The delicacy of my lungs.

by Amparo Lorente Cháfer, Special Needs Educator, Alicante, Spain 

As a result of everything that is happening around us with corona virus disease, I have begun to get in contact with my lungs and all the delicacy that this area hosts within me. The exquisite fragility of each in breath and the enormous beauty with which my body restfully assimilates the air that enters inside me.

Now that I stop to observe this area, I feel something very sacred there. I feel as if there is a temple in my body, and that it resides in my chest, in the area of ​​the heart and lungs and the way to access it is from repose.

When I stop my perpetual motion and surrender to repose, and deeply rest, and connect with the temple within, it is a space that expands with my presence, a pulse that connects me to life. A thread that reflects my connection to the universe and shows the fragility of my existence.

Just as the oxygen I breathe is transferred to my entire body, the same occurs with the quality in which I breathe. If there is agitation, fear, anxiety … my breathing accelerates, my body contracts and with it, everything inside.

If, by contrast, my breathing is quiet, my body relaxes, my lungs are not under pressure and respond effortlessly with their maximum capacity. The amount of oxygen in my body will be greater and in this way my body will access more of it.

Therefore,holding delicacy in each breath is the greatest care I can offer to my lungs, as this is an innate quality of its nature. That care will inevitably resonate throughout my whole body and my movements, which will be more conscious, so I will be more present, with greater responsiveness and greater attention and awareness. From that sensitivity, I will be prepared to identify the quality of what meets me (more and more clearly) and be more able to truly respond to it.

My breath leads me to feel that I am here on Earth, but I am much more than this physical body I inhabit. The depth I have access to simply by allowing myself to feel what is happening inside me, provides me the bridge to All that I am.

It is curious that the lungs have the same shape as wings. It is as if they somehow represent our angelic quality from within the human body. Symbolically, that space where our connection with the divine is found coincides with the area that includes the heart, the space that acts as a bridge between the unfathomable and the concrete, where the connection with our inner resides and from where we share with everything that surrounds us the abundance to which we have access.

That is why, if I listen deeply to my lungs, if I breathe restfully, the most natural thing is to feel unity. Unity with myself, with others and with everything.

I appreciate life’s invitation to go deeper into this area of ​​my body and to take care of it with greater awareness. Today I feel my lungs are more alive, more clear, more present and even have a greater capacity. Acknowledging their delicacy leads me to guard it more diligently. I now understand the strength that emerges by placing value on the most delicate. Giving space to delicacy, sensitizes me, awakens my awareness and I feel embraced in love. It is like recovering the sovereignty of my body, my home. Let the air and the sun go through its windows and choose with each in-breath the quality that dwells within me. I feel cared for. My sensitivity is my greatest strength, because it keeps me awake, aware, observing and still.


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15 thoughts on “The delicacy of my lungs.

  1. Very beautifully written, thank you. “I feel as if there is a temple in my body, and that it resides in my chest, in the area of ​​the heart and lungs and the way to access it is from repose.” This brings sacredness to the body, a sense of it’s beauty and purpose and that it can represent something beyond the physical, the divine energy we are truly sourced from. That is something to breathe deeply of.

  2. Have we ever stopped to notice how our breathing can change when we get to a scary part in a film or book, how an outside event can have such an effect on our bodies. When we allow events to take over our bodies it completely changes the chemistry and composition.So is it possible that is how we then end up feeling fearful and anxious which puts a strain on our bodies as it is no longer in harmony with itself, which can then lead to illness and disease?

  3. I loved your reflection of the lungs being images of wings and the preciousness, sensitivity and connection they bring. Life is precious and our lungs reflect the delicacy of this when we choose to love them through the breath as you have described. Beautiful sharing.

  4. This article is exquisite to read, I feel the absolute love that you hold yourself with because of this connection you have with yourself and the universe. To me you are saying the lungs are where the particles that make up the universe meet our physical body and if we stop to feel, it is possible to feel the greater part of who we are which is our connection to God and where our true intelligence lies.

  5. Your delicate and exquisite words offer a healing to the world Amparo – I can feel the vibration of my breath bringing my body into a deeper repose and harmony.

    1. Susan I agree with you Amparo’s words are very healing as they offer us all a stop moment to reconnect to the delicacy and the sensitivity of who we are, which is innate in all of us but we have shut these qualities down because we have been raised within a society that shuns such virtues as unworthy.

  6. Breathing is our natural way in life, however when I am aware of this quite naturally I go to a deeper level of myself. Thank you Amparo, for the simplicity of your blog and how is again brings me back to greater awareness within.

  7. Amparo I am so moved by your writing and your experience. While reading your words I became totally still and felt them reflecting in my body: “Now that I stop to observe this area, I feel something very sacred there. I feel as if there is a temple in my body, and that it resides in my chest, in the area of ​​the heart and lungs and the way to access it is from repose.” and I feel that sacredness as I too observe this area in my body. You are reminding me of how magnificent we all are, and of the Universe within us all. Thank you.

  8. In the future breathing as so many of us do today, short, sharp and on autopilot will be recognised as an ill state rather than a ‘normal’ way of being. It simply makes sense that the way we breathe informs what comes next in our body and life.

  9. This is so very beautiful and inspiring – inspirare = to breathe in, how apt. I will be reminded of this when resting and accord my lungs (in the shape of wings) greater care and awareness. Thank you.

  10. Love this Amparo, it’s beautiful the way we can reconnect to our essence through the body – being present with the delicacy and small movement of the lungs, yet such a powerful movement.

  11. “Giving space to delicacy,” Beautiful words that inspire a deep appreciation of our connection to the Universe with every breath.

  12. This is a deeply beautiful expression of the simplicity of our access to the multidimensionality of the universe and our connection with such innate knowing, and the responsibility we all have to live with such open awareness as is mentioned above, the true unity we are all apart of is enhanced and undeniably felt.

  13. Thank you Amparo. This was a beautiful article to read and as I did, feel the slowing down of my breathing as I became more aware of each in breath and out breath and how that resonates throughout my body. Definitely something very worthwhile for me to take into my day!

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