The Silly Season and its Effects on Health

by Steffen Messerschmidt, ND, Brisbane, Australia

Over the years I have been observing the effects the ‘Silly Season’ has on our health. IT JUST DOES NOT MAKE SENSE TO ME – neither personally nor professionally.

It is supposedly the festival of Love – just for one day, but I see more unloving things and effects then, than at any other time of the year. So this is what I see every year – year after year – and nothing is changing!

Here is a look at my own Christmas beliefs from the past to present:

As a child, I thought Christmas was a magical time – growing up in New York there were tons of lights, decorations and everybody around me made an effort to be nice to me.  Well it took me a while, as a child, to realize that the Santa Claus thing was fake and mostly everything was just put on and a show.

I also loved the Christmas decorations as a child and this carried into adulthood.  My home and the clinic always had lots of decorations and glamour until a few years ago.

As a child, I visited the ‘real’ Santa in upstate New York, where they had created a North Pole village and Santa was an old man with a real beard, not the fake ones from the shopping centres – those guys were just Santa’s helpers because he was too busy preparing for the 25th there was no way he could hang around in every shopping centre!

As a practitioner I saw all the things listed below, but it took me a while to let go of the ideals & beliefs I still held about Christmas.

It doesn’t make sense to me now that we need a day to be nice to each other and have fun getting together – that can happen any day.

Today I see it as a time of the year to enjoy summer and meet with friends and to have a short break if possible, as it is a very busy time of the year for anybody involved in health care.

Now here are my observations as a practitioner:

Before X-Mas:

–       Stress to get work ready and all done before the holiday

–       Stress to get all presents and organized for that one day

–       Stress on someone in the family (mostly mum) to cook & bake for it all

–       Stress if there is no family to stress about

–       Stress because we are sleeping less and not recovering due to lots of social, work and family events

–       Madness in Christmas shopping to find the perfect gifts for our ‘loved ones’

–       People already get tired and lethargic in the process leading up to X-mas and that just accumulates when they actually make it to X-mas and New Year

At X-Mas:

–       One day or let’s say two or three (Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Year’s) of total indulgence, disregard and accumulation of unloving choices

–       Eat too much unhealthy food and for some, even too much healthy food

–       Drink too much

–       Get emotional and stuff comes up that was not addressed the whole year because family members did not all meet up and now, as they all are together, stuff that was unresolved bubbles up

–       Discussions flare up – often made worse because of the effects of alcohol

–       Emotions, anxiety, depression increase – also for the ones who do not have a family to get together

–       Increase of domestic violence, suicides and mental health issues

After X-Mas – this lasts way into late January and beyond:

–       Feeling bloated, lethargic, nausea, no energy, put on weight and symptoms flare up again …

–       Patients with chronic disease, cancer or auto-immune disease, who are going well before Christmas and are symptom-free and on maintenance programmes, go off them and trigger their symptoms – they decide to eat just this piece of cheesecake, drink alcohol for New Year’s or smoke a couple of cigarettes …because it is ‘tradition’

–       Blood sugar levels which were under control before X-mas go up because they ate too much or chose the  wrong foods.

–       New Year’s resolutions –are to get healthy and work hard to reverse all the damage done over X-mas and New Year. Yet…..the following year we go and do it all again … !

I am sure you get the picture by now. This list has just some examples; however it could go on and fill a book.

I am sure every practitioner would be able to share the same experience. To me all this seems really not worth it, so I would rather recommend living each day lovingly without all the punishment we inflict on ourselves – this would be like Christmas every day and a true festival of Love.

It totally makes sense why we call it the ‘Silly Season’, because we put in so much extra effort to treat ourselves in such an unloving way. What else other than ‘silly’ could we call this?


374 thoughts on “The Silly Season and its Effects on Health

  1. I can remember when I was loving the festive time in the way it has been described all the delicious food, too much of it, all the tasty wines, too much of it, all the silliness that came with it all. However I got to a point when feeling rubbish at the end of it, and how really it was only highlighted at this time of year and then could see how I was doing this on a regular basis, just not so much in a short period of time.
    I started to explore, thanks to hearing Serge Benhayon present, that are we truly loving and caring for ourselves like we know we truly want to. So one by one when I felt to I started to experiment and see how I felt if I didn’t drink alcohol, take drugs, eat foods that weren’t supporting my body. Now today I feel like a totally different person and I feel more me than ever before.

  2. Very accurate observations. And I can feel how so much effort is being put into the whole thing and its entire purpose feels like a set up to stress ourselves out even more than usual, and somehow we are needing that intensity and distraction, because our ‘normal’ everyday life is just so unbearable.

  3. What I love most about Christmas now is being with family and friends no lavish gifts or food, just a time to share being together, and appreciating what we all bring when we are just being ourselves.

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