Serge Benhayon – one man has changed everything

by Julie Snelgrove, Teaching Assistant, Somerset, England, UK

I first met Serge Benhayon 9 years ago, and the impact on myself and family has been profound. As a result we have made great changes, and had we not, I am sure life would be quite a mess by now.

The areas that have most been impacted are:

  • the care and attention I now bring to myself, thus having
  • a positive effect on my health and wellbeing and feeling of self worth,
  • how I relate to my family and
  • my attitude towards conventional medicine.

I attended my first presentation by Serge Benhayon at a time in my life when I was in overwhelm and exhaustion, though to myself or most outsiders this did not seem the case. I was a single mother with two young children, and was driven in fulfilling this role ‘perfectly’. All my time was dedicated to them, 24 hours a day, as they were being homeschooled. This meant I had no job and was reliant on my ex-husband financially. I had just completed training to be an alternative therapist, as I had been against conventional medicine since around the age of 15 – though for no particular reason, other than thinking it had nothing to offer other than making people sicker. Consequently I used many alternative medicines to manage my health. I even refused to go to the doctors for antibiotics or painkillers when I was seriously ill or my children were unwell.

When I first met Serge Benhayon I heard him talk and be very positive about conventional medicine – something I had never come across ever in any complementary therapy presentation.

After I was diagnosed with breast cancer I felt it was necessary to consider conventional medicine, which I did slowly. As I spoke with and had more correspondence via email with Serge Benhayon, it helped me break down the negativity I held towards medical professionals, so it wasn’t long before I could fully accept all that medicine had to offer to support my body to treat the breast cancer. I learnt to work with the doctors and felt empowered in all the relationships I developed with the medics helping me.

In all my correspondence and communication with Serge Benhayon regarding breast cancer, I was always met with absolute understanding of the disease and what was happening, but there was something else I would feel, and that is that I was not the disease but rather me as a woman first. Feeling this meant that I could feel a quality, or something in myself equal to Serge Benhayon, that meant I was worth looking after. I began making changes in how I treated myself and regarded my body. This greatly improved my relationship with myself and with my family.

In using conventional medicine and then feeling supported to look deeper within me, I have had an extremely positive experience with a life threatening disease. This experience came from the way I approached breast cancer, in that it wasn’t something to ‘just get through’ but an opportunity to stop and reflect on how I was living in every area of my life, particularly in regards to how I treated myself and was towards my family.

In time, I also met Serge Benhayon’s wife, Miranda, and his children (all equally as loving and responsible adults). Watching them and how they all related with each other was not how I had seen families and behaviours play out before. There is a love, care and depth of respect that is always felt around them. When my children were introduced to them they felt the same, and they absolutely love spending time with the Benhayons whenever they can, and are always welcomed as part of their family.

From these observations and from questions I had asked Serge Benhayon over the years, I grew to learn that being in a family was not about controlling and imposing on my children, to be and become all that I would like them to be, but rather to show love and care towards myself, then this would happen naturally in the family, as they could accept and be themselves. Being a mother does not mean sacrificing myself as I was previously doing, having no respect for my body in how I treated myself. I had accepted it was normal for me to be living constantly feeling tired and then regularly using alcohol and certain foods to bring comfort and relief to the lousy choices I was making.

Everything – as in time, understanding, commitment, respect and care – Serge Benhayon has offered through email correspondence or in person, has been of the same quality as I see him give to everyone, whether this is his family, a work colleague, my family, friends or a tradesman. My experiences have shown me that Serge Benhayon practises true charity – where he often gives freely of his time and expertise with no personal gain or recognition for himself.

Through knowing Serge Benhayon over the last 9 years, my life has changed hugely, in particular the love, care and sense of worth I now feel towards myself which has brought many changes:

  • I am no longer exhausted
  • I feel vital and healthy
  • I have a relationship with my body and know how to treat it with care
  • I now utilize the skills and services of conventional medicine
  • My relationship with my children has changed and we work on developing care and love within it
  • My children have attended school for the past 7 years and are responsible teenagers who have not been seduced with alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. Though they feel all the same pressures as other teenagers and encounter the same difficulties and upsets, they have support and love around them to talk through any issues.
  • I work full time in a local school, as well as volunteering in a local hospice, a children’s centre and breast cancer support groups.

My life and the responsibility I take in it towards myself, my choices, my family, friends and work is unrecognisable from how life used to be. I have also witnessed this for many, many other people I know. This is down to one man who has simply, openly shared and presented how he lives his life, all of which makes sense, and he has never watered this down in fear of how it might upset another. He has met, accepted and understood me on every level, even at times when I have not been able to do so myself! His way is unimposing and is only ever loving, which means I have chosen to make changes for myself in my own time with no sense of pressure – all of these unique qualities I had not felt previously in anyone else I had met through my life.

For this I will feel eternally thank full and appreciative of all that has been brought to me, to my family and my relationships with many other people, as I constantly feel inspired to learn and develop more.

1,042 thoughts on “Serge Benhayon – one man has changed everything

  1. When I read how your life has changed since meeting Serge Benhayon (feeling more vital, more self-loving and caring, more connected relationships with your children, your children are steadier, working and volunteering etc…) I wonder why the media do not report these kind of stories (as your is one of many) as this is what the world is crying out for. But no, the media choose to print lies and fabricate stories around Serge Benhayon and go the cult like angle. Seriously? With your changes, that is a ‘cult’ I’d like to enjoy.

  2. When we care for ourselves first, the family instantly realise that you are you first before you are a mother, a wife or friend and it inspires all the family to start taking responsibility for themselves rather than wanting you as a mother to sort it all out.

  3. ‘I grew to learn that being in a family was not about controlling and imposing on my children, to be and become all that I would like them to be, but rather to show love and care towards myself, then this would happen naturally in the family, as they could accept and be themselves’. This goes against everything we have been told so it can be huge to really take on board and to stay consistent with. How beautiful though when we can hold that beholding quality and allow things to unfold steady in the love that we are.

  4. Making changes in my life meant that my health improved, I was well enough to go back to full-time work, my weight reduced along with many ill side effects from eating gluten and dairy, my mental health improved, the way I looked at life changed completely. Listening to and attending Universal Medicine courses has changed my life and continues to do so.

  5. I too know without a shadow of doubt that if I had not begun to make changes in my life in respect to my diet and to the disregarding way I was living, that my health and my life would now be a total mess. The key to this transformation was presented to me by Serge Benhayon through his teachings of the Ageless Wisdom, but as with everything Serge presents it came with no expectations but simply with unconditional love. I took that key with both hands and into my heart and even though there are days where I forget to use it, it is always there to return to any moment I choose.

  6. It is interesting reading your insights into families. I wonder how many parents on some level feel they “own” their children and impose on them rather than inspiring them by being a role model and living example of a loving way. Sacrificing ourselves is very harmful for everyone concerned and does not work. Living in a loving way (in the true meaning of the word love which does not have one ounce of emotion) offers the other a true choice, inspiration and support.

  7. This is a beautiful testimony Julie on Serge Benhayon and how meeting him has changed your life considerably. I too have had a similar experience as you and my life has turned around with being open to this grand love and feeling the magic this has bought to my life, my relationships and my overall health and well-being.

  8. This is beautiful Julie – a real testament to the power of reflection. When we see another live so naturally and effortlessly from their heart, it inspires the same movement within us unless we put measures in place to actively resist this.

  9. When we start to value our true worth we naturally feel impulsed to initiate far more loving changes that deepen our relationship with ourselves and transform our way of living to one of true quality.

  10. ” I began making changes in how I treated myself and regarded my body. This greatly improved my relationship with myself and with my family. ”
    Is it not wonderful how simple it is, when one makes self loving choices regarding their life and their body everyone benefits from this.

  11. Julie, you reflect the absolute truth of this man so beautifully and even though he has touched thousands of lives in so many ways and brought so much love and truth, he holds absolute humility and grace.

  12. When your life is touched by a great Love, it inspires you to live that too and so you can’t help but share it with others. This is the fitting tribute to Serge Benhayon’s gifts to us all – just to live, learn and put it into practice. Thank you Julie for doing that here.

  13. “Being in a family was not about controlling and imposing” – I agree. What I have noticed is that when the control and imposition is at play, no one is being themselves, even those who appear to be yielding the control and imposition.

  14. It’s amazing the ripple effects of meeting Serge Benhayon. I met Serge nearly 10 years ago this year and not only has it changed my life exponentially, but those around me also as family and friends have felt to have Esoteric sessions and share their experiences with others.

  15. It is interesting how we can take on a belief and believe in it so strongly yet do not know why we have it in the first place! ‘as I had been against conventional medicine since around the age of 15 – though for no particular reason, other than thinking it had nothing to offer other than making people sicker.’ This is not the first time I have heard someone say this with regards to conventional medicine and I went through a period of doing this as well. But as Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine share conventional medicine alongside esoteric medicine is an important part of healing.

  16. I completely agree with what you have written about Serge Benhayon Julie. He is an amazing man and role model who has inspired countless people in the manner you have shared. His children and wife rock too!

  17. I first came across Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine through a friend, life wasn’t a bunch of roses, but I was getting on with it, however since meeting Serge Benhayon and listening to his presentations, I have decided to changed the way I live, my life is now vastly improved, with a feeling of joyfulness everyday.

  18. Beautiful Julie, I appreciate the way you draw our attention to the power of how we are. So much of our life is spent concerned with what we do and say. But the true impact and effect that we have is in the quality we live. The results that you have seen in your life is a great testament to this. It’s all about energy first, as our whole world shows.

  19. Julie indeed Serge has inspired a change in every single part of my life, the ripple effects are incredible and have resulted in changes in many other lives as a result.

  20. Realizing that we are not our disease is a huge step forward in bringing true healing. No disease can affect our essence but we can work with our disease to see where we have not lived true to our essence.

  21. I love hearing all these accounts of how people turned their lives around by getting to know Serge Benhayon, this goes also for me and my husband our lives have hugely improved, letting go of needless issues and instead learning how to focus and bring through the bigger picture.

  22. Being inspired and supported to look deeper within ourselves and to develop a far more gentle and loving way of being empowers us to initiate changes that are fundamental to transforming and restoring our true health and quality of well-being.

  23. The irony that alternative therapies can state they are complementary to medicine but don’t seem to promote or fully appreciate the wisdom and effectiveness of conventional medicine in supporting our human body is something I have observed time and time again.

  24. “When I first met Serge Benhayon I heard him talk and be very positive about conventional medicine – something I had never come across ever in any complementary therapy presentation.” This is a great point, when I was recovering from an illness I saw 5 or 6 complementary therapists and they were all completely anti all forms of medicine and medication, whereas Serge Benhayon has always been extremely pro medicine and it’s benefits and very positive about how conventional medicine and the esoteric modalities can work together.

  25. So many mothers believe that sacrifice is an expected part of the role, so for you to come to recognise the illusion of this belief and that to be a mother does not mean you need to sacrifice or disregard yourself is extraordinary and a healing within itself. How gorgeous for both you and your children that you learn to love and care for yourself so that the love and care you offer them is founded in that as well, this is true role modelling… and true mothering.

  26. Unfortunately, Serge Benhayon is a unique man, ironically, unlike some people in his position (presenting internationally and being a successful author of over 10 books) his motivation is not for “him/Serge” to be “successful” but in contrast to that, his life’s work is to educate others to awaken and realise their own true potential.
    Serge works tirelessly to remind us of the fact we are no different to him. This is evident in his presenting, writing and workshopping style on the subject that we are all made of and from the same love. How much we express or communicate this quality/love comes down to the choices we make each day. Couple this with the responsibility we are willing to take for every move and thought and word we deliver and you have a body which either allows or prevents us from feeling just how amazing we are.

  27. “Being a mother does not mean sacrificing myself”. Just imagine if every young woman was raised to know this truth. How different motherhood would be but sadly the ingrained belief systems around mothering in the main foster the self-sacrificing with the belief that a woman should put everyone else first and herself somewhere down the list, wherever she can find the space. So, I for one love the new perspective on mothering that Serge Benhayon has presented; if comes from a place of true love and to me it makes total sense

  28. The remarkable transformation you share here Julie is breaking down so many myths of how to be a mother and in particular how being a single mother can be portrayed in society. What Serge Benhayon offers the world is the key ingredient that is missing – no judgement and control but a deeper love of oneself that naturally oozes out of our expression when we too choose to make life about love first.

  29. It is a great point of humbleness and honesty when you can look back and see the life that would have been had you not made the sometimes difficult but necessary changes that needed to occur. But how often do we ignore those calls to change and simply carry on? How often do we really stand back and assess where it is all going, where we are taking ourselves and our families? Time spent with Serge Benhayon gives us that opportunity, he affords us the chance to take stock and honestly address where and what life has become and to ask ourselves if this is what we really want. And then from there and from a deep sense of love, start to make just the tiniest of changes, which eventually lead to a magnificent point where life is unrecognisable to what it was before.

  30. Beautiful Julie – we cannot underestimate the difference we make when we take simple steps to care for ourselves, and likewise when we harshly ignore what our body has to say. If only we were to truly accept the ripple effect our choices have then we would never disregard or stop caring.

  31. I am learning too that being and living true to myself is the greatest thing I can offer to my children. It is a constant learning as I let go of the many ideals, beliefs and pictures I have taken on from the outside around mothering but I know from within and there are moments in my life that confirm that when I am honouring me and how I feel I am equipped to deal with what ever arises in a confident and supporting way.

    1. I agree Caroline, letting go of those pictures which only serve to restrict us and hold us back will not allow us to grow, and often we find that how we relate to others and how others then relate to us changes as the pictures, ideals and beliefs are put to rest – it opens life to us from every angle.

  32. My life has also been totally transformed in the most glorious way since I met Serge Benhayon and I have observed the same in hundreds if not thousands of others. If one man can make such a huge impact on so many, imagine how it would be if the many all started living that way and the ripple effect as that grew and grew.

  33. I was just reading where you wrote how being a mother does not mean sacrificing yourself or having no respect for how you treat yourself. It struck me that a lot of women put everyone first in that way and a lot men stress themselves out with the responsibility of being the breadwinner and then don’t have quality time with their children or partners. I wonder where we ever picked up all these ideas because when we step back we can see these ways are very harmful to us and are certainly not setting healthy role models for our children. The big missing ingredient in all this is love.

  34. Serge Benhayon lives and is an inspiration to all that we too can live in a way that brings love, joy, harmony and truth to ourselves, our family, community and humanity.

  35. I love what you have expressed here Julie, there is no doubt that the love, generosity and charity lived by Serge Benhayon is a divine inspiration for us all;
    “My experiences have shown me that Serge Benhayon practises true charity – where he often gives freely of his time and expertise with no personal gain or recognition for himself.”

  36. How exhausting it is to try to control life? Very – because it is impossible. Yet most of us try to do so. As Serge Benhayon teaches and which we would do well to consider, we are all subjects of energy, the only real choice we have is which energy we are the subjects of.

    1. I completely agree Doug, trying to control is exhausting and doesn’t work so that is a double whammy. The funny thing is that when I let go of control I often experience the most awesome things happen that are far, far better and more fun than what that controlling part was trying to achieve so that makes it a triple whammy!!!

  37. I went through many challenges with my body and the way I learned to approach my body by re-connecting and opening up what I felt in my body where was the disease or illness instead of wanting the pain or illness disappear made all the healing very différent. So much more loving and so much about truly healing. Serge Benhayon delivers gold to humanity and it is up to us in which speed we want to receive what is already delivered.

  38. Like you Sandra my life has changed and evolved markedly since choosing to live the lessons taught by Serge Benhayon; he is indeed a remarkable, humble and inspiring man; as is what you have expressed here;
    “My life and the responsibility I take in it towards myself, my choices, my family, friends and work is unrecognisable from how life used to be”.

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