How Connective Tissue Exercises helped my neck and back pain

by Lieke Campbell, Student Dentist, Ghent, Belgium 

I am a dentistry student and in the course of my work, I started developing pain in my neck and back that stayed until the next day, even from working just short periods of time with patients. As a dentist, I have to work in an area that is small (and moving) which asks for precision and attention to detail whilst working with the instruments in the person’s mouth. To be able to see it all, I often find myself going out of the preferred ergonomic position – which is with back and neck only slightly bent – bending and turning my back and neck in all directions. This is the worst position to be in for your back and neck, as it puts a huge strain on the spine and the muscles around it. Even when knowing this fact, not wanting to cause harm to my patient can drive me into going into such a position anyway. Combine this with a little nervousness and tension about treating my first patients and this developed into neck pain.

For this pain in my neck, I felt I needed some support.

I was recommended an online session with an Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapist in Australia, and it was great. Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy is a very gentle way of treating the body, honouring the fact that our connective tissue is what holds us all together and is the stuff through which the energy that moves our body flows. She was able to give me the connective tissue exercises I needed to support my back and neck. These consist of rhythmic gentle small movements of certain parts of my body in my thorax area. I got much more than just exercises though; as we talked about my body and the effect of the exercises during the session, I noticed how I felt I was dropping deeper into my body. Feeling my legs, arms, and neck more and from the inside out. From there I felt a level of settlement and contentedness I had not been feeling for a while. I also felt warmer and all the tension I had been feeling released, through doing these simple exercises.

One thing the practitioner said during my session stood out for me especially. She talked about appreciating my body for all the bending and turning it could do. I had never stopped to appreciate my body like that before. It was a real eye opener for me, as before I saw my body a bit as a nuisance, not able to let me easily do my job, but at that moment I could feel how willing my body was to do everything I needed. The only thing it was and is asking for was to be taken good care of and to be honoured in its limitations.

One of the ways I deeply care for it are these exercises now and I feel the benefit of them instantly. The exercises are easy to do in between patients or if I have to wait a moment during a treatment – because of their simplicity.

This one session with the Esoteric Connective Tissue Practitioner has already made something shift in my body, and I no longer have pain during or after doing my job.

By learning to appreciate and care for my body in this way, I feel I will become a much more caring practitioner, and more able to care for my patients throughout the course of my career.

Connective Tissue exercises are truly a gift from heaven that supports our body on many levels; they are applicable in many industries and dentistry is just one of them.


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684 thoughts on “How Connective Tissue Exercises helped my neck and back pain

  1. ‘…I felt I was dropping deeper into my body. Feeling my legs, arms, and neck more and from the inside out.’
    When we feel our body from the inside out, we have a very different perception of us, that allows us to move and take care of ourselves in a more loving and deep way.

  2. We do seem to have this tendency to ignore what our bodies are showing us and you have exposed this Lieke by saying
    ‘I saw my body a bit as a nuisance, not able to let me easily do my job, but at that moment I could feel how willing my body was to do everything I needed.’
    We treat it a bit like a rubbish bin expecting it to digest whatever we eat, and if it gets sick we expect it to be repaired so that we can carry on as before in the same total disregard. Where I wonder does this arrogance come from and this same arrogance on a micro level is played out on the macro level where we rubbish the planet we live on and expect it to maintain an equilibrium so that we can abuse ourselves and it and not have any repercussions, or take any responsibility for what we are doing how arrogant and at the same time ignorant is that!

  3. Lieke, I love Connective Tissue Therapy, it’s a beautiful gentle form of therapy that reconnects us to our bodies. There needs to be more research around the benefits to this.

    The biggie comments you made, is ‘appreciating’ your body and we don’t do enough of this on a day to day basis. The body carries much more than we realise and how gorgeous for it to receive that support when we are out. I ponder on how the body would respond if it received these sessions on a regular basis, before the aches and pains. It’s the equivalent of keeping the car oiled all the time, then it would be with you all the time…

    1. “The body carries much more than we realise”, so true Shushila, the body carries the Light of God within it, quite literally and if we were to truly (and I mean truly) acknowledge this then we would live completely differently, as opposed to living in a way that totally abuses our bodies thereby making God inaccessible for that time.

  4. Hey! Amazing article. You’ve covered everything on tissue exercise for pain one should know. I’ve subscribed to your mail list, so whenever you post a new article I can keep an update of it. Keep sharing such articles. Cheers!.

    1. Leigh, your comment raised something within me, gentle movement can have a huge impact on the body, so the larger movement does not mean more to the body and if anything it will have the opposite effect. I have learnt this through pushing my body to the extreme, definitely not loving for the body.

  5. Esoteric Connective Tissue therapy is simply marvellous, it helps me to surrender really deeply and takes me to a deep place of healing.

  6. So much can happen in micro movements, and how powerful a healing is that when that is initiated from the rhythm that is true to our body.

    1. We need to bring our bodies back into line with the rhythm of The Universe, we are all totally out of sync with it and that’s where all of our problems stem from. We see ourselves as totally separate from The Universe and therefore act independently of its deep rhythmic and unifying pull.

  7. I’m sure many people would not realise that there are situations like this where a compromise of ourselves is not needed, that there can be ways to be and work in the world that support our bodies as we go about supporting others and completing tasks.

  8. One of the ways a therapy can help if the client establishes a habit of looking after their body – the easier the therapy makes it to follow a regimen, the more effective it may be.

  9. “This one session with the Esoteric Connective Tissue Practitioner has already made something shift in my body, and I no longer have pain during or after doing my job.” Such a beautiful example of the miraculous but simple power of Connective Tissue Therapy.

  10. Our body has a natural elasticity to it when we do not force it to bend to our will but rather use our will to align us to the universal order we come from and in so doing create more space for our body to perform in rhythm with this and not construct a way of moving that goes against this flow.

    1. Until I encountered Universal Medicine I thought suppleness came from stretching your body and challenging it in this way regularly. What I have learned from my own body since then is that when I have let go of hurts and issues, the space generated creates more natural suppleness without the push.

  11. The Esoteric modalities support life-transforming shifts. The depth that they can bring us to is one hundred percent out of this world in more ways than our simple, temporal mind can comprehend.

  12. ‘Connective Tissue exercises are truly a gift from heaven that supports our body on many levels;’ And connective tissue ignites our body – it’s remarkable – thank God for Serge Benhayon.

  13. Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy reminds us that no matter what we may think/believe our body is one whole unit therefore what we do to one part of it affects every other part.

    1. Very true and this opens up a host of possibilities how to heal the body without necessarily only dealing with the afflicted part.

  14. It is so ingrained in us to take our bodies for granted and to be able to stop, feel and connect with our bodies sounds super easy and it is, yet how often do we do this? I mean really feel and connect to the body. Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy is super supportive with this and I love how your practitioner brought it back to really appreciating what the body is actually offering us.

  15. Ah lovely great reminder to appreciate my body for all the bending and turning it does, I can so often go in automatic wanting to get things done and not giving the attention my body so rightly deserves.

  16. How we move is everything. The more we align in the rhythm of our body the less pain can ever occur. Connective tissue therapy is an amazing tool to remind a driven body of its actual quality.

  17. I like this part about appreciating your body, it makes me think about how warm and delicate my body is, and how it works so hard – never stopping a heart beat or a lung expansion.

    1. That is so true- imagine our body would make breaks of caring of its function how we have off moments, where we don´t care about it ?!

    2. Given the body’s unceasing function we do take it so much for granted, but I love the stop moment offered here to appreciate it, its intricacy and dependability as well as its communications of our choices, supporting us back to what is true.

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