Studying the Eye with University and Universal Medicine

by Cherise Holt, 31, Nurse, Australia

As a part of my University studies this week, I’ve been learning about the common visual disorders of the human eye. To understand the concepts, we begin by exploring the normal function – the anatomy and physiology – of the eye itself. From the delicate lid that supports and protects the eye from harm, to the way the eye is held and supported by the body to remain in shape, in place and in harmony with its surroundings and functions.

I learnt about the pupil, the black spot in the centre of the eye that we so often see change size – constrict and dilate – depending on the light that is around us and in our view. It was here that I learnt something totally amazing…

I had always thought of the pupil as not much more than a black spot in the centre of the eye and had never fully appreciated the fact that it is actually not a spot at all, but rather an opening that allows and receives light and information in, to be viewed at a deeper level within the eye, passing through and being focused by the lens, to be received at the retina, where the light is processed and the messages passed on to the brain.

Perhaps this sounds rather simple and common sense, but I personally had never fully appreciated the depth of our eyes in their physical function before.

Since beginning my other studies with Universal Medicine, I have also learnt how amazing it feels to have a connection with others and to meet someone with my eyes. I’ve been learning for myself what it means to observe life, others and situations from a place within me that’s knowing of who I am – my essence – and not from a judgement or by taking on external factors that aren’t in my control.

These simple teachings have confirmed to me that we have a moment-by-moment opportunity to not only ‘see’ whatever picture is presented before our eyes, but also to observe, allow and receive what is there to be seen, read and felt from the depths of our innermost beauty.

We live in the physicality of our human bodies in every moment of every day and can find ourselves ‘out of our bodies’ – perhaps in a rush, caught in our heads or making choices that disregard our bodies. But what I am also learning (and loving!) is the natural order and harmony our bodies are designed to work, move and be in, from the smallest detail and cell within.

There is much to appreciate about our bodies and the amazing way in which they go about their expressions, movements and functions, reminding me how crucial it is to support my own body in return, making choices that support it to be the most loving vehicle of expression that it can be.

954 thoughts on “Studying the Eye with University and Universal Medicine

  1. It is true the eye sees more than the visual, it is like the hand shake, when we greet people. It kind of feels that the eye feels more than it sees, if we are willing to look further past the physicality.
    I came to this sense when I started to attend Universal Medicine workshops. And from this the realisation, all our senses are more than the physicality, they actually feel more than we realise. Are we open to hearing, seeing, feeling and smelling more than this?

  2. What an amazing reminder of how absolutely amazing we are, there is so so much to appreciate about our bodies the way we move and the many different functions.
    It is through our body we are able to access our soul.

    1. Le, for me it is the intricate details we underestimate. This is exploring our body’s past the depth of physicality, the energy that is behind the being, the humanness part. There’s more for science to discover.

  3. Thanks Cherise. Your blog made me reflect on the beauty of the pupil and its purpose in the way we process the information we receive through our eyes. The light is fully there, fully enlightening everything as it is without distinction, us included. But as we are in a human body somehow limited in this shape we live in, we need to focus on the external forms to move ourselves in this world from our physicality. The intelligence of our body knows the quantity of light we need to receive to understand what is in front of us. It’s amazing to realise the amount of love that there is in this simple tiny movement of our pupil, which helps us to digest at our own measure the whole light that constantly comes to us, without hiding it, just adjusting it for us to be able to relate with what surrounds us.

  4. It is amazing when we feel, learn and appreciate something new. What I love about this, as well as the fact that you have shared your inspiration is that I got to see the eye in a completely different way. With more detail and more understanding of just how something works. The magic of the body is pretty incredible; something which I know personally, on some level, I still take for granted.

  5. “Observe life, others and situations from a place within me that’s knowing of who I am – my essence – and not from a judgement or by taking on external factors that aren’t in my control” – so beautifully said, and this confirms to me that we are a vehicle and not an originator.

  6. I too find the eyes fascinating and after a couple of eye issues in the last few years my respect for the amazing and very delicate organs they are, has grown immeasurably. I know that I used to take them for granted but realising how quickly our sight can be taken away from us has certainly changed that disregarding attitude, so today my eyes receive more loving care than they have ever done

  7. Wow – this gives a whole new perspective on letting someone in… I had no idea that our pupils open and closed to let light in.

  8. Receiving with our eyes and not seeing with our eyes – when I practise that it does feel very different in my body. When I receive, my body expands. And when I see out, it feels more forced.

  9. There is an saying ‘What the eye doesn’t see the heart doesn’t grieve over’ but the heart feels everything so it is more what the ‘I’ behind the eye is choosing what not to see.

  10. I agree Cherise, there is much to appreciate about the whole of our body, not only in how much it supports us all when we are open and willing to listen what it is communicating but also in the wisdom it offers for us to learn and evolve from.

  11. What a great reminder about how crucial it is to support our own body by making choices that support it, if we don’t make choices to support our body we are dominated by external energy.
    Look after our body and we are able to stand strong, and know who we truly are.

  12. Thank you Cherise, I feel we would all take much better care of ourselves if we truly could understand the many awesome wonders of the body and appreciate how amazing and precious it truly is. Reading your blog today has brought a beautiful stop moment to appreciate my eyes.

  13. The idea that we receive through our eyes, rather than we look through our eyes is quite difficult to fathom. This is because it asks us to observe life – to understand it. Yet, if we are engulfed in all of the indulgences of life, it will be impossible to to observe and learn.

  14. Do we ‘look out’ to the world with ‘the eyes of judgement’ or do we receive all that is there through the ‘eyes of love’?

  15. The eye sees far more than we comprehend as too does our body, the more connected we are to our body the more aware we become of what we feel and what we see.

  16. Reading this account of the vastness of our human eyes made me consider that conditions like Glaucoma (where there is a fluid build-up inside the eye that can damage the optic nerve) may be caused when we absorb all the emotions, pains, hurts, and issues that we see going on around us and take them on as if they are our own issue, instead of maintaining that observer role that Cherise described above and reading the situation for what it is and means.

  17. I noticed that even thought we receive light and thus all that happens around us with our eye,s we can have filters on and not truly see what is there by what ideals and beliefs we have about life, people, things and so forth.

  18. If we don’t allow our eyes to receive, we impose on them with what the world wants us to see, and we then start to colour everything with our own perception of how we think life should be, rather than recieving the truth that is being offered to us. This is how we convert truth into convenient truth and lies, and over time the lies then become our truth.

  19. I love looking in someone’s eyes and its uniqueness. But more so, what energy comes through them and not how they look. They are windows for so much more- the universe in all its depth. Seeing and feeling that lets eyes appear for me as “beautiful”.

  20. You can only look at the pupil and see the high intelligence of our human body. Imagine we would honour every part of it in its unfathomable wisdom and function?!

  21. It is vital to begin this conversation about the human body as a vehicle for expression, and I have listened to Serge Benhayon talk about this many times. It seems a key part of life on earth – to understand our place amongst the greater universal order of life and to know that what ever is being expressed is done so in accordance to or against this order, which ultimately makes the human being very powerful, as we have the power to choose the source of our expression, and thus what we see or choose not to see.

  22. If we receive through the eyes then our openness and willingness to receiving will determine how much we see and also what we see. This reminds us that clearing the blockages and inhibitions to seeing all there is to be seen is a process that requires constant attention.

  23. There is such a “natural order and harmony our bodies are designed to work” and it is a pure delight to (slowly in my case) reconnect to this and bring a respect and understanding to it.

  24. When we surrender to receiving everything there is to see with our eyes we confirm the bigger picture of what our body has already sensed energetically and conveyed to us so we are able to understand the truth of every situation and what is being called for in that moment.

    1. The moment we receive with our whole body what energy is there to be felt, everything that is not aligned to the fiery will we aligned to beforehand with our body, will stick out and registered as something not true immediately.

  25. What I can feel is how our body is an apparatus of motion, yet its motion is always in response to what it receives and how it experiences that receiving. It feels eternally beautiful and genius.

  26. Yes, the eye is amazing, a stable jelly-like construct that follows very complex physics.

  27. I love it when the physiology we learn matches the energetic truth that we know – that the eye is a receiver of light and not the projector of it. That is, we don’t look out to see the images we see, we receive them.

  28. Beautifully shared Cherise, there certainly is a richer and truer quality of life that can be lived when we are open to observing and reading the quality of movements in any situation, as we then are able to respond with greater love, be it a confirmation or a correction.

  29. In education we are taught to seek from the outer, our wisest teacher is the inner heart for the lies can never deceive the truth it feels.

  30. Thank you for expanding my appreciation of how our eyes function but also how it is through the choices that we make we can use our eyes to see the pictures that we are being presented with or we can choose to go deeper and read what is really happening.

  31. This makes me feel that looking in at our bodies as if through a microscope is like looking out through a telescope into the gloriously harmonious Universe. Perhaps they are a reflection of each other.

    1. Yes Richard indeed, and it would make sense then that our eyes serve to receive confirmation, of what we already can energetically feel, is in line with the vibration of our universality and what is not.

  32. It is true that our eyes ‘receive’ light and ‘receive’ what they see. In this way we can match the nature of our eyes by receiving the world and receiving people rather than ‘looking’ and imposing our judgments upon it and them. In this way we can support ourselves to stay present with ourselves and observe. What an amazing reflection our eyes give us in their nature.

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