Healing a catalogue of illnesses through making different choices

By Julie Matson, UK

I feel blessed every day for the good health I have in my life right now. I have more energy, am up at 4 am to read and write, I am on no medication for illnesses or pain (except the occasional headache), no longer overweight and am eating healthily, working and studying, and enjoying a full life which continues to expand.

This has not always been the case as I, like many women (and men) of my age, was in pain and discomfort from something or other every day, with things like;

  • IBS – bloating, diarrhoea, constipation, lethargy, headaches, stomach aches
  • Sinusitis – headaches that could last for months, painful swollen cheeks, blocked nose
  • Sciatica – sharp pain running down the leg (sometimes both legs) making it difficult to stand or walk
  • Chronic lower back pain – started at the age of 30 and became something I lived with and managed
  • Asthma – shortness of breath on exercise or hill walking and using an inhaler to control it
  • Over weight – three and a half stones over my natural weight for my height, comfort eating with all the wrong foods, legs chafing and obsessive yo-yo dieting
  • Chronic fatigue – tiredness on the slightest exertion, painful joints – this lasted for eight years off and on and I was taking high doses of painkillers everyday
  • Depression – when the fatigue became too much – people who have experienced the black hole of depression will know all too well what that feels like
  • Lock jaw – could not yawn as my jaw would lock, another very painful condition
  • Frozen shoulders – right shoulder froze for 24months, left for 10 months and any sudden jolt was excruciating
  • Ovarian cyst – burst ovarian cyst which ended up with me in the ER overnight receiving shots of morphine for pain relief
  • Neck injury – unable to work for six months and on anti-depressants as pain management
  • Mastalgia – years of extremely painful breasts
  • Complications giving birth – haemorrhaged during labour
  • Knee pain in both knees – three years of pain when I injured both knees whilst doing yoga
  • Giving up and resigned to a life of suffering.

These conditions did not just all start at once, they manifest over many years from the age of four, starting with constipation and slowly building one on top of the other.

Could it be that my body was trying to tell me something? 

If so, what, and why was I not listening?

The funny thing is or maybe not so funny, I considered myself quite fortunate because I did not have anything that I considered serious compared to other people in my family, as in:

  • Diabetes (three of my family members have this illness – one being insulin dependent)
  • Breast cancer (my mother had breast cancer and her sister died after having had a double mastectomy)
  • Leukaemia (father died of this)
  • Lung cancer (mother and grandfather died of this)
  • Heart disease (both of my parents suffered with this)
  • Thyroid dysfunction (my sister has had her thyroid removed and is on medication)
  • Brain tumour (a close relative)
  • Obesity (many of my family members are or have been obese)

As I consider myself typical of many men and women out there in the world, how can it be that we can have all these conditions and still think we are doing ok?

I went into finding a solution in the attempt to manage and control my conditions and I felt at the time that I had exhausted the usefulness of the medical profession and that the answers could be found within alternative therapies or diet. So I tried them all, from Yoga, Reiki, spiritual healing, vortex healing, crystal healing, acupuncture, wheat grass and blue algae, colonics, raw food diet, eating clay, vegetarian, every fad diet available, to mention but a few.

How does a person go from using inhalers, anti-depressants and strong painkillers to no medication (except the occasional headache tablet from the chemist and multi-vitamins)?

Answer = Choices

I chose to:

  • Attend courses and presentations run by Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine team.
  • Have treatments with Esoteric Practitioners, who never judge but lovingly support me along the way.
  • Attend Esoteric Women’s Development Groups in London.
  • Do the Gentle Breath Meditation as taught to me during Universal Medicine courses.
  • Look at and feel how my body reacted with gluten and dairy. IBS and sinus symptoms subsided and disappeared very quickly.
  • Go to bed when I am tired and not override the need for sleep. Naturally, I am at my best when I go to bed at 8.30 pm and find it very beneficial to do so, waking refreshed and rested the next day rather than feeling chronically fatigued.
  • Practise being with me during my day and breathing my own breath, which helps me to stay with myself and not react if a situation arises which I may feel pulled to get involved in.
  • Introduce gentleness and tenderness into my life. This has changed the way I am with my body and I recognise sooner than later when I have gone into protection now.
  • Look at things I avoid dealing with i.e speaking up instead of holding back.
  • Question any negative thoughts I may have about myself or others, and to change these into thoughts of appreciation which helps enormously.

Plus, much more……

Living this way helps me to recognise the signals from my body when something does not feel right and to pay attention well before I have to get sciatica or achy knees. I am starting to realise that the body has its own intelligence if I take the time and pay attention to listen to it – the benefits are a thousand-fold.

Serge Benhayon has restored my trust when it comes to seeking Western Medicine and I now have a new appreciation for the medical profession who have helped me out with tests and treatments over the years, and now I am willing to listen to the doctors and not just dismiss what they have to say, as I would have done in the past. I would say I have a whole new level of appreciation for the medical staff and have renewed my original love of medicine and the workings of the human body.

I may not have a medicine cupboard full of pills and lotions any more but I do have at my disposal a healthier lifestyle, Esoteric Practitioners and the whole of the NHS, for the times when I do need to go to the doctors. Looking after myself is my way of doing my part and not just expecting others to fix me when things have gotten out of control, or my body is giving me another message.

For me, the improvements to my health have changed my life but I know there is more to come as my commitment and deepening relationship to myself is part of an ongoing process that is forever unfolding. And that as I change from the inside and am willing to let things go, allowing myself to show more of who I truly am, that quality will reflect to other people that they can also live a different life, a more true and healthy way of living. How great is that 🙂


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264 thoughts on “Healing a catalogue of illnesses through making different choices

  1. When talking to people this seems to be a theme
    ‘Giving up and resigned to a life of suffering.’
    I meet so many people who have given up and withdrawn from life because they don’t feel that they can cope and the only way to cope is to withdraw within themselves. I have always read that humans are pack animals and so I wonder if when we isolate ourselves is this is the start of ill health when we contract away from life and everyone in it?

  2. Looking at the family list I imagine there would be some who would agree with the hereditary excuse that those conditions are passed down the generations. So then, how did it skip you? luck? or choices? Our choices don’t get the attention they deserve when it comes to their influence on our health.

  3. Julie when I was reading your list of ailments and illnesses, I was blown away by the degree of it impacting the body, there was some serious and painful conditions, your body went through. You posed some interesting questions, was the ‘body trying to tell you something’, absolutely!…

    And then to read about the list of choices you now go to, not only read lovingly for the body, but feels loving.
    What a testimony that we can live from a different place, and it is only a matter of a choice, to take responsibility for our selves or hand it to whoever, it is that simple.

  4. Wow that’s some catalogue of illnesses, but many consider that normal these days. To reach a point where you feel more healthy than ever and have no prescription medicines is astounding. Making different lifestyle choices makes a massive difference. Thanks to Universal Medicine therapies I have been similarly blessed.

  5. Julie this is so inspiring, for many people once a health condition starts they may believe they have to just ‘live with it’ while what you’re sharing is to ‘listen to it’ and make changes and adjustments to how we care for ourselves. Your list of illnesses shows just how much the body is affected by lack of care as it is by loving care.

    1. Melinda I agree many people just give up and give in to their health conditions and don’t even consider that there is another way. It only requires us to take one step at a time, otherwise we are setting us up to fail, just like dieting and exercising, they never work for ever. One loving step to and for your body is all it takes.

      1. Shushila, I agree with you and every comment written on this blog, life is all about choices and if we listen to our bodies and make choices that assist our bodies to come back to the flow of life then miracles happen all the time. It seems to me we have forgotten just how sensitive our bodies are, perhaps if we all treated our bodies like a Formula One racing car we would all see the difference this would make to our lives.

  6. Dear Julie, I found your very clear article this morning and your catalogue of ill conditions represent the ailments people bring to their doctors everyday. And, as a therapist, this is what people bring to my treatment room. This is what fills up doctors’ surgeries and hospital emergency services. You are a testament that good health comes from loving choices and a way of life that everybody can make theirs if they so wish. No expensive, sophisticated medical treatment and or no airy-fairy spiritual cure but a practical approach to loving and being with our body and being. This simple but effective way of living that works is possible to everyone. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine need to receive the Nobel Prize in Medicine for huge service to humanity!

    1. The thing is it is so simple and the choices don’t have to be major either. For me giving up gluten and dairy improved my health significantly; it took about three months but the benefits were worth it. Coffee took about four years because it was a gradual process but now I can’t stand the smell of brewed coffee, whereas ever since a young child I loved the smell. Every little change we make will register in the body and then benefits will be felt.

      It does make me wonder how many of those doctors appointments could be avoided if some small changes were implemented into our way of life.

    2. YES! I concur ‘Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine need to receive the Nobel Prize in Medicine for huge service to humanity!’ ❤️

  7. Your catalogue of ill conditions is astounding – but I suppose also quite ‘normal’ these days. And the turnaround is nothing short of miraculous.The marriage of conventional and Esoteric Medicine is indeed a match made in heaven for the benefit of all.

  8. Working in care it’s is extremely rare to come across a client with just one condition. Everyone has multiple conditions these days and even those who don’t, need care. If we don’t listen to one condition the body is asking us to pay attention to, it doesn’t give up, it just keeps trying other ways to get our attention.

  9. The list of conditions you cite Julie, all from one family, reveal very clearly how endemic illness and disease have become. The fact that you have busted this trend Julie, healing all of your own conditions just proves that when we commit to ourselves, let go of our issues and become more self-nurturing and accepting our vitality sky rockets and we can connect to who we are in full again.

    1. I agree with you michelle819 I have discovered for myself that by being more committed to taking great care of myself, I have more vitality in my 60’s than I had in say my 30’s. Which shows it’s never too late to make those loving choices.

  10. What is so beautiful about getting weller is that I have the appetite for more learning, work and getting even weller; life opens up and/or my ‘sight’ (awareness) improves.

  11. These days it’s not just one condition that people are dealing with, as you mentioned they often pile up over time. It can feel impossible to change at times under the weight of everything that’s going on but it’s not an overnight job. It’s a very real and very practical step by step process of making different choices. Just as being burdened was step by step.

    1. Great point Leigh. To understand that our decline into ill health is a step by step process of choices means we can accept and appreciate that the restoration of health is the same.

  12. It’s a truly amazing read, it confirms our choices cause illness and our choices heal illness. I also appreciated your dot list of ways you supported yourself, and this is one I’m still working on “Look at things I avoid dealing with i.e speaking up instead of holding back”. I have recently noticed that there are things I am avoiding instead of honouring how I feel and responding. Life is so simple when I can honour myself otherwise it’s a feeling of dragging things out, and this creates pressure on my body.

    1. Melinda I have at last been honest with myself about the times I hold back to keep the peace rather than speak up, if I speak up I know I will get the frosted how dare you go there attitude. This feeling I get from the other person has been a theme throughout my life and one that needs addressing.

  13. This is a true miracle Julie.
    This blog also confirms how as a society, we have let our standards drop as to what we consider ‘healthy’.

  14. The deep malaise that surrounds people in many towns and cities around the world is in itself a form of sickness. When life is lived without purpose, it resonates in our body, walk and expression. Learning to love and care for ourselves is our first responsibility and sets a standard that heals and inspires others.

  15. We often don’t feel how bad it is until exposed to other cultures and experience a different kind of normal where people still hold stillness and vibrancy in their bodies.

  16. “For me, the improvements to my health have changed my life but I know there is more to come as my commitment and deepening relationship to myself is part of an ongoing process that is forever unfolding” …beautiful Julie. Having a never ending commitment to deepening and evolving, not just for ourselves, gives true purpose for living. Our reflection matters.

  17. “As I consider myself typical of many men and women out there in the world, how can it be that we can have all these conditions and still think we are doing ok?” A good point Julie. Years ago our state of health as a nation was better than today. It is stated that after the war, despite rationing in the UK, our health in UK was the best ever. There was no sugar at that time….. Yet nowadays we say we are ‘well’ if we don’t have cancer or a major chronic illness.

  18. It’s the body that leads us back to God and it is the body that is in constant communication with us, helping us, guiding us and supporting us back. The body never stops signposting us back, it is constantly pointing the way but we have done an absolutely masterful job at either drowning out what it’s saying or completely ignoring what it’s saying. Doctors in the future will be translating and deciphering what the body is saying so that people can get on track with the way back to God.

  19. Every aspect of our health, be it good health or ill health offers us a detailed reflection of some aspect about how we’ve been living. If we were to become avid readers of our bodies reflections then this would make an immeasurable difference to our health.

  20. Such an amazing turnaround. I know so many people on a core level are this, ‘Giving up and resigned to a life of suffering,’ and have physical ailments that do make life hard, but when you’re in ‘life is hard’ you don’t get to appreciate the amazing lessons being given to you. This isn’t to belittle serious illness in any way but I know for myself the lessons have been unless I got a serious diagnosis I was so stubborn I wasn’t willing to live another way. Through big illnesses of loved ones I’m learning that no matter what, there is always a beauty, a grandness to connect to that puts everything into a very humble but holding perspective.

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