Spirit and Soul – what is their role in illness, disease and healing?

In this interview, Serge Benhayon shares the esoteric and energetic understandings of the spirit and soul and how they relate to illness and disease and healing. This broadens the whole sphere of discussion on illness, disease and healing, far beyond what is currently accepted in conventional medicine to include the spiritual dimension and its role in illness manifestation and healing.

Have a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy an enlightening exploration into the subject, that if accepted, expands and evolves our understanding of the human condition, illness, disease and healing.


The topics discussed in this interview go beyond what is currently known, accepted and practiced in the evidence based paradigm of Conventional or Western Medicine and are based on the different paradigm of Esoteric Medicine, that is inclusive of religion, philosophy and science and fundamentally based on the understanding that everything is energy. It is for the listener to discern whether what is shared, is true or could possibly be true or not.

Eunice Minford is a Consultant General Surgeon who practices surgery according to the paradigm of conventional evidence based medicine.

She has found personal benefit to her health and wellbeing by applying the understandings of Esoteric Medicine and Esoteric Philosophy in her own life.  She speaks here from personal experience and NOT on behalf of the medical profession or evidence based medicine as it is currently understood.

This interview is NOT a substitute for medical advice and if you have any concerns about your health you should see your GP.

89 thoughts on “Spirit and Soul – what is their role in illness, disease and healing?

  1. This, regarding the Soul and the spirit, is key for us to learn and understand particularly for our whole wellbeing and in supporting others whole wellbeing and Serge gives such an true and accurate understanding here of the spirit particularly at the end of the interview.

  2. To me this is the missing link we have all been searching for. Having embraced these teachings and embodied to the best of my ability, they have brought a depth of health, vitality and purpose to my life that nothing else truly offers us.

  3. Adding spirit and Soul to the mix of medical care is the missing piece to why with all the amazing developments in Western medicine illness and disease is constantly increasing.

  4. This view on the human being, spirit and soul and illness and disease is not only making sense it is also a very necessary understanding because if we keep going in this way the medical system will indeed go bankrupt as irresponsibility in how we live will just go through the roof. We need to be supported to heal our spirit so we can make healthier lifestyle choices across the board and do this consistently so.

  5. It blows me away that one day we may not be able to afford to pay for the costs of illness and disease. It feels like many will not awaken to the very real impact of this until it actually happens which by then is too late to stop it. It is unfortunate that many of us do not stop until the situation gets so bad it forces us too.

  6. Now and then you hear Serge drop in a word that is not commonly used in the way he structures it in a sentence. I really enjoy hearing these words and the truth that they offer. Its worth listening how every word is pronounced throughout this interview. It brings a true depth to life and the understanding of it.

  7. Life is confusing without the understanding that we have this aspect namely the spirit which really wants to derail our attempts to evolve and heal ourselves. It makes sense of why we actively harm ourselves.

  8. An amazing interview showing the world what is really going on behind the scenes with our lives and the energies at play that expose the forces that exist and play with us all. We know as children what we see and feel and this is hidden in the world and not acknowledged but now we have Serge Benhayon confirming what we all know and the settlement inside from this knowing acknowledged is immense and changes our lives when we are prepared and willing to see.

  9. It is essential for our health to understand the psychology of the spirit and it explains a lot as does the science of reincarnation and the loving law of karma. Fascinating video covering so many subjects.

  10. We have such an arrogance about how we treat our bodies, that we can do anything we like. The consequences for living this way are what places such a burden on the health system and what supports our irresponsibility.

    1. Ignorance and arrogance about the way we treat our body – yet deep down we do know the damage we are doing to ourselves – but do we care? which is the arrogance as you say. And the burdens go way beyond the health system – to all parts of life, productivity at work (or lack of), the way we are in our relationships, our families etc. When we don’t take responsibility for our lives, the ripples even if ‘unseen’ are enormous.

  11. It is freeing knowing the true meaning of spirit and soul. That joins a list of many other words that over time has lost its roots over time and become bastardised.

  12. Once we do know there is a difference between the spirit and the soul, we can start to make far more sense of human behaviour because when we are in spirit we really do not look after our bodies the same way as we do when connected to our souls. Hence the crazy self-destructive way many of us live.

  13. The confusion between spirit and Soul is spread across the world and all the main religions appear to have a different view. The explanation given by Serge Benhayon makes more sense to me than anything I was taught by the Catholic church.

  14. Serge has an beautiful way of explaining things – I really understand now that it is the spirit behind the scenes that has many dis-eases to heal on its journey back to the soul. Because the spirit more often than not, lacks the willingness to take responsibility for its decisions, it is the physical body that then cops the consequences. But in this lies the answer to how to stop these wayward actions. When we learn to work with the body and care for it deeply, the spirit gets sandwiched and offered the opportunity to heal. This is the blessing in itself.

  15. Everything is energy and we do need to incorporate this into everything we do including medicine and our understanding of illness and disease. Amazing video to watch – and so supportive in gaining a deeper understanding of how this all works.

  16. As a teenager, I always wondered about the whole ‘mind body spirit’ thing and I was always puzzled over the soul and spirt. I assumed they were the same thing. I found it refreshing and to be honest a bit of a relief when in my early 30s I heard Serge Benhayon’s present the difference between the two. For me it made so much sense and I could really relate my personal experiences between the two.

    1. I was equally confused and simply came to the conclusion that we were not significant enough to know. My goodness, what hogwash! Through having met Serge Benhayon not only have I come to understand what the difference between soul and spirit is (confirming that I already knew given that I have had many experiences of both), I have come to understand just how deeply significant we are.

  17. The love Serge has of humanity is deeply palpable. Although what he shares is rather confronting for most, he only shares it because it is the truth and he does deeply care for us all, well beyond what most could even imagine.

  18. Thank you Eunice and Serge for leaving no stone unturned in the exposure of illness and disease and how our spirit thrives off seperation and being insular. A much needed conversation to have if we are ever going to truly understand what is really behind any movement.

  19. I really like how in this interview there is no arrogance from either the interviewer or the guest being interviewed but an openness to learning more about medicine and working with the current system in partnership not opposition. Very refreshing thank you.

    1. Spot on Andrew – such a humbleness that allows a true exploration of what medicine and health and healing and are all about.

  20. ‘The real root cause of illness and disease comes from the spirit’. This is a revelation to many because of the misunderstanding and misinterpretation for a very long time about the spirit and the soul.

  21. Ever wondered why we are at times self-abusive and do things that harm our bodies – this video provides a great explanation for that…. and many other things!

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