What is the relationship between intelligence and health?

By Stephen 

What is the relationship between health and intelligence? At the moment it might be said that the two stand separate and distinct, measured individually through various quantifiable tests and examinations, for e.g. a Health Examination and a School Examination. But is our idea of intelligence deeply flawed and far wide of the truth? What if it isn’t found in our ability with academia, but something inextricably linked to our health, the level of wellbeing we live in our bodies, the quality of energy we emanate in our daily life – the relationships and connections we form?

If you could, for example, write a highly academically acclaimed 10,000 word thesis on quantum physics, but at the same time choose to put your body in a state of stress and physical decline through lifestyle choices, then are you an intelligent being? Or to put it another way: are you a ‘being’ acting with your true capacity for intelligence? Maybe our approach to health and intelligence is all messed up and we need to teach, showcase and learn about intelligence from a completely different more self-regarding, or we could say loving, perspective.

The Philosopher Serge Benhayon has presented that our current model of intelligence is flawed, that we don’t think so much as we source thoughts through the movement of our body and that every movement is from one of two pools of energy that either harms (prana), or heals (fire). These energies by energetic law affect everyone, everywhere. To make sense of this requires a willingness to accept and understand that we live in a vast pool of energy and that how we move in every detail – our posture, our gentleness, our awareness, our intentions – influences our thoughts, which in turn create our choices – and that these choices then affect our health outcomes – every movement, every choice, every time.

This makes a lot of sense if you consider the downward health trends of our global population against the rising forms of what we value as intelligence. More degrees, more PhDs, more Masters, more Doctors – we are seemingly more educated and intelligent than ever before. We see a supposed advance that is not matched by an advance in our health but instead a rapid deterioration (a harming), and we should question this. What is the influence of our education system? What movements and thoughts are being produced from and by this system? If our current model of intelligence were genuinely intelligent there would be less illness surely, not more! As a further example, what effect does slouching in front of a screen have on our thoughts and subsequent actions? Anyone can try this and see how they feel.

If instead, true intelligence is about our ability to feel and sense and respond to our feelings, a whole body intelligence, then it turns on its head what intelligence actually is, and leaves wide open the question of what the imposter posing as intelligence is doing to our health, our relationships, our humanity.

True intelligence makes intelligence a level playing field where we all have equal access to the movements that bring greater knowing, married to and woven up in greater health and wellbeing. And furthermore it might just be our ability to let go of stubborn beliefs and identification with so-called individualised intelligent acts, that moves us towards greater all-knowing whole body intelligence.

So if we consider that we can all act with equal intelligence, we all have access to the same level of knowing, and it is only a choice of whether we make that connection to the source of true intelligence, or not.

Perhaps we need to start to champion the relationship between intelligence and health, and let go of a form of intelligence that isn’t actually intelligent at all but is merely a clever and convoluted form of control, and protection. Giving the clever among us recognition and status, rewarding them for facts and figures and grand theories that don’t unite us, but divide and pigeonhole us.

If we stop encouraging a form of intelligence that has no connection to health and wellbeing, we then allow ourselves to make the move into greater awareness and gentleness, a move towards true health interwoven within the multi-dimensional intelligent being who is made of and emanates pure love.

Written with full recognition of the all knowing intelligence that is Serge Benhayon, a man dedicated to patiently teaching that our thoughts are not our own, repeatedly… until we all understand that we don’t actually think but just align to energy from the only two sources available, prana (harming) or fire (healing).


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553 thoughts on “What is the relationship between intelligence and health?

  1. We have to deeply question an education system and way of life that promotes memory based knowledge as intelligence, but leaves the body haggard and unwell. In that style of intelligence we also often live in neglect of a loving relationship with our inner being, and instead we learn to compare ourselves to others and to compete, and we may live in either low self worth or thinking we are better than others. Love, on the other hand, takes care of you and others and is a joy to live.

  2. This is a very interesting content and worth to share. I discovered the important relationship between intelligence and health. Thank you for sharing this information. I hope you will write more.

  3. I can from my own experience say that what has been written is true that we all have equal access to the same intelligence (Fire) or (Prana) because I am able to tell in my body which one I have chosen to access. I can be very controlling, stubborn and say something that is harming to myself and or another when I have aligned myself to Prana. Whereas when I am aligned to Fire there is such a deep sense of warmth in my body that feels so amazing and confirming there is not an ounce of me that would want to harm myself or anyone else.

  4. Stephen, if I had read this a decade ago, I would have had difficulty understanding what has been presented here, as I had a different relationship with intelligence and health and saw no other way around it. It probably attributed to the fact that there was no one around that ever talked about fire, and prana, the differences and its effects on everything.

    If I had known what I know now and that is through the presentation through Serge Benhayon, I would do so many things differently including the way I studied, worked, exercised, have relationships etc.

    There is an intelligence that many have not tapped into, and the more degrees you have, the more propensity to be the opposite to this intelligence. It is a no wonder that Serge Benhayon is attacked for this.

    Here’s an experiment, walk into a room and you know someone has had an argument, because it hits you when you walk in the door, that is the body’s intelligence to feel the energy. Do you know of any other times when you have felt something isn’t right?

  5. It definitely can’t be intelligent to think we are smart, yet have little or no consideration for the health of our bodies. As with everything Serge Benhayon presents this conversation opens us up to seeing and understanding life in new ways

    1. If the current model isn’t working and exhaustion and burnout continues, then maybe we need to look at another way, otherwise continue what we are doing…

  6. Thanks so much for sharing this article. It’s Amazing! I really get very good info regarding relationship between health and intelligence.

  7. It definitely can’t be intelligent to think we are smart, yet have little or no consideration for the health of our bodies. As with everything Serge Benhayon presents this conversation opens us up to seeing and understanding life in new ways, and finding the truth within ourselves.

  8. Give me the knowledge that underpins the body instead of the sense of self anytime. thanks for letting me the know the difference between intelligence and health both combined works

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