Expanding Medicine by Introducing the Energetic Factor

by Eunice J Minford MA FRCS Ed, Consultant General Surgeon, N. Ireland 

This site is dedicated to sharing stories, articles and interviews that bring a reality to the statement that ‘the marriage of Western Medicine and Esoteric Medicine will be the greatest union that will serve humanity’. Many people have shared how they have utilised both Western Medicine and Esoteric Medicine together to transform their health conditions.

In this interview Serge Benhayon expands further on how the esoteric understandings can expand the whole sphere of medicine and introduces the energetic factor that is not yet part of the Western Medical paradigm. This brings a higher level of responsibility to our discussions on health and wellbeing – but given the current rates of illness and disease, the time is surely overdue for such discussions.

How do the esoteric modalities work? Is there more for us to learn about how to truly care for our bodies and what being responsible really means? Is our way of living both the problem and the answer?  Come and listen and be inspired to care deeply for your body and yourself….



Disclaimer: The information shared in this interview is based on Esoteric Medicine and goes beyond what is currently known and accepted in evidenced based Western Medicine and it is for the viewer to discern if what is shared is true, or could possibly be true or not. This interview does not constitute medical advice and if you have any concerns regarding your health please see your doctor.

Eunice Minford works a Consultant General Surgeon in full accordance with the principles of Western Medicine.

She has found personal benefit to her own health and wellbeing from applying the esoteric teachings and having esoteric healing and has observed the same in many others. She shares her personal experience, supported by science, religious and philosophical understandings through blogs and interviews for consideration as a possible way forward for a truly holistic understanding of the human being, illness, disease, health and healing. These understandings go beyond Western Medicine and do not constitute medical advice and it is for the listener/reader to discern if what is offered is, or could be true or not.  If you have any health concerns please see your doctor.


639 thoughts on “Expanding Medicine by Introducing the Energetic Factor

  1. Just the opening few words from Serge Benhayon makes complete sense to me that Western Medicine is amazing in what it does for us no doubt about it. But sadly this is not enough, illness and disease is taking us out. I don’t know the figures and I feel we don’t need to because there is so much illness and disease in the world it’s the modern day plague. When are we going to say enough is enough and investigate at the very least the energetic perspective that we are made up of energy and if the energy is blocked and not flowing as it should is that the start of illness and disease? If we looked at ourselves as energy first, physicality second that would change everything.

  2. This interview bought insight in to how our bodies can truly heal. I can also understand how people can miss interpret what is being presented here too. I recall a reaction in me when a disease was mentioned and I automatically became angry, and the funny thing is I don’t even have this condition either. I went into being ‘blamed’ and yet Serge elaborated and the key for me, is being responsible and at the end of the day, it was that, I was reacting to.

    Once I was reluctant to go to medicine but many a times I had no choice but to go to medicine to heal me. Only to go back again, I was a frequent offender, and not actually playing my part in the healing process.

    There is much wisdom in how healing our bodies involves two crucial things, the medicine and you, it is that simple. And since experiencing Esoteric Medicine, I play my part in my own healing and get the support from both Western and Esoteric Medicine too. I can feel the difference in how my body heals now.

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