Expanding Medicine by Introducing the Energetic Factor

by Eunice J Minford MA FRCS Ed, Consultant General Surgeon, N. Ireland 

This site is dedicated to sharing stories, articles and interviews that bring a reality to the statement that ‘the marriage of Western Medicine and Esoteric Medicine will be the greatest union that will serve humanity’. Many people have shared how they have utilised both Western Medicine and Esoteric Medicine together to transform their health conditions.

In this interview Serge Benhayon expands further on how the esoteric understandings can expand the whole sphere of medicine and introduces the energetic factor that is not yet part of the Western Medical paradigm. This brings a higher level of responsibility to our discussions on health and wellbeing – but given the current rates of illness and disease, the time is surely overdue for such discussions.

How do the esoteric modalities work? Is there more for us to learn about how to truly care for our bodies and what being responsible really means? Is our way of living both the problem and the answer?  Come and listen and be inspired to care deeply for your body and yourself….



Disclaimer: The information shared in this interview is based on Esoteric Medicine and goes beyond what is currently known and accepted in evidenced based Western Medicine and it is for the viewer to discern if what is shared is true, or could possibly be true or not. This interview does not constitute medical advice and if you have any concerns regarding your health please see your doctor.

Eunice Minford works a Consultant General Surgeon in full accordance with the principles of Western Medicine.

She has found personal benefit to her own health and wellbeing from applying the esoteric teachings and having esoteric healing and has observed the same in many others. She shares her personal experience, supported by science, religious and philosophical understandings through blogs and interviews for consideration as a possible way forward for a truly holistic understanding of the human being, illness, disease, health and healing. These understandings go beyond Western Medicine and do not constitute medical advice and it is for the listener/reader to discern if what is offered is, or could be true or not.  If you have any health concerns please see your doctor.


669 thoughts on “Expanding Medicine by Introducing the Energetic Factor

  1. Once you understand that there is always an energetic element to everything we witness in our world, it becomes plainly obvious that it simply does not make sense to approach any aspect of life without considering the energetic factor involved.

  2. So true – where is the logic in using rats in a controlled environment as an evidence to prove a theory about how human beings would respond to certain things? I just love how Serge Benhayon breaks down what we have accepted for all along and makes sense of everything.

  3. Western Medicine has changed dramatically over the years – advancement in understanding more of the human body, new techniques and equipment. People are also getting sicker and disease rates are on the increase exponentially. It is obvious that there is something missing in this equation -as everything is energy, it makes sense that awareness to the underlying energetic state of everything will bring another depth to Western Medicine.

  4. Our current understanding of medicine is good, in fact, the level of sophistication in surgery is amazing and quite incredible with what can be achieved, but it’s still a fragmented picture with symptoms being managed and only the part that’s diseased, or broken being looked at. Introduce the energetic factor with our current form of medicine and we get the whole picture, the whole person included and every last strand of detail that can really support individuals to fully heal. The magic of modern medicine combined with the energetic factor really makes a formula to healing that is something special.

  5. Energy – the missing link. If we consider the fact that energy flows through our body, naturally so, then when that flow is disturbed there is bound to be a consequence. What universal medicine presents is that this disturbance in flow of energy is the potential root cause of illness and disease.

  6. Having combined Esoteric Medicine with Conventional medicine for me has felt like I have truly healed from various conditions rather than just shaving the top off and having the same energy resurface as something else much more nasty later on.

  7. If everything in life is energy, then so too our our emotions, reactions, behaviours and the way we live & move. The consequence of all this energy is played out in our body – seen as disease and illness or good health. It is impossible then to not see how there is a relationship, a common factor between energy and disease. Recognising how we live and the relationship we have with our body is consequential to the disease process, assist us to understand the root cause of diseases, that offers opportunity to arrest the ill energy and have a complete healing.

  8. Medicine knows how to treat people, not perfectly but it knows it very well. Where it may be useful to understand more might be to understand how patients can make the best use of this amazing resource.

  9. When bringing in the understanding of energy in all things medical, for me, everything makes more sense. It explains why we get the ailments, illnesses and the diseases that we do and from there, with the support of traditional medicine, we can address the underlying causes and heal.

  10. A fascinating discussion of the power of understanding energy in the underlying cause of illness and disease and healing the whole body, physical and energetic.

  11. We don’t just get an illness and disease by chance or bad luck and although Western Medicine keeps advancing to try and cope with the ever rise in illness and disease, it does need a partner in crime so to speak to fill in the gaps it cannot answer and that’s where the energetic factor comes in and is very much needed.

  12. The title says it all: that we can have a much more expansive view of medicine when we consider the bigger picture.. what are the energetic factors at play that underlie our health conditions? And how does an understanding of energy help to resolve them? It is only by taking an all encompassing view of our health and bodies that we will get to an understanding of why we feel the way we do, and why certain conditions manifest in the body- not ‘out of nowhere’ nor by luck nor chance.. always a product of our choices and the energy we choose to align to.

  13. I think there is much we can learn about what it is to truly care for our body and be responsible in life, a learning that never ends, and with our body we have an inbuilt guide to keep learning from…

  14. And beyond we need to go, beyond what we know and are familiar with, beyond the limitations of our concepts and solutions that work to a point but also limit us in seeing more… if we want to get to the real answers that shed a light on the greater machinations at play.

    1. Yes, and one of the best ways may be is to simply receive with our eyes and be honest about what we receive and to repeat this process.

  15. The phrase ‘life is medicine’ (and vice versa) invites us to understand life as a healing process whereby healing and evolving are meaning the same and or are intertwined and can not ever be separated. This raises the question what our original un-healthiness is, healthy relating to being whole and thus un-healthy to not being whole, ie. not being the all that we are. Healing then is a process of return to the wholeness we once lived and so is evolution until we re-join the whole and expand it.

    1. When I consider how I lived life before coming across Universal Medicine and how I felt I was relatively healthy, using the yardstick of what I thought ill health to be I was capped in my way of thinking. I did not truly consider living with tension and lack of self-worth as unhealthy. I simply just dismissed it. When we consider ‘life is medicine’ then we cannot dismiss anything in life that isn’t harmonious.

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