Missing periods – it’s not normal

 Gyl Rae, Teacher, Scotland

Last year I visited the doctor, after not having my periods for three months. During our conversation I was told to ‘not worry’ about it, and this was normal.

Every cell in my body knows truth ­­– this is not normal.

Our bodies are intrinsically made up in a way that is in divine order with God, working in natural rhythms and cycles, just like nature and the Universe. Every month a woman’s body creates and releases an egg, which, if not fertilized, results in her having a period – this is normal.

For some women this may not be the case, and missing our periods is a clear sign from our body, telling us that how we are choosing to live is out of rhythm; it’s not ‘normal’ or ‘natural’ for us. So why is it we choose to ignore or override our body and believe that we can make something that is not our natural divine order and rhythm our normal?

Could it be a way we avoid responsibility? I know it was for me.

The reason my period stopped is because I chose to not deeply connect to, and live from the stillness in my body.

By stillness I don’t mean lying down on the couch, feet up, not moving; I mean embodying the quality of stillness in my body. In stillness there is no doing, only being, and in this there is no way you can deny you are divine and deeply connected to God. There is a natural rhythm, life flows, there’s no need to try, push or rush. Stillness is as natural to us as breathing; it never leaves us.

I was living in a way where there was a large amount of motion and anxiety in my body. By this I simply mean thinking, over thinking, doing lots of things, fighting my awareness of what I feel, surplus activity, planning ahead, e.g. driving home and thinking about other things instead of the one thing my body is currently doing. You could call it ‘checking out’ – basically, not being fully present with my body in what it is doing – making dinner in a rush, or running a bath at the same time as checking my phone, eating when I don’t need to, writing an email and walking the dog – slight exaggeration here, but you get what I mean. There were moments where I was very still and brought that to my day, but I was living in a way that was not true to the innate divine wisdom, stillness and sacredness, I am and come from.

Motion is not a bad thing, but not in the excess that 99% of us live in, that constant doing, distraction and raciness. It’s about learning to deeply embody and connect to the quality of stillness in my body first – then doing what needs to be done from there – rather than from raciness, stress, drive, nervous energy or anxiety.

So when the doctor said to wait another three months and if my periods didn’t return, to come back and we would contact the hospital to run some tests; this is exactly what we did.

At the same time, I sought support from Universal Medicine Practitioners who confirmed what I felt.

If it was not for Serge Benhayon and Natalie Benhayon I would have carried on living the way I was, in total disregard, and not seen this as an opportunity to take responsibility for my choices and how I live. Both Serge Benhayon and Natalie Benhayon have always been and are an incredible support in my life by reflecting how to deeply honour, nurture and take care of myself and my body.

So three months later at the hospital, I had several blood tests taken, alongside internal and external scans – they all came back negative. I know it was deeply supportive, responsible and honouring of my body to get these tests done, to make sure everything internally was okay and there were no major medical issues causing this.

After eleven months of not having my period, it was suggested I go on the pill for six months to see if it helped my periods return naturally, to build oestrogen levels and keep the onset of osteoporosis at bay – as there were warning signs of this on one of the test results. This is something I started to do, but felt the pill was not supporting me, so after a few months I consulted with the Doctor and chose to stop taking it. I worked closely with an Esoteric Naturopath on rebuilding the health of my body from the inside out, through food, nutrition, supplements and vitamins, alongside watching overactive thoughts.

Coupled with this I have been working with an Esoteric Connective Tissue Practitioner on a regular body movement program, alongside attending courses in Esoteric Yoga for Woman. Both of which I have found, and am finding deeply supportive and nurturing. I didn’t realise just how disconnected from my body, my ovaries and being a woman I was. From the first session this has changed. I am re-learning what it is to truly be a woman again.

On a practical level how does this look everyday? I’m re-learning to deeply take care of myself and my body, to nurture myself, to speak and live my truth, deepen my awareness and honour my feelings again.

There are gentle Connective Tissue exercises I do every day, when I need to, I stop to feel my breath in my body, how my body feels, rather than rushing to get something done or go to the next place.

Being aware of the quality in which I move, is it delicate, tender and gentle or is it hard and harsh? Feeling that I don’t have to do everything at once, nor by myself, and that it’s okay to say no or ask for support, speaking up when needed, rather than holding back what needs to be said. Not over-eating and stopping when I feel to rest. Living what I know, instead of knowing it from my head. Setting up my home, my car and my space in a way that supports and confirms me – my safe space, so there’s lots of order, precision and space, as this is what I love and deeply confirms who I am.

This is an unfolding process, but what I do know is, it is both Esoteric Medicine and Western Medicine that have supported me to take responsibility and address the moment-to-moment choices that I have made and make in life. The combination of both Esoteric Medicine and Western Medicine  is deeply supportive and nurturing; together they are supporting me to return to living the true woman that I am.

With this support, and the choices I am making my periods have come back, but I know this is not the end. I know it’s time to continue deepening my connection to the stillness and sacredness in my body, and with that even more Ancient Wisdom.

With absolute thanks and deep love to Serge Benhayon and Natalie Benhayon – for their consistent deep love and care.


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672 thoughts on “Missing periods – it’s not normal

  1. We have all the answers within us. Going deeper and listening is a good exercise to know the why and how, restoring the imbalance we created in the first place.

  2. So many things are seen as ‘normal’ … missed periods, painful periods, lumps in breasts etc … however none of it is normal! It is clearly our body saying something in how we are living is not harmonious. If we ignore it or go to professionals for help only to be told basically to ignore it as well (it’s normal) then how are we going to change the disharmony back to harmony? We are accepting disharmony.
    Esoteric Medicine has been a major part in my life in being able to understand my body more, build a loving relationship with my body and turn a path of disharmony and dis-ease around to one of harmony and well-being. Of course this is no way perfect and I am constantly learning but without Esoteric Medicine I know I would be still searching for answers and going from one thing to the next in order to truly understand my body and well-being more.

  3. As women we are offered these periods for a reason, it is our natural cleansing period time. And when we go into the busyness or hardness which is not our natural make up, then something is going to give. You know in some respect, this is like not going for a poo for weeks, can you imagine the effects it would have on the body!..

    What I loved Gyl, is that you pondered on what was going on for you and your body. You sought medical but also an Esoteric practitioner to support you and, you took other steps to connect with your body even more. Now that is true health and wellbeing.

  4. ‘If it was not for Serge Benhayon and Natalie Benhayon I would have carried on living the way I was, in total disregard, and not seen this as an opportunity to take responsibility for my choices and how I live.’ Without the reflection of something different it is very hard to arise yourself out of behaviours that are so normalised. It is only when we can see another displaying an altogether different way of being can we put two and two together, or else we are simply owned by the consciousness we have aligned to as it is not possible to think our way out of it.

    1. Michelle, you made a valid point, reflection. When someone who lives in their natural essence, this reflection is an offering for us to either say yes, or no. It is that simple. When we say no, we move further away from who we truly are. When we say yes, we offer this reflection to others, that there is another way to live and be. Serge and his family simply offers this to us, nothing more, nothing less, we have the ultimate decision which way we go.

      1. We can’t underestimate how powerful that reflection is. I remember being so inspired and blown away by Michael Benhayon holding his baby on stage (via a webcast). All he was doing was standing quietly with his child in his arms, but it was the quality he was standing in and the love that I could see emanating from his heart though to his arms that truly had me. Just one simple sighting of quality like this has the power to touch someone in a way that gives them permission to reflect and to be inspired enough to want to make changes.

  5. It’s very interesting when we think about how we collect and analyse data to present as so-called ‘evidence’ when we are so easily normalising phenomenon based on the numbers of cases presented – it feels like we are bending truth by constantly changing the denominator.

  6. Some great reminders here Gyl of what life is like lived without stillness, and the importance of connecting to our inner quality first before we begin our day.

  7. Something has definitely shifted in my relationship with the quality of stillness. Because as I read this the mention of being in the quality of stillness while going about my day makes more sense now. We can do a lot in our day but we don’t have to do it like a headless chicken or like a whirlwind of motion that leaves us exhausted. Having stillness in the physical motions of the day is energising.

  8. “connect to the quality of stillness in my body first – then doing what needs to be done from there” A beautiful way to start the day.

  9. It is normal because it occurs so often, it is abnormal because this is not the way the body functions. Sadly, we have taken the word normal to mean “common”. Bastardising our language so that we feel better and we don’t have to look at what is truly going on in our world.

  10. It is really not supportive to only hear it is normal and not have anything added to that. Imagine if we could have more of the support in the medical system to be asking these deeper questions. We could as a doctor for instance say: ‘The absence of your periods is not something to worry about straight away as it is often harmless but let’s look at why this is the case and what your body is communicating with you. How are you living as a woman day in day out, how do you feel about yourself…’ and so on. So we can truly support each other in our healing process instead of just keeping it at ‘don’t worry it is common’.

    1. If we do not have true understanding though how can anything different be given? Esoteric Medicine has lifted the veil away so I now truly understand, energy, illness, dis-ease and true well-being … no second guessing, no just taking what someone else says as being fact. It brings a deeper awareness and understanding that we are currently lacking. This is an element that we should all know, not just doctors or health care professionals.

      1. Beautifully said and great point Vicky, this is something we all know and not something that can be owned by the medical profession. We have just got so used to ignoring what we are feeling in our bodies that we have to re-connect with this ‘common sense’ and inner-knowing inside ourselves.

  11. I wonder whether doctors are eventually going to start saying ‘It’s normal to develop dementia when you get older’ ‘It’s normal to have cancer’ etc. It’s a terrible habit of society to normalize things just because many people have it. Having said that, I know for myself how I seek comfort in knowing what I am experiencing is common. Our body does what it needs to do in response to how we have been living, it is totally personal to every single one of us even though there is a factor of Universal order within it.

  12. The override we can go into so not to look at the truth of what is going on and the choices we make has become a very common way of living and accepting this as our normal. Thanks to the teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine we are given another perspective, one that requires honesty and support to look at the root issues and to heal them. Here I have personally experienced and witnessed many lives change because of this and how deeply powerful this really is.

  13. When we run our body in anxiousness it is basically working overtime and doesn’t have the resources to see to all that the body requires, when we simply bring our body to stillness the body gets to operate in its own natural rhythm leaving us more vital and a body more able to cope with its day to day needs.

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