Cancer and the three amigos!

by Rosie Bason, Australia. 

Let me introduce you to Susan, Nick and Ingrid, three dear friends of mine who are all friends and have a few things in common. Nick is my Dad, so he really is family, and Susan and Ingrid are family too but we are not related by blood in any way, but the love is there all the same. We often get together and have shared meals and support each other in whatever way we can.

Have a look at these three elders who are all around the same age and what do you see? To me, when I see them, I see the wisdom of their life, I see the glow in them, like something is radiating out of them and I see a joy that is infectious.

For me, they are an inspiration on so many levels as they show me what getting older can look like. In fact, they radiate wellbeing, but more than that they amaze me and should be studied, as these three people are all living with cancer and do not fit the grey, tired, worn out, cancer picture that I am familiar with.

What is their secret? There is no secret, there is no hiding or not talking about it, in fact they are all very open about it in the same way that they are open about the way that they live and their religion, The Way of The Livingness, and how it has supported them to live well, despite having cancer.

They all see their medical doctors and specialists, naturopaths and Esoteric practitioners and I often give them Chakra-puncture and they enjoy the best of both worlds, what Western Medicine has to offer and what the Ancient Wisdom has always known about healing and the truth of who they are, and with this they show us all another way.

My Dad, Nick Bason was diagnosed with emphysema 19 years ago and now has lung cancer and was given 6 months to live 7 months ago and is doing so well that he was recently given another year, even though the cancer is growing quite fast. When asked what helped him cope so well, he said

“ I could say things like, “I have no expectations”, “I live for each day” and “I try to do something that counts every day,” and whilst I have done just that I feel the words of God through Serge Benhayon are the real reason I have coped so well and lived much longer than the doctors predicted. Serge said, “Ultimately it’s your own choice but make it about dignity”. I didn’t want chemo or radiation and fortunately the oncologist decided that my body was not fit for either. He also said, “Deeply surrender” and “Deeply rest”. Keep it simple, I would say, and I like that. And of course, who would want to go anywhere when you have a new partner like Carmel Reid.”

Ingrid has breast cancer and was first diagnosed 16 years ago and has had an interesting miraculous journey with several recurrences. Two years ago, Ingrid was diagnosed with secondary cancer and told she only had a certain amount of time left, but she is still here too. When asked what has helped her, Ingrid says,

“Since the terminal diagnosis (and already before) there is no giving up and vegging out in front of a TV or anything else that would distract me in any way from living fully. I listen to my body in every aspect of my life and live accordingly. Supporting sessions at the Universal Medicine clinic and a wonderful naturopath help me to cope better with the medication I choose to take. This allows me to feel as well as I do and I am contributing to my community and am committed to life till the day I pass over.

Susan was first diagnosed with lung cancer 3 years ago and had surgery to remove one third of her lung, followed by treatment and now it has come back in both lungs and her brain and she is now having further treatment. Susan says,

“My recent diagnosis has brought a prognosis that my passing over could be within the next two years. I take a chemo type of medication and have had radiation with supporting Esoteric modalities. Having this prognosis has inspired me to make the remaining time I have to be one of purpose. Many friends say to me ‘are you going to do your bucket list? ‘my reply is, ‘ I love my life, I love who I am and I do not need to go and do things that do not really support me. I have lived with cancer for three years, I still work, I listen to what my body tells me, and I make self loving choices and I feel amazing. Accepting and embracing this disease has allowed me to have a joy within that I love to share with everyone I meet and show there is another way to live, The Way of The Livingness!”

Now I don’t share this story for anyone to feel sad or sorry, quite the opposite in fact because it is so beautiful to have these three people in my life and watch them with their diagnoses, their doctors’ visits, and how they approach cancer.

They are leading the way in how to live with cancer and not be dead before they really are.

For the three Amigos, there has been a real acceptance of their disease which allows them to live with cancer with ease and with no fight mentality.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, you don’t have to stop living, give up or fight the good fight but instead accept and embrace it for the true healing it is.

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540 thoughts on “Cancer and the three amigos!

  1. I am a health care professional with over two decades of being in the industry. In the beginning of my nursing career, I saw many people pass over through many cancers, and it was always distressing to observe and I did not fully understand why except what I was taught growing up in an Indian community.

    Roll on years and through the presentations of The Way of The Livingness, my perspective has changed. Bringing more understanding that every person brings a life line with them, and with it the calamities, the joy, the opportunities to grow, that goes with, life. It’s the relationship we develop with life is the key to living it to the fullest.

    All of these three amigos have been inspiring to be around and change my perspective that there is another way to live, and live whether with cancer or whether without it too.

    1. The opportunity to expand is always there and perhaps it’s even more present when we get sick. But we have a habit of contracting as soon as we know we’re unwell, we shut ourselves down to the possibilities that are ever present and this is something that we do whenever something that we deem to be ‘negative’ happens in our lives. We habitually condemn things as ‘negative’ and that then cordons them off as being ‘not good’ and it is this knee jerk habit of labelling things that automatically limits them.

  2. Such an Awesome photo! Really we should have this as a billboard poster all over the world. 3 people with with cancer that literally exuberate and radiate vitality, joy and health! How can this be? Just through their livingness and choices they have made. GOSH the whole world needs to know about this! ✨ This needs to be shouted from all the rooftops for all to know ❤️

    1. Vicky, agree if we showed this photo to people, they wouldn’t believe that these three people had cancer. Most billboards present people suffering, so they can prey on people’s emotions and sympathy. Dying with dignity needs to be pondered over and over again…

  3. “I am contributing to my community and am committed to life till the day I pass over.” This is so different to the usual giving up mentality that seniors have in retirement, and obviously unusual for anyone experiencing a terminal illness. If we break it down even further to cover other age groups from teens onwards, we may find very few of us (well or otherwise) truly live this way, yet commitment to life and having purpose seems to be key to vitality and well-being.

  4. This is a stunning blog Rosie “‘ I love my life, I love who I am and I do not need to go and do things that do not really support me. I have lived with cancer for three years, I still work, I listen to what my body tells me, and I make self loving choices and I feel amazing. Accepting and embracing this disease has allowed me to have a joy within that I love to share with everyone I meet and show there is another way to live, The Way of The Livingness!”’ Who else is saying how much they love their life? Who else shows such purpose to life and yet is living with terminal cancer? This is truly inspiring, thank you.

  5. The moment of diagnosis must be a shock, but we can use it as a wake-up call, as these three Amigos have done, and live life in full, until the last moments come.

  6. I have shown Ingrid’s website to friends and family and they are shocked to learn she has cancer and yet looks so vibrant and alive. As you mention Rosie you don’t have to die at the moment of diagnosis and these three are certainly bucking that trend.

  7. The pictures about the ageing process and how we should be, depending on our age are endless, but it’s a blessing having new role-models who are beautifully showing us how joyful, vital and precious living a life based on love can be, whatever the age, the gender, the place we live in…this possibility is accessible for all, equally so.

    1. Thank you Inma for your comment, it’s reminded me to look at pictures for other things as well, for being unwell, etc, we can still feel joy, love and purpose, and bring our all despite what we are experiencing.

  8. Yesterday walking in the street I could observe the body and gazes of some people. They weren’t joyful, vital and vibrant but very empty. We could justify that because of the age, past experiences or whatever, but the fact is we have a life to be lived in full and if it’s not the case, why we don’t question it?.

  9. It’s a joy to see people like Nick, Ingrid and Susan who are living a wonderful life despite what they are experiencing at a physical level. Certainly they are leading the way in how we all can be in life, appreciating and embracing each moment, learning step by step and honouring the beauty inside us. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful article Rosie.

  10. The vibrancy of these three elders is inspiring to see. If I walk through a shopping centre or town, what we are all too often presented with is older people dragging their feet and shuffling along. To see this level of vibrancy here is very uncommon.

  11. Love doesn’t necessarily defeat cancer but can enormously increase our quality of life during cancer and here are three prime examples.

  12. All three are positively glowing, you would never guess they all have cancer if you met any one of them in the street. Truly inspirational and just highlights that there is another way to live and be with cancer – but first things first, we do have to give up the ‘fight’, let go of control, accept what life has presented and in the acceptance, one can surrender and find their true way.

    1. Yes, first things first” as jacqmcfadden says…

      and I have found this to be true of everything life presents, not only the big stuff like cancer; that first we need to stop ‘fighting’ and accept what life is presenting so we can surrender to the wisdom that is always on offer from the Universe, from God and from within.

      When I do this I can feel how to live and go forward in life in a true and loving way.

      1. I agree with both of you
        As I feel we fight ourselves and so there is no surrender to our bodies and the wisdom that it holds.

  13. “They are leading the way in how to live with cancer and not be dead before they really are.” What an ispiring story, and one that we can all learn from whether we’ve got a serious illness or not.

  14. This is an inspiring story that should be circulated in health clinics world wide – people need to see what is possible and what is being lived by real people. Not the misery of illness but the vibrancy of life in the midst of a cancer diagnosis.

  15. Love that these guys are guided by the grace of their soul. I have worked with too many dying people who are in deep emotional turmoil because they don’t know where they are going next and want to cling onto life.
    Death is a certainty and whether we believe it or not we are coming back, so much less painful to embrace whats on offer and say yes to the healing from our beloved soul.

    1. It makes sense that how we live is how we die, it highlights how important the three people are in this story, they are showing that a way of life is what supports them in the way they pass over.

  16. Ultimately, as we approach the close of our life, it is our Soul that ‘pulls the plug’ so to speak. Death is not some ‘big bad’ thing that has to happen to us all one day and is to be avoided at all costs. It is a necessary step in an unending cycle of life that continues even when we pass over. Honouring this process by virtue of living connected to our Soul gives us the grace and the space to not diminish our light in any way as this body of light prepares to leave its enhousing vehicle (our physical body). And this is what these three gorgeous amigos reflect to us all – that no matter what illness you may experience, this light does not need to be turned down or diminished in any way, in fact, it can be turned up full bore and beamed back into the world even as we are getting ready to depart.

  17. So beautiful to read Rosie, thank you for sharing “Cancer and the three amigos!” Such an amazing reflection of us all to deeply appreciate and see what a magnificent difference the way we choose to live in any given moment when dealing with anything that is presented to us, has on the quality of our being.

  18. A real reflection of illness and disease with vitality joy and opportunity form choosing to live another way that supports us all beautifully through life and passing over.

    1. Amazing that you can have vitality and joy with illness and disease and that there are three examples here at once.

  19. Stories such as this clearly show that our understanding of illness, disease and even terminal disease is as yet very limited, and there is far more to it than we have as yet allowed ourselves on mass to connect to.

  20. What these three people live is so very helpful for us all no matter where we are at and how our health condition is. To live in every moment with deep love and care for ourselves and simply take one step at a time helps us all to remain true to ourself and not get lost in the demands and lovelessness of the world.

  21. The Way of The Livingness is a lived example where it is possible to be living a different way than what most have settled for. It’s a way of living where it is about connecting to our true origins first and foremost and expressing this with all and everywhere we go.

    1. Yes – and the simple power of connecting to this essence and expressing it is revealed here by those who are living with a terminal illness. Their vitality and zest for life simply speak for themselves.

  22. Thank you very much Rosie for sharing this with us all. It is a very needed reflection for all humanity as all three of these wonderful people show that health and well being is ultimately a choice and a choice we all have the equally opportunity to make.

    1. Ultimately we’re all here to reflect God on earth and although that might sound utterly ridiculous to most, it is, none the less true. Our beliefs about what constitutes ‘health’ may need to expand to include our beingness as well as our body – we can be in a very sick body and our being can be well and still have God streaming through us.

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