Healing Fibromyalgia with Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy and Conventional Medicine

 By SD, medical administrator, UK

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a condition that has both chronic pain and chronic fatigue as its markers.

I had been experiencing pain in my legs for which I was seeking the perfect pair of shoes to remedy, and deep exhaustion for which I was supplementing myself with plenty of sugary foods to keep me going.

But these coping mechanisms eventually could not stand against the tide of fibromyalgia which came crashing down around me. There came a moment when I looked down at the page on my work station and saw the words spinning; by the time I got home I could hardly move or breathe.

The next few months were spent trying to figure out what was ‘wrong with me’ until eventually the doctor gave the diagnosis of fibromyalgia. He said it was a chronic condition, that I would spend the rest of my life in pain, and then he prescribed me some anti-depressants and referred me to a physiotherapist and a consultant who specialises in chronic pain.

Personally, during this time I was a mess. My whole body hurt. I was depressed. Alone. And scared. It felt like my life was over, which in a way it was. I had to quit my job because I could not stand or walk. Whenever I moved it felt like broken glass was scraping along the insides of my muscles. There was literally nothing I could do but lay down and rest, which was hugely difficult as I was also a single parent of two small boys.

And yet, here I am today and I no longer have those symptoms, which so tore my life apart. In fact I am more vital and strong than ever before and although I have myself to thank for that, the combination of Conventional Medical Practices and Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy were definitely the deciding factors in my recovery.


Conventional Medical Practice and how it helped me to recover

I was given an appointment to see a pain specialist at our local hospital for rheumatic diseases, and although our meeting was brief, the words she said were enough to change my life forever.

The consultant, who was a lovely young woman, described fibromyalgia as a condition of the nervous system, which was registering pain where there was no cause for pain. She said that it can come as a result of extreme stress in life. But the thing that she most wanted me to understand, is that there was no actual damage to my muscles or my nerves – they were simply in reaction. She said that I could move through the pain and it would not cause further harm, and in fact she encouraged me to move as much as possible – to reintroduce true movement back in to by body again.

With these words I left the hospital deeply knowing that:

  • I had a lot of work to be getting on with.
  • It was totally and completely understandable that I was in the state I was in, considering what I had experienced in the previous few years – no judgment.
  • That I had in fact been living with fibromyalgia for some time, as I could recognise traits of it from when I was a child, and although not as extreme then, it was not surprising that I was feeling this way now, given how I had been living.
  • I had been given the keys to my freedom, because I could move again without fear of causing myself more harm, that the pain was not real in the sense that it was not actual nerve damage, more like nerve exhaustion, which I knew I could work with and heal.
  • It was my responsibility to heal.

My next appointment at the hospital was with a physiotherapist who also specialises in chronic pain. He was a very sweet young man who drew out onto a large piece of paper several circles and labelled each one as an element of life such as sleep, work, play etc. He explained to me how each of these elements need to be in harmony with each other in order for there to be harmony within the human body, that we need all of these elements in equal measure to feel whole. In looking at the diagram, I could instantly see how out of balance my life had become, especially with sleep. Life for me at the time was all about everyone else, running around after what they needed, never really taking the time to care for myself or my body and thus collapsing in to bed each night, only to wake up in the morning still exhausted but needing to get through the day. I could see how this is how I had always lived, it was not new or recent. This is the way I had chosen to live my life ever since I was a child.

The physiotherapist explained to me that when we are not getting the quality of sleep that we require, our nervous system has to step in to take over, which can lead to nervous exhaustion and eventually fibromyalgia – my life in a nut-shell.


Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy the beginnings of choosing to be responsible

I left the hospital with a very real and clear understanding of myself and of the choices I had made which led me to that point. The prescription for anti-depressants was still sitting at home and I knew I could use them at any point should I need to, which was very supportive.

The next place I went to for help, was my local Esoteric Connective Tissue Practitioners. These were hands-on sessions where I lay on the treatment couch, fully clothed and with warm blankets over me. The practitioner would very lightly place their hands on the back of my ankles whilst I was laying on my back and do a very delicate rhythmical movement to which eventually my whole body would surrender and I would drift off in to a deep sleep.

The main feature of these sessions for me, was the fact that on the couch during the treatment, there was no pain. No anxiety, stress, or tension. I would feel whole and complete. I would feel warmth from the inside out that spread throughout my whole body.

This warmth, I came to understand, was the real me the truth of who I am. Not because the practitioner told me so, but because I could feel it. It was familiar, ancient in fact. It was like coming back to the security of my mothers arms after the ordeal of being born and feeling her unconditional love for no other reason than the fact that it was me she was holding.

These sessions happened each week and slowly, slowly with time, I came to identify myself less and less with the pain and more and more with the essence of myself that I experienced during the sessions. And eventually, the pain stopped.

During this time I also worked on exercise, inspired by the sweet person that I was discovering I am; I would move with gentle movements that honoured how I was feeling, never pushing myself but equally always challenging myself to take just one more step, building up the number of steps I could take each day.

In addition, I worked on my self-talk, as I came to realise that this precious child I was developing a relationship with inside did not deserve to be spoken to with harsh words. And I decided that if words spoken in my mind made me feel bad about myself, then they were simply not from me or the love that I am, they were a learnt behaviour that did not belong to me or my body and therefore I gave them no time – sometimes I would actually tell them to go away which helped enormously.

So, to say that my life has been transformed by the support of Conventional Western Medical Practices and Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy is an understatement. And yet, transformed is exactly what it has been. I stand here today, discharged from the care of the hospital and seeing the Esoteric Practitioners occasionally through the year as a way to continue deepening and building on what has been lived and learnt so far. I can walk, I can sleep, I can enjoy time with my children, family and friends. I can work again, which is a blessing in itself.

There is a commitment to life now that I am experiencing which is unlike anything I have known in myself before – because, somehow, this delicate and precious being that I am naturally has the power, the vitality, and the strength to diligently work and toil each and every day without getting exhausted, emotional, or drained. In fact I have the ability to bring all the love that I feel for myself to all the places and the people that I meet. Which is in itself a transformative event.


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496 thoughts on “Healing Fibromyalgia with Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy and Conventional Medicine

  1. The fact that our nervous system is capable of registering a pain for which there is no physical cause is puzzling and opens the Pandora box. What if we are capable of feeling also what is happening in our non-physical bodies? I do remember when I started reconnecting with God, the excruciating pain I felt inside me when I stated (as usually did) to be atheist. It was not physical. It was very deep and very real.

    1. This is beautiful Eduardo, and it’s true that physical pain often seems to take centre stage, but what if it is actually just a physical manifestation of a much deeper energetic pain or suffering that is taking place…?

      1. This is such a great question Eduardo and Shami. If we consider that there is so much more to us and to the world than what we can physically see and feel, then it is absolutely possible that pain can be felt in another dimension. From my own experience, I know I have felt something of this nature that has been seemingly illogical and unexplainable, but it has been very real to me.

  2. Thank you SD for this open sharing. It is amazing how connecting to who we truly are has the power to truly heal us from what ever is causing us harm. Be it Fibromyalgia, bad eating habits or depression it can all be healed with the true medical support, the true energetic support to connect to ourselves and ultimately our own commitment to reconnecting to ourselves, our essence.

  3. It is so beautiful how the body knows how to restore itself to harmony and balance when we connect to our ill choices in our way of living. Western medicine along with complementary modalities such as Connective Tissue can beautifully support the healing process of ourselves as whole beings.

  4. I love the fact when faced with your condition you did not hide and give up, you instead moved forward listening to your body’s messages. When we get diagnosed with any kind of condition and illness it is a opportunity for us to learn like. Illness does not have to be the enemy; illness when embraced can bring deep evolution.

  5. This changes the definition of ‘chronic’ and is a really inspiring way to address long term pain – not to give up and settle for depression, but instead look at and deepen every aspect of love in life. Amazing.

  6. “It was like coming back to the security of my mother’s arms after the ordeal of being born and feeling her unconditional love for no other reason than the fact that it was me she was holding.” This is such a good description of how amazing Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy can make you feel.

  7. The support you had, both from medical practitioners and through Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy, feels amazing and your recovery from such a severe and debilitating condition as fibromyalgia is miraculous – and very real and tangible at the same time, as you take us through the insights you had and the steps you took.

  8. The fact is that esoteric healing on its own could never solve all the world problems. But then again, neither does it claim to. Similarly, western medicine certainly does not have all the answers, although unfortunately it claims to be the only one that does, and if it does not, then it claims that an answer does not yet exist. This is unfortunate, for as I was saying to a friend yesterday, there are many examples of where discoveries in western medicine come about by first studying remedies and qualitative evidence found in alternative medicine.

  9. It is interesting that you use the word ‘healing’ rather than ‘curing’ – would you say that ‘healing’ here means also dealing with the causes of the illness?

  10. This combination of esoteric complementary medicine works so well wth conventional medicine to bring the deep healing available for us all. It is nothing short of a miracle when conventional medicine will say outright that so many conditions like these are life long and have no permanent solution or cure.

  11. Three factors/parties working together exemplary – conventional medicine, complementary medicine and the patient taking responsibility and giving their all to contribute to a true healing process – the future of holistic medicine.

  12. What a remarkable union of Conventional and Universal Medicine Shami, along with your own willingness to take responsibility for your choices and how you ended up in the situation you did, that enabled you to make such a profound and true recovery. This is a union that needs to be researched by conventional medicine as there is no doubt of its efficacy.

  13. It’s fascinating to read that you had it explained to you that your muscles were in reaction but that you could push through the pain and not cause damage. It’s really fascinating to consider how the body has approached the situation.

  14. SD this is an amazing and very inspiring story of recovery from a condition most struggle to heal for many years, if not decades. The distinction you make between what you discover is the ‘real you’, the warmth and sense of yourself you gain, versus the pain you were feeling with the condition, is something very key it seems. Being ourselves in life takes on a whole different meaning when it is expressed the way you have, and would appear to be very powerful medicine in that sense.

  15. What is so very powerfully demonstrated in this article is that SD never gave up or in to the pain she was experiencing. She demonstrates a commitment to life that many have not been willing to surrender too or to even explore. What we are each capable of will remain unexplored until the choice to commit to life is made.

  16. Powerful exposé of that the body doesn´t lie and never holds a grudge, it equally presents the consequences of our unloving and disharmonious choices as it responds and displays the results of our loving, healing ones; basically you reap what you sow and that choice is only for us to make.

    1. And a powerful comment Alex. Our body never deviates from the truth and is the one thing that remains constant. It will continually love us by showing us what is true and therefore healing and what is not.

  17. ‘…there was no actual damage to my muscles or my nerves – they were simply in reaction.’ What a great understanding. It strikes me we could say this about all illnesses and conditions: they are simply evidence of a body and a being in reaction to aspects of life, or even to life itself. And underneath that, a lack of acceptance of life perhaps.

  18. It’s very interesting to read this on a morning when I am experiencing body aches and pains after an Esoteric Chakra-puncture session – a close cousin of Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy. The feedback from the medical professionals described in this blog feels particularly pertinent – I know what I am feeling, while real enough in one sense, is at the same time not. I can stay connected with myself and literally and gently move through what I am experiencing. Even with non-transitory conditions that connection with the self before all else would go a long way to supporting one to de-identify with one’s illness or disease – or at least seeing the condition as a release of an aspect of who we are not, rather than who we are.

  19. Self-Responsibility and self-care is the only way to heal a chronic condition such as fibromyalgia in my opinion as a health care professional of 20 years experience, however everyone also needs support in order to make the changes in lifestyle and behaviours that are required to heal, and this is where regular bodywork and counsel are so important to break down old behaviour patterns that may be contributing to the condition.

  20. This is such a lovely example of how we can make choices that complement our medical treatment for a truly amazing outcome. We are not one dimensional creatures, so our Medicine needs to encompass the many dimensions that we are to have true healing.

  21. If, when the body goes a bit off the rails like with fibromyalgia, what else can our bodies feel at the other end of this feeling scale? What about walking in a room that is full of tension without a word being spoken or the joy and connection of looking in the eyes of a child and just holding another in love. Our bodies are capable of so much more if we just choose to listen to what they are telling us!

  22. We know the body has cunning ways to get our attention. I get an almost instant headache if I eat something that is too sweet and I will not describe what it does when dairy sneaks in. Could it be that Fibomyalgia is the notice that we are given, for not using one of our most amazing senses of our body, the ability to feel everything?

    1. Fibromyalgia is a stop point along the way of a very long walked path of not listening to and persistently overriding messages from the body and all that it can feel.

  23. Revelation in itself this is. From what I know fibromyalgia is an irreversible diagnosis from what I’ve heard from the conventional medicine’s point of view. So this is quite something to share for many reasons, one being the consideration of how much it has to cost in the management of the condition.

  24. “This warmth, I came to understand, was the real me – the truth of who I am. Not because the practitioner told me so, but because I could feel it.” How beautiful that you have come to this conclusion on your own, it is through taking this responsibility, to own and feel who you are, that is sounds like this is the reason for your deep healing, very inspiring.

  25. As a practitioner of Esoteric Connective Therapy I am amazed every day on how it works with such ease and tenderness in supporting the body and client to restore their health and so are many clients who appreciate the unimposing, gentle techniques that make them wonder how it is even possible to correct imbalances without any gross mechanical interventions.

  26. How very healing to have a clear picture of what Fibromyalgia is and being honest enough to admit the way you have lived has literally brought this to your body. A lesson we might all learn from and consider how do we live?

    1. So true Judy, and it goes without saying that the energy we choose to live in brings these ailments into our bodies.

  27. This is a great sharing SD. I know someone that has just been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and this is very supportive to know it is possible to heal this condition. We play an integral part in our own healing, as you clearly are evidence of. Thank you.

  28. ECTT Is an absolute blessing for humanity… So gentle so non-imposing, and amazing reflection of the delicacy of the wonderful vibration that we are… And of course so powerful as the writer explains.

  29. This is a profound blog for me.
    The two areas below that l am particularly moved by highlight turning points or defining moments in how your life experiences directed you to find the missing link to your life. It was finding and acknowledging your essence. This was a turning point for you. This is what allowed you to fully embrace your life again. It was because you fully embraced your essence.
    “I came to identify myself less and less with the pain and more and more with the essence of myself “. You not only embraced yourself but you deepened to honour you and feel your preciousness. A divine undertaking. Which enabled you to finally admit and allow yourself to be…

    “inspired by the sweet person that I was discovering I am; I would move with gentle movements that honoured how I was feeling, never pushing myself but equally always challenging myself to take just one more step, building up the number of steps I could take each day.” We are all miracles and capable of these miracles daily. Thank you for sharing your deeply inspiring life story SD.

  30. As much as we may need at times a medicine that is capable of fixing, curing and or alleviating our conditions we are definitely in need of a medicine that is truly contributing to the healing of the root cause of our ailments; ECTT is one of those modalities.

  31. This blog shows that any one can re-commit to life, even after the most harsh and debilitating ordeal, we all have the strength and the love to return to our essence.

  32. There is absolute joy in finding that less is more in a treatment, how I have found in an esoteric healing or connective tissue session how just the touch on the body releases tension and unwinds emotional stress. The world needs more of this type of treatment, the benefit of a light but deeply affecting touch will I reckon in time change the world.

    1. Indeed Stephen, it feels actually so simple but is always an enormous healing as Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy returns you to your original state in which your body is in homeostasis again and is functioning in harmony, not only within itself but also with everything outside of it.

  33. Isn’t our body the most amazing marker for how we have been living, or are still living, our life? It is so wise and so patient but unfortunately it is so often ignored and then we suffer the consequences and wonder why.. And also, isn’t it wonderful how when we are truly ready to listen and to heal that the support we need is there waiting in many forms as you have shared. Very inspirational indeed!

  34. It is a blessing for humanity that the complementary Universal Medicine modalities have been made available to us once again as these do, next to the Western medicine help us to come back to who we naturally are and that is love, which not lived is causing all the illness and diseases we encounter in human life.

  35. Out of all that you have shared here SD, the line that stood out was “It was my responsibility to heal.” this is so key. No matter what the illness or disease in fact. That it is indeed our responsibility to heal.

  36. To understand that the pain of fibromyalgia, although very real, is not caused by any damage but a reaction to the way we have lived is immensely liberating and helped pave the way to your recovery from this otherwise debilitating condition. And I love your description of Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy – a baby being held for no other reason than the fact that it is there to be held and cherished.

  37. It’s interesting that you were told that there was no damage to your body but that it was in reaction. It seems as though the connective tissue treatments allowed your body to build on a wholeness that lay underneath the pain that was coming from the reactions. It is a great reminder that reactions in any form are what really cause the pain.

  38. there is only really one way to deal with any sort of chronic illness or pain without becoming disempowered… And that is to know oneself, as you say… to know one’s body, to understand the interconnectedness of all things, and to know that life is always a hologram… And the presentations of Universal Medicine are at the forefront of empowerment of the individual in this way.

  39. Thank you SD, it’s an extraordinary story, and as a person who has also suffered from Fibromyalgia I can appreciate fully what you have recovered from. Quality of sleep is so vital to the body, my doctor has described to me how poor quality of sleep can mean poor regeneration of the muscles (and body in general) so upon waking, it’s literally the same body it was the night before. Each night we are supposed to heal, repair, and restore any damage or wear on the body and so if this doesn’t happen each day we can wake with an ever increasingly painful body. There is more than just sleep involved but I wanted to highlight this point as it can be a big factor in fibromyalgia and I’m sure other disease and illness. Thank you.

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