Healing Fibromyalgia with Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy and Conventional Medicine

 By SD, medical administrator, UK

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a condition that has both chronic pain and chronic fatigue as its markers.

I had been experiencing pain in my legs for which I was seeking the perfect pair of shoes to remedy, and deep exhaustion for which I was supplementing myself with plenty of sugary foods to keep me going.

But these coping mechanisms eventually could not stand against the tide of fibromyalgia which came crashing down around me. There came a moment when I looked down at the page on my work station and saw the words spinning; by the time I got home I could hardly move or breathe.

The next few months were spent trying to figure out what was ‘wrong with me’ until eventually the doctor gave the diagnosis of fibromyalgia. He said it was a chronic condition, that I would spend the rest of my life in pain, and then he prescribed me some anti-depressants and referred me to a physiotherapist and a consultant who specialises in chronic pain.

Personally, during this time I was a mess. My whole body hurt. I was depressed. Alone. And scared. It felt like my life was over, which in a way it was. I had to quit my job because I could not stand or walk. Whenever I moved it felt like broken glass was scraping along the insides of my muscles. There was literally nothing I could do but lay down and rest, which was hugely difficult as I was also a single parent of two small boys.

And yet, here I am today and I no longer have those symptoms, which so tore my life apart. In fact I am more vital and strong than ever before and although I have myself to thank for that, the combination of Conventional Medical Practices and Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy were definitely the deciding factors in my recovery.


Conventional Medical Practice and how it helped me to recover

I was given an appointment to see a pain specialist at our local hospital for rheumatic diseases, and although our meeting was brief, the words she said were enough to change my life forever.

The consultant, who was a lovely young woman, described fibromyalgia as a condition of the nervous system, which was registering pain where there was no cause for pain. She said that it can come as a result of extreme stress in life. But the thing that she most wanted me to understand, is that there was no actual damage to my muscles or my nerves – they were simply in reaction. She said that I could move through the pain and it would not cause further harm, and in fact she encouraged me to move as much as possible – to reintroduce true movement back in to by body again.

With these words I left the hospital deeply knowing that:

  • I had a lot of work to be getting on with.
  • It was totally and completely understandable that I was in the state I was in, considering what I had experienced in the previous few years – no judgment.
  • That I had in fact been living with fibromyalgia for some time, as I could recognise traits of it from when I was a child, and although not as extreme then, it was not surprising that I was feeling this way now, given how I had been living.
  • I had been given the keys to my freedom, because I could move again without fear of causing myself more harm, that the pain was not real in the sense that it was not actual nerve damage, more like nerve exhaustion, which I knew I could work with and heal.
  • It was my responsibility to heal.

My next appointment at the hospital was with a physiotherapist who also specialises in chronic pain. He was a very sweet young man who drew out onto a large piece of paper several circles and labelled each one as an element of life such as sleep, work, play etc. He explained to me how each of these elements need to be in harmony with each other in order for there to be harmony within the human body, that we need all of these elements in equal measure to feel whole. In looking at the diagram, I could instantly see how out of balance my life had become, especially with sleep. Life for me at the time was all about everyone else, running around after what they needed, never really taking the time to care for myself or my body and thus collapsing in to bed each night, only to wake up in the morning still exhausted but needing to get through the day. I could see how this is how I had always lived, it was not new or recent. This is the way I had chosen to live my life ever since I was a child.

The physiotherapist explained to me that when we are not getting the quality of sleep that we require, our nervous system has to step in to take over, which can lead to nervous exhaustion and eventually fibromyalgia – my life in a nut-shell.


Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy the beginnings of choosing to be responsible

I left the hospital with a very real and clear understanding of myself and of the choices I had made which led me to that point. The prescription for anti-depressants was still sitting at home and I knew I could use them at any point should I need to, which was very supportive.

The next place I went to for help, was my local Esoteric Connective Tissue Practitioners. These were hands-on sessions where I lay on the treatment couch, fully clothed and with warm blankets over me. The practitioner would very lightly place their hands on the back of my ankles whilst I was laying on my back and do a very delicate rhythmical movement to which eventually my whole body would surrender and I would drift off in to a deep sleep.

The main feature of these sessions for me, was the fact that on the couch during the treatment, there was no pain. No anxiety, stress, or tension. I would feel whole and complete. I would feel warmth from the inside out that spread throughout my whole body.

This warmth, I came to understand, was the real me the truth of who I am. Not because the practitioner told me so, but because I could feel it. It was familiar, ancient in fact. It was like coming back to the security of my mothers arms after the ordeal of being born and feeling her unconditional love for no other reason than the fact that it was me she was holding.

These sessions happened each week and slowly, slowly with time, I came to identify myself less and less with the pain and more and more with the essence of myself that I experienced during the sessions. And eventually, the pain stopped.

During this time I also worked on exercise, inspired by the sweet person that I was discovering I am; I would move with gentle movements that honoured how I was feeling, never pushing myself but equally always challenging myself to take just one more step, building up the number of steps I could take each day.

In addition, I worked on my self-talk, as I came to realise that this precious child I was developing a relationship with inside did not deserve to be spoken to with harsh words. And I decided that if words spoken in my mind made me feel bad about myself, then they were simply not from me or the love that I am, they were a learnt behaviour that did not belong to me or my body and therefore I gave them no time – sometimes I would actually tell them to go away which helped enormously.

So, to say that my life has been transformed by the support of Conventional Western Medical Practices and Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy is an understatement. And yet, transformed is exactly what it has been. I stand here today, discharged from the care of the hospital and seeing the Esoteric Practitioners occasionally through the year as a way to continue deepening and building on what has been lived and learnt so far. I can walk, I can sleep, I can enjoy time with my children, family and friends. I can work again, which is a blessing in itself.

There is a commitment to life now that I am experiencing which is unlike anything I have known in myself before – because, somehow, this delicate and precious being that I am naturally has the power, the vitality, and the strength to diligently work and toil each and every day without getting exhausted, emotional, or drained. In fact I have the ability to bring all the love that I feel for myself to all the places and the people that I meet. Which is in itself a transformative event.


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563 thoughts on “Healing Fibromyalgia with Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy and Conventional Medicine

  1. This is quite a remarkable turn around, from being in intense pain to healing it completely, simply through taking stock and being really honest about how you’d always lived your life. There is no substitute for properly taking care of ourselves on all levels, all of the time.

  2. I am continually amazed at how harshly we can speak to ourselves. And the truth is, if we spoke to someone else like that they wouldn’t hang around us for long. I am slowly learning to speak to myself in a much more loving way but at times I can hear a tone in my voice that is actually not loving in the least. This makes it so clear to me that it’s not just about the words we use but the energy we use them in. They are either harming or healing and that’s our choice.

  3. Realising that there is something about how we are living that is causing our condition is a great start. Looking at finding a pair of shoes that minimises the pain is like wallpapering over the cracks.

  4. It is incredibly supportive to be assisted to re-connect with the essence of who we are, with a real and tangible sense of this in our body, and it’s beautiful how you describe the Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy sessions helping with this. And inspiring how you brought all the support you received from both conventional and esoteric medicine together and applied it to your daily way of living.

  5. “He said it was a chronic condition, that I would spend the rest of my life in pain, and then he prescribed me some anti-depressants and referred me to a physiotherapist and a consultant who specialises in chronic pain.” I must say this sounds quite disempowering to get the message that you will be in pain your whole life and get anti-depressants as medication. But I guess that is what happens with many people, your story is inspirational because I hear often how chronic pain is indeed for life. You show how indeed we can turn things around by our own choices to come out of it.

  6. Fibromyalgia is becoming more and more commonplace. Thank you for sharing your personal experience and insights making, for you, this debilitating disease a thing of the past and showing what could support others who are suffering in the same way. Combining the Western medical model with Esoteric Connective Tissue was obviously a huge part of your healing. I have had Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy sessions myself and can vouch for their efficacy and when we follow through with what they are showing us much health-full change comes about. As we take more responsibility for our state of health we feel more appreciative of ourselves and our bodies and begin to enjoy living once again.

  7. When we look back and get honest, we can see clearly see how our choices since young build up over time, and can easily lead to the illnesses and diseases that show up in our bodies. Nothing accidental about the conditions we end up with: we create them through how we live, which is empowering, because it means that we have the ability to clear the energy that led to the conditions in the first place.

  8. Very inspiring to feel your commitment to transforming your life from chronic exhaustion to working right through the day without feeling drained or depleted by taking responsibility and allowing the body to truly heal through the combination of esoteric and conventional medicine.

  9. Rhythm in our life is essential. It is there reflected with every breath and with every course in our breath, it is the natural and energetically true way to live.

  10. A beautiful understanding that the way we live affects our physical health and that conventional medicine and esoteric medicine can complement each other when we take responsibility for our part in the healing.

  11. Perhaps there is more scope elsewhere in the medical world for Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy to be explored with its far reaching affects and benefits as the general human condition seems to be becoming more and more complex.

  12. What a great realisation you came to here about illness and disease that they do not just happen out of the blue or randomly but that they are often the result of a build up or momentum of things that eventually come to a head – this can sometimes be for years. It can sometimes appear like things just happen suddenly but when we honestly reflect we can trace back the origin of our condition by seeing the lifestyle choices that built up over time.

  13. This is a great sharing of your commitment to take responsibility in understanding your illness and learning how to work with the body to initiate change and to truly heal.

  14. Your commitment to healing is a total inspiration. Seeking support, integrating into life the wisdom that you feel to be true. In that, you place yourself in charge of the whole process, and maximize the supports you receive and not use them as a clutch. Very powerful.

  15. The healing that Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy has bought to my life is simply miraculous. From working with practitioners and committing to daily exercises over the last few years the Sciatica that I had regularly suffered from for more than 40 years is now a pain of the past. I know that, pain or no pain, I will continue my commitment to the incredibly valuable exercises, which is simply a commitment to the health of my body, for the rest of my life.

  16. Wow, I know I have read your blog before but how incredible is your healing, how you now are in your life come from the amazing choices you have made for and with your body and how well the combination of esoteric and conventional medicine has works and work. Such an inspiration for all who have fibromyalgia or another debilitating condition to go for their own grow whatever is been told is possible or not possible.

  17. If fibromyalgia is “a condition of the nervous system, which was registering pain where there was no cause for pain.” it is showing us that we are creating something out of nothing. Everything comes back to the body and pain is a cry for help even when in truth there is no cause for that pain. Your article shows with the support of Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy and the Medical system, when we are willing and able to surrender, illnesses like fibromyalgia do not have to be long term conditions.

  18. ‘if words spoken in my mind made me feel bad about myself, then they were simply not from me or the love that I am,’ When we accept that we are first and foremost love and everything comes back to that then we have a chance to heal what is not love. We can choose to be aligned to love and nothing else. It may take a while but every time we turn a negative or reductionist thought into a loving one we are readdressing the balance.

  19. Having just come back from a visit with a consultant I have to express my heartfelt appreciation of the care, time and advice that I was given. I felt reassured and confident that my condition can be supported easily. We can sometimes take for granted the dedication and hard work of doctors and other health care professionals… I know I have, but I have come away feeling deeply touched by the health-care I have received and a newfound level of appreciation not felt before.

  20. According to websites, fibromyalgia is a permanent condition whose symptoms become better through aggressive multidisciplinary treatments. What you have done here sounds much more practical.

  21. There is an amazing case study here SD that is very important to share. The common way is for people to get labelled and capped with such a condition and title and to feel like a total victim of it, and this is just not true of this or many things, and getting to the true underlying causes can always help at some level of healing. There are some great tips here about being more loving and self-loving, policing our thoughts, getting body work sessions, surrendering into more quality sleep and not being a victim of the illness or anything else for that matter.

  22. I definitely get that we don’t have to buy into anyone’s picture that we are going to live with a condition for the rest of our lives. To me this just says that most people sadly continue in their momentum and know no different, thus the decline. When we choose to live love and let love in and out we start to restore ourselves. When we recognise that is not who we are such as our thoughts and negativity we make more space to be love again.

  23. When I get super-honest with myself I realise that there have been some deep stresses in my life and that my own perfectionism and wanting to control things around me to fit my picture, amongst many other things no-doubt have caused me additional stress as well. I see that there are lesser degrees of these types of symptoms which if recognised early could be resolved much earlier, if I make myself a priority, but require me to love myself more deeply in the process.

  24. This combination of both conventional and esoteric approaches to self-care and healing is very powerful. The esoteric is a truly proactive way of caring for ourselves – and a life of true self-care is deeply healing. Being responsible for our own wellbeing is surely good news for our ailing health services – and actually just feels great too.

  25. ” These sessions ( connective tissue ) happened each week and slowly, slowly with time, I came to identify myself less and less with the pain and more and more with the essence of myself that I experienced during the sessions. And eventually, the pain stopped. ”
    Wow this is a huge healing and a clear understanding of what true healing is thank you for sharing.

  26. ‘I worked on my self-talk, as I came to realise that this precious child I was developing a relationship with inside did not deserve to be spoken to with harsh words’ Thus is huge. We do so much damage by belittling ourselves in one way or another. The expectations we load on ourselves often far outweigh those we put on others and we are quite often our worst enemy. Realising that we are indeed precious and deserve tender, nurturing and loving treatment is the first step towards actually being that beholding presence for ourselves. Coming back to this awareness throughout the day we can gradually build a more intimate and sweet relationship with our inner self, one that builds presence and self confidence and allows us to move with great respect for all.

  27. ‘In addition, I worked on my self-talk, as I came to realise that this precious child I was developing a relationship with inside did not deserve to be spoken to with harsh words.’ Next to all you have shared with us about how you healed fibromyalgia this is huge, how many of us talk to ourselves with harsh words, having a judgement about all we do or not do. It is about building the love from the inside out, changing the way we move will change our internal dialogue into a loving one, that is for sure.

  28. Our bodies are so amazing! They are constantly loving us, even if we don’t see it as that… kind of like when we are children and we think our parents are so mean by not allowing us to do something. The body gives us opportunities constantly to stop, feel and take stock of our choices and how they are affecting us.

  29. If fibromyalgia is the body registering pain where there is no physical cause for pain, what is this telling us? It is telling that the body is registering a pain that is energetic and self-created. It is also telling us that the key beyond treatment is our state of being-ness.

  30. Fibromyalgia is a condition of responsibility, because to live the love that you are is naturally very responsible and to hold this back causes much tension and stress for the body to cope with, so to overcome such an illness is to let love in from others and to let your own love out.

  31. Thank you SD, it’s always a very supportive read for me. What’s amazing is not only did you heal Fibromyalgia, but you now are a healing presence for those you come into contact with. And, once the physical condition was healed you haven’t stopped the healing process because it was simply a symptom of your relationship to yourself and life, which though now is more loving, there is always more love to live.

  32. How blessed you were to have a doctor who explained things so clearly and a physio that reminded you of how important balance is to our daily lives – we can never discount how vital conventional medicine is to support our physical bodies in its healing process.

  33. “And yet, here I am today and I no longer have those symptoms, which so tore my life apart.” And what an inspiration you are Shami. It really is remarkable to witness the depth of change in you and beautiful to see you offering your uniqueness and delicacy to us all with what you are doing.

  34. “This warmth, I came to understand, was the real me – the truth of who I am. Not because the practitioner told me so, but because I could feel it.” Knowing who we truly are – in our essence – enables us to take the healing path. Commitment, connection and responsibility – with no attachment to outcome – thankyou for sharing SD – a beautiful post.

  35. Sometimes it is as if we receive what could almost be called a curse in our lives… You will be in pain for the rest of your life… A classic example… I was told at the age of 30 that my spine was so bad that I would never ever work again… And yet here we are… There is so much more to our lives then what meets the eye and the mind

    1. There are probably one of two responses to being told this… either to accept that ‘fate’ and give-up, or to find another way which likely involves some Soul-searching and lifestyle changes… the latter being perhaps the road less travelled but the journey well worth the while.

  36. There is an important part in this piece about delicacy and power, diligence and toil, and how these qualities came out after re-connecting with the essence inside. Whereas life before, in a disconnected state, led itself to exhaustion and eventually a chronic condition.

    1. Shami you have made a very important point here, that life lived from our essence is vital, powerful, and promotes our health and wellbeing, whilst disconnection to our essence definitely can lead to unhealthy states like exhaustion. The world and our health care systems would be a different place if we were all living connected to our true selves.

  37. This is a very awesome sharing, many need to hear it as those suffering from this could be greatly inspired to hear how you have turned this around and the healing that you went through to do this.

  38. Even the title of this blog is intriguing and far from the norm. Who heals fibromyalgia? Are we not usually left to best manage this condition? What a powerful experience to undo the living from nervous energy and start to feel yourself as whole and complete. This would make a great medical case study.

  39. I can really feel how the understanding that a pain in the body is not damaging the body is hugely liberating. That the pain is of energy rather than physicality calls for a deepening or awareness, a willingness to take responsibility and to turn our gaze inwards to heal. Shami your experience and the way you responded is deeply inspiring.

  40. This is a very valuable testimonial SD. Your experience leads the way for a new approach of this illness. As you say, this process has taken its time to unfold, which has been based on your commitment to assume and make your part in it. It’s clear that your honesty and consistency have been essential in your transformation.

  41. ‘when we are not getting the quality of sleep that we require, our nervous system has to step in to take over, which can lead to nervous exhaustion and eventually fibromyalgia’ It makes sense that our Nervous System would have to take over if we do not have good quality sleep. This reminds me how important it is to use those hours before bed as much as possible to nurture the body and really care for it deeply.

    1. We are so disregarding of sleep now, emails, social media and entertainment are at our fingertips even in the bedroom, and staying up late is considered the ‘in thing’. There are so many reasons why we don’t choose to take care of our sleeping pattern, or simply cannot sleep well, all of which has a short and long term impact on our health and wellbeing. We may find in the future many chronic illnesses and diseases are related to poor quality sleep.

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