Quality of life or quality in life?

by Jane Keep, London UK. 

In medicine, and in life, ‘quality of life’ can be used as a measure or as a way of making decisions.

Quality of life has many definitions including:

  • “The general well-being of a person or society, defined in terms of health and happiness, rather than wealth.” (1)
  • “The standard of health, comfort, and happiness experienced by an individual or group.” (2)
  • “The patient’s ability to enjoy normal life activities.” (3)
  • “The degree of satisfaction an individual has regarding a particular style of life.” (4)
  • “A patient’s general well-being, including mental status, stress level, sexual function, and self-perceived health.” (5)

In health, decisions can be made based on quality of life e.g. helping patients make decisions about treatments, decisions about a care pathway through a particular illness, disease, or surgery, and decisions about end of life care. In our lives we can also make healthy living decisions about our quality of life – e.g. exercise, countryside walks, certain foods or nutrients. We also make quality of life decisions based on where we live e.g. to live in the countryside or in a certain town or village, and about what type of work or where we work e.g. flexible hours, or somewhere that is easy to commute to.

Whilst these conversations and decisions are important, do we ever consider our quality in life?

What if our quality in life is equal to or more important than our quality of life?

What’s the difference between our quality of life and our quality in life?

As with the definitions above, quality of life would seem to relate to two things –the quality of life based on an individual’s sense of wellbeing (e.g. what gives them a sense of wellbeing and what doesn’t – does having their family close by support them, or, do they like to live in the countryside, or by the sea), and also what is important to them in daily life about the way they function e.g. if they have a health condition, a clinician may want to understand from the patient which parts of the patient’s life are impacted and what matters to them most in their life at that time. For example, a patient may be asked if they prefer a drug that is effective for their medical condition but has a side effect versus a different care regime that has no drugs or side effects but is perhaps less effective.

What then is our quality in life? Whilst we each have a physical body, we are far grander than we realise and there is much more to us than our body. We are more than physical flesh as we are first and foremost a spark of divine light. This spark of light is our true essence, from which comes our true quality.  Every one of us, no matter what walk of life, or age, or gender has an inner essence, which we can each connect to and it is living in connection with our inner essence that enables our true quality – our divine quality – to be expressed.

So how does this relate to living our quality in life or living a quality of life?

We can choose to live life in disconnection to our inner essence, which is living in disconnection to our divine quality. In living this way, we are denying our multidimensionality, living functionally in a physical body, but, living in a way that is reduced from, and in separation to, the whole of who we are.

Energetically this is a primary cause of illness and disease, as we are living away from our true self.  If we live in this way, our wellbeing and quality of life is often based on bettering our functional physical body, and bettering our life e.g. our homes, social lives, material possessions, jobs, and making the best we can of the life we have – whatever we value in life, we make the most of it.


We can choose to live life in connection to our inner essence, our divine quality, and as we move our body throughout our daily life, wherever we work or live, whatever our circumstance, our quality is with us – as we are that living quality, a quality that we then bring to all aspects of life, whether cutting up vegetables, cleaning our teeth, or serving customers as we work. Through living and breathing this quality, we are a living quality in life, and the ripple effect of this is that it emanates throughout our life – so that our quality of life is based on what has been first been lived as our quality in life.

Put simply, when we live a life disconnected to our divine quality we have a life where we are searching for quality from outside of us and we are constantly seeking to feed a feeling of emptiness, or imbalance or disharmony that we can feel – and we try and fill it up with material possessions, or great holidays, or bettering how our physical health is.

When we live a life in connection to our divine quality, we realise we are already everything, and whilst it is honouring to live and work in a way that is nourishing and confirming of our quality, we are not seeking outside of ourselves for something, as we can already feel a warmth and connection from within – we are living our quality in life – living from inside out.

I wonder how different the world would be if we were to all choose to live our quality in life? It is likely that we would not need all the entertainment and, for instance, some of the material possessions that we have nowadays. It is also possible that illness and disease would not be rising exponentially as it is now, as, in living our quality in life, we would be learning to live a life from inside out – and from this, we would take a far greater care of our physical body and how we lived our lives in every way.

In the words of modern day philosopher Serge Benhayon: (6)

“Body function and body harmony –

It is for all of us to learn this major difference.”


Surely this is a conversation worth having?

What if quality in life is the way to ensure a true quality of life?




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291 thoughts on “Quality of life or quality in life?

  1. Jane I come back to your blog and love the ‘quality in life’, its such a reminder that our choices in every moment, the quality we are living is what really is important in life. Without that – is it truly living?

  2. “What if quality in life is the way to ensure a true quality of life?” – sounds like a call for a new model of living our lives. A way of living that has its foundations firmly in the principle that ‘everything is energy’. It is happening now, and it is called The Way of the Livingness – http://www.unimedliving.com/the-way-of-the-livingness Where quality in life is a key focus.

  3. Jane, I can feel with this way of living that there is a stability, a known and a steadiness and that this way of living means we would get less affected by what life throws at us and all that happens around us; ‘in living our quality in life, we would be learning to live a life from inside out’.

  4. It might just be that quality in life is the foundation for quality of life; quality of life is otherwise solely measured against outer phenomena, as in possessions, location, pastimes, free time and what we do and don’t know.

  5. Sometimes I feel that all of these things are just done as tick box exercises and I feel ‘quality of life’ maybe one too. In that people might have the best intentions when setting out these measures, markers or models but I feel we have to be extremely honest and ask ourselves is this really getting to the bottom and root cause of all that is needed. We can put so much in place and so many bandaids or plasters on but nothing really changes .. in fact many would argue it is getting worse. The only true truth I have found is with what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine present, teach and live … now that is true quality of life and many many people (including myself) from living these teachings are starting to have a better quality of life than ever before .. and this is just the beginning ✨

  6. I used to spend a lot of time attempting to get my body to function properly, an endless pursuit that never actually achieved anything. However, when I turned my attention to my inner quality and the quality of my day-to-day choices, my body naturally began to restore its harmony and then the function aspect just quietly followed suit.

  7. Jane this is absolutely a conversation worth having. And not only does “Body function and body harmony –
    It is for all of us to learn this major difference” ask us to examine this in relationship to the body per se, but also in how we go about our day – are we simply going about the motions of function or are we in the flow that comes from our true essence?

  8. Quality of life is the pursuit of the external and material, quality in life is something we bring to life and emanates from within ourselves.

  9. Could we also be saying the word quality has in the main lost its meaning? True quality is not something done to us or or thought about, in connection with ourselves it naturally flows through us and into every movement.

      1. Great distinction to make Jane, a quality standard is external to us and cannot be felt, true quality is embodied within the human being.

  10. Jane, a great way of exposing the fallacy in having or going after ‘quality of life’ from a pure bodily functional (albeit worthwhile) perspective. Looking at the type of quality we live in really is the highlighter pen that marks the level of quality we experience in life. Living The Way of The Livingness, connected to the truth of the Soul as a lived quality for me has meant a life of true quality and enjoyment even when my body experiences illness or disease or requires an operation for example. I can feel within me a strength and a body where metaphorically speaking the lights are most definitely on at home and i’m most definitely fully there/present.

    1. The Way of The Livingness is true quality, and it is the greatest gold that there is once we connect to our innermost and that which has always been there – a true quality, of the light of the soul.

  11. My focus was always on trying to get well to change my life but nothing changed. Serge Benhayon and the Teachings of the Ageless Wisdom opened my eyes to a different way.. a way that focuses on building my inner quality and from doing this my quality of life has changed in so many ways.

  12. Jane, this is a great question; ‘do we ever consider our quality in life?’ From what I observe I would say this is not really considered widely, it seems we focus more on what is outside of us and try and change these things to have a ‘quality of life’, rather than focus on our inner quality and live life from here, I have noticed when my focus is on my inner quality everything else naturally takes care of itself.

  13. Maybe it is because of the lack of quality in life that we then seek for more quality of life and thereby falling for all the tempting offers that promise to fill what we miss inside. Quality in life is in us and with us in every moment hence nothing is missed or needs to be pursued.

    1. Spot on Alexander. And from my own experience in seeking quality of life because I was missing a quality in life, I realised that no matter what I did about quality of life e.g. expensive apartment, lots of social outings, great clothes, hair and makeup, well paid job etc it never ‘filled’ up the emptiness I felt inside, until I realised through the teachings of Serge Benhayon and the Ageless Wisdom that I was actually seeking quality in life.

  14. It is a subtle distinction that quite literally is worlds apart. Quality in life is a living expression of our integrity, love and wisdom. When we really choose to apply this to our normal everyday existence then our quality of life changes, at times quite dramatically, and our subsequent understanding, appreciation and commitment to life is forever altered.

  15. ““Body function and body harmony – It is for all of us to learn this major difference.” this is a great quote by Serge, it reminds me that the way we see life today is based on how we are told to see life yet there is so much more than meets the eye.

  16. Who doesn’t know of the marks on the wall, door or someplace with your height, name and year, of your marking of growth? We start the early years of our life, being measured. All through our life, we are measured and compared to everything with everyone else! Quality in life is something that is felt and lived that can be shared with everyone, for love is endless and never runs out!

  17. Jane such a profound sharing, expressed with divine simplicity. A seemingly straight forward question, the ramifications of which are so far reaching that it’s actually not possible to consider all the changes that would take place if everyone switched from improving their quality of life to improving their quality in life.

    1. And how different would ‘quality’ be in workplaces (which is forever pursued to reach a better quality) if quality was about the way we move, the way things are done and the truth of quality in life, rather than the superficial quality we pursue.

  18. Great topic to be addressing, the difference between quality of life and quality in life, when we recognise our true quality and pay attention to the love we bring in every moment, just like each stitch when knitting a scarf it takes care of the whole.

  19. I am so thankful to Serge Benhayon for showing me the difference between quality of life and quality IN life, as I no longer seek as much outside of me, by knowing myself – and the love within me and within us all. At the same time life does then flow more harmoniously but not as a goal but as a result of that flow.

  20. ‘Whilst we each have a physical body, we are far grander than we realise and there is much more to us than our body.’ And in connecting to this grandness found residing within us we experience true quality of our nature and can express this in life.

  21. The quality in life, I feel is encouraging a self-responsibility, that we have to put the quality in from the way we move, what we eat, to how we interact with others. The quality of life feels to me like ‘a taking’ what we can get from outside of us.

  22. I definitely feel it’s a conversation worth having Jane, when I went to my annual training day at the hospital I asked lots of question about the state of the nation’s health and world health. We cannot get away from the fact illness and disease is on the increase; this is beyond all doubt and the expected rise in dementia over the next 25 years is quite frightening and this is just one disease that is costing the NHS millions; if we then add all the other illnesses and diseases together we have a very sick world population. And the answer seems to be in earlier diagnosis, better drugs and treatments. But no one seems to be asking the question why are we getting so ill?

    1. well said Mary – why is it that with all that is available to us – resources, pharmaceuticals, technology, research, theories, etc we are still getting sicker? We maybe living longer, but we are living in poorer health.

  23. In my experience ‘quality of life’ without ‘quality in life’ is another short-term fix that keeps me in the pursuit of more and more. When I reconnect with ‘quality in life’, this pursuit loses its momentum and I find myself more and more settled.

  24. From what I am understanding here in your blog Jane is that we can spend endless money, time, funds trying to improve standards in our lives but this will only be ‘rearranging the furniture’ and will not address the underlying dis-ease that humanity is living with by being separated or disconnected from their divine nature and way of living that naturally flows from this connection with divinity.

    1. Yup – absolutely – and yet we choose to blindly continue improve the standards. One of the examples I see is at bank holidays and weekends many of us spend time decorating/redecorating/building improvements to our homes, cleaning our cars – and whilst it is brilliant to truly look after our living space and car – how much of that do we do to keep ‘bettering’ rather than asking ourselves how to truly enrich life by reconnecting, and realising the truth of who we are.

    2. It is getting to re-acquaint ourselves with our divine nature that changes our relationship with life, and therefore the way we live – a way of living that “naturally flows from this connection with divinity.”

  25. Putting quality in life first enables us to always appreciate the value of our relationships, with our selves and with one another. Nothing can top an honest, respectful and loving connection with each other.

  26. It seems most of us are totally obsessed with our quality of life whether it be now or how we will fear in later years but we are missing the point, if our focus was on the quality in life the rest would naturally fall into place.

    1. This is so true Carolien. We can live with quality in life no matter where we are or what our circumstances are. It shows how accessible it is to live this quality in every moment of our life if we so choose.

  27. What would statistics look like if the WHO and other organisations researched the quality in life versus the quality of life? Would it maybe expose that even if we tick the box of a ‘good life’ this is no guarantee for a life lived in connection to the grandness and divinity we are?

  28. 5 minutes spent in the true qualtiy of who we are has a value that is immeasurable compared to any other amount of time that has the opposite or no quality in it.

  29. “..we are living our quality in life – living from inside out” – so beautifully and so simply put Jane. Living from the quality we hold deep within ourselves and that quality being one that is self-loving, caring, nurturing, honouring works to change absolutely everything.

  30. Imagine considering moving the focus from improving the quality of our lives to bringing more tenderness to our quality in life and seeing what happens.

  31. A fundamental difference explained here Jane, the difference between our quality of life and our quality in life. It is the next step to deepen the quality we build in our own lives and by natural exchange those relationships with everyone else.

  32. One simple aspect of quality in life is what time do we go to bed – do we push ourselves to stay up late and finish projects? A good night’s sleep is crucial to our wellbeing.

    1. The basics are still the best to begin with! And no matter how great we are at juggling life and all it deals to us, we all need to have the solid foundations that come from these basics! Great reminder Carmel! Love it!

  33. Why would we not want a gorgeous quality to live life in? It’s strange that it is not the norm to take care to ensure this. We have stepped so far away from true love that we have to re-learn it.

  34. The more I choose to make loving, honouring and respectful choices for myself and what I feel then I really do get to feel the quality in how I go about life and how this has an enormous impact with those around me and beyond. The responsibility becomes a joy.

  35. Wow Jane, thank you for this awesome blog. I notice the moment I started living with more quality in life, connecting to my essence, my quality of life naturally improved. I recognise that our society seems to focus on the quality of life and almost leave out the quality in life and we seem to make our quality in life less important. Isn’t this the ‘wrong’ way round? To me, our quality in life is deeply important, as it sets the foundation for our life to evolve and when we fully embrace our divine quality that is in us all to be lived, I find naturally our quality of life is taken care of.

  36. Thank you Jane, our true quality is divine in essence and is naturally accessed and deeply felt when we live from our true nature.

  37. “Through living and breathing this quality, we are a living quality in life, and the ripple effect of this is that it emanates throughout our life – so that our quality of life is based on what has been first been lived as our quality in life.” The very fact that we first focus on our quality in how we live and in life makes the quality of live guaranteed, I love how by looking first within we naturally take care of the outside.

  38. Quality of Life has the great benefit that it allows numbers and dollars to apply to something people want (being healthy and alive) but it does have limitations – for example people value being just about alive quite highly while Quality of Life considers it not very different from death. Then there are the issues that Jane mentions.

  39. Wow, I just love this blog by Jane Keep – About the difference between quality of life and quality in life! It makes me ask: “Which one are you living, and did you know there is so much more!?”…we can walk around so caught up in all the cards that life deals us from its deck, but when do we stop to see the bigger picture, that it is not about the game, but is is all about the quality that we bring to the game and how we connect with ourselves and all the other players.

  40. I know there is a huge difference in the way that I can be in the day with any task that I am completing. For example I love hanging up the laundry! …when I am with myself and focused and enjoying the texture of the fabrics and handling the wet clothes with gentleness and joy – how could you not enjoy this. But I hate hanging up the laundry too…when I am rushed and anxious and thinking about other things – this is when I resent the laundry and I resent myself and its just a chore or a task to tick off as done. On a practical level the laundry is done and hence I have the quality of life that a person deserves in terms of having clean clothes etc. But when I am with myself as described, I take things far more deeper as I am giving myself Quality in life, and this brings it alive for me and gives it far more meaning and far more purpose! Now I just need to remember this and put it into practice more 🙂

  41. Jane, this is a great reminder of choosing to live ‘quality in life’ and how; ‘whatever our circumstance, our quality is with us – as we are that living quality, a quality that we then bring to all aspects of life’, this feels very different to searching outside of us for ‘quality of life’, ‘quality in life’ means that we are not at the mercy of outside circumstances, we can choose this inner quality always, no matter where we are and what we are doing.

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