Letter Published in The Sun Herald 5th August

by Eunice Minford MA FRCS Ed. Consultant Surgeon

The following letter was published by the SunHerald in Australia on 5th August 2012, as “Medical Leader.”
The unedited, original version is below and note the sentence regarding personal responsibility for health has been removed, even though this was submitted in bold as shown to highlight its importance.

Dear Editor,

Recent articles in your paper made damning allegations about Serge Benhayon and his business. However, the overwhelming evidence of many professional, intelligent, highly qualified people is in favour of Benhayon and his work through Universal Medicine. It is astounding and insulting to us, our professions and our qualifications that our views may now be dismissed as the irrelevant ramblings of ‘brainwashed  devotees’ based on nothing more than the hearsay of the anonymous few with an axe to grind. Continue reading “Letter Published in The Sun Herald 5th August”

Letter to the Medical Observer

by Steffen Messerschmidt, ND.

To Mr. Byron Kaye – The Medical Observer

Dear Byron,

Following up on our short phone conversation last week, and realising that you actually only asked whether I saw a GP in relation to a hand complaint and not the reasons as to why I did not need to see one, I would like to clarify a few things:

1. I have an extensive medical background. I originally trained in Conventional Medicine specialising in Holistic Sports Medicine, Orthopaedic problems & Rehabilitation. After that I studied Natural Medicine at the German Paracelsus College for Natural Medicine and became a Naturopathic Physician. Continue reading “Letter to the Medical Observer”

Letter to Heath Aston, SMH – before publication of his articles Re Serge Benhayon

  by Eunice J Minford MBChB, MA, FRCS Ed, Antrim, N Ireland
Dear Heath,
I understand you have recently spoken with Serge Benhayon regarding a number of allegations concerning Serge and Universal Medicine. I would like to briefly share with you my experiences of Serge and Universal Medicine in light of those allegations, and in doing so it is as a doctor who has been working in Western Medicine/Surgery for over 20 years. Currently, I work full-time in a busy hospital in Northern Ireland as a Consultant General Surgeon. I have attended many talks and events presented by Universal Medicine in the UK and worldwide since 2007, and thus I feel I am able to comment on what Serge says or does not say in workshops/retreats etc.  Continue reading “Letter to Heath Aston, SMH – before publication of his articles Re Serge Benhayon”