Medicine Past, Present and Future

By Susan Evans, Goonellabah, Retail Manager

When I was growing up in a family of six in Brisbane during the 60’s and 70’s, we had two family doctors who made home visits over a period of 13 years and they came to know the family intimately. They were part of the family, they were trusted, respected and they were an emotional and physical support to my parents with their four young children. I always felt very comfortable with them because of the deep care they showed when treating us. One of the doctors passed away due to old age and the other one eventually retired and it was a difficult time to lose these two special men who had been a part of our lives since we were born.

New doctors came on board and as the population grew, the doctors became busier and the home visits stopped, except in the case of an emergency. General visits to the doctor were about half an hour and appointment times were now either before or after lunch and waiting times became longer as there was no set time for a consultation, if it needed to go over time, nobody minded, they would go and do a task somewhere and pop back later. There was still a strong connection and familiarity between patients and the doctors during this time.

Then came the introduction of Medicare and most Medical Practices bulk-billed their patients, so there was no expense for us financially in the beginning and consultations were still around the half hour mark if needed. Illness and disease was on the rise and then we saw the advent of large practices appearing with multiple doctors and consultations decreased to 15 minute time slots and if you needed longer, you had to book a double appointment. Then many practices stopped bulk billing if you were a new patient and the costs of service increased and have continued to do so to this day.

Doctors became monitored through the system for the number of tests they ordered, as it became a business with levels of corruption that I do not understand but can certainly feel. The connection with the doctors became limited and I always felt rushed with my appointments and the level of care did not feel the same anymore.

All I know is, that I placed my utmost faith in the medical system until my mid 20’s and then I became disillusioned and sought help through other avenues. I would still go to a doctor occasionally to be diagnosed for an ailment and then I would self-treat with alternative practices or see a naturopath.

I used vitamins, herbal remedies, diet, essential oils, alternative healing practices, meditation, crystal healing, kinesiology, Bowen therapy, affirmations, creative visualisation, and I read everything I could get my hands on about healing. I was against pharmaceutical drugs, refused antibiotics unless it was absolutely vital and I was against pain relief except for Panadol as I was concerned about addiction. For years, I watched my parents line up the pills to take every morning, with little or no improvement in their health and I vowed that would never be me.

I moved around quite often and because I rarely went to a doctor, I never built up a relationship with any GP and the feeling of trust I had as a child with the family doctor disappeared and I became disillusioned with modern medicine.

Coming back to medicine

Thirty-five years later I attended a hands-on healing workshop with Universal Medicine and was surprised to hear the presenter, Serge Benhayon speak about Medicine and Complementary Medicine and the importance that the two go together, hand in hand. I was very caught up in an alternative to medicine, so it was a new concept for me and thinking that Universal Medicine was ‘alternative’ too, I was expecting to hear something different. I tried the complementary Esoteric Healing Modalities of Universal Medicine and found that the therapies brought a new feeling of connection to my body which has transformed my life and has deeply supported my health over the past eight years. It supports the whole body, physical and energetic, not just the presenting ailment.

I do not remember ever feeling this way with any of the Alternative modalities I pursued in the past.  The feeling is one of deep connection that has allowed me to sense when something in my body is not working as it should and this usually presents firstly as a physical symptom, and then an understanding of what is going on brings an energetic awareness.

I have now returned to the medical system with much more trust and openness. I regularly see doctors and I take their advice and support combined with Esoteric Healing Modalities and always working within the parameters of the medical system and what I feel in my own body.


My relationship with medicine today

I have had a serious illness in the last few years and with my many visits to Medical Professionals recently I have come to realise that the intention of most Doctors is to serve humanity, but they too are human and get caught up in the system they work within, and with the rise of illness and disease and the increasing number of patients they are asked to see, it puts them under much pressure and they can lose true connection with their patients in the process.

As a patient, I gently remind them of the importance of this connection by asking why they chose the field they are in and it brings them to a stop moment and they connect, with themselves and with me, and I let them know of my appreciation for the service they provide.

I have had many medical treatments over the past three years along with the great support of Universal Medicine Healing Modalities and although medicine today as a whole is not yet ready for what Universal Medicine offers, the comments I receive from my specialists are “whatever you are doing, keep doing it”.

Esoteric Healing Modalities have brought a new dimension to my life, and a new understanding of the importance of Medicine and complementary Medicine working together, which is how I see the future of Medicine.

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89 thoughts on “Medicine Past, Present and Future

  1. ‘I have come to realise that the intention of most Doctors is to serve humanity, but they too are human and get caught up in the system they work within’. A system we are all responsible for and live in, we cannot blame doctors nurses or whoever works in this amazing area of life but have to look at what are we demanding from the healthcare.

  2. What I felt reading this ‘Doctors became monitored through the system for the number of tests they ordered, as it became a business with levels of corruption that I do not understand but can certainly feel.’ was that it is the systems. There are so many systems throughout the world that are not supportive and corrupt, not truly about people. What came to me is we (the people) have the power to change this in raising our standards and demanding more quality and care. This may include things like supporting doctors as from what I hear many of them are not loving the systems either where they feel unsupported and pressurised, sometimes to the point where they take their own life. So where then does this pressure come from? Where do the systems come from? I feel in this we need to take a few steps back and see the whole picture including energy to get to the root of this. To say no to what is unsupportive and instead live and claim the love and care we all deserve.

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