Deepening and Settling with Sleep

Having previously struggled with sleep I applied a practical movement to my day of making my life about people, not just me, and what I can bring to any situation for people, not just for myself.

The results were amazing, it blew me away. I felt more settled in my body during the day and slept more soundly at night. But this was not the end, simply the beginning of deepening into this way of living and looking at my sleep and how I am living in the day, so as I can sleep more settled and deeply, to bring more of me to the next day. 

To begin with my sleep was still unsettled, waking, sometimes for hours, the cycle of insomnia continuing, but if I looked at my day, like a science experiment, it was clear to see that without being hard on myself, my movements during the day weren’t supporting myself, my body or my being to go into a deep repose, sleep and true settlement at the end of the day. 

For example I noticed that I was eating chocolate like crazy, not just one or two bits but family sized bars or bags of chocolate buttons a day, but when I came off work for a summer break, no chocolate, no cravings for chocolate, no thoughts of manically needing or buying some. This tells me very clearly there is something going on energetically at work during the day that I do not want to feel and read what’s going on, as the sugar is making me racy and so I can’t clearly read what is going on.  This reaction to the energy I didn’t want to feel and the sugar in my body was setting my body up for more anxiety, and lots of unsettlement. 

Even the doctor said to me, maybe it isn’t about medication, maybe medication is not the answer? I have always supported taking medication when it is needed and do so myself. But as the doctor could feel too, there was more going on that I needed to support myself with rather than just taking medication. Or maybe now it was time to have no medication at all and look at the deeper aspects behind my insomnia. 

There is lots of information out there on the web, about insomnia, lack of sleep, and how important it is to get a good sleep. It’s a great start, to look at things like how much caffeine we consume, when we consume it, not being on screens before bed, exercise, what we eat, talking about our day, almost like debriefing so we are not keeping all this stuff in our bodies, being aware we don’t have stimulating conversation at night, doing things to help you wind down before sleep and for some it could be keeping a diary or meditation; I like the Gentle Breath Meditation™.

I knew there must be another way as it is not normal to have restless sleep. I then saw a new Episode of Serge Benhayon TV which was about repose and sleep – straight away I watched it. This was the missing piece of the puzzle, yes medication etc. was and is supportive when needed, but I knew there was a deeper underlying energetic reason that until I addressed it, I wouldn’t have a true settlement and deeply restful sleep.

I watched the episode and listened intently, then went straight to work and applied what was suggested during the interview, and it blew me away. For the first time in years that I can remember I had a restful full night’s sleep. So I applied it again, and again the next day, and the next and lo and behold as my own science experiment, every night since I have slept soundly. There is no perfection here, some have been more settled than others, but a huge positive shift in my sleep, all much more restful, sleeping right through the night, all have been a learning of how I am during the day, particularly between the hours of 3 and 9pm. 

I also spoke to a very dear and wise friend who shared about their old experience of not sleeping and an evening routine which inspired me. Every evening no matter what the day has brought, be it a ‘good day’ or a ‘bad day’, I come back to my body, to myself, to what is true, before bed and taking me to sleep, not  being caught up in the day or what was going on for me or others during it. To focus on what I know is true. This is all a dedicated committed work in progress, a daily consistent application that I am building for myself. It’s not a quick fix, it’s a consistent loving commitment to a true expansive humble way of living every night and day. 


One thought on “Deepening and Settling with Sleep

  1. Every single movement we make, every part of every day all adds up to a bank balance of quality. Like embezzlers or fraudsters who have been caught, sometimes we look to put our heads in the sand or shift the blame. But ultimately if we realise the super power we all have in each step that we take, we will hold ourselves and our way of being in a much more sacred way.

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