we can help the doctors to help us. Sometimes in simple ways, by drinking more water so that we are not dehydrated.

  34. Carmel, you are yourself a case study into the combined effects of conventional and esoteric medicine. I have no doubts that the combination of the two is the way forth for our health and wellbeing.

  35. Your healing is remarkable and a testament to choosing to adjust your lifestyle through bringing both awareness and deep care to your body. If embraced like you did, illnesses can be a profound stop point allowing you to truly address the choices you have made that have contributed to your ill health and then move in a way to undo what you have created. You are living proof of the power of this.

  36. Carmel you are amazing, every time I read one of your blogs I’m blown away by how far you have come and the level of responsibility you have taken in your own self care. You are a pin up women for self care Carmel. I love it.

  37. Truly a remarkable story, your approach to adjusting and tweaking what is needed in your lifestyle and diet but at the same time working closely with mainstream medicine is very responsible. You are completely open to what the doctors recommend but empowered every step of the way, I find these qualities an inspiration, the perfect balance self refection and common sense.

  38. Indeed Carmel you are the pin up girl for the ever deepening process of self care and dealing with all the layers that contribute to your ills.

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