Esoteric Breast Massage: Reconnecting to the sacredness within

In this interview, Eunice Minford, Consultant General Surgeon, discusses the Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM) with the Esoteric Healing Practitioner, Philosopher and Author, Serge Benhayon. The EBM is a modality that helps women reconnect to their own body, to their essence and divinity and to the true beauty and stillness of the sacredness within. By deepening and developing that connection, many women have transformed their lives and lifestyles to be more caring, loving and nurturing of themselves and others and in the process many have also  experienced improvement or resolution of some health conditions.

Come and find out more about the technique from the man, Serge Benhayon, who is revolutionising healthcare by inspiring people to reconnect to their true self, to their divinity and to take responsibility for their health by making choices that are aligned to and of the same quality of love that they already are in essence.

Disclaimer: What is offered in this talk goes beyond what is currently accepted in Western medicine and is based on the science of the Soul. Whilst some people have reported anecdotally that they have had benefits to their health from the Universal Medicine modalities including the Esoteric Breast Massage, no medical claims are made as to the effectiveness of the modalities according to the currently accepted criteria of evidence based medicine. Anyone with any concerns regarding their breast health or other health issues is advised to see their doctor.

381 thoughts on “Esoteric Breast Massage: Reconnecting to the sacredness within

  1. I was one of those women that dismissed my body completely; I did not value myself at all. Slowly over the years I have reconnected to my inner essence through the different modalities of Universal Medicine but it is the Esoteric Breast Massage that supports me to feel a deep sense of stillness in my body which I cannot always maintain in life because life seems to be set up to pull me out of my stillness, but it is a marker of what is possible.

  2. In, in, in in, in that is the direction that we all need to go and yet life gets us going out, out, out, out, out. We go here there and everywhere without actually moving an inch, all we’re doing is standing on the spot and avoiding ourselves.

  3. Having received Esoteric Breast Massage, I have felt much more connected to a part of my body that I could honestly say, was abused/neglected in the past. I found my breasts to be a hindrance, especially when I used to run in marathons, they would become sore from the friction.

    My relationship with my breasts is developing. From a young age I didn’t embrace or welcome them, is it time for us to change our perspective on a part of a body that nurtures the whole body, instead of keeping it in parts. Just something to ponder over.

  4. I’ve only had a few EBM’s but their effect on my life, health and relationship with my body has stuck with me ever since. No longer am I so hard and rough on myself but willing to be delicate and honor what I feel more and more.

  5. I really enjoy watching this interview, it’s such common sense to me to nurture and support women. Having been trained in Clinical Relaxation Massage where breasts were massaged by men for the functional benefits (lymphatic tissue etc), and having experienced the Esoteric Breast Massage, which is practised only for women by women, and with the qualities of sacredness, tenderness and care to reconnect a woman to her essence and support her to then live from those natural inner qualities of sacredness and preciousness, etc, is absolutely life changing on every level. This is because it’s not just about the physical benefits but it supports the whole person, that means the being within as well.

    1. Melinda not only was this interview enjoyable, but I could feel the level of integrity within it. The level of care and attention felt was very different compared to other interviews where people are showing off, or its about ‘look at me look at me’ mind set…

  6. The first time I had an Esoteric Breast Massage I had no idea what was going to happen and was a little nervous, but that nervousness dissipated the moment I walked into the practitioner’s clinic. I felt so warmly welcomed and the room looked and felt so nurturing; in fact, I felt deeply nurtured, respected and honoured from the time I walked in the door until I walked out. This is such a lovingly supportive modality for all women, one which is sorely needed in this stress-filled world we live in.

  7. Bringing sacredness back to our breasts is so pivotal as to how we feel about ourselves in total. It impacts our self worth and inspires our self nurture and self respect. The breasts have been so badly maligned, with all sorts of derogatory names being given to them, bandied about not only by men but women themselves. It is time for us all to allow the breasts to come back to their rightful place as the delicate nurturing centres that they are.

  8. I love the energetic integrity that is here talked about, it makes sense that we can’t just be ethical by what we say and to but also the energy we are living in.

    1. We think that we can put on a suit or a uniform and bamboozle whoever’s in front of us and d’you know what, a lot of the time we can but the person who is being bamboozled knows damn well that that’s what’s happening and is choosing to go along with the lie. And the reason why so many of us play along with the charade is because if we blow the whistle on someone else then we run the risk of someone blowing the whistle on us.

  9. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have copped a lot of ‘flack’ in the media and from scientists or other experts in their fields. I would like to make a simple observation. Look at the light in Serge Benhayon’s eyes. To me I love to observe the clear deep light in this sensitive, tender, deeply loving and holding man who has initiated such an amazing powerful modality such as the esoteric breast massage.

  10. Sacred Esoteric Breast Massage is a modality that is truly needed in the world today, it welcomes women to reconnect to what is already deep within, that which is unfortunately for society buried under layers and layers of dirt in some cases.

  11. Just in the first three minutes of this interview, I can already feel myself squirm in my seat as Serge Benhayon talks about the responsibility of a woman in how she lives for the quality of the breast milk that she gives.

  12. So beautiful to hear about the level of integrity and care, and the
    consideration of the energetic factor that goes into the Esoteric Breast
    Massage training, as well as the session. I have been on many massage
    training courses prior to Universal Medicine and I have not
    experienced anything like that. Training is not just about acquiring a
    new skill set. The care and integrity experienced during a training is
    what the trainee could then take away and use as a foundation for what
    they are going to offer to their clients, and that feels very

  13. The Esoteric Breast Massage gives a woman the opportunity to open up to the possibility that she is in fact a precious and sacred being.

  14. To walk and move with the divine sacredness within us all is a marker for the world to feel and observe, and awaits us all in our choosing.

  15. We as women are so used to treating ourselves roughly, and we do not think twice when our breasts are treated with disrespect but when you have an Energetic Breast Massage that all changes. During the treatment, you can actually feel the tenderness of the practitioner, and it gives you a marker of how precious we are as women and how we are not choosing the same level of tenderness, but at the same time shows us that we can.

  16. The difference between a practitioner who lives from the knowing that life is medicine and one who simply treats their clients as part of their job, is so very tangible. And this is what I can feel instantly when I am met by an Esoteric Breast Massage practitioner in her treatment room; I can feel the care and the honouring she lives in every moment and not just ‘at work’.

  17. It is so important for all women and men to have an understanding of the energetic imprints that are held in a woman’s breast and to honour a woman for her innate sacredness.

    1. There were so many negative imprints held in my breasts that during my first massage I was kicking out in pain. I had hardened so much in life and this was reflected in my body. Gradually over time the hardening and protection decreased to the point where I could connect with that sacredness for the first time. This was hugely significant. It was not just a theory – it was something tangible that I could feel and was a profound experience. That said, simply connecting to it is not enough – living in connection to it every moment is our natural state and I am still working on it!

  18. Breasts are not just for breast feeding or for sex as most choose to see it as – Serge supports in his explanation to return the breasts to the woman and the sacredness that they represent – and so the breast represent so much more than what we dismiss them as (objects) in society. It is for us to connect to this and hence allow us to re-turn to a more full life that honours all that we are as women.

  19. The breast are nurturing centers and they emanate an energy as Serge has so beautifully shared in this video. But what quality of nurturing and what quality of energy are we releasing through our breasts as women when we do not look after ourselves as equal and precious beings?

  20. It is truly about a marriage between western medicine and esoteric medicine – one is not complete without the other.

  21. The Esoteric Breast Massage is such a powerful and deep reconnection to me as a woman. For me, someone touching my breasts is highly sacred and intimate and only like that I want to be treated. No way I would go to any event where many people get naked and massage their breasts. Only through the respectful and safe environment that female practitioners of Esoteric Breast Massage offer, I was able to surrender and experience that grand universal re-connection.

    1. Thank you, Stefanie, for this. Yes, the only way I would ever let someone touch my breasts would be in a safe and honouring environment. To dismiss this sacred modality as something cheap says a lot more about those writing it off than it does about the modality or the women practising it. This modality for me has been nothing but profound in its ability to support me to surrender deeply to my sacredness as a woman and to become more aware of (and in connection with) all that this implies.

      1. There have been moments during esoteric breast massages when I have been able to feel the most incredible depth to life. A depth that is never not there but one that most of us rarely feel.

  22. Sacredness is simple factor life and our being as well as our body. We can try and deny, complicate and misinterpret it, but it is who we are in essence.

    1. Nothing else in this world supports us to be in this sacredness though – fact. Thanks to Serge Benhayon for initiating this modality that helps us remember and live the true woman we are. Rediscovering our true essence and what it means to live the true qualities of a woman out in a world that totally dismisses this powerful, tender and delicate quality. Could it be, that it is the key to resurrect the world from its sickness?

  23. The lack of connection with our bodies, in our lives and with others is making us very ill and continues to worsen as such clearly indicated that it is not supporting us to live with well-being and vitality. God knows something needs to change otherwise we will continue to descend into further disease that is affecting us all as a whole. It is a blessing to have a modality such as EBM that offers us the opportunity to feel the quality of our essence and to reconnect our bodies and the innate sacredness that resides within, as this has proven to be is what is needed for us to live with greater connection to our tenderness, to who we are as such with true empowerment. Yes, the evidence speaks for itself through the many lives lived today inspired and empowered by the healing modalities and support of Esoteric Breast Massage and the many modalities of Universal Medicine.

    1. I agree, I would not live with the tenderness and love I do now, if I had not connected with the essence within, our being is worth considering and connecting with and our essence will never be tarnished, once we are even just a slightly bit open to this as a possibility and further a truth, magic can happen.

  24. Does money buy truth ? We are sold so much in the name of truth and are becoming more and more sick. It’s time to take a step back and reclaim our own authority; to be more discerning in what advice we follow and what products we buy. There is so much hidden. We can buy a packet of tea which is called chamomile and rose for example and assume that is what is in it but on checking the ingredients find it also has liquorice, hibiscus, honey and natural flavours. There have been companies who have been exposed for selling horse meat in beef burgers. There is manipulation and deception in order to make us feel ‘good’, as in undisturbed, as we give our money away. If we do not look out for ourselves are we not giving our power away at the same time?

  25. When will we learn that true healing comes from the soul and that regardless of what bandaid solution we find for ourselves, the only way to be healthy and vital is to discover the root cause and work on that.

    1. Yes, so true Viktoria when we work with the Soul we are guided to truly heal and let go of that which hinders or gets in the way of freely living in connection to our Soul. This is precisely what my experience has been and still is of healing through the support of the modalities of Universal Medicine which are all designed to work with and in response to the Soul of the client.

  26. When women surrender to their sacredness and live from the delicateness they are, it has an affect on everyone, because it gives us permission to feel our own tenderness from within, and that changes everything.

  27. I realised whilst reading about how Esoteric Breast Massage has supported women to become more nurturing, caring and loving, that we really don’t value those qualities in society. At the moment we just want a woman who can get everything done and look after everyone else (whilst looking like a supermodel). But this way of living has to implode on itself, as the woman who does not care for herself first cannot sustain it.

    1. So very true Fiona; society’s check list for what a woman should be is so denigrating of what a woman truly is in her essence. No wonder women, in general, do not value themselves as they are, and so this de-valuing ripples on out to those around them and into the world. Superwoman, supermodel and super-mother are not our true way of living, simply damaging beliefs, which day by day erode the self-worth of the wonderful women of this world

    2. One of the things about esoteric breast massage that has stayed with me over the years is just how gently and with an immense amount of care the practitioner applied the cream to my body. That alone was a revelation and still to this day I don’t apply cream to my face or body with the same level of care.

  28. The Esoteric breast massage is the most beautiful reconnection to our sacredness within and is the gold many are searching for as women.
    Serge Benhayon is pioneering the way for us all with the utmost lived integrity for a healing way of living and being with ourselves and others.

  29. It is with the EBM modality that I was first able to connect with this sacredness again. I had been having them for a number of years but one day I was ready to go there. I remember being on the table and the inner battle I had/have been having with myself got exposed. Deep down we all know that sacredness exists, but in the pain of disconnecting from it we deny it and bury it. It had been denied and buried for so long a part of me just felt that I had killed it/lost it. When I reconnected to it I can’t describe the joy I felt. I cried a lot but I also couldn’t stop smiling. I was smiling so much my jaw hurt!

    1. Michelle, I too cried when I re-connected to the sacredness of life, it wasn’t through having an EBM but in a session with Chris James. It astounded me just how pristine and beautiful the true nature of life is and the degree to which we’ve squandered it upset me deeply.

  30. To have a modality that supports a woman to reconnect to her Sacredness is without a doubt, the most precious and valuable commodity ever. This not only is for woman, but brings value to family, community, relationships and humanity.

    1. Before I encountered Universal Medicine not only had sacredness been deleted from my dialect but it had been completely deleted from my awareness. I was not able to admit that I was living life in hardness and in reaction because I didn’t have a connection to sacredness as a marker in my body. The way I was in my body and how I was living was simply normal. Even saying the word ‘sacredness’ now I am aware of how it could be received as mumbo-jumbo weird new age talk, but the truth is, in having connected to it I can confirm that it is so delicate and precious – it never went away, it was simply there waiting for me to come back to when I was ready. I now have a constant marker for how I am living and for the choices I am making – I know when I am not in sacredness, and when I am not, I simply have to connect to it and I feel like a different person; my quality changes instantly and so too how I feel about myself. My movements then become much more delicate and honouring, which of course can be felt by everyone around me.

      1. Funny we are so fixated on finding mythical creatures like the Loch Ness monster but the Sacred Ness beauty is right under our nose and full of divine glory. Which one would we rather go looking for?

      2. Love this Joseph! Now who would have thought that what we were really seeking was already inside us? Hmm – I think I may have heard this a few times in a few religious doctrines…

  31. In my experience, from the moment the Esoteric Breast Massage practitioner welcomes you into her healing room you can feel the highest from of integrity, care and honouring; it is palpable. And this is the beautifully supportive energy the session begins with and continues in until she says goodbye. What a divine space she offers for women to connect to who they truly are and to build a deeper relationship with their precious woman’s body.

  32. The fact that Esoteric Breast Massage inspires and supports a woman to be more caring, loving and nurturing of themselves and others in itself is HUGE.
    Even before coming across Universal Medicine I was already dedicated to healthy living, caring for myself – yet when I felt the depth of care and nurturing offered to me in the EBM sessions I cried. I could not recall ever cherishing and honouring myself or anyone else to this level.

    1. It’s simply a case of removing the lies and revealing the truth. Truth is the ever present foundation to life, it’s just a case that we bury it constantly under a mound of lies.

  33. Having just experienced an EBM, I am enjoying the feeling of deep connection and exquisite delicateness in my body from the session. A truly empowering modality for all women.

  34. The way we live and our media works it’s like the word Sacredness has been erased and doesn’t exist. It’s sad how to hear mention here would be like discovering a foreign concept – when in truth it’s at the very essence of who we are.

    1. The foreign concept we talk about here is the levels of self-worth and loathing that we can considered the norm. Any words or movements that are not loving giving no room for the body to truly sharing the deep levels of sacredness we can all connect to.

  35. Without the EBM I wouldn’t be where I am today and I know this for a fact. Today I actually have a connection with my breasts, this never used to be the case, I was numb to them. What I have felt deeply change in me is the dropping of all these layers that I thought I needed to be and I am connecting with and feeling how exquisite I really am. My confidence and feeling totally settled within keeps getting stronger and stronger.

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