Expanding Medicine by Introducing the Energetic Factor

by Eunice J Minford MA FRCS Ed, Consultant General Surgeon, N. Ireland 

This site is dedicated to sharing stories, articles and interviews that bring a reality to the statement that ‘the marriage of Western Medicine and Esoteric Medicine will be the greatest union that will serve humanity’. Many people have shared how they have utilised both Western Medicine and Esoteric Medicine together to transform their health conditions.

In this interview Serge Benhayon expands further on how the esoteric understandings can expand the whole sphere of medicine and introduces the energetic factor that is not yet part of the Western Medical paradigm. This brings a higher level of responsibility to our discussions on health and wellbeing – but given the current rates of illness and disease, the time is surely overdue for such discussions.

How do the esoteric modalities work? Is there more for us to learn about how to truly care for our bodies and what being responsible really means? Is our way of living both the problem and the answer?  Come and listen and be inspired to care deeply for your body and yourself….



Disclaimer: The information shared in this interview is based on Esoteric Medicine and goes beyond what is currently known and accepted in evidenced based Western Medicine and it is for the viewer to discern if what is shared is true, or could possibly be true or not. This interview does not constitute medical advice and if you have any concerns regarding your health please see your doctor.

Eunice Minford works a Consultant General Surgeon in full accordance with the principles of Western Medicine.

She has found personal benefit to her own health and wellbeing from applying the esoteric teachings and having esoteric healing and has observed the same in many others. She shares her personal experience, supported by science, religious and philosophical understandings through blogs and interviews for consideration as a possible way forward for a truly holistic understanding of the human being, illness, disease, health and healing. These understandings go beyond Western Medicine and do not constitute medical advice and it is for the listener/reader to discern if what is offered is, or could be true or not.  If you have any health concerns please see your doctor.


369 thoughts on “Expanding Medicine by Introducing the Energetic Factor

  1. I do not work in the field of general medicine, but I do know that life is medicine. General medicine is there to support me and it is my own responsibility to support general medical practice, when my body needs it, in the lifestyle choices I make – down to the tiniest detail.

      1. Yes Christoph, it is very clear now that the way we live, means everything for our health, well-being and evolution.

    1. A beautiful awareness to have reached Rosanna. How empowering to be aware that every choice made either supports the body or it does not. How empowering to understand and appreciate the energetic outplay of those choices for one and for all. How empowering to one’s own sense of responsibility to self and to all others to use general medicine, not as a solution, but as an aid to true healing in the humility (but without judgment) that one’s own choices generated that need in the first place.

      1. Well said Michelle, the use of both forms of medicine brings healing: “How empowering to one’s own sense of responsibility to self and to all others to use general medicine, not as a solution, but as an aid to true healing”

    2. Awesome Rosannabianchini, I imagine not many people are as willing as you are in taking responsibility and give the same level of support and care to their body. I feel this may be because of a combination of lack of awareness of how our choices affect our body and health, and the our willingness to take responsibility for our health and wellbeing.

      1. That’s a really key point you make Chan Ly, that there is a “lack of awareness of how our choices affect our body and health”. The thing that was foundational in building an awareness of my body was Esoteric Yoga, I’ve learned so much about my body and how it is affected by my choices. This has informed so very many aspects of life, from the food that suits my body to the way I sit or move or the focus and presence I bring to my work.

  2. ‘Come and listen and be inspired to care deeply for your body and yourself….’ This is what medicine does – it deeply cares for our body and ourselves. Currently there is not enough of people taking responsibility for their own health and bringing deep care to their own bodies. To the point we have overburdened health systems worldwide. Having an energetic understanding of my body has supported me immensely to take much better care of myself.

    1. I wonder if we have created a health service, social services, police forces, schools et al and expect them to take responsibility for our health, vulnerable, safety and education. Whereas surely the truth is their purpose is to support us with our responsibilities, not absolve us of them.

  3. There are many mysteries in medicine. One is why so many doctors are burnt out (depressed at work) when they have the knowledge not to be burnt out and when those who are in charge of doctors also have the knowledge how to manage doctors so they are not burnt out? What is happening here? is there a coherent concept that explains this and other mysteries?

  4. Humanity is truly needing this union between Western medicine and Esoteric medicine. There are already many people who have benefited from this marriage, finding healing and understanding about the energetic cause of their illness. Due to the fact that the current model is clearly limited as the rates of illness and disease continue growing, why not allowing this needed union to happen?

  5. “Connect to the body and we are more like to look after it”. It is true and after 13 years of practicing this I can say I have more vitality and care for myself and for others than at any other time in my life. The more I stay connected to my body and listen to its messages the less I am able to ignore it or over ride it with my thoughts. The body has an intelligence that is there to support our well being, where as I have found that the mind does not really care how the body is as long as it has its say.

  6. Learning how to address the energetic root causes behind many of my ill conditions supported me to properly heal them and care for myself in such a way that they have not returned. Consequently I have transformed my approach to Western Medicine and now fully appreciate all the support it can offer me. This is the most effective marriage, one that unites our self-responsibility with two incredible sciences.

    1. Yes Rowena, I too have experienced this first hand and seen the effects on many others too. This is indeed a truly complementary medicine, and never an alternative one, for the marriage of the two is key.

  7. Without judgment or criticism of the medical profession Serge Benhayon explains clearly, simply, succinctly and objectively the expansion of this present medical model and that the needed ingredient is the ‘energetic factor’.

  8. Once we get to experience a healing that incorporates the energetic aspect of our make up we will know the difference and benefit of functional, structural and energetic healing. The question is not either or, but the integration of all 3 in one.

    1. For me, the energetic factor always feels miraculous, especially when I have cleared something or some symptoms have been healed! I am always filled with deep appreciation when I have felt an energy release from my body and can feel the extra space offered within it.

  9. I have come to understand the science of our body through the teachings of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. They make complete and utter sense but how I know them to be true is how it feels in my body. I have experimented with my own life and made changes and it is remarkable how the body responds to this. Down to reactions, emotions, what food I eat, what drinks I drink, what sleep I get every choice has an immediate effect on my body undeniably so.

  10. Bringing Esoteric Healing to conventional medicine has changed my whole relationship with healing, so much so that Self-Loving disciplines have become a normal part of life. As my life has developed over the last 13 years, science, philosophy and religion are all now playing an integral part in my awareness about healing. So the energetic factor fits hand in glove with this level of being at-least honest about healing.

    1. I have also walked the path you and many others have taken Greg. Science, philosophy and religion are as essential as water and air. What are we if any of these elements are missing?

  11. I have always loved studying human anatomy and physiology and felt I had a reasonable knowledge about the body, but even with this knowledge I still did not honour the body I live in. Esoteric Medicine has enabled not only a deeper understanding of what impluses our physiology, but also inspired an immense care and appreciation of my body, so that today I can combine the love of my body with my gained knowledge and support it to the hilt.

    1. Rowena, this is the essence of the problem. Worldwide a model of health has been created in which health practitioners have studied anatomy, physiology, diseases and yet not trained to develop a relationship with their own bodies. The consequence for humanity is huge. If health practitioners do not honour, care for and love their body and make the same lifestyle choices as their patients that lead to preventable health conditions, what true support can they offer them? Equally, what do they reflect to patients when they themselves are frequently ill, overweight, and exhausted? Healthcare would be transformed if practitioners were points of inspiration, glowing with health, vitality and purpose.

      1. Very true Kehinde. Health care would turn a major corner if all the staff, doctors and nurses alike were educated in self care as an essential component of their training. Then the support and advice comes from people who are walking their talk and establishing a standard of health for us to aspire to, rather than limping alongside the walking wounded, as is the current norm.

  12. In our current era of multi-symptomatic health problems presented, that is becoming the norm; there is a handful of people that are not accepting this outcome. The last paragraph is the road map to buck the current trend in sickness and disease. We may be distant stars right now, shining in the darkness but every one is a fiery sun.

  13. The power of conventional medicine and Esoteric Healing with the science of this combined is deeply powerful and much needed with the rates of illness and disease today ever increasing and out of control. It has changed my life completely and learning to feel and listen to my body over many years now and I have seen this with so many others and the real miracles that are happening and that are available to us all with the teachings and way of living with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

  14. The combination of Universal Medicine and conventional medicine is very powerful and brings a much fuller picture to address our ills to the deepest levels of true healing.

  15. I like the term expansion in the title. It shows that this is not about throwing away or rubbishing western medicine but building on and supporting it.

    1. Spot on Michael – expansion is the new black, it is evolution in its true sense, and this can only come from being open to feeling what supports us truly, and to bring more quality to the way we are. It is about a true collaboration between Western Medicine and Esoteric Medicine.

  16. You phrased it very accurately: ‘…Esoteric Medicine (and) goes beyond what is currently known and accepted in evidenced based Western Medicine …’

  17. The energy we choose to live with and by will determine our health.
    If we choose an ill energy then we become ill; if we choose a loving harmonious energy to live our lives, then our health will reflect this – a loving joy and vitality in all our movements and actions… obvious and quite simple really and yet this is not our everyday reality as humanity.

  18. Having worked in nursing, and therefore Western Medicine for many years, I always felt there was something missing, something was not quite right. From an 18yr old starting out in training I couldn’t understand how people could take so many medications ‘because the doctor said’ and I was always reacting to the disempowerment/victimhood that is so prevalent in health. Now having an understanding of Esoteric Medicine, and the part energy plays in every area of our lives, this has completely changed the way I work in healthcare, and what inspires me in my work every day.

  19. In my experience some doctors are more comfortable prescribing medication than seeking to understand underlying cause of an illness. I have also met doctors who speak to patients in a way that invites them to reflect on their condition and what else is happening in their lives.
    As a patient, I found this second approach supported me more, as it enabled me to relate my symptoms to specific stresses in my life, I’d overlooked. In this example I was treated as an equal by the doctor worked in partnership with him and was listened to. It was tremendously healing. I went into the consulting room with a perceived problem and came out with understanding.

  20. The current western view of medicine is that it is something we administer when we are sick. The esoteric view is that medicine is the way we live from our energetic foundations up and incorporates all facets of our selves because we are multi-dimensional beings not just a physical body.

  21. I remember one comment Serge Benhayon made in passing at one of my first presentations by Universal Medicine, about healing the energetic patterns, and therefore behaviours, that can develop into illness and disease. The comment made me very much ponder on the genetics factor and to what degree it dictates our illnesses and diseases. This was a very healthy stance to begin to consider on my way towards the understanding of how the body first shows signs of dis-ease and how, when our patterns are addressed and healed from the energetic perspective, this ‘given’ can be turned right around.

  22. If we see illness and disease as a correction to an old way of being that no longer supports us, then illness and disease become the blessing or the guiding light for a time when we have lost our way and need to be reminded on how to come back to a more natural way of being. The body is constantly communicating with us and so it is about how much we heed this body communication as opposed to just going with the head and its directive. Amazing what Serge shares here in this video – the simplicity and yet the wisdom.

    1. So true, Henrietta. Seeing illness and disease as the body communicating to us that they are the result of how we have been living and the choices we have made rather than occurring by chance brings a completely different perspective of the world and level of self-responsibility – a level many people do not want or choose to accept. Accepting the truth of this, however, is like changing one’s understanding of the Universe from the world being flat to being round.

  23. I love how Serge talks about the body being a living energy and how it is constantly seeking the highest point offered by evolution – the body knows how to evolve as it is innate and natural for it to do so. I am not talking about the kind of evolution where we suddenly sprout an extra arm so that we can multi-task more, but rather a form of true evolution where the quality that we innately are, is allowed to be expressed and freely so. The body seeks this constantly, yet the sad reality is that we fight it so much with our head as we seek to control thinking that that is a better way with better outcomes. But where has this left us today? In a calamity of illness and disease and further escalating conditions. Come Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon, and we get to be reminded of an age old way to return back to a true way of living which indeed is the medicine we have sought for eons. Thank you Eunice for this wonderful video about Medicine and our future.

  24. What is learnt knowledge about the body without a connection to the honour our bodies deserve to be cared for? It is the current health situation humanity seems to uphold. Enter Universal Medicine to offer another way, combining wisdom, knowledge, education, science, religion and responsibility to how we choose to live. Then medicine can offer all that is available.

  25. When you stop and consider illness and disease, it seems common sense how you really can not separate it from the way we live, the choices, lifestyle, ideals and beliefs we have, as everything affects everything – the body, being the ‘meat in the sandwich’ cops the brunt of it from both directions.

    1. I agree it is common sense that how we live is going to affect our health and it is great that the medical profession are now starting to encourage patients to play their part in their health rather than just expecting the health system to fix them whatever they do to harm themselves.

  26. However amazing the modern medicine is, and it is, the ever-increasing levels of illness and disease is incontrovertible evidence that it is not working and something else is needed. If, on the other hand, one looks at the health and wellbeing of those who have married conventional medicine and the understanding presented by Serge Benhayon, one has incontrovertible evidence of the truth of what he presents, for as a group of people they are bucking all the health trends and statistics.

  27. For each and every one of us, our bodies and being are naturally attuned to a true state of being. As such there is great value in developing a loving and honouring our relationship with our bodies, through which we can always be guided to know the truth of quality of our choices, and if they are loving, honouring and supporting us to live in a way that reflects the vibrancy of our inner-most essence, our connection to Soul. For as shared in this interview, and through the work of Universal Medicine, we are the ones in command of what energy we are aligning to, through which our every choice is reflected through our body – as such our health and well-being is always our responsibility.

  28. We often wonder why we have been dealt the cards we have when it comes down to our illnesses, and what I have become very aware of is that there is so much we can do to improve our health, which includes aches and pains and serious diseases, by looking at our daily choices.

  29. We are an intelligent species that indulges in harmful activities that make us sick. Simply telling us to stop is not enough. Understanding the energies at play behind these behaviours is the missing link that when engaged with enable us to stop these indulgences in their tracks.

  30. When we start to accept how intelligent and precious our bodies are, perhaps we would be less likely to want to abuse it and maybe be more willing to love, care and value it more than anything in the world.

  31. Our approach to medicine definitely needs to embrace the energetic factor referred to here. In fact it isn’t just medicine that is profoundly expanded once we return to our awareness that everything comes down to energy. Every single aspect of life would be vastly enhanced by applying this level of understanding and responsibility.

  32. I have been ready for this truth that Serge Benhayon is presenting from the day I met him thirteen years ago. I would hate to see myself today if I continued in the same way I did back then, numbing and avoiding all that I was feeling. To open up and allow myself to feel has been a pivotal point in my life and is forever deepening.

  33. I love how Serge invites us to sit together at a table of consideration to ask what is truly going on… beautifully describes the way we can work together to find out why we are getting so ill. Current medicine is fantastic at what it does but we are definitely missing a significant part – the energetic.

  34. Understanding that the body, by its very nature, naturally pulls towards harmony and stillness. It therefore makes so much sense to me that when we live any choices that are not conducive to honouring the natural harmony or allowing the space to be in our own stillness, then the body becomes disorientated, out of its natural flow and on its way to physical illness and disease.

  35. Universal Medicine certainly delivers the ‘How and Why’ to care of our bodies, starting at the energetic level up. When we apply this understanding to our lives it makes absolute sense of all that Western Medicine has to offer.

  36. To take a moment and ask why do I have this illness, problem, complaint.. what is behind this? opens us up to looking at the cause and the possibility of true healing. This interview is superb in explaining how the energetic is part of our health and how we choose to live has a direct effect on our wellbeing.

  37. So much is lost when we only focus on the physical body and the after effects of our choices. Not only do we miss a vital and key point in the why, but we bring so much more unnecessary discomfort and pain.

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