Osteoporosis: it’s not just an illness for ‘old people’

by Anon, 42, UK

Osteoporosis is not just an illness for ‘old people’; I know, because I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis at the age of 39.

Most people think of Osteoporosis as an illness that women get when they are older, when their bones become weak and fragile, but it can occur in much younger women, and in men too.

My periods had stopped when I was in my late thirties for around 12 months. When I was being investigated for this, I had a bone density scan and I was told I was on the borderline for having Osteoporosis. Recently I wanted to know if it had gotten worse over the last three years and asked to have another scan. It was then the doctor said I had already been diagnosed with it on the previous scan!

In my search for answers and healing during those three years I used both Esoteric Medicine and Western Medicine together, to support my health and healing, and to get a deeper understanding of the energetic root cause of my illnesses, including looking at what energy I was living in, allowing and choosing that resulted in me being ill. Basically my healing process was a marriage of both Western and Esoteric medicine, one from the outside, the other from the inside, to get to the whole truth of what was going on.

But back to the Osteoporosis, I always thought Osteoporosis was an illness that only occurred in older women, as I am sure many people do, but here I was at 39, being told I had it. There is no ‘cure’, but weight-bearing exercise is supportive for the body and its bones. I already walk, and love lifting weights, so that was all good. I also generally eat a healthy balanced diet.

People with Osteoporosis are often recommended to increase their dairy intake for the calcium. I remember the doctor telling me that in the hospital and he was quite flabbergasted when I said I had a dairy free diet. Most people on reading this, would be like, oh well if you are dairy free, that’s why you must have it, you need more dairy. We have the belief that it’s just what we eat that will prevent us from getting Osteoporosis. When that is not true. I ate dairy for most of my life and still have it. And even if you don’t or can’t eat dairy, it is still possible to get enough calcium from many other food sources like seaweed, sesame seeds, nuts and green leafy vegetables.

I’ve had bloods taken for several others things since my initial diagnosis three years ago, and many times they have checked my calcium level, all of which come back fine and normal, and I’ve not eaten dairy (apart from maybe a bit of chocolate when things were tough in my personal life and I didn’t want to feel them) for 9 years; I don’t consume milk, cheese, yoghurt etc., but I eat plenty of broccoli, spinach, almonds, and kale.

I also when I initially got the diagnosis, took good quality calcium tablets for a few months, nothing long term, as my calcium levels are fine, but if they were to come back low then I would take this again, as I am all for getting any medical support I need. I also support myself with vitamin D3, good for the bones, and as we don’t get lots of sunlight where I live, I think many people in our country probably have very low levels of this vitamin.

But there is also another side of this illness I knew I had to look at, to bring it all together. I could have just stuck with the outside view looking in of Western Medicine, which is amazing, incredibly great work, but I know there is another part, and that is through Esoteric Medicine that comes from the inside, looking at the energetic root cause, how I have been and am living, and how it contributed to my illness.

According to Esoteric Medicine which understands life, humans and illness and disease at the level of energy, the energetic root cause of Osteoporosis is self-neglect and not loving one’s self to the bone.

This makes absolute sense to me, and I can see and feel very clearly how true this is and how it has and still does play out in my life, and I can honestly say it’s no wonder I have this illness.

If you look up self-neglect it is actually a medical condition, what you see painted is a picture of people who may have mental or physical health issues, whereby they don’t wash, don’t have good personal hygiene, maybe don’t socialise, hoard things, houses are a mess, don’t take care of their health and surroundings etc. Which all of course is self-neglect, but to me this is the extremes.

Why do we let things get to the extremes? Is it so that the things we need to say no to, the acts of lack of self-love and self-neglect that we do every day, we can accept as normal and carry on with these unloving and wayward behaviours, because they are not extreme, so we can then say we are okay, when in truth we are not?

For me, I am not out of this yet, I am still working on lack of self-worth, self-neglect and lack of self-love, but I am a far cry from where I used to be. Up until my early thirties I was as hard as nails, not in a fighting way, but my body was hard. I thought I could do everything by myself, tried to out-do the guys with weights at the gym, drank too much, was in abusive and very unloving relationships, put everyone else first, didn’t have the self-love in my body to say no to relationships or people that abused me. I worked hard, and partied hard, hard as in long days, and hard as in a hardness in my body. I recall jumping over the bar in a bar and restaurant I managed, where a fight broke out between football supporters and I got in the middle of it, shouting at them to stop; now I am a petite woman, I didn’t think twice then, but I would never dream of doing that to myself now.

Again you might think all this is extreme, but I still see self-neglect and lack of self-love in my days, even though I have changed so much, and by change I mean I am more myself now than I have ever been since I was a little girl; there’s a joy, a lightness, a playfulness there, a deep care of people, and more love and understanding for myself and others every day, but there are still the so called little things. It’s these ‘little things’ we need to address for our health and for the world, and it’s by no longer choosing these little things that can and will support us to live a much more true, vital and healthy life.

For me the little things can be overriding going to the toilet when I need to go, not having enough food in the house, just making do with what’s there, yet I know I’d go to the shops to get say one or two things for someone else, so why would I not do this for myself? It’s learning to say no to abuse, not to the person but what can come through another or even myself, the negative thoughts, judgment etc. It’s buying the shower gel, or bath salts I feel to when I feel to, honouring what I feel when I feel it, like buying myself flowers. It’s funny, or quite sad really that I think nothing of buying another flowers or spending money on someone, say buying a jumper as a present, yet I don’t do this for myself. For me that is all self-neglect and lack of self-love. It can be as simple as not going to bed when I’m tired or saying yes to something when I feel to say no. There is so much that we do that is self-neglect and lack of self-love, even down to the fact that we can’t be bothered preparing ourselves a nourishing meal, or taking time to rest. It can be rushing, not giving ourselves enough time in the morning to get to work, it can be putting oneself down. There is just so much and everyone will have different things they do.

For me this is all an unfolding process just now, and one that is quite fresh, so it will be interesting to see where else in my life self-neglect and not loving myself comes up, so that I can change these behaviours and let these old beliefs go, and also to see if my Osteoporosis reading has changed, the more I learn to love myself to the bone.



After writing this blog, I received a call from my doctor letting me know that in my most recent scan results, my bone density has risen by 6%. That may not seem like much to people, but to me it’s a miracle and evidence of the healing work I have done. My diet has not changed, how I exercise etc. hasn’t changed, but what has changed is the love I am deepening for myself, my self-care, self-honouring and self-devotion. And I know it will continue to forever deepen and evolve.

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17 thoughts on “Osteoporosis: it’s not just an illness for ‘old people’

  1. I feel that what is being shared here is that it takes a loud message from our bodies telling us that something is wrong for us to stop and reappraise the way we are conducting our lives. For me these blogs are so needed because it gives everyone who reads them now and in the future the opportunity to stop and consider just how much we disregard ourselves because our focus seems to be always looking outside of ourselves and not listening to our bodies from within.

  2. ‘Loving ourselves to the bone’ this really felt like something that I have not practised in my life and rings true when considering our ‘whole’ health. The simple little things that we overlook have such an impact on our lives and your sharing of your own journey exposes lots to be considered.

  3. “According to Esoteric Medicine which understands life, humans and illness and disease at the level of energy, the energetic root cause of Osteoporosis is self-neglect and not loving one’s self to the bone.”
    To unpack this statement is so clear, ‘not loving one’s self to the bone’, this I have done all my life by not being quite good enough, consequently my own self neglect. Thankfully things change so I am now on the way to loving myself fully. Thankyou Anon for writing this article.

  4. It is amazing to get an understanding of how energetically our bodies work and the level of Love❤️ that is required to live in this toxic environment is increasing as has been shared by Anon. Adding to the conversation it is super important to understand the role that vitamin D3 or 30 minutes of Sun plays in the role of building bone health.

  5. This is just a beautiful expression of how simple and practical esoteric medicine is, it’s not some ‘out’ there ‘hippy concept’, its just taking things to a deeper level and addressing every aspect of an illness, the true meaning of holistic or as I like to call it whole-istic healing.
    I also wanted to personally thank you Anon, for just saying it how it is with no ‘story’ so to speak or identification but instead offering the reader an accessibility, that says, this way of approaching life is actually equally there for anyone that wants to explore what is possible via their own will and shifts in their daily movements.

  6. I agree with all you have written Anon. As someone who has osteoporosis yet has had a high dairy diet most of my life until until recent years, I know there is much more to this condition than just diet. I too relate to the self-neglect, hardness and lack of self-love – it’s an ongoing focus in my life but has made quite a difference to how I feel. There has been what would be considered a small improvement in my condition which I attribute partially to Western medicine, but I truly know that the changes I have made in terms of developing a more loving relationship with myself have also played a big part.

    1. Helen,we are told by scientists and the milk industry that milk actually strengthen bones, however studies have found that milk causes osteoporosis, a condition in which bones become fragile. A report found that children who consumed the most amount of milk actually had more bone fractures than children who consumed less. If the studies are true it doesn’t make any sense at all.

  7. It makes so much sense Anon that while we do not love ourselves to the bone, we will continue to have illness and disease.

  8. A male member of my family had Osteoporosis quite badly and interestingly I felt it was because he had been a rear gunner in a Lancaster Bomber during WW2 the stress and sheer terror of going out night after night on bombing raids not knowing if he or his crew would survive, watching others in the Squadron go down never to return to base, places a huge strain on the physical body. So I was not surprised he had Osteoporosis as there was nothing in what he and many other men and women endured at that time was self loving.

  9. “the energetic root cause of Osteoporosis is self-neglect and not loving one’s self to the bone.” Every cell in our bones and body responds to love and the way we care for ourselves.

  10. Thank you for writing this. Super supportive blog that helps us all to consider where are we neglecting ourselves – and why? Why is it ‘easier’ to put others first, to overdo it at work, to just not bother taking care of ourselves? When we start making the shift to take better care of ourselves, in my experience the body responds pretty fast: it just feels better. I feel steadier and more settled, better able to handle whatever is going on around me.
    I still have the tendency to self neglect – feels like a very old pattern of sabotaging myself, but this blog has supported me to look at it and consider that more deeply. And to know that changing that pattern is not impossible, but just requires a bit of loving commitment, consistently.

    1. BR I agree with you this blog is supper supportive because it is offering us another way to be with ourselves, that if we did just take more care of ourselves then we would reap the benefits. So easy so simple.

  11. Thank you for bringing the energetic side and root cause of osteoporosis and the medical diagnosis together in the one case. It makes it abundantly clear that humanity needs both, Western and Esoteric Medicine in union for true health and vitality.

  12. As a man who has recently been diagnosed with Osteoporosis I totally agree with all you say – when you go deeper and consider that it’s a lack of love that’s involved you can see this is a huge point across all of your life not just a matter of tweaking what we eat. Thank you so much for sharing and congratulations on your inspiring results.

  13. This has been both eye opening and inspiring for me to read to also see here I am disregarding of myself and self neglecting. Thank you for the blog because I feel to look more deeply at this in my life now, much appreciation for sharing your story and congratulations on the 6% build in your bones!

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