A Fresh Start – a detox for life.

by Cherise Holt, Nurse, Australia. 

At times throughout life we may find ourselves searching for a fresh start, to create a new relationship with food and exercise, or to eliminate any form of sickness that our bodies have suffered, or to rid the body of its accumulated toxins and the harmful substances we have poured into it, such as drugs, prescription medications, alcohol, sugar and gluten.

The objective is usually to live with greater vitality and physical energy in our day-to-day routines, where we feel well in our minds and bodies and can live a happy and healthy life.

A quick internet search indicates that there are many products and diet plans out there customised for just this kind of goal. You can cut out fat or carbs, juice every fruit or vegetable under the sun, eat only raw foods or invest in a lemon tree. If you don’t want to look at the food you are eating, you can book yourself in for a colon cleanse or attend a health retreat where all is organised for you. Most detox plans are marketed to increase weight loss, gain a ‘bikini body’ for summer or create a fresh start towards a healthier way of living.

But what happens to us and our bodies when the detox program is complete?

Do we return to our old behaviours and patterns, find ourselves frustrated or deflated when the body physically changes in a way we do not like or when we find ourselves feeling sick, uncomfortable and discontent in our own skin once again?

What would a successful detox actually look like for true health and wellness?

Well I can share this with you, as I have just completed a detox program with a Universal Medicine practitioner. The program consisted of 12, one-hour sessions including chakra-puncture and a supportive consultation in which to share whatever I was feeling.

When I first attended, I had already decided to eliminate sugar from my diet as I didn’t like the side effects in my body. During the first session, I was able to say that the detox program for me was actually about living as a woman, with the love and self-worth I know myself to naturally be. 

Detox was never about a goal, or attaining something (be that a physical change or an improvement of me) by its completion; instead each session was about whatever I brought to it, with honesty and a willingness to be as open as I possibly could. It was with my own sense of responsibility that I knew it wasn’t about my practitioner providing a solution to any issues; she was simply providing a space for me to re-connect to myself and inspiringly shared with me from her own experiences and way of living. We don’t actually need solutions to the issues that present in daily life, just the space to re-connect to the undeniable fact we already know what is right and loving and what is not.

I was continually amazed by the opportunity that presented in each session, to be honest with any emotional issues, old patterns of behaviour and ways of living – some felt like I had been repeating them for lifetimes! And yet the compassion I chose to gift myself allowed me to know that these old ways don’t have to define who I am today, and once declared and seen for what they are I can choose otherwise. When we become aware of how we have lived with ourselves and others, the opportunity is there to make new and more supportive choices – isn’t this beautiful!

My detox program was about being responsible and honest with me. I had an openness to whatever was to come up in my life and a dedication to living in a more loving, harmonious, joyful and truly well way. With a deep commitment to me – and life – my detox was supporting my whole way of being. I chose the support of a practitioner who I know already lives this way, who only shares from her way of living, never imposes and who radiates true responsibility and integrity.

A truly supportive detox is like the blossoming of a beautiful rose…

When a rose ages, its outside petals become discoloured, bruised and frayed, like our old ways of living; we forever have the ability to peel back the layers that no longer belong. We can allow ourselves to name and let go of the old comforts, needs, expectations and behaviours that simply didn’t exist when we started out as the delicate little bud.

Over time we grew to accumulate many beliefs, ideals, constraints and contracted ways of being that resulted in damaged petals, hurt feelings and hardening to protect ourselves from the world around us.

But our inner knowing has remained pure and unharmed.

It is from this supportive and warm place inside us that we can see the issues and hurts we carry that are not our natural way of being; but rather a collaboration of self-perceptions and past experiences that need only be exposed with loving tenderness and compassionso that we may unfold – returning to cherish and accept who we are and live the love we know ourselves to be.









931 thoughts on “A Fresh Start – a detox for life.

  1. I have received two chakrapuncture detox and with both of them I have been really transformed from the very roots of what I wanted to change in my life. After them, I had access to a deeper and clearer space within me, which is reflected in my expression since then.

    I love the rose’s analogy, as it’s like that how it feels… a discard of what I’m not anymore (by choice and commitment) and a crystal blossoming of who I truly am.

  2. It’s the ultimate detox, letting go of all that is not love to become more love. Once love is in place everything else (diet, exercise, etc) takes care of itself.

  3. Great point about how when our bodies feel looked after, fully supported, tended to and loved, we can start to deal with our deeper issues that we may have buried. If we’re stressed and anxious all the time, there’s no way that we can connect to the body on a deeper level to start to resolve and let go of any issues that we’ve held onto and possibly buried more deeply within.

  4. Tenderly shared thank you Cherise. I am currently on a detox and whilst I initially said that I wanted to look at practical things like diet and sleep what has unfolded for me is exploring the underlying beliefs that keep me following the same self sabotaging paths but with understanding and compassion of my past choices and not judging myself for them but adjusting my movements to support me to detox unsupportive patterns and reconnect to my purpose and what I am here to deliver.

  5. To truly detox is to let go of energy that is stagnant in our bodies. This is the only poison because it leaves the body tired, exhausted even and illness and disease occurs – for the body has to get rid of the energy that does not belong inside. Imagine the constant fight we are under within ourselves when allowing this type of energy to enter.

  6. I have just started a detox programme myself with an esoteric practitioner and my body is responding by letting me know so much more clearly what it really needs. In my case I have been wanting to go to bed earlier and have been sleeping more deeply and for longer. I feel less hungry and am inspired to get on with things that I have been letting slide. I can feel not only the deeper honesty but the deeper love that is calling me to care for myself and I am enjoying the feeling that a fuller appreciation of myself brings. I have also had intense headaches and I feel these are showing me how much I have been trying to go it alone and not gather the support that I have needed. My acceptance of myself with the letting go of what might have been is also taking place – and all this within a week of starting the programme. These detox sessions are awesome as we are offered a clearing for our way forward. Highly recommended.

  7. It is one of God’s greatest gifts that no matter what “our inner knowing has remained pure and unharmed.”

  8. It is awesome to recognise that there is the possibility of living without issues dominating our everyday, knowing of course that there will always be something or many things to be working on and developing understanding with, but that these need not be the overall factor of life, that there can in amongst all of this still be joy.

  9. It makes sense to cleanse ourselves of toxins we have allowed in, but we have to learn to stop putting it in in the first place. Some toxins are very obvious but some are not, especially our thoughts/behaviour patterns can be so ingrained and we often don’t even realise the level of toxins we have accepted as our make-up.

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