Esoteric Breast Massage: Reconnecting to the sacredness within

In this interview, Eunice Minford, Consultant General Surgeon, discusses the Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM) with the Esoteric Healing Practitioner, Philosopher and Author, Serge Benhayon. The EBM is a modality that helps women reconnect to their own body, to their essence and divinity and to the true beauty and stillness of the sacredness within. By deepening and developing that connection, many women have transformed their lives and lifestyles to be more caring, loving and nurturing of themselves and others and in the process many have also  experienced improvement or resolution of some health conditions.

Come and find out more about the technique from the man, Serge Benhayon, who is revolutionising healthcare by inspiring people to reconnect to their true self, to their divinity and to take responsibility for their health by making choices that are aligned to and of the same quality of love that they already are in essence.

Disclaimer: What is offered in this talk goes beyond what is currently accepted in Western medicine and is based on the science of the Soul. Whilst some people have reported anecdotally that they have had benefits to their health from the Universal Medicine modalities including the Esoteric Breast Massage, no medical claims are made as to the effectiveness of the modalities according to the currently accepted criteria of evidence based medicine. Anyone with any concerns regarding their breast health or other health issues is advised to see their doctor.

183 thoughts on “Esoteric Breast Massage: Reconnecting to the sacredness within

  1. “Esoteric Breast Massage: Reconnecting to the sacredness within”. This is a powerful and a stop moment statement.
    It is an indictment of where we are as humanity when instead of people flocking to find out what is being said about sacredness by Serge Benhayon and how can it be supported, (even if it is just to check out if what is said is true or not) there is a bigger tendency to dismiss outright or ridicule the whole concept.
    Such conversations as we see on this blog are vital for us as a society to start to raise our relationship with life, truth, the essence of who we are and responsibility.

  2. Inspired by this interview I enjoy considering the word ‘nurture’ beyond my current understanding. It deepens and expands into a relationship with myself as a woman that is so much more than physical taking care, becoming an appreciation of the qualities we have as women to honour and hold ourselves and others.

  3. There is nothing else that I have experienced that has supported me to connect to the deeply sacred woman that I am and feeling like it is possible to walk in life in this quality. The more I have them the more I can feel this having a long impact on not only myself but all those around me.

  4. I have Crohn’s Disease and the Esoteric Modalities have greatly changed the regularity of flare ups, my daily comfort and ease of function, pain levels and much more. The Esoteric Modalities show a way of living that is very practical and personal. It is a lesson on learning who one truly is and then how to live what you are by quality first. The greater the depth of Love and acceptance I have for myself the more I notice the decrease in the symptoms of Crohn’s Disease in my body and life. When I first experienced Crohn’s Disease it was so severe I was eventually put on a surgical list for a colostomy bag surgery, which I have since been removed from and no longer require at this point. The Esoteric Modalities have reintroduced Love into my daily life, when I falter in expanding this Love is when I start to experience light symptoms and if I don’t address responding to the greater level of Love my body now is by learning how to live it this is when the symptoms exaggerate. For myself it has been a journey of responsibility, but responsibility has also completely changed in what I know understand responsibility to mean. Responsibility used to represent how well I looked after all my obligations and duties, how I displayed myself to the world. Now responsibility defines how much love and care I live with, do I live with a truly nurturing quality. Funny enough the more I embrace this new understanding of responsibility the greater prosperity I have found occurring in my life. I highly recommend the Esoteric Modalities to anyone who feels life is kind of flat, missing something or knows there must be more to life than what they currently live.

    1. Thanks for sharing Toni. ‘Now responsibility defines how much love and care I live with.’ This takes responsibility to a whole different level. It seems crazy that I have run away from this for so long and yet it is the only thing I have ever wanted – to feel my own love within me and live that love. That is my responsibility.

    2. Yes agreed all Esoteric Modalities brought through by Universal Medicine are deeply healing and offer the person a space to feel the truth of what is really going with zero judgment. It is incredibly beautifull.

    3. An honest and deeply inspiring sharing Toni. A great marker to respond to – flareups of your symptoms = more love and deeper level of self care and nurturing is required. What a beautiful personal Science Laboratory to enjoy.

  5. This is a ground breaking interview that is only just dawning on me.. Serge speaks about the quality of milk that a mother feeds her child and so depending on the quality lived by the mother, that quality is being energetically exchanged to the baby. What if the mother has lack of self worth, so allows abuse towards herself, or has neglected her body? What messages are being sent to the baby to ‘feed on’ and so the baby grows up with those messages. We have set this up, and what we get back is everything we have fed to another. This is amazing to understand what is actually being exchanged here – so much more than just breast milk and the body’s functioning parts.

  6. ‘Is there more to medicine then money can buy’ sticked to me after watching the video. And I have to conclude that this is true. That what is made available to us as medicine is directed by money and not by common sense in the same way as many other aspects in our societies are arranged today. What does this tell us that we have made money, of which the bulk is held by only a few, to dictate our lives above the common sense we all equally are the masters off?

  7. Just the fact of introducing Sacredness as the focal point of the EBM treatments puts this modality in a class of its own. This modality restores true dignity and brings us home to a fundamental quality that resides within every woman in the world. What an immense gift to be re-connected to our baseline essence and empowered to express our sacredness in our normal everyday lives.

  8. I didn’t realise that there are other massage schools practising a form of breast massage, and having had several Esoteric Breast Massages I would never go anywhere else. The level of integrity in how the practitioners lives and conducts themselves is second to none.

  9. The honour with which Serge Benhayon holds and eternally sees women is with such grace and love it just tickles me to the bone. Deeply inspiring to see and feel a man honouring women in this way.

    1. I agree Joshua, unfortunately it is very rare for either a man to honour a woman or a woman to honour a man. I am not talking about ‘being nice to, treating well, looking after or even loving’, when I say honouring, I mean truly honouring. In fact it’s a word who’s meaning is practiced so seldom that many would struggle with defining it’s meaning.

  10. Holistic health is a living expression of the sacredness that resides within, everything else is at best a convergence or support towards that wholeness that needs to be embraced and utilised in full but cannot replace the activation from inside.

  11. Why not give anecdotal evidence a chance as I for one would be far more inclined to trust it over research done by those monetarily involved in the outcome like drug companies.

    1. A very valid point kevmchardy, we know that statistics can be easily manipulated, and all the more so when the results felt are maintained and consistent.

  12. EBM is a core part of my health care that has brought a rich connection to my self as a woman. The transformation in the quality of my health and how I regard and respect my self today is stupendous, a perpetual living reminder of the power of this modality.

  13. Energetic anatomy and physiology is vital if we are to fully understand illness and disease. The EBM is just one modality brought to us by Universal Medicine that addresses true health and well-being that includes the energetic factor for healing far deeper than a cure.

  14. We have become de-sensitised yet we cannot but feel everything. All our disregarding behaviours stem from the fact we do not admit our divine essence and the absolute all-feeling nature of it. It will be a great turn around in all kinds of illness, disease and self worth issues when the EBM becomes a modality that is understood and appreciated for all it actually addresses.

  15. Our general approach with Western medicine is to medicate or surgically address our dis-ease, very valid and much needed. Universal Medicine restores our connection to our bodies and self responsibility through energetic awareness. When we combine the approaches, we give our selves the best tools and support to address disease from the inside out and learn how to deeply cherish and nurture our selves.

    1. I am in the middle of having an MOT and service done for my car, so I can see a parallel with my car here. If a part of my car is excessively wearing out, I need to resolve the physical issue by repairing or replacing the part – yes, a big tick. But a wise response would also include examining how my relationship with my car, to driving and my behaviour led to this in the first place.
      Similarly the support of Western medicine is invaluable, as is the depth of understanding, healing and empowerment offered by Universal Medicine – together inspiring a greater level of awareness, appreciation and responsibility.

  16. Another myth exploded, the quality of milk expressed in breast-feeding when feeding a bady is dependent on the quality of life lived by the mother.

  17. Before Esoteric Breast Massage, I had no relationship with my breasts and unaware they were nurturing centres. EBMs supported me to surrender to my tender, warm, nurturing self again and embrace being a woman.

  18. Could it be the modalities that Serge Benhayon is presenting are part of a blueprint for future health care? If we care for ourselves today will there be lesser demand from lifestyle illnesses and diseases, tomorrow?

    1. That is definitely my personal experience. And a crucial part of the modalities and the whole approach behind it is the factor of self-responsibility that not just brings back an awareness for one´s own choices and their consequences but also introduces true self-care as a form of self-love. Self-love is the foundation on which one’s relationship with self, others and life in general profoundly changes for the better.

  19. This modality and the awareness behind it is so needed. Most of us walk around in a driven male energy and brace ourselves against life. The tension and hardness in my upper arms is testament to that! The esoteric breast massage reminds women that we are women, and that we need not approach life from this hard and driven stance. It takes a while to let go of the layers of protection that we have become used to living with, and we need a reflection from someone who is dedicated to living in a gentle and transparent way to help us to do this. This modality is gold. It’s a shame that it is ridiculed because of assumptions.

    1. I love what you share Rebecca and can relate to the tension and hardness in my upper arms. The muscles in them feel like metal plates due to the protection and hardness I have used to brace myself against life with. We do need to be reminded as women, to be women and claim the tenderness and delicacy within and the EBM modality is the perfect support for this.

  20. We are famous for our multi-functioning, super mum and super woman act but usually to our great detriment as the rise in Breast Cancer is demonstrating. The EBM sessions enables us to restore connection to our innate multi-dimensional nurturing, a quality that resides in our physiology that when fully honoured restores a true sense, understanding and appreciation of what it means to be a woman and our true purpose in society. The transformation that it has instigated in hundreds if not thousands of women around the world is astounding, myself included and powerful evidence of the deep need in society for this incredible work.

  21. These video conversations between Eunice Minford and Serge Benhayon are priceless – a true relationship in the evolution of Western and Energetic Medicine working together to support humanity.

  22. This modality is so confirming for women. It is a gentle and respectful treatment that celebrates the female body. I never knew to the depth that I hold my breasts as less until I had this modality and it supported me to develop a loving and connecting relationship with my body.

  23. It was fabulous to hear this powerful healing modality discussed in detail. I loved where Serge Benhayon shares that the beauty of healing is that once you connect to a part (in this case the breasts) there is no part of you that is void of that connection. I certainly find that the quality of my breasts when activated becomes my whole being. I am wholly the true quality of a woman and this has been a precious gift to myself.

  24. It’s so easy for the world to dismiss the simplicity of what has been offered here by Serge Benhayon on EBM because it doesn’t fit the conventional understanding of what is ‘evidenced based’ – yet it is certainly worth consideration. We can use our ignorance to ignore what many women are reporting as being informational in their lives or we can open ourselves up to the possibility that EBM offers something remarkable to support women with appreciating and knowing themselves through their breasts. I have had EBM and can say that I found that it offered me the opportunity to stop and really feel who and what I am. What a gift!

  25. I really appreciate how the core tenet of this work brings us back to self responsibility and energetic awareness. When we make these fundamental activities of life, taking deep care of our health and well being is as natural as walking.

  26. I love reading the difference this modality has had on peoples lives as I have felt the difference so strongly in my partner’s life, and therefore in my life as a result of something that a few have tried to write off. The fact is such a modality with all its integrity that is supporting women to reconnect to their sacredness is an amazing gift for humanity and in the micro the families of those that have had the treatments.

  27. The word sacredness has come to imply something that is rather special and out of the ordinary, something that is only attained by a few and on rare occasions and although our sacredness is indeed incredibly precious, it is the natural fibre of our being.

    1. Absolutely Alexis, it is who we are. The EBM is a modality that allows us to explore this and know it to be true.

  28. Even at the most basic level of supporting a development of increased breast and body awareness the EBM is streets ahead of the current understanding of a woman’s breasts and how she relates to this area of her body. And it is clear that there is sooo much more that this modality offers to deepen into from this foundation.

  29. Universal Medicine takes us to a whole new level of understanding, appreciation and awareness about our bodies, purpose and quality of health. Shifting the emphasis from physical symptoms to connection with our intangible qualities adds a whole new dimension to medicine, one that is proving that, when honestly applied with integrity, empowers us to break through to new levels of vitality and well being never before realised.

  30. “By deepening and developing that connection, many women have transformed their lives and lifestyles to be more caring, loving and nurturing of themselves and others…” – absolutely true Eunice, this modality, The Esoteric Breast Massage has allowed me to feel freer in my body in how it moves and there’s an openness now right across my collar-bone area which has changed the way I walk, the way I relate and communicate with people and also work too. It is profound beyond words.

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