Esoteric Breast Massage: Quackery and Titillation or Transformational Healing Modality?

by Eunice J Minford MA FRCS Ed. Consultant General Surgeon, N.Ireland


Let’s be honest, what are your first thoughts when you hear or read the words “Esoteric Breast Massage?” Disbelief? Shock? Revulsion? Laughter? Desire to ridicule? Think it must be dodgy? Quackery? Woo-woo medicine? Something sexual? And a ‘no way I would have that done!’  How many of you ladies, on first hearing the words ‘esoteric breast massage’ without knowing what it is, think – ‘Oh yes I must have one of those!’?? In my experience, many women (and men) have some form of reaction like those described when first hearing those words and before knowing and understanding what it is really about. I know I did. So you’re not alone!


Breast Massage – it must be sexual, right?

It’s interesting isn’t it, how the insertion of one word can significantly alter our perception and approach to massage. There is no issue with saying back massage, leg massage, head massage, foot massage, hand massage – there is no laughter, ridicule, guffawing, innuendo – we pretty much accept that all these areas can be and are massaged and can have a beneficial effect on the body – but as soon as we mention the word ‘breasts’ – the shutters come down, we back off and perhaps think ‘no way’, ‘not on my body’ or those of a different gender endeavour to sexualise it, make jokes, innuendo comments & ridicule – showing they haven’t really moved past the schoolboy age of ten where breasts are concerned; titillation (pun intended) being the order of the day. Yet, given we can have beneficial effects from massage on many other parts of the body, surely it’s also possible that esoteric breast massage can assist us with our healing and self-caring approach to our health?

Even though there is absolutely NOTHING sexual about an Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM), the media and others, including conventional doctors, immediately assume there is, or must be and that anyone promoting or partaking in such a modality must be dodgy, perverted, into quackery, on a ruse or have a few screws loose. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have been vilified and ridiculed by the media and castigated by those who are ignorant about the technique, how it works energetically and its energetic benefits. Although Serge Benhayon initiated the modality and trained practitioners through simulation, he has never performed an EBM on any client or practitioner, and it is a technique that is only performed by women on women.

In fact we have a situation where so called ‘experts’ give opinions on a technique they do not even have a rudimentary understanding of, never mind being an expert on the subject. It’s like asking someone who is a Professor of English to speak and translate Japanese or Arabic even though they have never studied either language. Yes, they are expert in the language of English but a complete novice and uneducated in the languages of Arabic and Japanese and hence cannot be considered experts on those subjects. A conventional medical doctor may be an expert on the body as they know and understand it, but they have not been trained in understanding the body esoterically and energetically and are thus ignorant of the underlying philosophy and science including the energetic anatomy and physiology, unless they have undertaken personal study or training in the subjects or have a deep soulful connection that provides them with such wisdom. As such they cannot provide a valid or credible ‘expert’ opinion on Esoteric Breast Massage – having neither studied it, trained in it, experienced it, lived it or understood the science and philosophy behind it.  How non-sensical can we get – that it is accepted an ‘expert’ can be somebody who is actually completely ignorant of the subject they are providing an ‘expert opinion’ on!?

Of course, some will say the difference between head, leg, back, foot, hand massage, and breast massage is that the breasts are used for sexual pleasure and the other areas are not. There speaks someone who is missing out on other erogenous zones of the body in their private life! Of course, this is not part of the professional massage technique for these other areas, but it is naive to think that only the breasts are zones of arousal or sexual pleasure.  Not only that, but the quality that a practitioner (be it a doctor, nurse or physio) lives, comes with them to a session. So someone who lives with a high degree of personal responsibility and integrity will bring those qualities to the session. And someone who, for example, does a lot of porn carries that energy with them to the session. So your everyday masseuse giving you a back massage can lace you with sexual energy if they do a lot of porn without going near any sexual organ or zone! The practitioners of Esoteric Breast Massage all abide by a Code of Ethics that calls for a high degree of personal responsibility and integrity that excludes porn and many other harming substances from one’s life – so that a lived quality is brought to the session void of harm. When one is able to discern energy clearly, it is possible to feel the difference in quality in those that live a life of integrity and responsibility consistently.


Sexual Preference of the Practitioner

The vagina is also utilised in sex, but people do not think their gynaecologist is going to get off on performing vaginal examinations; it is accepted as a necessary part of looking after one’s body to have regular smears and vaginal examination when needed to investigate symptoms. Whether a doctor is a lesbian, or heterosexual male or not is irrelevant, as it is a professional examination and very much distinguished from one’s personal life and any crossing of that boundary instigates disciplinary procedures. Similarly, a urologist may need to examine the testicles, prostate and penis, but he/she does not need to declare his/her sexual preference beforehand. Being a gay man or heterosexual woman does not exclude them from being a urologist – and quite rightly so.

Likewise, those performing Esoteric Breast Massage do not get off on breast massage – and again whether they are a lesbian or a heterosexual woman does not matter, as it is a non-sexual technique performed professionally and definitely not for any self-gratification, sexual or otherwise. So clearly, as is well established in the practice of medicine, a practitioner of medicine or Esoteric Breast Massage does not need to declare their sexual preference.  The technique is definitely not about sexual pleasure for the practitioner or the recipient. One only has to experience the technique from a Universal Medicine trained practitioner to know this to be so. That said, it is a technique performed by women only, because of the nature and sensitivity of the technique, respect for the client and the depth of healing that can be attained by a woman who has cleared similar issues and reconnected to her sacredness and can offer that same depth of healing to her client.


What is Esoteric Breast Massage about – quackery and titillation or healing?

So what is Esoteric Breast Massage about? Is it all quackery and titillation as some would like to make out or is something more going on?  Of course for those determined to restrict their view to the narrow lens of, ‘life and medicine is what I know it to be now and there is nothing more’ then no explanation will suffice. But for those who are open to considering there is more to understand about life, the way we live it, the human body and how illness and disease are manifest, then there is certainly more to unpack and consider. Some key principles are as follows:

  • We are energetic beings – there is energy flowing through us all the time and we get affected by our daily experiences, life events and traumas.
  • Our bodies reflect the choices we have made over our whole life, as well as the hurts and traumas we have experienced.
  • Massage is a technique that can help to clear issues from the body energetically and can assist with our reconnection back to our essence.
  • Our essence is a place of love, harmony, joy, stillness and truth – by reconnecting with it we can be empowered to make more healthy lifestyle choices.

Although the breasts are most often thought of either as sexual organs or organs to nurture and feed babies, they are in fact firstly the organs that assist a woman with nurturing herself. A woman’s relationship with her breasts is important and yet it is one that is often unexplored, hidden, or buried in shame. Many women have a relationship with their breasts that is more based on critique than love and appreciation. Too small, too big, too droopy, too saggy, too nodular, too soft – the complaints are many and varied – but it seems like few women truly appreciate, care for and look after their breasts (or indeed themselves) in a way that is truly caring and nurturing. The thing is that having these buried beliefs and thoughts about ourselves and our breasts as some version of ‘not good enough-ness’ feeds into our behaviours – how we feel about ourselves, impacts the choices we make about food, exercise, alcohol, drugs, smoking, relationships and more.  We also know that most breast cancer is lifestyle related rather than primarily genetic – so it makes sense that if we address how we feel about ourselves deep within, this will help us to live in a way that is more healthy as we will feel worth looking after and make choices accordingly.

So the EBM is not about curing cancer or healing cancer or any other condition for that matter. If any such benefit were to arise as a consequence of the technique, it is predominantly a secondary effect and not the primary one. Although there are anecdotal reports of people observing beneficial changes in their health conditions as a consequence of having EBM’s, these benefits are actually secondary.  The EBM is a multi-dimensional healing technique that works in a number of ways and at different levels and it is far too simplistic to consider only what is occurring at the physical level or its impact on physical illness and disease alone.

Having EBMs is quite often a journey of deepening in one’s connection with oneself and the true womanly qualities that reside within, but which many of us have been keeping well covered up! Let’s face it, many women today think that in order to be successful they have to be as tough and hard as the men, or even more so – and I certainly fell into that bracket! I thought being that way was being strong, proving myself to be no pushover, and that I could take on or withstand anyone or anything. Walls of steel ensured people didn’t get too close, keeping me protected, or so I thought. I now see the falsity of such beliefs and ways and that whilst it may lead one to be successful in having a heart attack or some other condition, they certainly don’t result in a successful healthy body and way of life.


Developing a Nurturing Relationship

By having EBMs the layers of hardness and protection begin to fall away, and we can connect with the fact that underneath that tough, hard persona there is a sweetness (a word that I used to have a negative visceral reaction to and one of the last things I wanted to be seen as!!) and a quality of gentleness that we can choose to live from. But this is only touching the surface. There is so much more to be uncovered and revealed. We come to realise that we are in fact deeply precious, deliciously delicate, and that underneath all the chaos and mayhem, tension and strife, there is a divine beauty and a profound stillness that melts and dissolves all that is not true. The more we surrender to that stillness, to know that is who we are, the more we are able to live and make choices that are truly healthy.  We deeply feel that we are worth caring for, worth nurturing and looking after to the nth degree.

If we truly take this on board, we begin to make choices that we know and can feel are more healthy and the old harming ways start to fall away – we no longer wish to poison and intoxicate our precious vehicle. The depth to which we can develop a nurturing relationship with ourselves and our bodies is unending – we never get to a point and say: ‘that’s it – I’m all nurtured up and nothing more for me to do!’ Which is great as there is always more for us to deepen in our love, appreciation, care and nurturing for ourselves. It is the quality of this nurturing relationship with ourselves that is the primary benefit of the EBM, a quality that when truly lived impacts our lifestyle choices, and thus the potential benefit that has been reported by some anecdotally on lifestyle related conditions.


It makes sense that if our lifestyle is the cause of many conditions, then addressing the root cause of why we have an ill lifestyle and healing that, such that we develop a way of living that is truly healthy should, in theory, have a beneficial effect on lifestyle induced conditions – a theory that some have felt to be true in practice by their own lived experience. And so, many women have personally experienced the EBM as a transformational healing modality – one that deepens and enriches their relationship with themselves and their bodies. A journey that can go through many different stages: initially there can be hesitancy, embarrassment, shame, doubt, hardness, protection, fear, anxiety, emotional discomfort, apprehension, nervousness etc. – and whatever is there is not judged but met only with love and acceptance. This in itself is healing. The EBM over time helps us to let these reactions go and to reconnect to the deeper truth of who we are…. Such that we begin to feel and know that we are none of those emotions and that we can surrender to that which is within and always has been – the true essence of the woman – in all her sacred beauty, glory and preciousness, just waiting to be revealed and lived.

So go ahead and make your jokes, guffaw, laugh and ridicule if you like – for none of that can detract, hide, obscure or take away from the truth that is felt and known within the body and soul of one who lives the essence of the true woman and who has experienced the transformational power of the EBM to facilitate that reconnection, reawakening and reunification with the sacredness within – a profound depth of stillness that knows no bounds. Any improvement to physical health conditions is a welcome secondary benefit that provides tangible evidence on a different level of the effect of EBM but in no way usurps the true healing proffered. Quackery and titillation, or transformational healing modality – you decide; those who know, know.



DISCLAIMER: Esoteric breast massage is a complementary therapy and is not part of conventional ‘evidence based medicine’. No claims are made as to its efficacy on physical health conditions. The author writes from personal experience combined with an understanding of Esoteric healing, Esoteric philosophy and energy. It is for the reader to discern whether Esoteric Breast Massage is, or could possibly be, of benefit to a woman’s wellbeing. Any concerns regarding your breasts or your health should be discussed with your doctor.


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401 thoughts on “Esoteric Breast Massage: Quackery and Titillation or Transformational Healing Modality?

  1. Eunice, the association with breasts have been sexualised for centuries and continue to be done so in this century. Women in general have issues with their bodies and we annihilate ourselves because we don’t match the images of magazines, catwalk women and so forth. And underneath we are all the same.

    There is nothing mumbo jumbo about Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM) and being on the receiving end of this modality, I’m developing a relationship with my breasts like never before. The care and attention during these sessions is out of this world and I feel fuller as a woman.

  2. Years ago when I worked as a massage therapist a woman asked if I would massage her breasts and I am not going to lie I was completely shocked (although did not show this) in her asking this as I never heard of breast massage before and politely said no I do not massage breasts. And apparently, from later hearing this does happen on some massage courses .. so glad I did not get my diploma on one of those courses!! However with the Esoteric Breast Massage when I first heard about this because of the absolutely integrity and place it was coming from, both energetic and physical integrity, I was not shocked, in fact instead I felt the care and importance of this for women and had the feeling of ‘of course that makes sense’. From my experience of having an Esoteric Massage which is done by women only who go through incredibly rigorous training and abide by a very specific Code of Ethics, it is both deeply nurturing and healing to receive. What I find ludicrous is how something that has so much integrity and care is attacked when there is so much in the world that is the complete opposite of this and not given any attention or focus to at all. This alone is revealing in how we are currently living attacking that what is of care and allowing so much that is abusive and probably one of the many reasons why we are seeing everything get worse.

    1. Vicky I agree, the level of integrity in Esoteric Breast Massage Practitioners is felt from the time you make your appointment, to the time you get up from a massage table.

      And isn’t it interesting when integrity and care is paramount, then it is attacked. It kind of feels that most people are so conditioned to accept abuse, that the opposite is alienating, so they attack something they haven’t even researched…

  3. ‘Even though there is absolutely NOTHING sexual about an Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM), the media and others, including conventional doctors, immediately assume there is, or must be and that anyone promoting or partaking in such a modality must be dodgy, perverted, into quackery, on a ruse or have a few screws loose.’ This is so telling as to how much we have been conditioned to view the body as sexual first and foremost before actually connecting to it and honouring it and therefore how perverted away from our true normal.

  4. With the ever increasing rise of lifestyle related diseases one would think that anything that supported women to reconnect to their inner essence would be welcomed rather than ridiculed but it seems that some have never got past the playground tittering at something that seems a bit ‘out there’ and are incapable of approaching it with an open mind. That is their loss as I can testify to how EBMs have transformed my relationship not just with my breasts but with my whole body and with what it means to honour and nurture myself as a woman.

  5. Thanks Eunice for exploring in depth the Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM), it is an amazing modality that is multidimensional, it is so much more than a physical therapy. Breast massage is actually not new at all, in fact I trained in Clinical Relaxation Massage with a reputable registered training organisation and breast massage was taught and performed on women students by male students. I didn’t feel comfortable with this so I opted out of this module. When I came across the EBM I did work through some thoughts of it being weird, however I felt it was appropriate that it was only performed by women for women, and something kept calling me to try it. My first EBM was the most incredible experience, not so much because of it being about the breast massage, but more so what working with this area truly offered to me as a woman, a reconnection to my essence, to the inner divinity, to a power that had been covered up by ideals and beliefs of what a woman is. It reconnected me back to the true me. The EBM is an ongoing part of my health plan and each session is like an extraordinary revelation of who I truly am as a woman, and what is there to be released from my breasts and chest area that I have falsely taken on that prevents me from living the true woman I am.

  6. I remember attending a presentation by an Esoteric Breast Massage practitioner about 10 years ago, and everything she said made sense of why women all of the world were where they were at, cancer on the rise, PMS being normal, many living with underlying disregard, self-loathing, lack of appreciation for self etc., and I had no doubt then that for someone to be able to see the world with such clarity and with no judgement, they have deep understanding and love for humanity, and would offer anything but true, genuine, support for women.

  7. The first time I heard of Esoteric Breast massage I thought no way would I do that, I’d be too embarrassed. Then a few years later I started to have some sessions and it has proven to be a life-changing experience as it brings in a whole new level of tenderness and delicateness that I never knew I access to.

  8. We are the first to criticise or judge another or something we know nothing about, the truth being, the judgement or criticism is of our own making and is exposed to heal within our body for our evolution and that of others.

  9. There are so many medical procedures considered as normal which make me cringe even thinking about them. But I have learned to accept them because this is all we have and we obviously have not managed to come up with procedures less imposing and less traumatic.
    Then on the other hand we have the Universal Medicine modalities, coupled with the depth of training and assessment of practitioners, that offer a level of care and honouring which at times moves me to tears, and that constantly invites me to go deeper into that level of care for myself and for others.
    Ironic that no one questions the harshness of some of our current medical procedures and no one asks for more research into how to make them more human friendly, but there are people seriously going for a modality that pretty much everyone who has received it has found deeply caring, honouring and supportive.

    1. Golnaz the mammogram is a perfect example of what you are sharing here regarding tests and procedures in the medical world that are harsh and need updating.

    2. A great point you make here Golnaz. My first ever smear tests was one of the most traumatic experiences I think I have had – it was certainly not carried out with a deep level of care and honouring and it felt like an abuse. This we consider normal and society deems it ok. It did not feel ok to me. I had no problem with the procedure – simply the way it was performed, which left me feeling cramps and in discomfort for a week or two afterwards.

      1. I agree with you Michelle819. Smear tests can be a very unpleasant experience to go through. I personally have had many smear tests, I found the doctor’s room to be cold, the couch was cold to lie on, the instrument that is used was often cold too. Years ago it was the doctor that performed the test now it is the nurse, but whomever it is they do not have the time to support a woman through this procedure as they are time limited because they have a busy surgery to attend to.
        Whereas having a Esoteric Breast Massage is completely the opposite. When you walk into the room it is warm and inviting, the couch that you lie on is warm, the practitioner moves quietly around the room and the sense of deep care can be felt in their movements. The stillness in the room allows for a woman to feel safe and held so that they can let go of tension in their body. The space provided is one of deep nurturing so that a woman is able to reconnect to her body.
        The modern woman has taken on so many roles within society that many of them feel stressed and overwhelmed. The nurturing space provided by trained female practitioners of EBM allows a woman to let go and build a more nurturing relationship with herself which can be life changing, in as much as they then feel that they do want to take care of themselves, they are worth taking care of and the levels of stress in the body are reduced so that it is possible to understand they do not need to harden to be able to live in the world.

  10. The fact that we have sexualised breasts so much and therefore could perceive the esoteric breast massage as something other than it is says more about our culture and the way we think rather than esoteric breast massage itself.

  11. From the outset I knew that Esoteric Breast Massage would be a very wholistic and healing treatment and I remember signing up for sessions and thinking I want to train in this, this is so important, to have women have a positive relationship with their breasts and take away all the false connotations that go along with what breasts mean to people. They are a sacred part of our sacred body and yet they are very rarely viewed as such. The Esoteric Breast Massage has been practised now for several years and has developed in this time becoming an even more beautiful experience for women – a very gentle and supportive way for us to clear old energy and deepen our relationship with ourselves.

  12. Only someone who has not experience an Esoteric Breast Massage would say it was a quackery and titillation technique. That couldn’t be further from the truth and is not an ounce of truth. The EBM is a modality that is deeply honouring of the women in every possible way.

    1. Yes I agree, to look past, catch or even heal what once would have been an immediate reaction or dismissal is possible through the movements lived beforehand and the consequence or response can be nothing but evolutionary in one way or another.

  13. In an Esoteric Breast Massage session, even just the way the practitioner moves our arms, or adjust the covering over the body is enough to let us know the depth of love and nurturing we women are depriving ourselves of, and it offers such a deep sense of invitation back to the essence of who we are as woman. To me, it is clear that those who accuse EBM of quackery or titillation have not had a first hand experience of a session, and what a pity that is.

    1. The reflection of deep loving care and gentleness offered by the practitioner is amazing but also revealing of how this is truly possible but often not how I treat myself on a daily basis.

      1. Yes – I would say that most of us, men included, do not treat ourselves or move our bodies in a way that honours our innate preciousness or delicacy. We wouldn’t dream of holding a baby in any way other than to cherish their delicacy. At what point do we say to ourselves that that quality is no longer relevant?

  14. Yes, There are many words that can trigger a reaction rather then a response. Reactions distort the true meaning of the word. Understanding this can help you catch yourself, when you are in reaction,and go deeper into why you have a reaction to that word. What is the reaction all about?
    Serge Benhayon has supported me understand that every word has a true meaning, and every word that Serge speaks has a definite purpose.That is what communication is all about.

  15. You do not know what nectar tastes like without trying it. To experience an EBM is to feel the delicate sacredness of the woman you are.

  16. I have witnessed the derogatory, underhanded sniggering and ridicule that can be dished out “under the guise of good old fun and banter” when someone makes a choice to up the level of responsibility, care and integrity in their life. Why? Because they deep down actually know the truth of what is happening and can sense being shown up for their own choices.
    It is no different here with the Esoteric Breast Massage. Whatever smut is thrown at it, however much it is ridiculed, deep down everyone can sense that something amazing is being offered and is being chosen by women here.

  17. Given the current state of women’s health world wide, there raises the question as to why, when we appear to have something that could potentially really actually begin to make a difference, would there be those who protest, ridicule, condemn and judge it? Why, when there is such a huge and direct call coming from women’s bodies all over the world for something that will truly support, is there such a resistance to an offered modality that by all accounts has nothing less to offer than deeply supportive healing for women?

  18. Attempting to sexualise the practice of the EBM, aims to separate women from the potential of it supporting their bodies. There is so much smut around in everyday life, attempting to paint the EBM with the same paint is a cheap shot, the EBM is the fact opposite of smut, it is deeply sacred and from a woman who has experienced it, it has supported a deeper commitment to being in my power, saying no to abuse and not sexualising my body. Sexualising our bodies is not the same as being sexy, sexy is an expression of who we are in full, our sacredness, our divineness. No wonder there is an attempt to bastardise what the EBM offers, it could literally accelerate, support and empower a magnitude of gentle, sacred and responsible revolution / evolution across the planet

  19. Never in the entire time I have been having Esoteric Breast Massages have i experienced any unprofessional or sexual acts, and I have been having them since they started. It is the absolute opposite, I have only every felt deeply respected, honoured, deeply cared for and given the space simply to do nothing, just be me. How they support me to open up my vascular and lymphatic systems has a profound effect on my body and the quality in which I move there after.

  20. Esoteric Breast Massage isn’t any old massage. It is a Universal Medicine therapy and this fact is profoundly significant.
    A hallmark of such Universal Medicine therapies is the offering the deepest level of integrity, care, understanding and healing lived by the practitioner in their own life as a foundation. Part of the training and accreditation for such modalities is the awareness that this energetic vibration provided by the practitioner is felt by the client at a core level and is a fundamental part of the space offered in which the client can come to a healing, unfolding and deep awareness for themselves.

  21. As a humanity we are very quick to judge others… rather than being open to new people in our lives who could offer us the potential to learn, grow and evolve.

  22. EBM changes the relationship we have with our bodies as women. It is not a sexual act by any stretch of the imagination but an honouring, and truly loving experience.

  23. Esoteric Breast Massage for women by women, from my own experience I can say the EBM has helped me reconnect to my body, and to truly feel how protective I have been, as I let go of the protection I realised how wonderfully natural it is to nurture myself, without the EBM’s I don’t think I would ever have realised how delicate I truly am, and that taking care of myself is very supportive and is by no means a weakness.

    1. I have experienced this and with the delicateness a true knowing of my power in that delicateness has been embodied a powerful and deeply supportive modality. I never knew that I could be gentle, and delicate and powerful and so much more, I thought we needed to be hard, push and act fearless, but we do not and learning this has changed my life.

  24. The EBM is no quackery. Many would like to have us believe it as such to not have their world turned upside down by threatening their understanding of the woman’s body – and how this alone would impact their beliefs. The EBM is a healing modality that liberates man and woman from the toxic inter relationship they’re currently bound in.

  25. The fact that people tend to have such dramatic reactions (as listed beginning of this article) when they first hear the term ‘Esoteric Breast Massage’ while there are usually no problems with leg massage, back massage, arm massage etc., in itself shows that there is already a lot to heal for any woman with respect to how she is not honoured and parts of her body are reduced to a caricature. But an EBM session does so much more in supporting a woman to deepen her connection to herself and embrace the power of her true expression. A deeply supportive modality.

  26. The amazing gift of the Esoteric breast Massage allowing and bringing women to reconnect ” the true essence of the woman – in all her sacred beauty, glory and preciousness, just waiting to be revealed and lived.”

  27. “Quackery and titillation, or transformational healing modality – you decide; those who know, know.” Speaking as ‘one of those who knows’, I can honestly say that the EBM modality has changed my life as through having these sessions I have come to understand, connect to and start to truly love my own body. And in learning to love my own body I have been able to let go of the hang ups I used to have about it and consequently embrace other areas of my life more readily and with little or no complication. The knock on effect of this modality goes way beyond anything we could even begin to fathom.

  28. I’m one of those people who welcomed the EBM the first time I heard about it. Fortunately I also do not live near enough to always get one to depend on others to give me this healing. The truth is the EBM is an amazing modality to support every woman’s journey back to their own connection, but like any medicine, conventional or Esoteric, the true healing starts from our responsibility to express who we are in full.

  29. I remember the first time I saw loads of business cards with naked bodies in a phone box I was confused and horrified. It is still strange seeing the extent of sexualisation of the female body all over the place even when the topic has nothing to do with sex, gender or the human body. Okay so this is a society we have created.
    But the huge question here is how come we have all of a sudden some people coming out of the woodworks with claims of outrage and accusations of misconduct about a healing modality that hundreds of women publicly share has supported them transform their relationship with themselves and with their lives?
    The lack of logic in itself shows there is something fishy about the accusations and attacks on Universal Medicine and the Esoteric Breast Massage.

  30. Spot on Eunice, I was pretty horrified by the thought of breast massage when I first heard about it, but something in me knew this was not a sexual or demeaning modality and when I booked in for my first few session, it was the most incredible experience of connecting deeply with myself as a woman and my only regret is that I did not discover this sooner!

    1. I was also very reluctant when I first heard of Esoteric Breast Massage but after seeing the transformation in others I wanted that in my life too.

  31. You capture the nature and purpose Esoteric Breast Massage here Eunice, it is, and only ever will be “a technique performed by women only, because of the nature and sensitivity of the technique, respect for the client and the depth of healing that can be attained by a woman who has cleared similar issues and reconnected to her sacredness and can offer that same depth of healing to her client.”

    1. I have never come across any organisation that pays so much attention broadly and to the minutest detail to ensure people are cared for, supported and honoured in every way. Universal Medicine is a true example of an organisation dedicated to serving humanity and inspiring a greater level of love, care and honouring of ourself and one another.

      1. The level of integrity and care that is offered in this modality surpasses anything I have ever experienced before. The client is held with utmost respect and decency and offered nothing less but the full attention and professional support.

  32. So much is offered today in new age spiritual pursuits that seems to me, like absolute make believe. So much in research and academia is revealed to be absolute balderdash and yet people arc up when presented with Universal Medicine therapies. It makes no sense except when you consider the level of integrity and transparency Serge Benhayon presents. For some it seems this is a bridge too far. Enter the abuse and lies…

    1. Agreed Joseph, from a world of lies and therapies that do little if anything to support people, without any critique, to truth and with that backlash and abuse. What Serge presents is something that all are free to feel if its their equal truth or not.

  33. The EBM is one of the most supportive modalities I have ever experienced. Before this, I had no connection to my breasts whatsoever, and neither did I want one – my breasts were just ‘there’ – a part of me that I paid no attention to, other than for sex, and potentially one day in their role as milk providers for children. What the EBM introduces, is a connection to this part of our body that many of us have previously forgotten about or dismissed, which then, in my experience, leads to a greater sense of wanting to take deeper, more loving care of one’s self.

  34. A car enthusiast would probably find it difficult to understand how some people just thrash a valuable car and not take the time to learn in detail about the various parts, how it works, what it does and how to take care of it. It is a travesty that we live in the most incredible vehicle ever and do not really put in the care and attention to discover everything about it. Let alone deeply care for it.
    I thought I knew a lot about the human body until I came across Universal Medicine and the support to deepen my understanding, sensitivity, awareness and the responsibility in taking care of my body in every way and being in charge of what is expressed through me to my fellow brothers and sisters. It is where science, religion and philosophy meet, and we are no longer carrying a physical corpse but a stupendous vehicle through which we express our divinity.

    1. Beautifully put Golnaz, as it has been through having EBM’s myself that has made me realise this “stupendous vehicle through which we express our divinity” – and not only that, but also the value, purpose, and reconnection to the Sacredness of being Woman – how healing and restorative this is to women’s health, family, relationships and community.

  35. I can see how people could giggle at this because of the awkwardness they feel about something so seemingly intimate that really gets down to addressing the clearing of energy from where it is really needed to be cleared, in spite of that thought. However – the thing is we women have become so buried under these imposing energies that we often do not easily recognise it, or that something even needs to be done to help us. I have experienced this treatment and it is amazing, and so needed by women everywhere, whenever they are ready to return to their natural womanliness so long buried.

  36. Great to point out how we can go strange with something which is such a healing divine moment for a woman.
    Can it be from influence that there is this long lived pattern that women’s power should be depressed.
    What happens if many women claim back the beauty we Can hold in our female parts of the body?
    I think deep down we all know.

  37. Beautiful and powerful article Eunice. I personally, being a man, I have never experienced an EBM, but my partner is having sessions with an EBM practitioner and every time she returns after a session I feel more of the stillness and sacredness you describe in her. It melts me, takes all my protection away, and I can only love her after having felt that.

    1. What a gorgeous reflection of the healing this modality offers to people which goes way beyond the healing room and the person who has personally received the Esoteric Breast Massage.

    2. Amazing and beautiful, only confirming that this modality serves not only women, but it is the consequence, or the ripple effect, that through the woman, the man is brought to his tenderness and to a deeper settlement within his body too.

  38. We can easily call something we don’t understand a ‘cult’ or odd – but where does that get us to? Is it not better to fully investigate life with an open heart rather than attack and demolish what’s different? How open are we, after all to true change?

    1. I used to look at places, people and organisations I didn’t know and think they were odd. I would do it in a closed down way and yet when I get to meet the people my picture of ‘odd’ has been quickly dissolved.

    2. If a child started to get upset and reject anything that they don’t understand or is different to what they are used to, everyone realises there is something wrong and that the child needs help. How come we accept it from adults?

  39. Of course when someone hears the term ‘Esoteric Breast Massage’ for the first time they are going to be suspicious. Who wouldn’t be? The breasts are an area of the body that we go to great lengths to avoid in other therapies out of respect and understanding that this is a private area. So when there is a therapy available that is all about the breasts, of course alarm bells ring.

    But what if this offering is pure gold, and what if this offering is honouring the sacredness of the woman, and what if by focusing on the breasts we are effectively breaking the taboo that we can’t go near them and they should be ignored. Perhaps ignoring the breasts has led us to be disconnected from our feminine nature, hiding it from ourselves and the world. Perhaps by embracing healing on the area of the breasts we uncover reasons behind a plethora of conditions, ill health or disease.

    The only reason breasts have become taboo is because they have only been viewed as sexual objects. Take this away and we are able to uncover the true nature of our breasts, as nurturing centres that should be honoured and respected. Perhaps this is what is on offer through the Esoteric Breast Massage.

  40. The ducks can quack, and the blackbirds can sing… the question is who do we want to listen to?

  41. I certainly would not jump at a chance of having any old breast massage (and to think of it nowadays any other massage treatment either) UNLESS it was done by someone trained and accredited to the standard of care, awareness and integrity which is the hallmark of Universal Medicine.

    I myself practiced massage for relaxation and pain relief most of my life and was proud of the level of care I offered. Yet when I came across Universal Medicine I was introduced to a whole new level of care and integrity I had not even dreamed of. Not only that, but also the focus was not relief or rescuing people, what they got was so much more. I have ever since been a great fan of Universal Medicine and every single modality offered. The depth of settlement within your body, the re-awaking of so much more awareness and the extent of healing offered is phenomenal.

    1. I’m with you on that one Golnaz, no way would I go to just anyone for a breast massage. These days I am more discerning as to who to go to for any kind of treatment. What we don’t realise is that when we get a treatment we are also energetically getting how that person lives, so it’s an Esoteric Practitioner for me every time. Unless, of course, I need medical treatment or advice.

    2. “Not only that, but also the focus was not relief or rescuing people, what they got was so much more.” – Golnaz, this line really resonated with me, and I can remember the dozens and dozens of times I would go to a massage therapist after pretty much beating my body up doing all kinds of sports and noticing that it was the same areas that I had the most soreness in my body and I was really just going there for the relief of that pain. Now one could say that is obvious, that all you have to do is stop engaging in those sporting events to ‘solve the problem’, but even after I did, there were these patterns that persisted, which through the teaching of Universal Medicine I was able to understand that until I dealt with the underlying energetic and emotional issues that manifested in my body in various ways, those patterns would come to the surface over and over again. Massage can be an incredible support in clearing these things energetically, but only when it is done with the energetic basis of health issues being understood, otherwise we are just looking for relief, not healing.

  42. It seems outrageous that people can judge something they know nothing about, but I guess we have all contributed to this at times.

    1. The outrage and judgment of a woman choosing to have an Esoteric Breast Massage highlights just how sexualised and owned the woman’s breasts have become rather than this part of her body, in truth, being the nurturing centre and her choice to self-nurture her body.

      1. It also shows us how powerful it must be then for a woman to self-nurture her body and embrace the true nature of her breasts.

    2. Shirley-Ann I think so many people myself included have judged many things in our lives, the bit that really can get me is that even when people are presented with the truth they ignore it and still judge.

      1. I agree David. It is that exactly, that when presented with absolute truth, there can still be complete denial about something that is completely undeniable.

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