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The understandings of Esoteric Medicine are based on understanding life, God, the Universe and the human condition at the level of energy and as such they go beyond what is currently known or accepted through Western Medicine and the current paradigm of ‘evidence based medicine’.

No claims are made as to the effectiveness of Esoteric Medicine or the Esoteric modalities that are mentioned on this site – there is simply a sharing from a person’s lived experience and how it was for them.

Interviews are conducted with Serge Benhayon, author, philosopher, presenter and practitioner of Esoteric Medicine and the founder of Universal Medicine, to provide a more in-depth understanding of Esoteric Medicine and related subjects.

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There are scientific understandings that lend support to what is shared through Esoteric medicine and increasingly so. Esoteric Medicine has long presented that the way we live is medicine and this is increasingly supported by scientific reports that show the importance of lifestyle in causing illness and disease as one example.

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