Esoteric Breast Massage: Reconnecting to the sacredness within

In this interview, Eunice Minford, Consultant General Surgeon, discusses the Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM) with the Esoteric Healing Practitioner, Philosopher and Author, Serge Benhayon. The EBM is a modality that helps women reconnect to their own body, to their essence and divinity and to the true beauty and stillness of the sacredness within. By deepening and developing that connection, many women have transformed their lives and lifestyles to be more caring, loving and nurturing of themselves and others and in the process many have also  experienced improvement or resolution of some health conditions.

Come and find out more about the technique from the man, Serge Benhayon, who is revolutionising healthcare by inspiring people to reconnect to their true self, to their divinity and to take responsibility for their health by making choices that are aligned to and of the same quality of love that they already are in essence.

Disclaimer: What is offered in this talk goes beyond what is currently accepted in Western medicine and is based on the science of the Soul. Whilst some people have reported anecdotally that they have had benefits to their health from the Universal Medicine modalities including the Esoteric Breast Massage, no medical claims are made as to the effectiveness of the modalities according to the currently accepted criteria of evidence based medicine. Anyone with any concerns regarding their breast health or other health issues is advised to see their doctor.

346 thoughts on “Esoteric Breast Massage: Reconnecting to the sacredness within

  1. As Eunice Minford says we know the anatomy of the breasts in Western Medicine but the energetic understanding of the breasts being nurturing makes complete sense. What Serge Benhayon tells us of the deeper understanding of the sacredness and connection of our breasts, it is our responsibility to nurture ourselves first. The Esoteric Breast Massage facilitates that connection.

  2. The rise in breast cancer is a very telling figure to say that the way we are living as women is not how we are designed to be. I truly got to feel that there was another way of living as a women when I had my first few Esoteric Breast Massage. I am feeling and can connect to the sweet delicate and powerful women that I am and know that there is a depth so vast that I can’t ignore how sacred this is.

  3. Sacredness is actually our true nature and yet we have given up on it to such an extent that when someone offers support for people to reconnect to this most innate aspect of our expression, there is a hesitancy to go there. The fact that Esoteric Breast Massage that has supported so many women (and indirectly their families and friends) in this area, to me proves the immense value of this modality.

  4. It is a sad fact that for most, the very thing they want the most (love and to be love) is the very thing they run from the most.

  5. I discovered having an Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM) was a turning point in my life, simply as it showed me that there was a greater depth, a deeper stillness, an endless volume of Love within my woman’s body, and most importantly, a self-nurturing capacity that I wasn’t up until that time, living or expressing towards myself. When you take a snap shot of our current women’s health issues, in my opinion, this discovery of self-nurturing, self-love, Sacredness, self-care, value, and the natural ensuing development of inner self-confidence – a confidence that is not at all an inflated ego, but an open, loving and self-accepting warmth, is perhaps the most intriguing aspect of how we, as women can live in a way that improves our current state on the many Women’s health issues and dis-eases.

    1. If we can get over our shame with breasts and being in a woman’s body and start to see it from this differing perspective then we open up whole new possibilities of relating to ourselves. This doesn’t just take the individual woman to a much deeper and richer understanding of who we are, especially when we give ourselves permission to connect to what is innately there, but this is something that is done for all. The more who begin to live and express from this sacredness the more others will feel it and know there is a different way.

  6. Today we use the internet to research and find the rarest part, album or book that there is only one of. Yet how many of us are searching for Sacredness? It seems to be something we’ve forgotten that exists. And yet it is incredibly central to our health and something we all yearn for underneath.

  7. The absolute honouring of a woman during the Esoteric Breast Massage is next to none. It starts with the practitioner and the quality in which she lives her life which she then brings to the treatment room. The way the booking is managed to the way you walk out the front door you can feel how deeply held you are. They certainly have inspired me to change my life, to nurture myself and connect to the gorgeous precious Woman within.

  8. With every Esoteric Breast Masaage that I have, and even when it felt uncomfortable for me to admit and feel the delicate quality that I am it was undeniable. Particularly at the beginning I was struggling with it as I had totally invested myself in being this tough and can do anything kind of a Woman. It was life changing to experience the EBM and go deeper in feeling how precious I really am. Now 10 years on at least I am claiming myself as the Sacred Woman that is innate within me.

  9. It is pure gold, the way that Serge Benhayon talks about the integrity of the practitioners who offer the Universal Medicine modality of Esoteric Breast Massage. How, it is a whole life lived in respect of the multi-dimensional beings that we all are that makes the practitioner able to address some of the more fundamental aspects of our healing journeys.

  10. We are all sacred and deserve to be held and cared for knowing that. What a shift from our traditional ideas that goblets, icons and old books are it – when all along it’s been inside, just waiting for us to activate.

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