Cancer and the three amigos!

by Rosie Bason, Australia. 

Let me introduce you to Susan, Nick and Ingrid, three dear friends of mine who are all friends and have a few things in common. Nick is my Dad, so he really is family, and Susan and Ingrid are family too but we are not related by blood in any way, but the love is there all the same. We often get together and have shared meals and support each other in whatever way we can.

Have a look at these three elders who are all around the same age and what do you see? To me, when I see them, I see the wisdom of their life, I see the glow in them, like something is radiating out of them and I see a joy that is infectious.

For me, they are an inspiration on so many levels as they show me what getting older can look like. In fact, they radiate wellbeing, but more than that they amaze me and should be studied, as these three people are all living with cancer and do not fit the grey, tired, worn out, cancer picture that I am familiar with.

What is their secret? There is no secret, there is no hiding or not talking about it, in fact they are all very open about it in the same way that they are open about the way that they live and their religion, The Way of The Livingness, and how it has supported them to live well, despite having cancer.

They all see their medical doctors and specialists, naturopaths and Esoteric practitioners and I often give them Chakra-puncture and they enjoy the best of both worlds, what Western Medicine has to offer and what the Ancient Wisdom has always known about healing and the truth of who they are, and with this they show us all another way.

My Dad, Nick Bason was diagnosed with emphysema 19 years ago and now has lung cancer and was given 6 months to live 7 months ago and is doing so well that he was recently given another year, even though the cancer is growing quite fast. When asked what helped him cope so well, he said

“ I could say things like, “I have no expectations”, “I live for each day” and “I try to do something that counts every day,” and whilst I have done just that I feel the words of God through Serge Benhayon are the real reason I have coped so well and lived much longer than the doctors predicted. Serge said, “Ultimately it’s your own choice but make it about dignity”. I didn’t want chemo or radiation and fortunately the oncologist decided that my body was not fit for either. He also said, “Deeply surrender” and “Deeply rest”. Keep it simple, I would say, and I like that. And of course, who would want to go anywhere when you have a new partner like Carmel Reid.”

Ingrid has breast cancer and was first diagnosed 16 years ago and has had an interesting miraculous journey with several recurrences. Two years ago, Ingrid was diagnosed with secondary cancer and told she only had a certain amount of time left, but she is still here too. When asked what has helped her, Ingrid says,

“Since the terminal diagnosis (and already before) there is no giving up and vegging out in front of a TV or anything else that would distract me in any way from living fully. I listen to my body in every aspect of my life and live accordingly. Supporting sessions at the Universal Medicine clinic and a wonderful naturopath help me to cope better with the medication I choose to take. This allows me to feel as well as I do and I am contributing to my community and am committed to life till the day I pass over.

Susan was first diagnosed with lung cancer 3 years ago and had surgery to remove one third of her lung, followed by treatment and now it has come back in both lungs and her brain and she is now having further treatment. Susan says,

“My recent diagnosis has brought a prognosis that my passing over could be within the next two years. I take a chemo type of medication and have had radiation with supporting Esoteric modalities. Having this prognosis has inspired me to make the remaining time I have to be one of purpose. Many friends say to me ‘are you going to do your bucket list? ‘my reply is, ‘ I love my life, I love who I am and I do not need to go and do things that do not really support me. I have lived with cancer for three years, I still work, I listen to what my body tells me, and I make self loving choices and I feel amazing. Accepting and embracing this disease has allowed me to have a joy within that I love to share with everyone I meet and show there is another way to live, The Way of The Livingness!”

Now I don’t share this story for anyone to feel sad or sorry, quite the opposite in fact because it is so beautiful to have these three people in my life and watch them with their diagnoses, their doctors’ visits, and how they approach cancer.

They are leading the way in how to live with cancer and not be dead before they really are.

For the three Amigos, there has been a real acceptance of their disease which allows them to live with cancer with ease and with no fight mentality.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, you don’t have to stop living, give up or fight the good fight but instead accept and embrace it for the true healing it is.

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249 thoughts on “Cancer and the three amigos!

  1. There is no set model for how we have to live with an illness or disease; we can carve a path that supports us and allows us to grow, learn and deepen relationships in the process.

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