A Fresh Start – a detox for life.

by Cherise Holt, Nurse, Australia. 

At times throughout life we may find ourselves searching for a fresh start, to create a new relationship with food and exercise, or to eliminate any form of sickness that our bodies have suffered, or to rid the body of its accumulated toxins and the harmful substances we have poured into it, such as drugs, prescription medications, alcohol, sugar and gluten.

The objective is usually to live with greater vitality and physical energy in our day-to-day routines, where we feel well in our minds and bodies and can live a happy and healthy life.

A quick internet search indicates that there are many products and diet plans out there customised for just this kind of goal. You can cut out fat or carbs, juice every fruit or vegetable under the sun, eat only raw foods or invest in a lemon tree. If you don’t want to look at the food you are eating, you can book yourself in for a colon cleanse or attend a health retreat where all is organised for you. Most detox plans are marketed to increase weight loss, gain a ‘bikini body’ for summer or create a fresh start towards a healthier way of living.

But what happens to us and our bodies when the detox program is complete?

Do we return to our old behaviours and patterns, find ourselves frustrated or deflated when the body physically changes in a way we do not like or when we find ourselves feeling sick, uncomfortable and discontent in our own skin once again?

What would a successful detox actually look like for true health and wellness?

Well I can share this with you, as I have just completed a detox program with a Universal Medicine practitioner. The program consisted of 12, one-hour sessions including chakra-puncture and a supportive consultation in which to share whatever I was feeling.

When I first attended, I had already decided to eliminate sugar from my diet as I didn’t like the side effects in my body. During the first session, I was able to say that the detox program for me was actually about living as a woman, with the love and self-worth I know myself to naturally be. 

Detox was never about a goal, or attaining something (be that a physical change or an improvement of me) by its completion; instead each session was about whatever I brought to it, with honesty and a willingness to be as open as I possibly could. It was with my own sense of responsibility that I knew it wasn’t about my practitioner providing a solution to any issues; she was simply providing a space for me to re-connect to myself and inspiringly shared with me from her own experiences and way of living. We don’t actually need solutions to the issues that present in daily life, just the space to re-connect to the undeniable fact we already know what is right and loving and what is not.

I was continually amazed by the opportunity that presented in each session, to be honest with any emotional issues, old patterns of behaviour and ways of living – some felt like I had been repeating them for lifetimes! And yet the compassion I chose to gift myself allowed me to know that these old ways don’t have to define who I am today, and once declared and seen for what they are I can choose otherwise. When we become aware of how we have lived with ourselves and others, the opportunity is there to make new and more supportive choices – isn’t this beautiful!

My detox program was about being responsible and honest with me. I had an openness to whatever was to come up in my life and a dedication to living in a more loving, harmonious, joyful and truly well way. With a deep commitment to me – and life – my detox was supporting my whole way of being. I chose the support of a practitioner who I know already lives this way, who only shares from her way of living, never imposes and who radiates true responsibility and integrity.

A truly supportive detox is like the blossoming of a beautiful rose…

When a rose ages, its outside petals become discoloured, bruised and frayed, like our old ways of living; we forever have the ability to peel back the layers that no longer belong. We can allow ourselves to name and let go of the old comforts, needs, expectations and behaviours that simply didn’t exist when we started out as the delicate little bud.

Over time we grew to accumulate many beliefs, ideals, constraints and contracted ways of being that resulted in damaged petals, hurt feelings and hardening to protect ourselves from the world around us.

But our inner knowing has remained pure and unharmed.

It is from this supportive and warm place inside us that we can see the issues and hurts we carry that are not our natural way of being; but rather a collaboration of self-perceptions and past experiences that need only be exposed with loving tenderness and compassionso that we may unfold – returning to cherish and accept who we are and live the love we know ourselves to be.









855 thoughts on “A Fresh Start – a detox for life.

  1. Funny as I started reading your blog and read the first words: “At times throughout life we may find ourselves searching for a fresh start” it occurred to me it is not occasional for me, as I see almost every moment as a new moment and every day as a fresh start. But then it also occurred to me I live with very strong rhythms so on the outside my days and way of being might look quite consistent, but inside each moment is an opportunity for awareness and expansion.

      1. ha ha well said – we can choose to learn and evolve or keep repeating until we are ready to learn and evolve!

      2. Exactly Nicola. In the end it is all the same and we get to determine how many times we must repeat!

  2. I was noticing how you end your blog with a call to return to cherish and accept ourselves and I thought what a lovely word cherish is and how it is not used a lot and then I noticed your name is Cherise and wondered if that comes from cherish and your connection to that beautiful word.

  3. A great point raised Cherise Holt. A detox is often associated with a cleansing of the body. Changing the way we eat is often riddled with an agenda to lose weight etc. There is much to be said about the choices to detox other aspects of the way we are living that we know is harming and not allowing us to live our true potential. I found it interesting that this blog title caught my attention as I had just spent the last two days noticing a choice in the way I was living that no longer supported me and could feel the pull to detox and move to the next level of understanding. Thank you for the timely blog. It has been very supportive.

  4. Connecting to this supportive and warm place within us keeps us steady and allows us to meet life’s challenges with a growing confidence. These challenges offer us a new start and often require us to let go of old ways of being in order to move on to realise more of our potential, showing us that we can do/be so much more.

  5. For sometime I have been trying to find solutions to an area of my life that I felt needed fixing and have been blaming others in the process. I have come to the conclusion that it was me that needed ‘fixing’ as I was looking outside of me for solutions to fill the emptiness that I was feeling. Whatever it is that I feel needs fixing will come to me when the time is right, it is true for me and that I do not need to try or go out looking. All I have to do is keep feeling and committing to the connection to me.

  6. It is through the increased awareness of those moments of disconnection to ourselves that we have an opportunity next time round to not lose ourselves because we know, especially after experiencing it, what that feels like. It may take several lifetimes but I know it is well worth it as nothing can beat the connection to my soul and to God.

  7. Cherise you have raised a great point here that the detox provided you with an opportunity to get real and honest with what was truly going on for you in your life. When we use food or other distractions to numb ourselves there is little opportunity for the body to speak the volumes that it can to bring us closer to feeling our true qualities. The choice then lies in what levels of amazingness do we want to feel and be with others.

  8. “We don’t actually need solutions to the issues that present in daily life, just the space to re-connect to the undeniable fact we already know what is right and loving and what is not.” Beautifully said Cherise, in allowing ourselves the space to connect back to ourselves opens the door to being honest in what we have taken on that is not true and is having a huge impact on our body. Taking responsibility and building a loving foundation of care truly nurtures and steadily supports our whole way of being.

  9. I often see every day as a fresh start, an opportunity see the day ahead with fresh eyes, a renewed sparkle, an opportunity to live that day as a brand new day.

  10. Cherise, this is very beautiful to read, ‘returning to cherish and accept who we are and live the love we know ourselves to be.’ I really like how simply you talk about us returning to live who we truly are and your analogy of the rose as it ages. I can feel how we are all untainted in our essence and how we can return to this way of living with joy, simplicity, love and sweetness as we did when we were young.

  11. I love the different angle you bring here to the understanding of the ways detoxing the body.
    “My detox program was about being responsible and honest with me. I had an openness to whatever was to come up in my life and a dedication to living in a more loving, harmonious, joyful and truly well way”.

    1. It is interesting how we can share and observe that everyone has a different detox program that supports where they are at and what no longer supports them to appreciate what we all have to offer. Wouldn’t it be great to share this with the world rather than the common beliefs that is associated with detoxing the body?

  12. Wow Cherise, you have brought a whole new angle and awareness to the meaning of detox, I had only ever considered it in relation to cleansing the body of toxins or abstaining from food that adversely affects our health, but now since reading your blog, I realise that we can place ourselves on a detox program to cleanse any area of our life which is disharmonious to our wellbeing.

  13. I love fresh starts, and these days I don’t wait for the New Year to make changes. Looking at my choices has become something I keep reviewing, since all the little choices add up to how my days, weeks and months pan out – my life.

  14. The Universal Medicine Chakra-puncture Detox Programme is unlike traditional detox programmes as the focus is not on eliminating the symptom, but to support the discarding of the cause of the symptom. In this it is hugely successful.

    1. The Universal Medicine Chakra-puncture Detox Programme, is a full body, mind and lifestyle detox, the amount of cleansing that takes place is huge by the end you feel so rejuvenated, revitalised and body just feels amazing.

  15. All the Universal Medicine modalities including the Chakra-puncture Detox Programme has helped me clear so many things and so many layers that I have carried that were not truly me. In fact the Universal Medicine modalities (along with my willingness to heal) are the only modalities that have truly cleared many ill patterns, beliefs, ideals, hurts etc., that other therapies I tried did not even touch the surface on.

    1. My experience is the same, if it was not for the Universal Medicine modalities, I would not want to even think what my conditions would be. I have healed and cleared so much in my life, with my willingness and commitment to heal, I feel like a completely new person.

  16. I love this line “It is from this supportive and warm place inside us that we can see the issues and hurts we carry that are not our natural way of being”. When we have lived that way for such a long time we can choose to be identified by them, I say choose but it is the choice to not be aware or open to the possibility there is another way that makes it our normal.

  17. What I love about the focus of this blog is what we are choosing and the opportunity that comes from that choice – letting go of the old patterns. It is not about beating ourselves up during a detox or denying ourselves anything but choosing a fresh start and a fresh approach as a way of living, not a short term solution or quick fix.

  18. “A truly supportive detox is like the blossoming of a beautiful rose…” What a beautiful analogy Cherise. A true detox that takes every aspect of your life into account, clearing away what is not true and makes way for your natural beauty and grace to shine through.

  19. Because I have a tendency to internalise my feelings and experiences, for me going on a health kick would involve actually speaking out more about what my worries, fears and problems. Just to say what bothers me is a healing experience. And so for everyone what it is to heal, to detox, to refresh and renew will be different, but the key is to actually feel, and never just go through the motions, believing what is told but figuring out for ourselves what brings us true health, full vitality.

    1. That’s a great point you make Stephen. A detox is so personal. Detoxing the mind, for example, and becoming very aware of the thoughts that we allow ourselves to be ‘consumed by’ or ‘consume’ can completely change our body and state of being.

  20. This is beautiful article that exposes the massive difference that comes from our underlying intent and belief systems. A detox in the world today that strives always to be better, the best and never believing we are enough, is about removing the impurities, stripping everything away – so that we can feel ‘cleansed’ and start again.
    The esoteric says – you are already everything. There is nothing you need to strive for, all you need to do is simply allow the real you to start to shine through. A detox from this quality is so very different. It’s about letting go of patterns, behaviours that have assaulted us physically and emotionally and hence kept us hugely capped and thwarted from letting the real us shine through.
    One set of detox beliefs and philosophy says you are never enough, the other says you are already everything.
    I know which one I would opt for.

  21. Normally a detox is used as a cleansing and after this period life starts again as before, as if it is not possible to live in a way that asks us to begin each day as a new start. A detox with an esoteric practitioner gives us an opportunity to deepen our insight in ourselves and to configure the body in such a way we are more free of the ideals, beliefs and ingrained behaviours that are stored in our bodies. And then we have the responsibility to claim this new awareness and openness we feel in ourselves knowingly our true nature is love.

  22. I have been finding that nothing can be addressed in isolation of the whole of my life and my chosen relationship with myself, people, God and the Universe. And some of the old patterns are very sticky and ingrained. A detox programme that lovingly supports us to see the issues, recognise our part in creating them and “returning to cherish and accept who we are and live the love we know ourselves to be” is just the ticket to a gorgeous fresh start.

  23. Cherise you have brought a totally new awareness and meaning to detox. I have always taken detox to mean to losing weight by not eating foods and drinks, to help cleanse the body. However what you have shared here is that we can detox anything in our past and old hurts. Emotions and built up sadness. There is so much in life we can bring detox too.

  24. The Chakra-puncture detox I did with Michael Benhayon many years ago was literally a life-changing event… an extraordinary practitioner with a wonderful modality.

  25. Approaching a ‘detox’ not just from a physical perspective, but that at the same time it is offering a substantial shift in some aspect of our relationship with life that we know contributes to the physical sluggishness or conditions we might have, is definitely not usual. This is a truly holistic approach and makes perfect sense if we do not want to just start re-creating our ‘toxic’ state again once finishing our ‘detox’.

  26. Wow this kind of detox sounds amazing – not just a quick fix to get rid of the excess but an actual stop in the road of life to re-examine a way of living from the perspective of a deep re-connection to who one is.

  27. Truly inspiring Cherise! What a beautiful way to detox and clear yourself for a “fresh start for life”.

  28. It is quite astonishing just how many different ways to ‘detox your life’ there are out there. None of which I have to say have ever grabbed my attention as they have all felt the same in their energetic approach to a quick fix plan. I have been on a couple of charkrapuncture detoxes over recent years and whilst it’s not always obvious that things have shifted and it’s certainly not about weight loss, upon reflection I’ve noticed how during the 12 week program I was making choices that were far more supportive than before, and also making some huge decisions that would create future shifts in the way I was living. Subtle as it is, it is far more sustainable and more powerful.

  29. With the many ways we can abuse our bodies, it is important to constantly look at what needs to change from our diet, exercise, sleep patterns etc. so our body doesn’t have to struggle with their impact. However there are so many deeper and more harmful things we need to detox, such as old patterns, behaviours, beliefs that drive our actions. Not living fully as the woman you are is a poison, as is being less than who you are in any way. The chakra puncture detox is such an important part of my year, as it supports me to keep growing and not accepting the lesser version of myself, that ends up causing physical problems in my body.

  30. When we are ready to be honest and open, we can begin to detox and let go of what is no longer supportive to our body, letting go of hurts and issues that are buried within.

  31. I love it – from detoxing as quick fix, to a detox grounded in responsibility and evolution. What a paradigm shift for us all to consider.

  32. I now see every day as a fresh start and an opportunity to either re-imprint the past if that is what is needed or to go to a deeper level with what supports me on my evolutionary path.

  33. The Detox programme that is offered by Chakra-puncture practitioners is so fundamentally different to anything else that goes under this name. This program really is the benchmark from which everything else should be measured, because it really does take into account every aspect of being in a human body on every level.

  34. “My detox program was about being responsible and honest with me.” An esoteric detox that gets to the parts that a physical detox leaves behind.

  35. I agree there are times in life that we look for a new start, particularly with food, because we can feel that the food we are eating is no longer supporting us, a detox program as you have expressed is a great support, because often we eat certain foods because of the way we live, so looking at how we live and our patterns and behaviours is a great support to changing how we live and as a result we change what and how we eat too.

  36. I have always been a bit stumped by the concept of a detox that was about looking after one’s self for a very short period of time, like 7 days or a month at the most, for some it’s one day. It felt more to me like a resetting so that people then had the energy to go back to disregarding their bodies the minute they had the energy to again. It really does still blow my mind. But the detox you describe here Cherise and the consistency with which it is followed through does make sense, common sense.

  37. The body we have affects the thoughts that we have! If our body is carrying hurts that we refuse to let go of then that affects how we are going to be in life and the way that we think. When we go on a Chakra-puncture detox program for example more gets cleared from the body therefore freeing us up in more ways than one.

  38. A detox for life, great line. We think that going on a detox is something temporary, that being ‘good to oneself’ is that way to go for just a little while, whereas being on a detox for life, is all about being loving and honouring our oneself all the time.

  39. The best detox for our bodies and being is to arrest our addiction to the ideals and beliefs that have us running in circles of exhaustion, falsely believing that we need the patterns and behaviours to be identified, to be accepted or gain recognition, so we can return to be in connection to the purity of our essence within, which is what in-truth confirms and fulfills us the greatest.

  40. I have found the 12 week chakrapuncture detox program to be incredibly supportive in letting go of ways of being that do not serve or support me. I can’t recommend it highly enough. If you’re thinking about doing one, stop thinking and just book it!

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