Healing from Cancer: Embracing Conventional Medicine and Universal Medicine

by Frances Taylor-Marshall, aged carer, nanny and counsellor, Sydney.

I am writing to express my heartfelt thanks to the Universal Medicine Practitioners who played a part in my healing processes. I am in deep appreciation for their super loving and professional care during the year I underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy for lymphoma.

I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in August 2013 and in late June 2014, was told that my body had had a complete metabolic response to treatment, therefore leaving me completely clear of any cancer. My haematologist said that given the stage and location of my cancer, he was in the beginning quite concerned for me, therefore, as he stated, he was “truly thrilled” that my body had responded as well as it did.

I feel this healing was in no small part thanks to Universal Medicine and its teachings and practitioners.

I first became interested in the Esoteric Teachings in the early 1990’s, when I read one of Alice A. Bailey’s books, and I felt I had found some of the missing links I’d been looking for on my quest to understand myself and the universe in which I live. I was so interested that I longed to have the opportunity to attend her college in either London or New York. I was a single mother of three children at the time, so the opportunity was not available to me, but my interest grew.

Then in the mid 2000’s, a friend left me a CD of a presentation by Serge Benhayon, and everything came together without having to travel too far and wide.

I had been an absolute workshop junkie during the 1980s, studied everything alternative from iridology, reflexology, natural therapies, reiki, transpersonal counselling, and attended retreats and talks and read a wide variety of self help books. But, for me it was the ‘Esoteric’ Teachings that helped me to join my dots!

I attended a Universal Medicine Retreat in Vietnam a few years ago with our eldest daughter, and it was a wonderful introduction to the esoteric teachings and Universal Medicine in the present day. During the past few years I have attended many of these workshops and have loved integrating the Esoteric Teachings and wisdom into my daily life.

When I got home from receiving the diagnosis of cancer I studied the photo I have beside my bed of me as an eight-year old girl walking along with my Mother holding my hand. I looked at this little girl and felt sad that I had brought her to this place today requiring cancer treatment, although on the other hand, I knew that she was in capable hands – mine, the medical profession’s and the practitioners of Universal Medicine.

I enjoyed engaging in the whole process of treatment – both medical and esoteric. I fully accepted and embraced all the medical treatments that were recommended, and received positive outcomes all along the way, and the medical staff would often comment on how well my body was accepting their treatments. I was able to embrace my situation and move through the numerous hospital appointments with a lightness of being.

The added esoteric treatments I chose were chemo wash/chakra puncture, nutritional guidance  to build healthy joyous cells, and loving esoteric healing sessions. The loving, deep and restorative on-line esoteric yoga sessions, remained ever present during my hospital treatments. They fully supported me to rest deeply; from home, no need to travel when unwell, therefore never needed to miss a class! A wholesome loving program that instilled in me confidence and reassurance that I was affording myself the best possible healing opportunities, allowing me to focus on the matters necessary for my body to do what it does best – heal itself!

There are no words to say how incredible it feels to learn you have a serious illness and to be able to accept such news as an opportunity for healing. And no words to describe the power and grace of knowing I am loved and am love, and that all I need to do is listen to and trust my body. My illness provided me with an opportunity to not only heal, but to evolve as a person. It has been an amazing grace in my life.

500 thoughts on “Healing from Cancer: Embracing Conventional Medicine and Universal Medicine

  1. It is beautiful to read the level of surrender and support you offered yourself during this period Frances. It is a way of living that can support us through our whole lives to reconnect and live from our innermost essence.

  2. Thank you Frances – seems like you not only healed yourself but are offering everyone a healing with your beautiful sharing.

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