Esoteric Breast Massage: Quackery and Titillation or Transformational Healing Modality?

by Eunice J Minford MA FRCS Ed. Consultant General Surgeon, N.Ireland


Let’s be honest, what are your first thoughts when you hear or read the words “Esoteric Breast Massage?” Disbelief? Shock? Revulsion? Laughter? Desire to ridicule? Think it must be dodgy? Quackery? Woo-woo medicine? Something sexual? And a ‘no way I would have that done!’  How many of you ladies, on first hearing the words ‘esoteric breast massage’ without knowing what it is, think – ‘Oh yes I must have one of those!’?? In my experience, many women (and men) have some form of reaction like those described when first hearing those words and before knowing and understanding what it is really about. I know I did. So you’re not alone!


Breast Massage – it must be sexual, right?

It’s interesting isn’t it, how the insertion of one word can significantly alter our perception and approach to massage. There is no issue with saying back massage, leg massage, head massage, foot massage, hand massage – there is no laughter, ridicule, guffawing, innuendo – we pretty much accept that all these areas can be and are massaged and can have a beneficial effect on the body – but as soon as we mention the word ‘breasts’ – the shutters come down, we back off and perhaps think ‘no way’, ‘not on my body’ or those of a different gender endeavour to sexualise it, make jokes, innuendo comments & ridicule – showing they haven’t really moved past the schoolboy age of ten where breasts are concerned; titillation (pun intended) being the order of the day. Yet, given we can have beneficial effects from massage on many other parts of the body, surely it’s also possible that esoteric breast massage can assist us with our healing and self-caring approach to our health?

Even though there is absolutely NOTHING sexual about an Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM), the media and others, including conventional doctors, immediately assume there is, or must be and that anyone promoting or partaking in such a modality must be dodgy, perverted, into quackery, on a ruse or have a few screws loose. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have been vilified and ridiculed by the media and castigated by those who are ignorant about the technique, how it works energetically and its energetic benefits. Although Serge Benhayon initiated the modality and trained practitioners through simulation, he has never performed an EBM on any client or practitioner, and it is a technique that is only performed by women on women.

In fact we have a situation where so called ‘experts’ give opinions on a technique they do not even have a rudimentary understanding of, never mind being an expert on the subject. It’s like asking someone who is a Professor of English to speak and translate Japanese or Arabic even though they have never studied either language. Yes, they are expert in the language of English but a complete novice and uneducated in the languages of Arabic and Japanese and hence cannot be considered experts on those subjects. A conventional medical doctor may be an expert on the body as they know and understand it, but they have not been trained in understanding the body esoterically and energetically and are thus ignorant of the underlying philosophy and science including the energetic anatomy and physiology, unless they have undertaken personal study or training in the subjects or have a deep soulful connection that provides them with such wisdom. As such they cannot provide a valid or credible ‘expert’ opinion on Esoteric Breast Massage – having neither studied it, trained in it, experienced it, lived it or understood the science and philosophy behind it.  How non-sensical can we get – that it is accepted an ‘expert’ can be somebody who is actually completely ignorant of the subject they are providing an ‘expert opinion’ on!?

Of course, some will say the difference between head, leg, back, foot, hand massage, and breast massage is that the breasts are used for sexual pleasure and the other areas are not. There speaks someone who is missing out on other erogenous zones of the body in their private life! Of course, this is not part of the professional massage technique for these other areas, but it is naive to think that only the breasts are zones of arousal or sexual pleasure.  Not only that, but the quality that a practitioner (be it a doctor, nurse or physio) lives, comes with them to a session. So someone who lives with a high degree of personal responsibility and integrity will bring those qualities to the session. And someone who, for example, does a lot of porn carries that energy with them to the session. So your everyday masseuse giving you a back massage can lace you with sexual energy if they do a lot of porn without going near any sexual organ or zone! The practitioners of Esoteric Breast Massage all abide by a Code of Ethics that calls for a high degree of personal responsibility and integrity that excludes porn and many other harming substances from one’s life – so that a lived quality is brought to the session void of harm. When one is able to discern energy clearly, it is possible to feel the difference in quality in those that live a life of integrity and responsibility consistently.


Sexual Preference of the Practitioner

The vagina is also utilised in sex, but people do not think their gynaecologist is going to get off on performing vaginal examinations; it is accepted as a necessary part of looking after one’s body to have regular smears and vaginal examination when needed to investigate symptoms. Whether a doctor is a lesbian, or heterosexual male or not is irrelevant, as it is a professional examination and very much distinguished from one’s personal life and any crossing of that boundary instigates disciplinary procedures. Similarly, a urologist may need to examine the testicles, prostate and penis, but he/she does not need to declare his/her sexual preference beforehand. Being a gay man or heterosexual woman does not exclude them from being a urologist – and quite rightly so.

Likewise, those performing Esoteric Breast Massage do not get off on breast massage – and again whether they are a lesbian or a heterosexual woman does not matter, as it is a non-sexual technique performed professionally and definitely not for any self-gratification, sexual or otherwise. So clearly, as is well established in the practice of medicine, a practitioner of medicine or Esoteric Breast Massage does not need to declare their sexual preference.  The technique is definitely not about sexual pleasure for the practitioner or the recipient. One only has to experience the technique from a Universal Medicine trained practitioner to know this to be so. That said, it is a technique performed by women only, because of the nature and sensitivity of the technique, respect for the client and the depth of healing that can be attained by a woman who has cleared similar issues and reconnected to her sacredness and can offer that same depth of healing to her client.


What is Esoteric Breast Massage about – quackery and titillation or healing?

So what is Esoteric Breast Massage about? Is it all quackery and titillation as some would like to make out or is something more going on?  Of course for those determined to restrict their view to the narrow lens of, ‘life and medicine is what I know it to be now and there is nothing more’ then no explanation will suffice. But for those who are open to considering there is more to understand about life, the way we live it, the human body and how illness and disease are manifest, then there is certainly more to unpack and consider. Some key principles are as follows:

  • We are energetic beings – there is energy flowing through us all the time and we get affected by our daily experiences, life events and traumas.
  • Our bodies reflect the choices we have made over our whole life, as well as the hurts and traumas we have experienced.
  • Massage is a technique that can help to clear issues from the body energetically and can assist with our reconnection back to our essence.
  • Our essence is a place of love, harmony, joy, stillness and truth – by reconnecting with it we can be empowered to make more healthy lifestyle choices.

Although the breasts are most often thought of either as sexual organs or organs to nurture and feed babies, they are in fact firstly the organs that assist a woman with nurturing herself. A woman’s relationship with her breasts is important and yet it is one that is often unexplored, hidden, or buried in shame. Many women have a relationship with their breasts that is more based on critique than love and appreciation. Too small, too big, too droopy, too saggy, too nodular, too soft – the complaints are many and varied – but it seems like few women truly appreciate, care for and look after their breasts (or indeed themselves) in a way that is truly caring and nurturing. The thing is that having these buried beliefs and thoughts about ourselves and our breasts as some version of ‘not good enough-ness’ feeds into our behaviours – how we feel about ourselves, impacts the choices we make about food, exercise, alcohol, drugs, smoking, relationships and more.  We also know that most breast cancer is lifestyle related rather than primarily genetic – so it makes sense that if we address how we feel about ourselves deep within, this will help us to live in a way that is more healthy as we will feel worth looking after and make choices accordingly.

So the EBM is not about curing cancer or healing cancer or any other condition for that matter. If any such benefit were to arise as a consequence of the technique, it is predominantly a secondary effect and not the primary one. Although there are anecdotal reports of people observing beneficial changes in their health conditions as a consequence of having EBM’s, these benefits are actually secondary.  The EBM is a multi-dimensional healing technique that works in a number of ways and at different levels and it is far too simplistic to consider only what is occurring at the physical level or its impact on physical illness and disease alone.

Having EBMs is quite often a journey of deepening in one’s connection with oneself and the true womanly qualities that reside within, but which many of us have been keeping well covered up! Let’s face it, many women today think that in order to be successful they have to be as tough and hard as the men, or even more so – and I certainly fell into that bracket! I thought being that way was being strong, proving myself to be no pushover, and that I could take on or withstand anyone or anything. Walls of steel ensured people didn’t get too close, keeping me protected, or so I thought. I now see the falsity of such beliefs and ways and that whilst it may lead one to be successful in having a heart attack or some other condition, they certainly don’t result in a successful healthy body and way of life.


Developing a Nurturing Relationship

By having EBMs the layers of hardness and protection begin to fall away, and we can connect with the fact that underneath that tough, hard persona there is a sweetness (a word that I used to have a negative visceral reaction to and one of the last things I wanted to be seen as!!) and a quality of gentleness that we can choose to live from. But this is only touching the surface. There is so much more to be uncovered and revealed. We come to realise that we are in fact deeply precious, deliciously delicate, and that underneath all the chaos and mayhem, tension and strife, there is a divine beauty and a profound stillness that melts and dissolves all that is not true. The more we surrender to that stillness, to know that is who we are, the more we are able to live and make choices that are truly healthy.  We deeply feel that we are worth caring for, worth nurturing and looking after to the nth degree.

If we truly take this on board, we begin to make choices that we know and can feel are more healthy and the old harming ways start to fall away – we no longer wish to poison and intoxicate our precious vehicle. The depth to which we can develop a nurturing relationship with ourselves and our bodies is unending – we never get to a point and say: ‘that’s it – I’m all nurtured up and nothing more for me to do!’ Which is great as there is always more for us to deepen in our love, appreciation, care and nurturing for ourselves. It is the quality of this nurturing relationship with ourselves that is the primary benefit of the EBM, a quality that when truly lived impacts our lifestyle choices, and thus the potential benefit that has been reported by some anecdotally on lifestyle related conditions.


It makes sense that if our lifestyle is the cause of many conditions, then addressing the root cause of why we have an ill lifestyle and healing that, such that we develop a way of living that is truly healthy should, in theory, have a beneficial effect on lifestyle induced conditions – a theory that some have felt to be true in practice by their own lived experience. And so, many women have personally experienced the EBM as a transformational healing modality – one that deepens and enriches their relationship with themselves and their bodies. A journey that can go through many different stages: initially there can be hesitancy, embarrassment, shame, doubt, hardness, protection, fear, anxiety, emotional discomfort, apprehension, nervousness etc. – and whatever is there is not judged but met only with love and acceptance. This in itself is healing. The EBM over time helps us to let these reactions go and to reconnect to the deeper truth of who we are…. Such that we begin to feel and know that we are none of those emotions and that we can surrender to that which is within and always has been – the true essence of the woman – in all her sacred beauty, glory and preciousness, just waiting to be revealed and lived.

So go ahead and make your jokes, guffaw, laugh and ridicule if you like – for none of that can detract, hide, obscure or take away from the truth that is felt and known within the body and soul of one who lives the essence of the true woman and who has experienced the transformational power of the EBM to facilitate that reconnection, reawakening and reunification with the sacredness within – a profound depth of stillness that knows no bounds. Any improvement to physical health conditions is a welcome secondary benefit that provides tangible evidence on a different level of the effect of EBM but in no way usurps the true healing proffered. Quackery and titillation, or transformational healing modality – you decide; those who know, know.



DISCLAIMER: Esoteric breast massage is a complementary therapy and is not part of conventional ‘evidence based medicine’. No claims are made as to its efficacy on physical health conditions. The author writes from personal experience combined with an understanding of Esoteric healing, Esoteric philosophy and energy. It is for the reader to discern whether Esoteric Breast Massage is, or could possibly be, of benefit to a woman’s wellbeing. Any concerns regarding your breasts or your health should be discussed with your doctor.


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242 thoughts on “Esoteric Breast Massage: Quackery and Titillation or Transformational Healing Modality?

  1. Also as a man it was a great learning to distinguish sexual energy from body parts or features. Not only is it very liberating from ‘biological’ or emotional needs and desires but it opens the space for true respect and understanding for the person as a whole first and not the gender we are meeting.

  2. I have found Esoteric Breast Massage an invaluable modality in supporting me to return to my essence and to feel my inner beauty in this womanly body.

  3. I completely agree that what the EBM has done for me primarily is to help me re-connect to my own innate nurturing qualities and my relationship with myself.

  4. There is so very much in this wonderful down to earth article, but what I shall pick out here is the word “sweetness” for I too have seen that more as a put down than a quality. Yet this weekend, whilst deeply appreciating our qualities as a woman connected to her true essence I could not escape the true meaning of sweetness as my true nature, even though I have at times been guilty of choosing to be bitter or sour instead.

  5. Women obviously have an issue with their breasts as well as men having issues with breasts. So healing for this part of the women’s body on all levels not just physically is very needed and the EBM is providing exactly that.

  6. To claim the ability and right to pass judgment on a subject one does not know anything about because one is an ‘expert’ in one’s own field of expertise is pure arrogance and an arrogance that can lead either to something which is harmful being promoted or something that is beneficial to be discredited.

    1. Well said Jonathon – and in such arrogance we are totally ignorant of all the prejudices and judgements we make from a lack of awareness or willingness to be aware of our own perception and everything which shapes it.

  7. Not just for science but for all of us in every area of life and every matter of health and well-being we need to get to the bottom of things, the root cause before we can expect to have an encompassing understanding of and true answers to the many questions and problems we face personally and as a society. Let´s dig deeper, let´s be more honest, let´s be more open to what we don´t know and understand yet.

  8. ‘ it must be sexual, right?’ absolutely not. Every breast massage I have had has been deeply respectful and honouring and I have felt at complete ease with every one. There is not a speck of sexualisation in this deeply healing, connecting, nurturing esoteric modality.

  9. Having been the recipient of almost every healing modality that Serge Benhayon has given humanity to date (Esoteric Breast Massage being and exception for obvious reasons) – I can state without any shadow of doubt, that there is absolutely nothing sexual in any of them and that practitioners have the highest ethical standards of any group I have ever come across. Serge has a genuine love of humanity and this is evident in these modalities and all in his other works too. To allege that there is any kind of sexual motive in this work is to speak from a place of ignorance.

  10. Eunice, thank you for your amazing sharing here! And I must say I too had the initial reaction upon hearing about breast massages: “no way would I have that done” but something in me knew that the Esoteric breast massages held something for me and so despite all the thoughts saying not to go, I was still drawn to go and this was one of my first encounters with the work presented by Universal Medicine. First I met with my therapist to ensure I felt safe and felt ready to go ahead with the breast massage, and then during the massage there was an open and safe communication that allowed me to express how I was feeling at any time. It was an amazing experience and after the first 2 massages, I connected with a depth within myself that I will never ever forget – for me this was a life transforming experience that without any doubt, without any interference what so ever, showed me that there is so much more to life than just the physical, that we are held by a love and a divinity so grand, that we are not alone, and that this same quality lies within us simply waiting to be tapped into. I certainly never expected this from an Esoteric Breast Massage, and I am not saying this will be every woman’s experience, but I do know that I have not one regret, other than not having discovered them earlier!!

  11. EBMs are sacred in the way they are delivered…there is nothing in them that does not honour a woman fully. EBMs support a woman to connect to her sacredness and to then develop a relationship with that part of us that we have held deeply hidden and yet is our heritage and our birthright, that part of us that is here to reflect the power we hold within and are yet to live fully claimed through the exquisite delicateness and beauty of who we are. What a blessing as a woman to have access to this – and so it is a blessing that we have access to EBMs that support us to come back to what we know to be true on all levels.

  12. After having personally experienced the EBM and having been as an EBM Practitioner for over ten years now I know the transformational healing that this modality offers women. This is a great article by Eunice exposing the nonsense people have written who have no idea or have even experienced the modality.

    1. Well said Mary Louise – when someone knows nothing of a modality and invents rubbish to write about, and publicise, this is pure mud-slinging and gossip to try to pull down a modality that is heaven sent to support women in returning to their amazing innate strength and wisdom and beauty. Hence how important it is for those of us who know the truth, to share this too and let women know to not be deterred by the mud slinging.

  13. The deep respect and support Eunice here describes that the EBM and all it’s very dedicated female practitioners offer to their clients I have also clearly felt. Before I was introduced to the awesome Esoteric Healing Modalities, I had some not so supportive experiences with massage therapists, that I still remember and regret. Therefore I can very much relate to what Eunice says regarding the energy of a massage practitioner, as I could clearly feel that particular male therapist was getting aroused when working on me, even though he didn’t touch any so called sexual body parts on me. I was too shy to actually call that practitioner out, many years ago, I was just glad when it was over, and never went back. With the Esoteric Practitioners I have never ever felt anything like that; I always feel and have felt totally respected and very honoured as the woman that I am. To be honest, I am amazed how much focus there is on breasts out in this world, and that is all fine, nobody seems to question it; but when a modality comes forth that actually supports us women to claim our breasts back for the amazing nurturing qualities they bring to us, it pushes people’s buttons.

  14. The EBM provides a clear space in which we are invited to know ourselves more deeply, an opportunity to truly explore what nurturing is and means to us, i will never forget my first EBM, I was shocked, ashamed even at how numb my breasts felt, it was like they were not part of my body, unclaimed, at the time i was busy being a super mum and caring for my 3 young children, i had been breast feeding for around 3 years. Though not always comfortable this was the beginning of a life changing journey that has put self love and appreciation right back into my whole and very deserving body!

  15. A much needed piece of writing. The words breast massage can certainly be considered as possibly weird, and I have hesitated to use the words myself. However, what is offered is a deeply healing technique that is much needed to support us as women to drop the guard and deepen our connection to ourselves.

  16. Esoteric Breast Massage: Quackery and Titillation or Transformational Healing Modality? – transformational healing modality hands down and without doubt. Because how can something that re-ignites a woman back to her own truth and true power not be so??

  17. Having experienced the healing modality of EBM, all my previous misconceptions were exposed. It just showed me how much we’ve reduced the purpose of breasts and the quality that can be felt from them, to something that is purely functional and sexual.

  18. It’s interesting that we don’t seem to take into consideration the energetic quality of the practitioner we are going to see whether it be a Dentist, Doctor, whomever. We seem to have dulled our senses so much and just rely on the fact that they have the piece of paper to say they are qualified in their subject. And so as you say Eunice
    “So your everyday masseuse giving you a back massage can lace you with sexual energy if they do a lot of porn without going near any sexual organ or zone!”
    Since my introduction to Universal Medicine and understanding how much the human-being is affected by energy I’m much more discerning about the quality of the practitioner and ask a lot of questions about their way of living.

  19. Another truly sensational read on facts by Eunice Minford. I have never had an EBM as detailed here for women (as I am not one!) however, I have experienced an Esoteric Men’s Massage, which is also designed to bring you back to your essence. Both healing applications require a very high quality of living from the practitioner, and they are carefully chosen and undergo years of training and support. These practitioners even through observation emanate a quality and sacredness that can be felt. This is the way of our future of healing.

  20. The statistics around the number of women who do not know their own bra size is to me testament enough to how little we as women care for ourselves and our breasts – if there is something therefore, that can support developing that relationship should we not at least listen long enough to understand rather than instantly dismissing it based on incorrect assumptions.

  21. There is absolutely nothing sexual about Esoteric Breast Massage. I agree wholeheartedly Eunice. Any woman having experienced Esoteric Breast massage would know this. We know sexual from 100 miles away. It stands out like…well you know what!! EBM is the most delicate of modalities for it a woman’s delicacy that it speaks to. It is deeply sacred because it supports a woman to connect more deeply to who she is and to let go of the identification we have in role, beliefs and many disregarding ways.

  22. Any health or medical concerns should of course be talked through with a doctor, but should this stop someone from exploring ways to develop a deeper relationship to their body in their routine, rituals, activity, diet, sleep rhythm, through therapies or other advice? Absolutely not, and it’s important that people’s personal development and choices in this are respected.

  23. Here is a modality that asks us to consider our breasts beyond the usual ‘use’ of them. For me it has allowed me the the space to deeply connect to myself as a woman and discover there is way more to women than I’d ever allowed myself to feel. I thought that if you didn’t have children then there was little relevance in what gender you are. We live in these amazing bodies, live in disregard of them much of the time and don’t live the quality they can inspire. EBMs are a beautiful way I’ve felt that have helped me re-discover who I am and I know I am barely touching the surface. I was so shocked to find out how numb I was to my own breasts. Ridiculing EBMs potentially means less women have access to this amazing modality and the support it offers to clear many of the imposts placed on being a woman in society.

  24. It’s absolutely true that just because an area of our body is used during sex, arousal or making love it does not mean that anything to do with that area has to come with that intention. The way in which the practitioner is applying the massage, the intention behind it is key as well as the quality of integrity that they live outside the clinic room.

  25. ‘Developing a nurturing relationship’ – my experience of saying yes to this, in many ways including Esoteric Breast Massage, has been transformative and inspiring; a significant turn around in my relationship with myself as a woman and my ability therefore to share openly with others.

  26. I too have experienced the amazingly powerful effects of EBMs the healing that I received from the sessions has opened me up to develop a nurturing love and a deeper appreciation of myself as a woman.

  27. What is the impact of a ‘mass notion’ that the breasts are primarily sexual organs? Could this have a relationship to the incidence of breast cancer?

  28. Perhaps if we were more open and transparent about the true purpose and function of a woman’s breasts and taught this to our children without any sense of reservation and or embarrassment, we would grow up with a healthy understanding and not be so open to the idea that they are just for sexual pleasure.

  29. Esoteric Breast Massage is definitely transformational healing for a woman as she is supported to feel and connect to her exquisite quality of Stillness and Sacredness within her own body.

  30. I thought initially that breast massage sounded a bit strange, but once it is explained that the breast are for us to nurture ourselves, and the massage helps to remove any old energies when we haven’t been nurturing, energetically it is no different to any other part of the body that has massage,

  31. I Like what you say Eunice about sweetness. Being sweet was not on my favourites list in the past too. But now after having met women that live their sweetness, they remind me as a man, that that same sweetness is in me too. And now I love it and the quality of sweetness is one of my favourites to go to. This opportunity, for me to explore what sweetness is for a man, would not have been possible without having the EBM that assists women in restoring that sweetness in themselves first.

  32. When we allow the energetic factor to count in our conclusion for any healing modality that is available to us it would be very clear and obvious what is good for us and will bring us healing and what is not good for us and brings harm. In that perspective, and to me the only true perspective I use to observe life, EBM is gift from heaven that allows women to release all the falsities that have energetically been imposed on their breasts.

  33. ‘It’s interesting isn’t it, how the insertion of one word can significantly alter our perception and approach to massage.’ this reveals our perception of the word rather than any truth on the massage itself – and then we have much to learn from the formulation of our own perceptions and how this have become so misguided and ill aligned.

  34. I certainly had the initial ‘not for me’ reaction to hearing about Esoteric Breast Massage. Yet it is now one of the modalities that is a regular part of my healing. It is understandable that some people would think it is sexual as that is one of the two ways that we commonly view the breasts of a woman. Yet it couldn’t be further from that. For once, you get to have your breasts touched without any sexual energy or reduction of the breasts to something that serves a function for others. You get to feel your breasts being treated as delicate, precious and tender and a part of the body that can emanate nurturing and lightness. This is rare and sets a marker for how we treat our breasts and also how we allow them to be treated.

  35. The Esoteric Breast Massage once experienced leaves you feeling completely honoured, respected, held and nurtured and in this space you are offered the opportunity to surrender to the sacredness that is innately within us. Each time I experience this exquisite modality I connect deeper to a quality I knew was there but didn’t know how to access. The EBM is a life changing modality.

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