From Resistance to Embracing Western Medicine

by Angela Perin, Brisbane, QLD, Australia. 

This blog post was initially posted on The Truth About Universal Medicine Blog and we have also posted it here as it is relevant to the medical blog and affirms the fact that Universal Medicine is pro-Western Medicine. 

Up until a few years ago, I had been a strong supporter of alternative medicine and its various modalities, including ‘new age’ or ‘spiritual’ therapies and techniques. In fact, I considered alternative medicine to be the answer, or to hold the primary solutions and methods to healing illness and disease. When an illness or condition presented with myself or within my family, this is what I turned to, and actively pursued.

Although I grew up with some understanding and use of Western Medicine (to the extent that I did have occasional visits to the local community nurse and saw a doctor on a handful of occasions during my childhood), it was not a big part of my awareness or experience. In my late teens through to my early 20’s, and as a general outcome of my immediate family taking more of an interest in health, I began to become more interested in alternative medicine and therapies (which included general lifestyle changes such as the incorporation of organic food, supplements, regular exercise etc.).

By the time I was in my mid-late 20’s, I was moving more and more towards alternative medicine as the means of healing illness and disease – to the point where I began to discount Western Medicine as a means of support. In fact, to be honest, over the last 20 odd years this was with a large degree of defence and arrogance against Western Medicine, and I avoided it wherever possible. I took great pride in claiming my family and I never went to the doctor, and that we handled nearly every situation without this support. Of course, there were a handful of occasions where I could not avoid this, but even then I accepted the support with a large measure of reluctance and resistance (considering it something that was necessary and unavoidable, but never something that was embraced).

Since 2010 and my association with Universal Medicine, I have had the opportunity to re-look at my beliefs around alternative medicine and Western Medicine, in the context of how they are able to support dealing with illness and disease.

While I have held an understanding for a long time that illness and disease are not random events, and that they result from something else going on (i.e. emotions, lifestyle etc.), I had arrogantly held on to the belief that Western Medicine could not be a part of the healing process (unless of course ‘absolutely necessary’). I had held on to a belief that engaging the support of Western Medicine was considered a ‘failure’, a ‘step backward’ and even a ‘weakness’.

In the past 2 years I have come to an awareness and understanding that Western Medicine is not ‘the’ answer to illness and disease, but it is an important ‘part’ of ‘the’ answer. I have also come to an awareness and understanding that illness and disease come from the way (the quality and self-care) in which we live, and the way (the quality and self-care) we are with ourselves and others. And while it is an individual’s choice to consider and take responsibility for the cause of illness and disease, and to have the opportunity to connect to and be honest about the patterns, behaviours, ideals and beliefs that result in us living a certain way, Western Medicine can offer tremendous support in assisting the physical body as part of this process. Neither of these two is any more important than the other, but rather complements the other in addressing and healing illness and disease.

In the past 2 years, I have had the amazing opportunity to begin to embrace and accept the support of Western Medicine as an important part of a healing process, and to let go of the solid resistance and arrogance I have held for several decades.

And recently I had the amazing opportunity to put this into practice! I had a large abscess on my leg which was not healing, and had no hesitation or resistance in going to the doctors to get it checked out, which resulted in (emergency) minor surgery and a total of 3 days in hospital.

The amazing thing was that I accepted, and in fact, embraced, all of the support that was offered to me – without resistance, without avoidance, and without arrogance. I was able to accept responsibility for my body and my choices, accept the support that was offered – not with an attitude of ‘you (i.e. Western Medicine) fix it’ or ‘I’m totally helpless’ (i.e. giving away my power) – but with an understanding that Western Medicine was an equally important part of this healing process. I was amazed at how much I was supported simply by ‘allowing’ the support that was there, and how this assisted in the overall healing, and the support I received and felt as a result, was truly lovely.

From resisting Western Medicine to embracing it – now that to me was ‘true’ healing!

185 thoughts on “From Resistance to Embracing Western Medicine

  1. What an amazing blog and for me it shows that when we hang onto beliefs and ideals this can get in the way of true healing.

  2. Angela what a transformation. I, on the other hand used to be pro western medicine, in that I would go to be ‘fixed’. And I recalled when I used to take antibiotics, I knew deep down inside, there was more to the healing than the medicines itself, but continued to be ignorant.

    It is only since my experience with Universal Medicine, have I realised that the body is just clearing from the pollution I have placed inside of it. Yes there are times when it can be uncomfortable and take whatever support I need, but I now ponder on what true healing is actually occurring.

    I wished I had known more of this connection, instead of being miserable and blaming other people around me for my illnesses. As far as I’m concerned, it’s never too late, this wisdom is within us all, if we wish to tap into it.

  3. “Western Medicine is not ‘the’ answer to illness and disease, but it is an important ‘part’ of ‘the’ answer.” As is the choices we make in the way live is an important ‘part’ of health and wellbeing to support the skills of Western Medicine.

  4. Having been extremely resistant to Western medicine for many years and avoiding going to the doctor unless absolutely necessary and then with great reluctance, I have completely changed my attitude since attending Universal Medicine presentations, where I have been inspired to take responsibility for my own wellbeing and make choices that have undoubtedly improved my general health, but also to choose to visit my GP when needed and work together to restore my body to true health.

  5. Having experienced Western Medicine supported by Complementary Medicine I know how well the two work together western medicine diagnoses and treats the illness and Complementary Medicine assists in helping to deeply heal the body.

  6. “I was amazed at how much I was supported simply by ‘allowing’ the support that was there” – I can so relate to this. In fighting and resisting, we miss out on the true value of what is being offered to us.

    1. Totally agree with you Fumiyo. When we fight, it makes it challenging for the health care professionals on the receiving end, to treat you with the love and respect that you would like to receive, when this isn’t projected to them either. Healing is two way thing, the patient/client and the health care professional/practitioner.
      What are we preventing when one is closed and the other is open?

  7. Beliefs really get in the way of the truth. I also used to be quite resistant to Western Medicine, and I had beliefs that I had to do everything on my own including heal my body. I had beliefs that natural is best, and also that because Western Medicine didn’t embrace the whole person and underlying energetic causes of illness they couldn’t help me. Once all the beliefs cleared it allowed me to experience and embrace the wonderful care of the medical profession and its many lovely professionals. What prompted the changes for me came from a series of talks by Serge Benhayon about the benefits of Western Medicine and how vital quality medical care is for our wellbeing and self care. It was so practical and common sense it highlighted how my beliefs were actually working against me. I now take great care of myself with regular medical, dental, podiatry and physiotherapy appointments, and with that comes complementary care with naturopathy and Universal Medicine’s esoteric modalities like Esoteric Massage and Chakra-puncture. It feels amazing to take such great care of myself.

  8. That’s a super important point that Western Medicine is part of the answer but not the whole answer. It blows me away what medicine is able to do and understand when it comes to the intricate details of how our body works and when put together with the energetic understanding of the choices and movements that got us there we have an absolutely amazing opportunity to heal and move forward in a way that won’t precipitate the disease again.

  9. Thank you for sharing this Angela – thanks to Serge Benhayon of Universal Medicine, I also now embrace the support of Western Medicine as he is constantly recommending..
    “I have had the amazing opportunity to begin to embrace and accept the support of Western Medicine as an important part of a healing process, and to let go of the solid resistance and arrogance I have held for several decades”.

  10. I certainly carried an arrogance of not needing western medicine – it came from watching other people buy into alternate medicine and believing it was the answer. But since choosing to be part of Universal Medicine, I have seen first hand what it is to combine the responsibility we have in how we live with alternative and western medicine. I’ve just had an operation in hospital, and I have received support from vitamins and minerals along with an amazing team of doctors and nurses and my responsibility to deeply rest. The union of the three has meant a very honouring and simple recovery.

  11. I can remember feeling a sense of pride and bravado in having been able to avoid going to the doctor to heal and that my body was so invincible it would be able to handle anything I came down with. What an arrogance! It is this that is perhaps way worse than any sickness I could have got because in thinking this way I was not only harming myself by not seeking support but equally not choosing to see the offering each sickness offers us to evolve and move on from our ill ways.

  12. The truth is without Western medicine our health would be far worse than it is today. There is a vast array of technology to monitor our illnesses, we have made advancements way beyond what we had 20 years ago but we are getting sicker with more complicated illnesses than ever before. Western medicine is not the only answer and esoteric medicine offers us a stop to question how we are living that is contributing to our illness. When we do we will see we can make changes to our lives that contribute to our health and vitality.

  13. We need both western medicine and the Esoteric as countries’ health systems are overloaded and near to bankruptcy. We the people need to take more responsibility for our health and having an understanding as to why we got a disease enables us to make different lifestyle choices.

    1. Individuals need to take more responsibility for their own health and wellbeing and support Western medicine which is being bankrupted because of the demands being placed on it in so many countries from the increasingly poor lifestyle choices of so many people.

  14. Combining the best of both worlds in using both conventional western medicine with Esoteric Medicine makes so much sense. The first fixes symptoms, removes diseased organs, mends broken limbs and can sometimes cure, whilst the latter goes to the root of a problem and can heal. Healing an illness doesn’t always mean to cure it and a cure doesn’t necessarily mean a healing takes place. We need both.

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