What is the relationship between intelligence and health?

By Stephen 

What is the relationship between health and intelligence? At the moment it might be said that the two stand separate and distinct, measured individually through various quantifiable tests and examinations, for e.g. a Health Examination and a School Examination. But is our idea of intelligence deeply flawed and far wide of the truth? What if it isn’t found in our ability with academia, but something inextricably linked to our health, the level of wellbeing we live in our bodies, the quality of energy we emanate in our daily life – the relationships and connections we form?

If you could, for example, write a highly academically acclaimed 10,000 word thesis on quantum physics, but at the same time choose to put your body in a state of stress and physical decline through lifestyle choices, then are you an intelligent being? Or to put it another way: are you a ‘being’ acting with your true capacity for intelligence? Maybe our approach to health and intelligence is all messed up and we need to teach, showcase and learn about intelligence from a completely different more self-regarding, or we could say loving, perspective.

The Philosopher Serge Benhayon has presented that our current model of intelligence is flawed, that we don’t think so much as we source thoughts through the movement of our body and that every movement is from one of two pools of energy that either harms (prana), or heals (fire). These energies by energetic law affect everyone, everywhere. To make sense of this requires a willingness to accept and understand that we live in a vast pool of energy and that how we move in every detail – our posture, our gentleness, our awareness, our intentions – influences our thoughts, which in turn create our choices – and that these choices then affect our health outcomes – every movement, every choice, every time.

This makes a lot of sense if you consider the downward health trends of our global population against the rising forms of what we value as intelligence. More degrees, more PhDs, more Masters, more Doctors – we are seemingly more educated and intelligent than ever before. We see a supposed advance that is not matched by an advance in our health but instead a rapid deterioration (a harming), and we should question this. What is the influence of our education system? What movements and thoughts are being produced from and by this system? If our current model of intelligence were genuinely intelligent there would be less illness surely, not more! As a further example, what effect does slouching in front of a screen have on our thoughts and subsequent actions? Anyone can try this and see how they feel.

If instead, true intelligence is about our ability to feel and sense and respond to our feelings, a whole body intelligence, then it turns on its head what intelligence actually is, and leaves wide open the question of what the imposter posing as intelligence is doing to our health, our relationships, our humanity.

True intelligence makes intelligence a level playing field where we all have equal access to the movements that bring greater knowing, married to and woven up in greater health and wellbeing. And furthermore it might just be our ability to let go of stubborn beliefs and identification with so-called individualised intelligent acts, that moves us towards greater all-knowing whole body intelligence.

So if we consider that we can all act with equal intelligence, we all have access to the same level of knowing, and it is only a choice of whether we make that connection to the source of true intelligence, or not.

Perhaps we need to start to champion the relationship between intelligence and health, and let go of a form of intelligence that isn’t actually intelligent at all but is merely a clever and convoluted form of control, and protection. Giving the clever among us recognition and status, rewarding them for facts and figures and grand theories that don’t unite us, but divide and pigeonhole us.

If we stop encouraging a form of intelligence that has no connection to health and wellbeing, we then allow ourselves to make the move into greater awareness and gentleness, a move towards true health interwoven within the multi-dimensional intelligent being who is made of and emanates pure love.

Written with full recognition of the all knowing intelligence that is Serge Benhayon, a man dedicated to patiently teaching that our thoughts are not our own, repeatedly… until we all understand that we don’t actually think but just align to energy from the only two sources available, prana (harming) or fire (healing).


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553 thoughts on “What is the relationship between intelligence and health?

  1. Our bodies share every choice we have made and we do not end up with a myriad of lifestyle-related diseases through chance. If we care for our body, many problems will be solved.

  2. You would think that if people are getting more degrees then they must be getting more intelligent, but how intelligent is it if we can’t see the connection between our health and how we live.

  3. ‘If we stop encouraging a form of intelligence that has no connection to health and wellbeing, we then allow ourselves to make the move into greater awareness and gentleness.’ Great call Steve. What we have accepted as okay is not so okay after all and not a successful way to live. It shows the mockery intelligence makes of our health.

  4. If we had 1/10th of the intelligence we claim to have, globally we would not be in the mess we currently are in. The fact we are in a mess suggests that we are not so smart at all.

  5. There are many different types of intelligence which from Latin means: To understand. If I am working something in my mind, I block out the understanding that my whole body has on the situation. Often the body’s understanding of life is more encompassing, truth-full and settling. If the mind comes up with an understanding it can be swayed or tainted, it’s not as solid.

  6. How intelligent is it to spend a whole night on coffee, studying for an exam? It is simple knowledge that coffee puts the body in a fight or flight mode, fight or flight mode occurs because of a need of survival. So in order to pass an exam and be considered intelligent, we put our body in survival mode for extended periods of time – something which impacts the nervous system, the cardiovascular system and perhaps all the other systems of the body simply because it all works as one. Really, how intelligent is that?

  7. I love how if we would connect intelligence with health actually everyone can equally be intelligent and has equal access to intelligence because it is about simply listening to our body.

  8. I have always considered myself to be a very intelligent person but, when I look back over my life, not when it came to my health and well-being. Many of my decisions, like drinking alcohol and smoking, were in no way intelligent as my body suffered in the process. Coming to a place where I realise that the state of my health is as a result of my choices, has brought me the understanding that it is my body that is the seat of my intelligence and from listening to its wise messages my health and my well-being cannot help but improve.

  9. Yes, it is actually strange to think we can be intelligent about something when we are disregarding our body.

  10. Who would have thought? What if qualifications and degrees although needed, are also an argument as to why we don’t need to take care of ourselves? I can feel there can be a level of snobbishness in this because we do have a so called great mind that supposedly ‘knows better’

  11. “let go of a form of intelligence that isn’t actually intelligent at all but is merely a clever and convoluted form of control, and protection” – oh I know that one well. Not really got us anywhere.

  12. I like the valuable information you provide in your articles.
    I’ll bookmark your blog and check again here frequently. I am quite sure I’ll learn plenty of new stuff right here!
    Good luck for the next!

  13. So true that ‘intelligent’ people do not always do intelligent things. And I can feel how as an uneducated person I had invested in my own reaction to this societal set-up run by that kind of unintelligent-intelligence, and how that positioning really is just the other side of the same coin by which ‘intelligence’ is still seen as a property, something that can be owned therefore be competed against.

  14. Through the presentations of The Ancient Wisdom Teachings by Serge Benhayon, we are supported to bring more awareness to the quality of connection with and movement from the body. In my experience, even the slightest re-adjustment of posture clears the mind significantly and the body feels in more harmony again.
    “The Philosopher Serge Benhayon has presented that our current model of intelligence is flawed, that we don’t think so much as we source thoughts through the movement of our body and that every movement is from one of two pools of energy that either harms (prana), or heals (fire).”

    1. Experiencing the energetic changes in my body when I alter my posture, even in the smallest of ways, has been life-changing for me. It shows me that I can actually change the way I feel by simply moving in a different way, with walking in total connection to myself being the most magical mood changer.

  15. Stephen, just your example of writing the quantum physics thesis and stressing yourself out doing it is extremely relevant to so much of what is happening in the world, and a dichotomy that reveals itself again and again is one simply has the right to see.

  16. It seems that often we don’t feel the effects of our choices, and so don’t feel that there is a difference between a choice made from our body or our minds, because we’ve numbed ourselves to such an extent that we can’t actually feel what our bodies are constantly registering. The communication has been shut down. But in that shut down state everything is reduced and quieter: the unsettlement and uncomfortable feelings, but also access to deep love, wisdom, joy and connection. When we start to open up and connect more, we realise that it is this connection that most supports us to deal with all the things we felt we couldn’t deal with.

  17. There is so much more to life than our current, limited yet mostly accepted understanding of it. Learning that we are all in one giant pool of energy totally changes our understanding of how we relate to life: we’re not alone, aren’t supposed to do it alone, and our every thought and movement affects the quality of this energy, and so experience of life, for everyone.

  18. The currently, and long-held belief is that the mind is the seat of our intelligence, an intelligence which appears to me to have little consideration for the body it is carried in. In fact, this so-called intelligent mind appears to override the body’s needs more often than not resulting in a state of health which is lacking true vitality and well-being. Maybe if we let go of this damaging belief and accepted the body as our true intelligence then our individual health and the health of humanity as a whole would start to improve in so many ways.

  19. It is interesting to ponder how many models and theories reduce life and further separate people from living who they truly are.

  20. Serge Benhayon has not held back from presenting how the ownership of thoughts can actually separate us from each other, as it creates individuality through identity of this ownership. The way that Serge presents this however, gives each person the opportunity to experience freedom from the constraints of thought ownership for themselves, which is amazing and has been very inspiring for myself and the many many people who have experienced the same.

  21. With the current levels of anxiety and depression in our communities, our current sense of intelligence can not figure its way out of it. Perhaps indeed we have reduced intelligence to the recalling of knowledge and immediate solutions, which on its own can not address the underlying issues to our ills.

  22. Intelligence would have us do all manner of things that are not good for our bodies, so what good is it to have the kind of intelligence that can champion these reckless decisions.

  23. Totally agree that our current rates of illness and disease are a red flag asking us to question what we are calling intelligent and the model we have set up in education.

  24. Yes Stephen, one would have to think that as you say . . “If our current model of intelligence were genuinely intelligent there would be less illness surely, not more!” . . .the general poor health of our societies speaks for itself.

  25. As it stands at the moment I would say that unhealthy bodies come in the complete spectrum of intelligence. When we connect to and allow ourselves to be guided by the wisdom of the body then there will be a strong correlation and relationship between intelligence and health.

  26. Thanks for the interesting article! It would surprise me if there wasn’t a link between physical exercise and brain health (or if researchers would ever find out that physical exercise is bad for your brain). I’ve also heard that people who work longer actually live longer. That’s maybe because people become too inactive during retirement?

  27. We are so caught up in our heads thinking that what the mind offers is truly intelligent, with no regard to the abuse that a so called intelligent mind can do to the body, when we are aware and consider what the body is sharing we can then connect to a whole body intelligence that is innate in everyone of us.

  28. What is the difference between intelligence and survival?
    You have a tsunami coming and all the animals (that have no PhD’s, no formal qualifications other than being an animal) begin to head towards the hills and inland as much as they can knowing that this is what is needed without any fore warning. Meanwhile human beings (with a varied range of academic qualifications) head towards the beaches and the water. Guess who survives? Does this not blow our current version of academic intelligence accepted as the superior form of intelligence, out the window?

  29. If it is good medicine to reconnect to the universal wisdom inherent in our body, then it follows that it is potentially bad medicine to cut ourselves off from this and rely purely on an outer source of ‘intelligence’.

  30. When we deepen our understanding of intelligence and health, when intelligence is seen as the ability to connect to the expansiveness of space and all there is, and when health is known as our ability to live in oneness with the magnificence and the order of the universe, it seems the two start to become as one.

  31. It is common sense, a natural intelligence, to take responsibility for the choices we make in the way we live that is reflected in the health of our physical body.

  32. I have often seen that the process of healing expands our intelligence beyond the limitations we have been caught in before, in that sense one could consider health and healing (and therefore illness and disease) as a source of intelligence.

  33. When we look back to the pyramids and man made structures that we would struggle to build these days, even with all the technology we have today, we have to admit that something has gone pretty wrong with the way we look at intelligence.

  34. To think that intelligence is just contained in a relatively small space between our ears is a strange notion which has not served us well. After all, this kind of intelligence overeats, is disrespectful if not abusive, commits crimes against others or self (as in suicide), doesn’t go to bed when tired, drinks alcohol, etc. etc. What is so intelligent about that?

  35. I would say so….”Perhaps we need to start to champion the relationship between intelligence and health,” when we do choose to look at this relationship we explore everything that is not true and know everything that is…this maybe one of the reasons that we avoid the obvious. Our bodies share every choice we have made and we do not end up with a myriad of lifestyle related diseases through chance. Championing the brain and mental intelligence ignores the essential component our bodies, our bodies would not override what is needed, eat what is toxic and not sleep well, but our mind does and so where is the true intelligence….it is in the whole body with the brain being an essential but equal part.

  36. True intelligence is listening to what you feel. The way we block out and override our sensitivity says more about our current state than any PhD or doctorate can do.

  37. Awesome blog Stephen, for intelligence and health do not necessarily go hand in hand! We know doctors who smoke, we all know certain things yet act against our better knowing, so perhaps there is a certain kind of intelligence that considers itself superior yet in reality does not consider the wellbeing of the body…Much to ponder on here, for why would an intelligent person smoke when they know the damage it does? Why overeat when we know the damage it does etc etc. Examples abound that show that the intelligence that we call intelligence in our world may not be the intelligence that really should be our leading intelligence.

  38. Clearly the intelligence we are championing is not serving us well, as our standards of health and well-being are continuing to decline, seeing illness and disease on the rise. Yet there are those among us who are bucking this ill-trend by consistently living in connection to an intelligence that is accessible to one and all, via developing an honouring connection to the body. Being guided by this intelligence allows us to be aware of what quality of energy as such choices and behaviours serve to support our health and well-being and what does not, as the truth of all our movements is reflected through the body.

  39. Our current state of dis-eased bodies – globally – is not quite the image of intelligence is it… because how can we be intelligent with an un-vital body? Our intelligence from our head can not exist without a body… so perhaps we are missing the fact that there is a body which is full of awareness, particles, connection , feeling, heart, love that is far more intelligent than we give credit to?…

    1. Its easy to think we have can solve everything, have the answers yet everything about our society is saying we don’t and the most ‘un-intelligent’ thing is we deny this and don’t even want to see it. It’s only when someone points it out to us do we consider it, and for most of us even that we avoid.

    2. Just imagine what a healthy body we would live in if we were raised to know how intelligent it is, to treat it with immense care and love, and to always listen to its messages. Not only would be all be living in very healthy bodies we would be living in a very healthy world.

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