An Angel Calls

by Ulrike Baker, Lismore Heights, Australia

Twenty-six years ago whilst pregnant with my second child I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, a dysgerminoma. Once the tumour the size of a football was removed, I went to term with the pregnancy and delivered my baby.

One month after the birth, scan results showed the cancer had spread throughout my uterus and to the other ovary and the radical treatment offered did not seem an option to me.  This treatment was radiotherapy and a radical hysterectomy. I did not have confidence in my doctor and on some level felt I would not survive the treatment. Subsequently, I discharged myself from the hospital.

The months that followed were filled with reading, seeking and trialing many alternative therapies, including energetic and psychic healing, macrobiotic diet, buying under the counter kombu, coffee enemas (oh, too much detail!), etc etc.

I felt I was getting stronger, with psychic surgeons saying ‘the mountain’ in my abdomen was shrinking. In actual fact I was getting worse to the point where I could no longer walk and was a shadow of my size now. This was all in the dogged belief I could heal through energetic/alternative means alone.

It took a friend from outside my immediate support network to see me looking like ‘ET’ and get me to hospital. This was 4 months after giving birth and 9 months after the initial operation. It was a different hospital under a different doctor who offered a different treatment. On admission the nurses said I wouldn’t last two days. However, when admitted to hospital I had a strong inner knowing that I would be OK, that I would heal from this disease.

When I was first admitted I had dangerously high levels of calcium in the blood so this needed to be stabilised before chemotherapy could commence. The treating doctors were not certain on the treatment for the high calcium levels, but proceeded to flush the calcium from my system, resulting in me blowing up like a balloon but gradually the calcium levels reduced. Following this, chemotherapy was started and my body slowly responded. (Maybe it was due to the million-dollar view of the harbour and the big boats in the Bicentenary Year!) In the months that followed, 25 years ago, the overnight visits for chemotherapy were anticipated with dread and I found the only way to get through them was to take charge and manage the situation. I did notice how other patients seemed so disempowered in their hospital bed and felt I had to be different to get through this. For example, I would walk laps of the hospital ward for hours pushing along the drip; manage my medication schedule by deciding when to have anti-nausea, sleeping and pain medication, so I could get through the overnight infusion of cis-platinum.

I knew at the time the decision to avoid hospitalisation was partly based on fear I had of any invasive treatments to the body ie surgery/needles and the fear of the pain this would inflict. I can say now that western medicine saved my life and within that I was still able to make decisions on how I would manage the treatment I received.

During the recovery phase, my family moved to the north coast of NSW. I saw my oncology doctors for the regular checkups and continually explored complementary medicine/alternative modalities as a means to provide a more holistic form of healing and to support my recovery. Over time this included herbal remedies, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, Chinese medicine, rebirthing, Bowen technique, colonics, Gematria, to name a few. I thought and felt at the time that with each new alternative treatment/modality I had found the answer. All that I did seemed right for me at the time, however I still had the sense of searching coming from deep within me.

One day I came across a flyer for an Esoteric Healing treatment in a local health food store. The Universal Medicine clinic had a lovely calm feeling about it, which felt somehow familiar and hence from having a treatment there I started to attend the presentations.

It’s through attending Universal Medicine presentations that my understanding and awareness of the healing process and of living has changed. I noticed how my previous decisions showed disregard for my body and that I wasn’t really taking responsibility for my wellness – that I still wanted something outside of myself to fix me without my committed input. This does not discount the need for medicine as a tool in assisting this process.

I discovered I held the key to my healing, that I have a responsibility to care for myself, every day and to seek help if all is not well with my body – that true medicine is the way I live. I have come to learn that healing comes from within and it is about the choices I make in each moment that can either bring me closer to my inner loveliness or keep me in separation.

Since that journey I am keenly aware in my body of the need for a balance between conventional medicine, complementary medicine  and now esoteric medicine (being open and allowing my own healing ability within).

624 thoughts on “An Angel Calls

  1. There is a deep settlement in your body when you attune to the Ageless Wisdom that is being presented this time around by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. The search is well and truly over.

  2. Ulrike reading your story again today I can feel the grace we are all held in and the opportunities grace gives us to heal even when we are in a very serious position, as with the nurses telling you they didn’t expect you to last two days. That grace is there for us to connect to even if we are to die and move onto another cycle.

  3. ‘I still wanted something outside of myself to fix me without my committed input.’ This is such a deeply honest statement Ulrike, and one that applies to many of us, we want outside to fix us and we do not want to have any input or commitment ourselves, it’s the ultimate in dis-empowerment and irresponsibility and we know it, and how amazing is it to have come back from that to living from a knowing that you and we all have the power of choice in everything we do and that it impacts everything for us and for the all.

  4. Looking after ourselves on a daily basis to the best of our ability goes a long way to how we cope with operations and procedures, and then subsequently our healing process.

  5. This article is testimony to the fact that it is in the challenges of life that we can grow and learn and deepen in our understandings, both for ourselves and for the bigger of life in general, with what is on offer to us and how it is possible to try different things out and yet know when to still choose with discernment.

  6. Choosing the medicine or medical route can sometimes be a vital part of our healing, and I find it can offer an incredible opportunity to begin with a fresh page and discard or move on from something that has hindered you for a really long time.

  7. It is important to take responsibility for our own healing and not give our power away to doctors to fix us but play our part in meeting them half way in looking after ourselves as we seek treatment. Esoteric Medicine combined with conventional medicine offers a true way to discover the root cause of our illness and to change our lifestyle and way of living that naturally nurtures our whole way of being.

  8. Thank you Ulrike for sharing this, and as you say true healing starts with ourselves. We have deeply underestimated the benefits of self-care and building a relationship with ourselves and our bodies.

  9. ‘I discovered I held the key to my healing, that I have a responsibility to care for myself, every day and to seek help if all is not well with my body – that true medicine is the way I live.’ The choices we make every moment are either harming or healing and it is knowing the difference which supports us most because we can always re-imprint our choices and learn from those that don’t support us.

  10. As we are beings within a body, it only makes sense that we care for both with equal importance. As such a holistic approach involving both western and esoteric medicine is what allows us to deeply heal and maintain our health and well -being. We absolutely need to support our bodies through corrections, adjustments and illnesses alongside understanding what is behind our dis-ease, understanding our responsibility in it all, why and how this can be addressed and healed as together this is what arrests ill-momentums and allows true healing to take place.

  11. What I find is that esoteric medicine places us back in to the driving seat of a healing process. It allows us to be open to support available without giving our power away. It has certainly supported me to reinstate and accept the value of conventional medicine.

  12. ‘I discovered I held the key to my healing, that I have a responsibility to care for myself, every day and to seek help if all is not well with my body – that true medicine is the way I live.’ Absolutely Ulrike and you are an amazing woman, a great example of what that looks like, shining, playful and a contentment that is not from this world.

  13. Our committed input is always needed and without it we allow ourselves to become mere pawns in life. We have a huge part to play in how we live and our own healing.

  14. I love how you seemed to always trust your inner feelings on how to deal with your health situation Ulrike, even if it at one point lead you down a path that was not truly supportive of you. This is so important, and there is learning in all these decisions, although the state of our bodies is always the marker of all these decisions, and when we are falling apart physically, it is obviously time to try something different. This is where the marriage of Esoteric Medicine and Conventional Medicine comes in to be the super combo that it is, as shown by Ulrike’s recovery and true health today.

  15. The healing process depends greatly on us and the pictures we hold of what it means to be sick, and sometimes like the author we can delay getting the necessary treatment due to fear of treatment or having listened to other peoples horror stories. It feels like we have yet to fully grasp the important part we play in our own healing.

  16. It can be so dangerous to turn our backs on medicine and I love how you share it is a hand in hand approach. The ease you now feel in your body clearly comes from deepening your relationship in your own way and your own time, I am just pleased your friend took a no-nonsense approach and got you to hospital in time so you had the opportunity to discover it for yourself.

  17. That last sentence is so true and I’d add that there’s a time and place for complementary medicine, conventional medicine, esoteric medicine but they come along side and support my daily choices which is the greatest and preventative medicine.

  18. “I discovered I held the key to my healing, that I have a responsibility to care for myself, every day and to seek help if all is not well with my body – that true medicine is the way I live” So true Ulrike. Hard to believe seeing you now how ill you were back then. When we take loving care of ourselves miracles can happen.

  19. Conventional medicine is incredible, there’s no question that it can save our lives and it does just that for thousands (maybe more!) people every day. But when you combine it with esoteric medicine which gives you a deeper understanding of what’s going on and the tools to really care and nurture yourself, you get a whole new perspective on your health – and with the two together you have an amazing opportunity to truly change your well-being.

  20. ” I discovered I held the key to my healing, that I have a responsibility to care for myself, every day and to seek help if all is not well with my body – that true medicine is the way I live.”
    This is so beautiful and what a wonderfull learning thank you for sharing Ulrike.

  21. The partnership of western medicine and esoteric medicine work hand in hand in allowing ourselves to heal on a far deeper level and that by taking responsibility for ourselves we take an active and key role in healing ourselves and restoring our health and well-being.

  22. There is so much support for us out there that never goes away and is always there whenever we are ready to embrace it. There are also equally as many solutions that do not in truth support at least not in dealing with the root illness. I have learnt that it is only through being deeply honest and humble within ourselves that we can start to descern the difference.

  23. Wow what a turnaround Ulrike, it is great you began to accept western medicine and alongside the Esoteric Modalities you were able to fully support and bring true healing to your body. Your blog is a testimony of the power of how western medicine and the Esoteric Modalities work beautifully together and support us to be more responsible in the way we are living.

    1. I can relate to a dismissal of western medicine as I have done this myself in the past, but ironically in discovering the esoteric healing modalities I have come to appreciate the science of western medicine more and would not hesitate to go to the doctor or seek medical help should I need to. In taking responsibility for our symptoms we can take responsibility for our healing and if part of that healing is to get conventional support then I have learned that this is the most supportive thing we can do.

  24. ‘I discovered I held the key to my healing, that I have a responsibility to care for myself, every day and to seek help if all is not well with my body – that true medicine is the way I live.’ This is such a powerful story and such an amazing message for all to read and understand that we hold the key to our own health and wellbeing in the simple choices we make every day in how we live.

  25. Ulrike, as I read this what stayed with me throughout was the strong inner knowing that you clearly always had – and how when Universal Medicine came along in your life, its teaching simply confirmed all that you already knew.

  26. What comes to me reading this is how blindly arrogant we can be when we reject the support offered by conventional medicine, and likewise how blindly arrogant are those who reject that Esoteric Medicine is the missing link which supports conventional medicine to offer true healing instead of just a cure.

  27. It is amazing what we are prepared to put ourselves through rather than trusting the medical profession who are extremely skilful at fixing most situations, and perform many life saving operations, when we use Esoteric healing alongside western medicine we get to heal the whole body, and through changing the way we live we also get to support our body everyday.

  28. Today I have an enormous amount of appreciation towards conventional medicine and when I read blogs such as this my appreciation deepens. But my appreciation towards conventional medicine has not always been the case as I have reacted quite soundly which I have come to understand that any reaction is abuse to my body. Thankfully I was able to let go of the reaction mainly towards others giving their power away to mainstream medicine and the fear of what conventional medicine would have on my body to welcoming and embracing it into my life, a turnaround that has been incredibly supportive to myself and my family.

  29. I can so relate to not having confidence in a doctor and turning to an alternative, and like you, in that, I was still seeking to be fixed and not quite understanding the part I had to play. Medicines are the tools and we are the key to the healing.

  30. It seems to me that our choice to heal really comes from ourselves and our relationship with our bodies. The rest is the specific support we choose from either traditional medicine, complementary or esoteric medicine, and sometimes, as you did, from all three.

  31. Before I came to Universal Medicine I would not regularly see the doctor, always trying to do everything myself even my own healing and it had to be “natural”. It was both a fear to uncover something by diagnosis I wouldn’t know how to deal with, and rejecting the chemicals inherent in pharmaceuticals, however these decisions for me really compromised my ability to truly take care of myself. As part of a presentation celebrating western medicine and their vital part in self care by Universal Medicine I started to open to seeing doctors regularly and I now have two wonderful doctors and they are both very supportive on many levels. They are both amazing doctors and truly caring, wonderful people. I have now had many different kinds of tests and procedures and am in awe of the care that can be in the medical system. The medical world is definitely not perfect, there can be incompetence on the part of medical professionals, but instead of reacting like I once would have I’ve made my self care a priority and discerned great care for myself with the right people.

  32. ‘I discovered I held the key to my healing, that I have a responsibility to care for myself, every day and to seek help if all is not well with my body – that true medicine is the way I live. I have come to learn that healing comes from within and it is about the choices I make in each moment that can either bring me closer to my inner loveliness or keep me in separation.’ Once we have felt this inner loveliness it would seem impossible that we would do anything to not be in it however we have had lifetimes of disregard and a lack of true caring so it is a gradual building of love in our body that happens and a continual appreciation and confirmation of this that allows us to change our lives around.

  33. Wow Ulrike, what an incredible story. I can’t imagine what that was like to go through all of that… and give birth in the midst of it all. Knowing you as the delightfully playful and joyful woman I do today you are a true testimony to what it means to really heal.

    1. I completely agree. This would have been a hugely traumatic experience and yet, knowing you now Ulrike, your playfulness and gorgeousness is what shines through. There is not a skerrick of that trauma – which is why I was so amazed to read this and consider what actually took place. What an incredible example of true healing.

  34. Your experience Ulrike illustrates to me how important conventional medical treatments are in supporting us in the process of healing our physical body. For without conventional medicines – analgesia, antibiotics, chemotherapy, vaccinations, diagnostic procedures and treatments as examples – it does not bear thinking about where we would be today and the depth of suffering we would be feeling.

  35. So beautiful to read Ulrike how you did not hand over your power to the medical system but stayed in connection, although partly from fear for pain etc, with how you felt to manage the medical treatment. You just knew how to be part of the healing within conventional medicine.

  36. I can’t imagine going through all of that after you just gave birth, it is amazing that you came out the other end really. It is great that you are now able to see what a huge support Western Medicine is but you did it your way, making sure you are in your power with the walking and feeling when to have what.

  37. Wow Ulrike what a story, from the search on the outer to true responsibility, an incredible journey in finding that true medicine comes from within, from this place we move and accept what is needed to heal.

    1. ‘…from the search on the outer to true responsibility’ I love it… this sentence simply summarizes the way back to health.

  38. After so much searching and unsettlement, it is beautiful to come to a place where you get to truly understand the responsibility we have in our own health and well being, and how the choices we make in each moment allow you to connect to and find the settlement within, or separate from it.

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