Cancer and the three amigos!

by Rosie Bason, Australia. 

Let me introduce you to Susan, Nick and Ingrid, three dear friends of mine who are all friends and have a few things in common. Nick is my Dad, so he really is family, and Susan and Ingrid are family too but we are not related by blood in any way, but the love is there all the same. We often get together and have shared meals and support each other in whatever way we can.

Have a look at these three elders who are all around the same age and what do you see? To me, when I see them, I see the wisdom of their life, I see the glow in them, like something is radiating out of them and I see a joy that is infectious.

For me, they are an inspiration on so many levels as they show me what getting older can look like. In fact, they radiate wellbeing, but more than that they amaze me and should be studied, as these three people are all living with cancer and do not fit the grey, tired, worn out, cancer picture that I am familiar with.

What is their secret? There is no secret, there is no hiding or not talking about it, in fact they are all very open about it in the same way that they are open about the way that they live and their religion, The Way of The Livingness, and how it has supported them to live well, despite having cancer.

They all see their medical doctors and specialists, naturopaths and Esoteric practitioners and I often give them Chakra-puncture and they enjoy the best of both worlds, what Western Medicine has to offer and what the Ancient Wisdom has always known about healing and the truth of who they are, and with this they show us all another way.

My Dad, Nick Bason was diagnosed with emphysema 19 years ago and now has lung cancer and was given 6 months to live 7 months ago and is doing so well that he was recently given another year, even though the cancer is growing quite fast. When asked what helped him cope so well, he said

“ I could say things like, “I have no expectations”, “I live for each day” and “I try to do something that counts every day,” and whilst I have done just that I feel the words of God through Serge Benhayon are the real reason I have coped so well and lived much longer than the doctors predicted. Serge said, “Ultimately it’s your own choice but make it about dignity”. I didn’t want chemo or radiation and fortunately the oncologist decided that my body was not fit for either. He also said, “Deeply surrender” and “Deeply rest”. Keep it simple, I would say, and I like that. And of course, who would want to go anywhere when you have a new partner like Carmel Reid.”

Ingrid has breast cancer and was first diagnosed 16 years ago and has had an interesting miraculous journey with several recurrences. Two years ago, Ingrid was diagnosed with secondary cancer and told she only had a certain amount of time left, but she is still here too. When asked what has helped her, Ingrid says,

“Since the terminal diagnosis (and already before) there is no giving up and vegging out in front of a TV or anything else that would distract me in any way from living fully. I listen to my body in every aspect of my life and live accordingly. Supporting sessions at the Universal Medicine clinic and a wonderful naturopath help me to cope better with the medication I choose to take. This allows me to feel as well as I do and I am contributing to my community and am committed to life till the day I pass over.

Susan was first diagnosed with lung cancer 3 years ago and had surgery to remove one third of her lung, followed by treatment and now it has come back in both lungs and her brain and she is now having further treatment. Susan says,

“My recent diagnosis has brought a prognosis that my passing over could be within the next two years. I take a chemo type of medication and have had radiation with supporting Esoteric modalities. Having this prognosis has inspired me to make the remaining time I have to be one of purpose. Many friends say to me ‘are you going to do your bucket list? ‘my reply is, ‘ I love my life, I love who I am and I do not need to go and do things that do not really support me. I have lived with cancer for three years, I still work, I listen to what my body tells me, and I make self loving choices and I feel amazing. Accepting and embracing this disease has allowed me to have a joy within that I love to share with everyone I meet and show there is another way to live, The Way of The Livingness!”

Now I don’t share this story for anyone to feel sad or sorry, quite the opposite in fact because it is so beautiful to have these three people in my life and watch them with their diagnoses, their doctors’ visits, and how they approach cancer.

They are leading the way in how to live with cancer and not be dead before they really are.

For the three Amigos, there has been a real acceptance of their disease which allows them to live with cancer with ease and with no fight mentality.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, you don’t have to stop living, give up or fight the good fight but instead accept and embrace it for the true healing it is.

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441 thoughts on “Cancer and the three amigos!

  1. The Livingness isn’t a secret as its simply responding to what you feel in your body and allowing more of the inner you to come out. This secret has been known for eons by some even though it’s not the norm of society.

  2. It is very inspiring to have elders that can share the wisdom of true wellbeing and vitality, whilst living with cancer.

  3. This so joyful to read, I have never read or heard people speak about their disease from lightness, true joy and actual power! Seeing you standing there and embracing life tells the world that we have something to live for, even till our very last breath. Thank you for your honest reflection and the work you have done and surrender you have allowed in your lives.

  4. Living with rather than fighting, denying or suppressing allows for acceptance of what is and the opening to consider and heal the underlying root cause.

  5. The inspiration of these 3 beautiful people is huge as is the reflection of The Way of The Livingness on their lives, who they are now and the joy they are living with an aliveness and realness from within.

  6. Redefining what it looks like and how one lives with illness.. They collectively look like their disease is not dominating them, their light and love and capacity to live to their fullest despite the disease process is remarkable. The Three Amigos are a fabulous case study of how to live vibrantly with illness and disease.

  7. These beautiful people look totally alive whereas many people you pass in the street look so checked out that you would swear that they were the walking dead.

  8. I love what you’ve shared about how the love between the three of you is the same no matter if you are actually ‘blood’ or not. This is true family.

  9. These are three remarkable beings that have had the awesome support of Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine therapies. Serge is always there no matter what for support and sharing the wisdom that he lives.

  10. I saw Ingrid speak on a recent webcast and honestly, if you didn’t know she had cancer you would have said she was supremely vital and healthy. She simply radiated beauty and was incredibly steady and solid. Students in the esoteric community really need to be studied as they are breaking the mold.

  11. Looking at the photograph of the ‘three amigos’ it is difficult to conceive that a common factor is that they all have cancer. Their stories are true testament that there is different, far more enriching way to live than the one commonly lived by humanity in general, and it is available to all.

  12. All three of these wonderful people are inspirational living case studies of the power and grace of love, commitment, purpose and The Way of The Livingness.

  13. I get such a warm feeling looking at the photograph above, no doom, no gloom and no fear of what lies ahead, only a joy in the all knowing that life is just a process back to the light.

  14. It is fascinating how a person whose body is ill can feel very alive and actually healthy as the very being that they are. Understanding illness and disease of the body as the healing process turns the common paradigm upside down.

    1. Yes, to feel healthy and alive when the body is ill is a paradigm shift of understanding that turns the present approach to illness and disease on its head that leads to completely different questions and answers to the cause and subsequent treatment of the illness.

  15. What a beautiful reflection of illness and disease and how we can be supported in our lives and the community as a whole. A joy to read and see the truly smiling faces and the vibrancy and aliveness in the photos which says it all and is an inspiration to the world.

  16. “What is their secret? There is no secret, there is no hiding or not talking about it, in fact they are all very open about it in the same way that they are open about the way that they live and their religion, The Way of The Livingness, and how it has supported them to live well, despite having cancer.” These three look so well – living with cancer – in fact they look more healthy than many people who don’t suffer any health problems. The meaning of healthy surely has to be redefined.

  17. Thank you Rosie for your inspiring blog and thank you to the Three Amigos for sharing your stories so openly and honestly and reflecting to the world that dis-ease within the body cannot take away from the Soul’s wisdom and light shining throughout, no matter what, when we have embraced and live the truth of who we are.

  18. Every time I look at the accompanying photo I am blown away by the love, joy and light emanating from these Three Amigos they are such an inspiration to all of us to embrace true living.

  19. This illness is a choice – like any other – to embrace what is being offered and look at how we are living. This blog highlights the fact that it is also about the community coming together to support each other and not be in sympathy but rather to provide a reflection that we can be more.

  20. There is no ‘one size fits all’ treatment that works for every patient, not necessarily in terms of medication as particular drugs are specific for particular illnesses, but in how we need to eat, sleep, exercise, rest, work, not work etc. during this time to best support ourselves.

    1. I like this because it takes me out of my search for the one ‘right’ thing that will fix/answer everything and into the understanding that it is in a responsive and respectful relationship with my body that I will be wisely guided as to how to move, eat, exercise, rest etc.

  21. There are many people who outlive their cancer-induced life expectancy but how many of them look as good as these?

  22. This is great Rosie, and adding to what you have shared there is no regrets from these amigos, as each of them feel complete in what they have lived this life, with everyone they interact with.

  23. “have a joy within that I love to share with everyone I meet and show there is another way to live, The Way of The Livingness!” This says it all and is an inspiration to live to the full every moment.

  24. Rosie it blows me away to see and feel the incredible love, light and joy from these three elders. That despite them having Cancer they look and feel more vibrant and alive than most of us who don’t have cancer.

    1. You can have people who have huge bank balances but do not have love in their life and they are poor compared to someone with love. Equally you can have someone who may appear to have a healthy body but if it void of love it is not healthy whereas here we have three loving people who look like the picture of health and yet they have cancer. To me true love is more precious and healthy than anything.

  25. If this is not a testament that our Soul is what supersedes our body, our Soul is what truly defines all that we are, I don’t know what is. What more proof do we need that we are Souls first, enhoused in a body. A body that is not to be discredited in any way for the intelligence and wisdom that our bodies hold therein is essential to be honored and listened to for us to live implused and in connection to our Soul, in order for us to live who we are and the well-being we are designed to live. Thank you Rosie for sharing this, the real evidence of how our Soul is always calling for us to live the light and power of who we are regardless of whatever stage or state we find ourselves in in life. And deepest thanks and appreciation to the Three Amigos for so openly sharing your journey of healing and empowerment with us all, it is so greatly needed.

    1. I have sat next to a family member whilst they passed over and at the point of their death it was starkly apparent that what had filled them up until the point of their passing, was no longer in their body. I was absolutely amazed at how quickly the body started to collapse in on itself and at how obvious it was that their very life force had totally left their body and moved on. I actually found the process very comforting, as it supported me to really see that our bodies are truly only vehicles for the soul.

      1. What an insightful observation and awareness this passing-over showed you… definitely reassuring and confirming that everything is energy, and that there is more to life…

  26. There is so much joy in the eyes of each person in the photo, something we are not used to seeing in people diagnosed with cancer. This is a massive game changer, living evidence that there is something every powerful to tap into within our selves that when embraced and honoured, ignites a vital love that flows out even in the face of such a challenging disease.

  27. It is so clear from this story that health is not limited to a lack of illness or disease, nor just to our physical body. There is so much more to us than we have tended to acknowledge or address. The beauty of the Esoteric Modalities offered by Universal Medicine is that all these other layers are taken care of and we are honoured and supported in the totality of the grandness that is our true essence.

  28. I don’t think there is anyone who would read this and not be utterly inspired and ignited to not take life for granted… better still, to not take who we are for granted and the body we have. We are so much more and yes, I firmly know that we return once the passover process completes, but why wait till we are dying to live who we are without reservation or apology – we have the chance in every breath, now, to be all of who we are in all that we do. Can you tell I’m inspired?

  29. Thank you for sharing these stories. Often people with cancer have an unsettled feeling about them but reading the words of these ‘three amigos’ there is no sense of them missing out on life or regret of the things they will not see or do.

  30. What a trio of amazing role models for society of how illness and disease can be with its true understanding and clearing offered to us in our healing with out the fighting or giving up so often seen. A joyful photo of the beauty of ageing inspirational offering all that is possible.

  31. Your appreciation of these three people is very inspiring. There is so much for our elders to show us – an elder choosing to live their last years in absolute full, gets us all to pick up our own game, at whatever age we might be. But if they are stuck in homes, glued to a TV, with the life totally drained out of them, then of course we all have a deeply negative view of old age – meaning that when we too get there, we too will also give up. I want to live every last moment of my life, as it is all just a preparation for the next.

      1. I would suggest that every single moment is in fact a new beginning irrespective of age and that as soon as we have put any time-line down on our lives, then we are missing the bigger picture. And yet everything about the world; birthdays, things we are allowed to do at certain ages, landmark birthdays, retirement etc..they all keep us on that narrow-viewed, lineal path.

  32. Thank you Rosie for shining the spotlight on these three stories. I am struck by the responsibility of living our last months and years like this. Oh so easy to give up, shut down and fade away…but that is a choice that we then have to come back with. Alternatively we can celebrate our way out of this life…to leap back into our next; full of fire, commitment, delicacy and tenderness.

    1. I totally agree Otto if we could only fully grasp that the way we live this life right until our dying day is what we return to, (not in the material sense) we would be more about love, life and the preciousness of each moment, like the three Amigos are clearly us showing here.

      1. I’ve always noticed how many people start to go to church when they get older. Is this because they are beginning to feel that there is perhaps more and thus they are searching for some kind of guidance or learning? Or is it because they are feeling the irresponsibility of their lives and are thus desperately trying to curry back some favour, clean their slate? It’s probably different for each. The point being, that we do innately know that this life isn’t our only life.

  33. All I can say when looking at this photo and the three glowing people in it is that if cancer is an ‘eating away’ of the body, then what is being ‘eaten away’ here can only be accumulated poison and what is left behind is a much more light-filled form.

    1. Or how about the offices of cancer research centres?! Although it is unlikely that they’d allow such a bright mirror reflecting the gigantic waste of money that they have facilitated. Zillions of dollars and the rates of cancer are still going up proving that we absolutely have not got to the true root cause of cancer.

  34. If this isn’t proof how needed The Way of the Livingness and the Ancient Wisdom is in todays society I really don’t know what is. Where else could you find such vibrant people with cancer that are still living life to the full.

    1. Agreed Kev it shows exactly what is possible when we embrace truth and a deep level of care and love for ourselves.

  35. Illness and disease has a purpose and if we allow ourselves to see this and work with the blessing that it brings, then it allows the process to be transformed completely. If we get stuck in seeing the illness and disease as a nuisance to all that we want to do, then we cannot see past the experience in order to embrace the true healing on offer.

  36. How we choose to handle life is a key factor in how we will then experience the various challenges that we are faced with in life. These three exemplary cases that Rosie has presented are deeply inspiring and when you meet each of these people you get to realise that they have cancer but they are not the cancer, that they are not fighting the disease but rather have embraced the healing that comes with it and in this can allow themselves to live life rather than exist. What role models to to be inspired by in our lives, regardless of having an illness or a disease or not.

  37. ‘Accepting and embracing this disease has allowed me to have a joy within that I love to share with everyone I meet and show there is another way to live, The Way of The Livingness!”’ I love what all three are bringing Why fight what your body is telling you and life is not yet over but is to be lived in full to the end.

  38. I feel very inspired to just keep celebrating and to enjoy the time we have with them whenever anyone is in this situation. It truth none of us really knows what’s around the corner anyway and we could all appreciate more the precious time we have this lifetime.

  39. I have seen so many people transform through experiencing an illness/disease. This occurs when the person who is ill wants to understand and change the pattern/way of living that brought about the illness/disease. There is so much more that we need to understand about illness and disease.

    1. This is so important to have shared because I have known many people who do not want to know and who have identified with the illness concerned. When we are open to understanding more about illness and disease and what it is showing us then we are open to evolving.

      1. Yes Michelle, this is by far the way that the majority approach an illness. The main aim being to get back to how they were before they got sick. But what is important to realise here is that it is exactly because of how they were before they got ill that made them ill in the first place. Not until we are willing to truly heal our past hurts and restablish a new way forward will we truly heal.

      2. One of the biggest keys that unlocked all of this for me was to feel the truth of reincarnation and to understand that how I leave is what I come back to. Being ill is simply a way of the body clearing excess stagnant energy we have accumulated by living loveless choices. The evolution happens with the choices you make after the clearing has occured – there being more space after the body has cleared to be and express the love we are – or not – as we choose.

  40. A true wisdom shines through these people because when we know there is more to life than the physical body, we are aware of the journey that this life evolves to and the bigger picture that this life will pass, but our essence does not deteriorate but embraces the next phase.

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