Presence in the body – Our key to True Intelligence

By Cherise Holt, 33, Nurse, Brisbane

The truth is that our bodies are amazing things! We need look no further than the way in which the Digestive System transports matter with consistency, the flow with which our cardiac system delivers blood through the heart and whole body; and our breath cycle and the way our lungs expand is super heavenly when we stop to feel it. The sheer fact that the human body can literally hold and build another body during pregnancy is beyond profound! Deeply exquisite and so intricately detailed is the human frame that we are still learning more about how it all happens and its magnificently intelligent and engineered design.

There is something so harmonious about the human body, its connections between all systems and the grand job description it is dedicated to; whilst it has the natural potential to live it all, coherently and effortlessly with each cell playing its role within the whole.

Our whole bodies really are intelligent, but how often do we really stop to not only appreciate this fact, but to tune in to this intelligence for ourselves; accessing the universal communication that is constantly being offered far beyond physicality – and how would this look?

In each and every moment there is an opportunity to be present inside our bodies, not just in our minds or our thoughts, as this can often feel like we are no more than a severed head floating by! Caught up in a situation from the past, anticipating the future or running the body in a way to just get from a to b. To feel deeply present in our physical bodies is a real and very possible experience on offer to any person at any time, but it does take a few tools and a willingness to feel, to bring us back to it. After all, this is our natural way to be, but because we don’t choose presence so often in our days, it can appear that we are quite far away from it, or to some it may seem hard to reach at times when we are experiencing the momentum of the choices we have made to live otherwise.

What if our most simple tool to reconnect to ourselves and to feel consciously present was as easy as making a choice to breathe in gently first? Something that Serge Benhayon has been presenting through the Gentle Breath Meditations on offer for many years. There is a quality within each of us that is not so far from reach and to surrender, connect to and experience this quality brings with it a tangible warmth, a sense of healing and an acceptance of living in the here-and-now that many of us often crave in daily life.

What follows on from this choice to connect back to ourselves and our quality is a beautiful change in the movement of our bodies and the way in which we express who we are, in all that we think, say and do. An important point as we don’t actually need to be in solitude, keep quiet or even do nothing to keep in our flow, on the contrary and as harmoniously as the human body moves, we can make movements in the quality of our own natural presence.

Full presence with one’s body is not about perfection or living an idealistic life, but it does support us to feel a connection to a sense of knowing of who we truly are. This can expand to feelings of absoluteness and authority, confidence, beauty, self-acceptance and trust and a natural ability to communicate with people free from the needs to be liked or accepted by anyone else. To live in such a way that is present in our physical bodies opens us up to the grand possibility that we are so much more than just physicality – that we are a being with a Soul, that life may hold a greater purpose, that there is a worldliness to us and an interconnection between us and all things that we can’t access when we live solely from the mind or disregard our bodies.

Our whole bodies are indeed intelligent on every level and a simple choice to feel and move in presence with ourselves is the key to learning that there is far more to life than meets the eye – there is a great big universe out there and the human body is our own personal reflection of the harmony and grand intelligence that is equally accessible within us, available to any body at any time.


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623 thoughts on “Presence in the body – Our key to True Intelligence

  1. What you are sharing with everyone Cherise is really show stopping it’s a science that we don’t really seem to grasp or understand, we can intellectualise it, but that takes away the grandness of what it actually occurring on a bodily level.
    “The sheer fact that the human body can literally hold and build another body during pregnancy is beyond profound! ”
    How many of us actually stop to consider the deep sacredness of a woman’s body that is able to form and bring another human being into this life. We tend to take this for granted but actually it is a miracle that results in a human body being formed and held for the 9 months of pregnancy. Yet women are not held as sacred, for we as a society have insisted that the women are a sexualised commodity and in many cultures are held as less. I know I have contributed to this lesser way of holding my self sacred.

  2. The more I stay present within my body the more I am aware; it is a fascinating journey to rediscover that in each and every moment there is an opportunity to be with me. And that we all carry with us this possibility it’s all there waiting to be rediscovered.

  3. “There is far more to life than meets the eye”, Cherise there is so much more to life than meets the eye, in fact most of what meets our eyes is not even the truth. If everything that was not borne from truth disappeared then there would not be much left standing because we have spun most of what we can see from a consciousness that’s not true.

    1. What you have written Alexis is simple, true and full of love as you are asking us to discern what is truly occurring in this life we have manufactured.

  4. Connecting back to our bodies aligns us to a particular consciousness. A consciousness that supports us to know the truth of what’s going on. Being caught up in our heads aligns us to a consciousness that actively keeps us from knowing the truth of what’s going on, hence connecting to our bodies is everything.

  5. “There is a quality within each of us that is not so far from reach” Cherise even just reading these words supported me to simply re-connect to a certain quality that I am beginning to know as the underlying quality of life. A One United quality that is the base fabric of life but one that most of us don’t allow ourselves to feel as we’re so constantly affected by the way that we live.

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