How Connective Tissue Exercises helped my neck and back pain

by Lieke Campbell, Student Dentist, Ghent, Belgium 

I am a dentistry student and in the course of my work, I started developing pain in my neck and back that stayed until the next day, even from working just short periods of time with patients. As a dentist, I have to work in an area that is small (and moving) which asks for precision and attention to detail whilst working with the instruments in the person’s mouth. To be able to see it all, I often find myself going out of the preferred ergonomic position – which is with back and neck only slightly bent – bending and turning my back and neck in all directions. This is the worst position to be in for your back and neck, as it puts a huge strain on the spine and the muscles around it. Even when knowing this fact, not wanting to cause harm to my patient can drive me into going into such a position anyway. Combine this with a little nervousness and tension about treating my first patients and this developed into neck pain.

For this pain in my neck, I felt I needed some support.

I was recommended an online session with an Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapist in Australia, and it was great. Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy is a very gentle way of treating the body, honouring the fact that our connective tissue is what holds us all together and is the stuff through which the energy that moves our body flows. She was able to give me the connective tissue exercises I needed to support my back and neck. These consist of rhythmic gentle small movements of certain parts of my body in my thorax area. I got much more than just exercises though; as we talked about my body and the effect of the exercises during the session, I noticed how I felt I was dropping deeper into my body. Feeling my legs, arms, and neck more and from the inside out. From there I felt a level of settlement and contentedness I had not been feeling for a while. I also felt warmer and all the tension I had been feeling released, through doing these simple exercises.

One thing the practitioner said during my session stood out for me especially. She talked about appreciating my body for all the bending and turning it could do. I had never stopped to appreciate my body like that before. It was a real eye opener for me, as before I saw my body a bit as a nuisance, not able to let me easily do my job, but at that moment I could feel how willing my body was to do everything I needed. The only thing it was and is asking for was to be taken good care of and to be honoured in its limitations.

One of the ways I deeply care for it are these exercises now and I feel the benefit of them instantly. The exercises are easy to do in between patients or if I have to wait a moment during a treatment – because of their simplicity.

This one session with the Esoteric Connective Tissue Practitioner has already made something shift in my body, and I no longer have pain during or after doing my job.

By learning to appreciate and care for my body in this way, I feel I will become a much more caring practitioner, and more able to care for my patients throughout the course of my career.

Connective Tissue exercises are truly a gift from heaven that supports our body on many levels; they are applicable in many industries and dentistry is just one of them.


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562 thoughts on “How Connective Tissue Exercises helped my neck and back pain

  1. Developing a relationship with my body on a level that has awareness of my bones, muscles, tissues, organs, skin… means that I have a really strong resource for monitoring how I am living, moving and being in my day – this is informative and supports me to make sustainable, supportive and responsible choices

  2. Yes I find it is great to observe our posture as much as possible because a little bending to one side for instance can create a lot of discomfort after doing that for a long time. I know when I am stressed and wanting to get something done in a certain time I often push through and don’t care at that moment about my posture. Later I feel it, and really it is not worth it!

  3. It is great what you share, we do need to stop and build a relationship with our body so that we are honouring and supporting the movements it is able to do. At the same time appreciating what movements our bodies are allowing. Stopping to take care of the body, nurturing it and provide the food and nourishment to function.

  4. What a beautiful sharing in commitment to building a deeper relationship with yourself. To honour your movements and to commit to developing a more loving connection with your body.

  5. I love the detail with which you describe the cause of the onset of your back-pain. This kind of attentiveness is superb because it gives us a real opportunity to deal with the root causes. Our bodies tell us all that we need to know and, because you were listening, you have an early and clear choice to deal withe the problem. Bravo and hoorah!

  6. “She talked about appreciating my body for all the bending and turning it could do.”
    It’s so important to be reminded of how amazing our bodies are, for hand in hand with appreciation comes greater honouring and care with our movements. I have been researching amazing facts about the pregnant body for my Aqua Natal class each week, as I feel it brings more understanding and appreciation to the miraculous transition that our bodies are undergoing.

  7. Thank you Lieke. We ask a lot of our bodies and it is great to be reminded to support, nurture, cherish and appreciate our bodies for the amazing way they carry and guide us, our Soul, through our every day.

  8. Connective Tissue Therapy for me is like an automatic connection with my lymphatic system and a sense of stillness and flow comes over me, it is some times a feeling that is a contradiction to how I have been living, controlled and a level of hardness and I can feel my body feels a bit achy and raw, because of this, but the actual treatment is so very gentle. It offers the body a real support for releasing aches, tightness and tension and brings sense of true calm.

  9. The lovely thing about connective tissue exercises is that they can be done at any time of day – some are sitting, some are standing and there are some beautiful ones to do when lying down. They are so gentle and vitalising at the same time.

  10. It’s incredible how such seemingly subtle awarenesses and movements can have such a profound effect; it really shows to me the power of being in tune with our whole body and appreciating it.

  11. I am not surprised by this. I had Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy many years ago to assist with healing spurs and torn meniscus tissue in my feet from falling off a ladder, and the results were spectacular.

  12. Lieke I have never thought to appreciate my body for all the bending, twisting and turning it can do. The next time I do some exercise I will be incorporating this aspect into my workout.

  13. Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy is an amazing modality that gets right to the source of where an ill energy enters the body through the Lymphatic – Connective tissue Matrix. I am learning through Esoteric Yoga as well, to integrate this healing and surrender of protection into my movements to have greater stillness and transparency in the world.

  14. Recently I have been doing some simple connective tissue exercises with my hips as instructed by my friend and beautiful physiotherapist Kate Greenaway – and since then I have noticed some phenomenal changes in the tension melting away in my hips. I have never experienced my hips to be as loose as they are now, and I really love the feeling! Too precious indeed – thank you Kate Greenaway!

  15. Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy is supporting my body in a flow to come more into an acceptance to live my life in full.

  16. Exercise can offer so much more than a time of care and maintenance. Such as a time where we connect and listen to what our body can communicate and deepen the relationship of appreciation for this body which houses our inner most essence.

  17. We should never stop appreciating the amazingness of our bodies, because they are absolutely amazing and the Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy is a sure fire way of maintaining that amazingness.

  18. The body is so loving to us. Every moment it is communicating to us how we can love it deeper, as every moment it is expressing to us we are a much deeper love than we have allowed ourselves to live.

  19. Interesting how the body naturally warms to anything and everything that is truly loving and honouring of it. Yet many of our behaviours are not that at all.. in fact in many cases they are absolutely abusive to the body such as eat too much, eating the foods our body does not truly need, eating not enough, not going to the toilet when called to by the body and many many more. The benefits of looking after and loving ourselves and our bodies is evidently palpable and so simple!

  20. Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy is a truly supportive modality for the body. Every time I do the simple exercises I can feel the difference they make to my whole day. I find that I walk more easily and in more flow though the day.

  21. Beautiful to read this as a reminder of what our bodies allow us to do in life, and what we do to our bodies. It’s a two way relationship and with a deeper caring comes more support. That is a lifelong dance.

  22. It is deeply insightful how we can be seemingly aware of ourselves and our body and yet there are even greater and deeper levels of understanding and awareness to go to. This is one of the fascinating wonders of our body that forever astounds me.

  23. The level of deep connection offered in this modality is what makes the difference in how we are willing to heal our aches and pains. It is so easy to exercise and modify our movements but when we don’t add the quality we can so easily go back to square one.

  24. just imagine if connective tissue exercises were part of the daily care in old folks homes, even in hospitals in general… The quality of people’s experiences would be so different… So enhanced.

  25. I literally adore the connective tissue sessions I have received and have had amazing shifts with a particularly painful foot.

  26. A beautiful and true testimony to Connective Tissue Therapy Lieke. What struck me this morning was the deep appreciation you have for the function, purpose and movement of your body; an inspirational message, thank you.

  27. The connective tissue and lymphatic system of the body are such beautiful reflections of our relationship with the universal flow and order. We can either embrace our divine flow wholeheartedly or resist stubbornly.

  28. It is beautiful to feel how much more in tune we are to the intelligence of our bodies when we choose to bring our awareness to our body and its movements. As we then are able to understand what is needed to move with greater harmony, flow and a strength that is established from within.

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