The Missing Link: The Esoteric.

by Julia Manglano, D.U.E, Registered nurse at Accident and Emergency Department, Hospital de La Plana, Castellón, Spain

In the following lines I will discuss why the esoteric and particularly esoteric medicine is so useful and complementary to western medicine especially at this point in time.

We can all agree that conventional medicine has developed greatly in many fields including surgery, pharmacology, diagnostic techniques, transplants, etc. At the same time and in that process it has forgotten its origins; Hypocrates and the Fathers of medicine viewed the human being as a whole, and not just as separate parts you can cure without taking into consideration the rest of the body and the rest of the bodies (mental, emotional, spiritual, social). So medicine nowadays is very accurate in diagnosing, very efficient in eliminating symptoms and excellent in providing surgical techniques and solutions for many of the ills of people. Then, one could ask: why is it that cancer, diabetes, mental disorders and chronic diseases of all types have risen to higher than ever figures? Could it be that we are missing a piece in the healing-health puzzle?

One of the possible causes of the rise in disease in our society nowadays could be that we are not taking responsibility for our own life and choices, we still carry very strongly a belief in our bodies that illness and disease is just bad luck, it’s the genes, it’s the environment, its my mother’s fault, or it’s the system. We blame everybody and everything (including the health professionals) instead of admitting we do have responsibility and the way we live could possibly have a part in it.

I work as a nurse in a hospital. I have also owned a health food shop and  been involved in new age therapies all my life. What is clear to me is that both the conventional medicine users and the alternative medicine users want quick fixes, the perfect pill, the miracle supplement, the best surgeon, the best chiropractor that will take my pain away so that I don’t have to look at the way I live, the way I eat, walk, talk, think, sleep, etc.

Without going too far in history, without going to the Greeks or the Persians, we can find scientific studies that support the esoteric and energetic causes of diseases, but for a reason, humanity in general and medicine in particular have chosen to ignore them. Three examples:

1. The World Health Organisation in 1974 published a report  (Lalonde) in which they state that the factors determining health, illness and death were distributed not as the generally accepted view, but as follows:

Human biology, including genetic make-up: 23%

Environment, all matters related to health external to the human body, over which the individual has little or no control: 17 %.

Health care organisations, public health services, hospitals, etc: 9% .

And the astonishing factor: more than 50% was attributed to lifestyle, the aggregation of decisions over which the individual has control (including diet, toxic habits, exercise, ways of relating, etc)
The report is considered to have led to the development of health promotion, recognising the need for people to take more responsibility in changing their behaviours to improve their own health.

Even after this study that shows that the most prevalent factor in the manifestation of illness and disease is the way we live (just like the esoteric), we still insist on blaming the genes, bad luck, the environment or the system as the primary cause of disease.

2. There has been psychosomatic medicine for decades. Thirty years ago we used to study the different types of patients, according to their emotional behaviour and mental patterns. They observed that patients with the same illness shared similar emotional traits, like for instance: the asthmatic patient, having low self- esteem and being fearful and very dependent;  the cardiac patient, being very demanding on themselves, overenthusiastic and stressed and responsible workers; the rheumatoid patient as having aggressive behaviour with anger outbursts that are repressed with age and lead to resignation. And it all made sense and gave us a view of how a certain emotional configuration, if not created, was always associated with a certain illness or disease.

3. Then there is the development of psychoneuroimmunology. Scientists doing great research on how the way we think and our emotions affect the biochemistry of our bodies.

With these very valuable scientific works, medicine ought to be paying close attention to the emotional and mental realities, to the energy people live in and to the lifestyle as a determinant of health or illness in the body, but it has gone the opposite way, it has got so focused on the biochemical forgetting about the energetic. For that reason it is in great need of the esoteric, because in conjunction esoteric medicine and conventional medicine can bring about true and consistent healing for humankind.

When you work in the medical field you realise that doctors/nurses in general are not trained to look at the energy people live in and where anything suggests we have a responsibility in the creation of the illness, it is rejected (except in the adherence to the medical treatment they prescribe). The belief that illness ‘happens to me’ is very ingrained, and the focus is very much on the performance and the function of the physical body to the exclusion of all else, such that there can be no true harmony. So even most of the people who listen to the recommendations and exercise and eat “properly” or according to the last dietary trend, do so as an obligation or discipline, not as a free choice or a self-loving act.

Changing habits is something people avoid or even fear unless one has a terminal illness, then it is justified. So, just give me ‘something’ so that I can live in the same way, the same disregard and not even have to look at what I’m choosing.  In the alternative field it is the same with a different flavour: I eat organic but smoke marijuana, I do yoga every day but love my wine and my coffee, I only take natural medicine but dump all my anger on my husband, and my kids have to suffer the lack of love…

I have never seen anywhere else in any medicine, the integrity and responsibility that come with living esoterically. For example, first is what you eat, then how you eat, then why you eat and what are you feeling when you eat … there is always a refining in the commitment to yourself and your body, not only seeing the action (the movement) but the energy and quality of that action or movement – is it gentle,  is it loving, for me and others?

That is why the esoteric and esoteric medicine is the missing link

1. First because it is based on energy before matter, that there is an energy before we think, before we feel, and long before there is an organic imbalance. Once there is an illness there have probably been years of an energy that was not in harmony with the body. So unless we change that energy, medicine and all its advancements will fail. We all know that cancer can come back, because the cells are created and destroyed every day and under what energy are they being created today? That is the question.

Medicine can give us time but we need to make the changes if we want true consistent healing.

2. Medicine in its current form does not change the way we live, whereas esoteric medicine is all about choosing to change the way we live according to what is harmonious for the body. Esoteric Medicine is based on the fact that illness happens from us and not to us. Thus it is truly empowering, we can change things for as long as we choose to, for as long as we choose to live in gentleness and harmony within and without.

“The way you live can be the best medicine or the worst poison” – Serge Benhayon

We have a responsibility as health professionals to re-introduce the esoteric philosophy, psychology and medicine to our field of work, so that everybody can benefit from its invaluable contribution. Looking after ourselves in full if we want to truly look after others. I have been working first on the quality I bring to my interactions, the gentleness and truth I can provide, still working on observing and not absorbing and LETTING PEOPLE BE. And also, I have been amazed at how most people (patients) can see a new way of considering their problem just by asking simple questions: maybe you are too tired? maybe you have been looking after everybody except yourself? maybe you’re working too hard?

We can also support our colleagues, not only with the hands-on healing that they love and need so much, but also when for instance, they have a headache and instead of immediately getting ibuprofen, we can ask them: are you trying to do everything on your own and stressing yourself? Are you trying to be the best nurse?

When we connect and not judge they open up, then there is love and healing.

380 thoughts on “The Missing Link: The Esoteric.

  1. Our living ways directly affect our health, and by that understanding we can be a powerful influence in our own health.

  2. This enquiry leads again to the vast and very pertinent question of what exactly is intelligence, when the most brilliant of our collective minds who are leading the way in medicine are not being supported to see the whole in their diagnosis and are therefore working with systems that will essentially only allow them to work within very limited parameters.

  3. “The way you live can be the best medicine or the worst poison” – Serge Benhayon. This is a brilliant quote and so very true. Every move we make, every word we speak, every action we take affects our health and wellbeing. The more we come to realise this the less need there will be to blame others for our ill health.

  4. ‘Could it be that we are missing a piece in the healing-health puzzle?’ for many years I felt that we were missing a fundamental truth which underpinned everything we questioned and therefore were making conclusions without understanding what we were evaluating. It seems even when the missing pieces are presented to us, sometimes people still want to look in a different direction.

  5. ‘Could it be that we are missing a piece in the healing-health puzzle?’ Yes, absolutely Julia! Conventional medicine is incredible with what it can achieve, but true it has forgotten to treat the whole person. Looking at our choices, how this impacts the body and how we create our own disease is fundamental at getting to the root of our problems.

  6. ‘Changing habits is something people avoid or even fear unless one has a terminal illness, then it is justified.’ Spot on Julia. Why does it take a serious medical condition or serious accident for us to stop and change the way we are living ?

  7. I know people who refuse to go to conventional or complementary medicine including the esoteric for fear of what they might be told. They know they are behaving in a way that is not supportive of the body, they know they don’t feel great but as long as the body is functioning they think they can get away with it. That is until something breaks down and then they find that they not only have one condition but another and another and that when they have to take medicine (or choose to die) they often have to take other medicine to counteract the side effects of the other. I am not sure why I am saying they because this is all of us to a certain degree. It is not until we begin to take energetic responsibility for ourselves that we can change our diminishing health and begin to live full and vital lives and bring back the joy that we lost some time ago.

  8. I think a lot of times people can recognise that they have behaviours that are harming them, things they are choosing to do that they know damages their health but they don’t think they could manage life without them, and this is where the esoteric really helps us to get underneath and behind what is impulsing us to behave in certain ways and assists with truly healing the root behind the harming action.

  9. I’m always struck by the very deliberate use of the word complementary, ie to assist in the gargantuan task that the NHS has to tackle… this is opposed to the use of the word alternative that implies that perhaps the NHS is wrong. Far from it… we need as many people on these issues as we can get.

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