Vaccination – why do we react?

by Judith Andras, health practitioner and store manager, Germany. 

I have been vaccinated recently (for tetanus/diphtheria/polio/pertussis). And I would like to share here about adverse reactions, as there is so much discussion about this.

Initially I felt resistant to vaccination and I avoided the subject, see my previous blog about this: Vaccination – more than just self-protection.

I chose to vaccinate because I felt that it was the responsible decision to make, for the whole community.

After I had the injection, my arm was hurting and releasing a lot. What it felt like was something very old had been stored there and was now being released.

Infectious diseases are from the old era – when they were a real life threat and people died from theses diseases like flies. Today – thanks to vaccination and improved hygiene – this threat is no longer our main health concern. Infectious diseases now account for 10% of all deaths, much less than in the past.

By saying YES to vaccination I felt like I was saying YES to humanity, YES to clearing the old energy that I was holding onto, that had kept me feeling separate. I feel like I had kept myself aloof, somewhat standing back from fully participating in life – by avoiding vaccination I could keep that illusion up and preserve the bubble that was holding me separate from other people. It felt like a protection.

It felt as though when I got vaccinated this whole package was released and my body had to clear it. So five days after the vaccination I got the flu and had to stay in bed for two weeks.

Now you could argue, as many do, that vaccination is bad for you, because I got sick afterwards, as it seemed somehow related.

I feel it was a blessing – an opportunity for my body to clear old energy – something (a lot of disregard for myself and other people) I had denied looking at and held onto and which was well overdue to be released.

My feeling is that the adverse reactions people experience after vaccination may not just be related to the vaccination itself, but – as in my case – they may be clearing an old energy we have been holding in our bodies. And so vaccination, as with so many things in life that seem like a problem on the surface, can be a blessing, and another opportunity for us to heal and make more space in our bodies for the love that we truly are.

487 thoughts on “Vaccination – why do we react?

  1. Judith what you have shared is fascinating and something I had not considered at all. I have a family member who years ago had their one and only flu jab and as a consequence was ill for 3 months and they blamed the vaccination but now you have me pondering that there may have been something far deeper going on which they were not aware of. I will definitely share this blog with my family member.

  2. I have my vaccines and I get a bit of a dead arm for a few days afterwards. Yes it’s sore but it’s not a full blown illness such like the one I am vaccinating against. It’s not an issue when illness and disease and body pain is seen as a message and not a hinderance or problem.

  3. Judith you have bought much to ponder over. Why do we initially react to the thought of having a vaccination and why do our bodies respond in such a manner?

    For me it feels, being uncomfortable with the initial vaccination, the sore arm, the lingering of something over a few days. It’s what we have stored in our minds, the fear that was instilled when we were children and being vaccinated. That memory still holds us.

    Instead of seeing vaccination from a different perspective and that it has a purpose, to protect us and the community, but also the rest of humanity the disease could spread to.

  4. Interesting how when they were introduced vaccinations transformed the impact of infectious diseases but in recent times we have become complacent and in my case arrogant about the perceived commerciality of the companies profiting from the push to get everyone vaccinated so that I chose to ignore my responsibility to the wider community I lived in out of reaction rather than embracing the responsibility that I have to deeply care for myself and everyone I come into contact with by doing everything I can to take care of my health, including getting vaccinated.

  5. There’s something in vaccination that equals and unites everyone. Interestingly, when we allow our exposure to the small dose of illness we are protected from the big dose of illness. When we all (or the majority of us) do that, the big dose of illness gets debilitated and many receive the same protection. It is amazing to observe that, even in this context, brotherhood is really powerful. Such a beautiful reflection of how grand it is what we can achieve when we move together in the unity we come from.

  6. I love how when an energetic aspect of things comes into a picture we will have a completely different understanding of our human experience, and we open ourselves for more to be revealed.

  7. It is interesting that we can think we are protecting just ourselves by refusing vaccination but by choosing to be vaccinated when we are healthy we are offering protection to so many more.

  8. Vaccinations are about the fundamental care of ourselves and others – we cannot afford to be selfish when it comes to these kinds of decisions because infectious and deadly diseases can affect everyone.

    1. The thing I’m being exposed to is the whole purpose of vaccination. It isn’t about us as an individual, it is about everyone and that is my new way of thinking. The vaccination isn’t just about me, it’s about protecting the rest of the world. With that in mind, I wonder how will it feel / be the next time I have a vaccination?

  9. There are so many ways to keep each other away, to stay separated from each other, to keep isolated. And this article shows brilliantly how easy it is to believe in what we are doing, even when what we are doing is all about staying apart from everyone else.

  10. I’m of an age where I can still remember kids getting polio, measles, mumps and chickenpox but as time has gone by and we do not see many cases, we don’t realise how bad these illnesses can be.

  11. There is certainly a lot more going on in our bodies than just physical healing when we are sick. I know for me when I’m unwell I can often feel an emotional component clearing from whatever part of my body is affected. I recently had a cold and underlying that was the realisation that I had been pushing myself so my body was experiencing the consequences of that pressure and clearing it to return to equilibrium. The body always wants harmony and if the being part of us is out of harmony then that also has to be corrected.

  12. Whenever we have a reaction to a vaccination it is easy to dismiss it in some way, yet there is a message in that reaction for us if we take the time to stop and read into what may have caused the reaction in relation to the choices we make.

    1. Yes in the past I saw it as a failure to get ill, but having recently had pneumonia I have chosen to embrace the clearing on offer and deepened my understanding of self-care and how my body is constantly showing me what is needed if I am willing to listen.

  13. The body is communicating so much with illness, disease, reactions and it’s many ways of clearing. If we as the being choose to understand what’s being communicated then our relationship with the body becomes less adverse.

  14. There’s much to appreciate, even in a seeming adversity, if we can allow ourselves to feel and read what that is we are being offered.

  15. A great point you offer for us to consider, as our current relationship with understanding illness and disease doesn’t embrace the possibility that it can be a clearing of a momentum that has been running us, our body and being, and I can see how this is also possible with vaccinations. We do have to discern where our ideals and belief are coming from as it seems only too convenient that the seemingly ‘adverse’ reactions in the body after vaccinations are used to oppose this form of self-care that supports not only our own well-being but that of the community also.

  16. I am truly beginning to appreciate how amazing our body is, when it offers us such a beautiful opportunity to look more closely at our choices when we have a reaction to something whether it’s a vaccination or something we eat, the opportunity is the same, and if we brush over it we miss the blessing that is offered.

  17. It is beautiful to see vaccination as a loving precaution not just for ourselves but for everyone we come in contact with who might be way more vulnerable at that moment without us knowing. When we then get ill, be it from the vaccine or not, it is not so bad because it is something that comes with it but we know the purpose – it being for all the people we meet – and then it is much easier to surrender to being ill and not fight it.

  18. Very true Judith, illness is always an opportunity to clear and heal any stagnant and old energy, making space for a deepening and acceptance of more love.

  19. Vaccinations have been given a bad name and bad press because of the 1990’s MMR scare that was started by one man who said that having the vaccination caused Autism. It can be so easy to jump to conclusions and run with a lie especially when we are told we will be harming our children. The upshot of this was that parents stopped vaccination and because of this, Measles and Mumps and whooping cough started to return. When we come from our hearts we know what is true for our children, vaccinations have been shown to support people throughout the world especially in 3rd world countries. We need to be more discerning and feel what is true; the press love to run with a story and are not interested in validating their information if they know it will sell papers.

  20. Thank you for sharing this, Judith. We can so easily become a victim of a circumstance (our choice) and blame this thing or that, but this is a great example of how responsibility empowers us and how that bolsters our commitment to embracing life.

  21. I find it a beautiful realisation that illness in our physical body is a way of releasing ill-energy that is disharmonious to our body. It offers us an opportunity to reflect on the choices we are making and how we are living our life.

  22. If there is something that polarizes our communities in Australia it is this subject… The Shire next to us has the lowest vaccination rate in Australia… And this alone is indicative of so much… And the fact that so many people are proud of this is a reflection of so much more.

  23. Judith I reread your blog today, and it highlighted to me how often we blame the vaccination for a illness we get afterwards, rather than feeling more deeply into what our illness is really showing us, and what we are actually clearing, a great reminder to feel more deeply and to be more honest about our ideals and beliefs and what we have held onto.

    1. I agree Sally, we are too much in the habit of looking for and outside cause to blame for our woes, but unless we turn inside and nominate what is in the way for us to live and be who we truly are, we will not find the true answers.

  24. Some of the general population could well be getting complacent with the belief that infectious diseases are old era, but without herd immunity that the vaccination process supports that could change, and the infectious diseases of yesteryear could well become very present age.

  25. When I studied Naturopathy nearly 30 years ago there was a strong anti-vaccination movement gathering momentum. I got swept up in this, convinced by the arguments put forward by the lobby groups at the time.
    Since then, and thanks to the influence of Serge Benhayon and his complementary-to-medicine approach to healing, I now hold a view that feels far more balanced and community-minded.

  26. For me I never thought twice about them. Working with animals at college it was mandatory that we were vaccinated against tetanus and rabies (although rabies is rare for the UK). For me I see them as a matter of preparation or to have it rather than not and need it.

  27. An interesting perspective on adverse reactions to vaccinations worth contemplation. It is fascinating how we can change our perception and no longer see something as an issue but rather as an opportunity for healing that is there to be embraced.

  28. I think this is a very good point, sickness is not always a negative thing, especially when you know that you are clearing out an old pattern or something that may have been stored in your body unconsciously for a long time.

  29. Of course needles can be horrible and our bodies can react badly but it’s true, it’s part of our responsibility towards other people to keep up to date with our vaccinations. I love that if you look at the bigger picture and how infectious diseases can kill people then it makes sense – why would you not choose to care for yourself and others in that way?

  30. Thank you Judith for your sharing here – I have to agree with what you are sharing in the sense that I feel every illness, disease or condition that appears for any one of us to deal with, is actually a blessing in disguise in that it allows us to shed those things we have accumulated that do not serve us.

  31. Thank you Judith – it is the resistance that causes the damage. I recognize the resistance myself of being negative with vaccination in the past. As indeed it can cause you to be sick for a few days or weeks, but I never took the time to truly ponder on what this vaccination is really telling me. All I could feel by resigning or resisting a vaccine, my withdrawal from my responsibility and relationship with humanity.
    BUT actually I started, since I commit to The Way of The Livingness, my religion, to feel my responsibility and the possibility of effecting another by an illness or disease whilst having the opportunity to protect myself and so others – It started to intrigue me, that because I love my body and people – I need this vaccine and it is actually a very good thing.

  32. That is really a positive way to look at vaccination Judith. I love it what you have shared, as your body’s reaction to your vaccination seems to be more like a gift than an illness which should be challenged. Your blog is an invitation for people, allowing them to questioning their own view on it: “And so vaccination, as with so many things in life that seem like a problem on the surface, can be a blessing, and another opportunity for us to heal and make more space in our bodies for the love that we truly are.”

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