Choices, Choices, Choices

by Julie Snelgrove, Merchandiser, Somerset, UK

Three weeks ago I hurt my big toe. The pain was intense at the time of injury. As I was crying in pain I could feel the pain was coming from a much deeper place than just my toe!

The wound was too painful for me to allow the paramedic to clean it up, so they took me to the local minor injuries unit where I could have Entonox (gas and air). I’ve had this before so thought: “Ah, that’ll be ok”.

I was sitting in a chair when they brought the gas in. At that moment my head was feeling vulnerable so I asked my daughter to get me a pillow. As she was getting it – I started breathing the Entonox. I took a couple of deep breaths and then the words the doctor said kept repeating as I lost consciousness and collapsed sideways in the chair. In that moment a part of me was pleased this had happened and for a split second I WANTED this depth of numbness. Then inside me something screamed “Get me out of this now!” I chose to come back and said No to the numbness. It felt like I was dragging myself out of mud and I never want to feel like that again.

As soon as I came round I said “That was awful – I feel like I just had a shot of heroin.”  The nurse was light and humorous and said “You really shouldn’t take heroin through your toe!”

Eleven days later I was back at the hospital to have the stitches removed. This was painful, so I was offered Entonox again. Initially my reply was “No, I passed out with that last week”. 

My choice was based on that previous experience. In that moment I blamed the Entonox for causing it.

As the pain intensified I asked the nurse to stop. She suggested again I have Entonox.

After a brief hesitation, I chose to use the Entonox as a support, to allow the procedure to be completed.

This time I was lying on a couch. I asked for a pillow to support my head before I started using the entonox. The canister was rolled in and I was given a full explanation of how to use it. I followed the instructions and breathed gently. It took a few breaths for the haze to kick in and as it did I heard the words ‘I am divine’. I was fully aware of what was being said and what the nurse was doing. It was just all ‘dulled’. If any words went to repeat this time ‘I am divine’ was there.

I heard the nurse say it was all done and I came around. There was a very big smile on my face as I knew I’d just been through a special healing moment in understanding and experiencing the power of our choices and how these play out.

I thanked the nurse for her amazing support and in this I learnt more as I shared with her how I’d sat in a chair on the previous occasion. She was shocked, because part of the setup is the patient should be on a couch. In that moment I then remembered how I had felt rushed and unsafe, but had let it carry on because of what I wanted – to be numbed.

So what was the difference?

In the first experience I wanted to be fixed. I was angry this injury had been ‘done’ to me and I certainly did not want to accept my part in why it had happened. I CHOSE IRRESPONSIBILITY and then accepted whatever happened after that because of what I needed.

In the second experience I was open to there being another way and how I could be supported and choose this. I made sure I felt supported properly to start with – I was on the couch, I had a pillow, the side was up, I was given a clear explanation. But this was natural because of my choice. 

Two very different outcomes as a result of choices made.

The teachings and presentations of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have supported and inspired me to make more loving choices. The support I have received from Universal Medicine practitioners over the years has been ongoing and amazing and equally so too has the care, attention and wise words I’ve experienced from all the doctors and nurses in the NHS. So long as All are kept in the picture as part of the healing process, knowing the necessary support is always there from whomever or where ever this may come at the time, Universal Medicine and Conventional Medicine are a marriage made in Heaven.



531 thoughts on “Choices, Choices, Choices

  1. It’s so supportive to realise we can empower ourselves with our choices, to trust our feelings and to even slow down something happening around us, such as in this medical situation, to ask more questions and express how we feel and what our needs are. I definitely feel more empowered now when I work with medical professionals, realising they too need my feedback, and that we can work together more harmoniously as a team with my input.

  2. Our choices reflect the quality of energy we align to and in our willingness to embrace and surrender to truth and honor the love we are, our choices then follow to support this alignment and our opportunity to evolve.

  3. The way we approach the healing process determines the way we experience it. Good to remind this, since it is a choice we ourselves make.

  4. Thank you for sharing this great example of how when we choose irresponsibility we become a victim of how the situation then plays out but when we accept our part in whatever has unfolded we can then allow ourselves to be appropriately supported and thus transform the way we experience challenging circumstances and re-imprint them.

  5. As I read this I couldn’t help but think how our lives would be so different from young if we were raised to know the power, the consequences and the responsibility we have for each and every choice we make. For a start the ‘blame game’ would no longer exist as we would naturally be taking responsibility for these choices. Now that is one game the world would be so much better off without.

    1. Yes it really exposes the nature of blaming others by calling it the ‘blame game’ and is one that we would certainly benefit from not playing!

  6. Making choices based on past experiences – it sounds like there’s no other way to make any sensible choice, but I can feel how I use it to ease off the level of awareness and responsibility that the moment calls for. This is huge. Thank you for sharing your insight, Julie.

  7. I appreciate the honesty with yourself that you share here, recognising the impact of your part in the equation rather than just seeing it as random that there was a difference in how you reacted on different occasions or just blaming others for what happened.

  8. How beautiful that you had the opportunity to re-imprint your experience and how much more loving and supportive it was for you the second time when you were honouring yourself.

  9. I also registered a deeper inner pain beneath the surface pain of situations and experiences. It is easy to blame anything outside ourselves for the cause of our initial pain but when we are honest and feel into it more deeply it is possible to realise and understand the pain in choosing to live against our true nature we deny our natural expression.

  10. “In the second experience I was open to there being another way and how I could be supported and choose this.” Beautiful, The two different experiences demonstrate the importance of asking for support when we need it, but also to having no expectations as to an outcome. When we let go things often flow.

  11. We can go through life seeing things that happen as mere randomness or we can deeply appreciate that we are being supported through the magic of the universe to make choices that are evolving for us and humanity as a whole. It seems as a worldwide society we prefer the randomness vs truly seeing the reflections we are offered, I love how we always have a choice as growing up I thought I never had a choice and yet that was not true – something that I am exploring more and more each day and whilst not fully lived is transformational in my life.

  12. We always know what is truly happening, even if we then go and override our sense. An uneasy feeling should be an alarm bell in our minds but we have become so numb to the communications from our body that we often walk ourselves into danger whilst ignore the bell.

  13. What really stood out for me was that we do feel when things are not ok and even though we can blame a situation or others, there is always a part of ourselves in it as it is happening to us and we always have the choice to change it. It then becomes about if we wanted to change or not instead of being a victim and that is very empowering.

  14. It’s really about which way we turn in difficult situations, or which way we approach life that determines the outcome or our experience. Do we approach it with responsibility and truly wanting healing, or do we approach it wanting relief and a quick fix? Same scenario – different outcomes.

  15. Life becomes so much easier to live when we live with the knowing that there is always “another way” in any given situation. And as you found, the way you were not honouring how you were feeling led you to feeling even worse. How amazing it is what can unfold when we bring all our attention to what is going on for us and then bring that awareness to the next choice we make, especially if we make that choice a self-loving one.

  16. Beautiful Julie, thank you for the reminder of how our choices either lead us further towards the love and divinity we are all truly from or further away from love – a simple choice really but we complicate and make it hard for ourselves when we separate from this truth.

  17. When we make choices that fully support us and our body’s rhythm rather than rushing and getting ahead of ourselves our whole experience and outcome of situations is completely different.

  18. Before going into hospital and having any sort of surgery, I profoundly recommend that one takes the time to know oneself deeply enough, so that there can be a real and true sense of surrender within… Then there is a very different experience that is there to be had.

  19. More and more I realise it is my choices that dictate the outcome of what is taking place, so empowering and really so simple when it comes down to it. I had this recently, I had a picture of how something was going to go and of course it did, exactly, which gave me a drama to get wrapped up in and take a long time. Talking with a friend they asked what was my part in it? how was I approaching it.. and ah ha! there it was I realised I had set it up to be this way as I had already chosen how it would be by my picture I had of it. I changed my choice and my approach, dropped the picture, stayed open, without expectation and sure enough it flowed beautifully and completed quickly. It was all down to me.

  20. “I CHOSE IRRESPONSIBILITY and then accepted whatever happened after that because of what I needed” – this is such an brilliant realization. Thank you for sharing, Julie. I can see how I have played this pattern many times in my life. Being very honest and understanding what I really am after is a great way to bring clarity into why things are the way they are.

  21. Julie your words ‘My choice was based on that previous experience.’ This reminded me how many times we deal with things based on our previous experiences, and don’t see them for the grace that they truly are, which is another opportunity to do things differently.

  22. It’s amazing the difference awareness and understanding can make to the way we perceive things. We can choose to see the things that ‘happen’ to us as an inconvenience, or as an opportunity for growth.

  23. Your example in this blog Julie highlights how the quality in which we choose to live has an outcome, either one that is nurturing and lovingly supportive for ourselves and everyone around us or one that is the opposite and we often blame anything outside of us instead of looking at why we made those choices that brought us to the situation.

  24. this is huge in how we approach things – if we blame or don’t want to take responsibility, then that plays havoc on our bodies. If we are honest with how we feel and where we are at, it supports us for whatever is needed.

  25. Coming to the understanding that in any situation I always have a choice even though at times the choice is not one I really want to make, has been life changing for me. No longer do I feel the victim of circumstance but the master of my own ‘ship’, and I know without any doubt whatsoever that the direction my ship is going is the result of all my choices but I also know that I can change direction whenever I choose.

  26. Sometimes we lose sight of the big picture and that is simply that WE ARE DIVINE and to not live in connection with this divinity opens us up to forces that seek to mask it.

  27. We are not raised to understand that the quality in which we make our decisions actually effects the outcome. I couldn’t agree more with your example in this blog, as it is not what we do but how we do it. Each choice we make in life has an out play, it confirms the last choice, that confirming may seem positive or negative but in truth all experiences are a chance to learn. The second time you had the gas, you supported yourself and therefore your experience was supportive, confirming that you made a true choice. In the other instance you made a choice based on numbing and fear but equally you were confirmed, you were confirmed that making rushed and panic based choices is an insult on the body, thus the reason you passed out. This story is proof that there are no wrong choices, just lots of ways to learn and evolve if we choose to.

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