The body never lies

Anon, UK

Not too long ago I noticed a little bump appearing on the back of my neck, right on my spine, half-way between the base of my neck and the base of my skull. I didn’t think much of it, I thought it was a spot, maybe an irritated hair follicle.

Knowing there is a reason for everything and it wasn’t ‘just’ a spot or an accident, it did cross my mind as to wonder why I had a spot there.  I treated it with some tea tree oil, which is a good antibacterial oil, but then realised after a week or two that it was bigger and not going away as a spot usually would.

Rather than dismiss it, I went to the doctor rather than letting things go or thinking it’s no big deal, as I feel it is important to get any medical support we require. What it transpired to be was a small cyst; I was curious as to why, what causes it from a medical perspective, but I also know that our body is constantly telling us everything, and never lies. There was more to this than just being a small cyst, that needed to be cut out and removed, there was the root cause energy behind it, how had I been living that the body needed to clear it with this bump on my neck. This is where the magic of Esoteric Medicine comes in, it works in perfect unison with Western Medicine to look at the whole, it comes from the inside out and Western Medicine meets the issue, illness, ailments, disease from the outside, and together they support one another.

Western medicine is magnificent at removing the bump or cyst, providing the surgery and the care it offers. In addition, according to Esoteric Medicine, neck issues can come from a lack of expressing one’s truth and I can use this understanding to help my healing on the inside and address what holds me back from expressing so that I can truly heal. I appreciate the way my body brought this to my attention through a cyst that could be removed, rather than a more serious condition, like a cancer of some sort, which is also possible.

Yet often I have heard with my own ears from many people who have cancer, you can also see it on TV or read it in magazines, that it’s microwaves, or what’s in the water, or plastics etc. that causes cancer. But what if the truth is it is actually how we live, although many of us don’t want to take or live that level of responsibility, so it’s easier to blame the outside world. It’s not about blaming anyone – just understanding why things happen the way they do.

So here is my body with this small bump on my neck, sending me warning signs to start expressing my truth. These aren’t early warning signs, I’ve already had sore neck issues in the past, which I ignored, as I could say I didn’t know any better then; deep down part of me did, but I hadn’t reconnected to the Esoteric yet, and boy I am way more than glad that I did.  It is the missing piece of the puzzle as far as our true health, well-being and vitality is concerned, and when we combine this with great skills of Western Medicine, it’s a marriage made in heaven.


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11 thoughts on “The body never lies

  1. I absolutely love the simplicity of how everything is everything and in understanding the whole body’s intelligence we can really support the unfoldment of what’s to come and how to support ourselves properly.

  2. It’s amazing indeed what our body reveals – but God doesn’t just stop there – providing experiences and events every second of our lives to help us return to truth. Everything is there for a precise reason as it is, no accident or coincidence or luck really exists. What a rich bible of guidance life is then when we truly wish to look.

  3. How natural is it that when we combine the two modalities, we have the aid we need to support us through our illness and disease.
    “This is where the magic of Esoteric Medicine comes in, it works in perfect unison with Western Medicine to look at the whole, it comes from the inside out and Western Medicine meets the issue, illness, ailments, disease from the outside, and together they support one another.”

  4. How many times do we dismiss or override all the little signs and symptoms in our bodies until it becomes something major which we can’t ignore? It’s like we don’t want to check our email Inbox and it just keeps getting fuller and fuller until its limit is reached and then it crashes – and we then get shocked, resentful, annoyed, frustrated or angry etc. As you are highlighting Anon – the body speaks loudly to us all the time and it’s definitely worth listening to!

    1. Helen I had just such an experience recently, I have had a painful right shoulder for years and just put up with the pain. I was talking to an Esoteric practitioner who asked me if I had ever stopped to close my eyes and just feel and be with the pain and see what comes up. Well to be honest I hadn’t ever done this so we gave it a try. What I felt was a locking down and hardness that extended into my arm, sadness, I started to cry and I could feel things that I felt hurt by as a child but never expressed materialise out of seeming nowhere, but obviously my body had held onto all this. I thought I had been listening to my body but there is always more to unfold and discover and as you say Helen our bodies are definitely worth listening to as they hold the key to our health and well-being.

  5. Our body is such a marker for letting us know exactly what is going on with us, and the body gives us the read out of this information, our job is to be able to hear and understand what it is exactly saying to us. What a beautiful marker of truth that goes with us everywhere in our lives.

  6. Deepening our understanding of the why something occurs in our body offers the opportunity make changes in the way we are living and the choices we make.

  7. It’s beautiful when we can bring a deeper understanding to what is happening in our body – it allows us to change the way we are living. That you can bring a richer expression to the world is not for you alone but for all of us – an enrichment that is so needed.

    1. Susan I agree with you by bringing a deeper understanding to myself and claiming myself more, this is bringing a level of stillness within me that I haven’t felt before. This has had such an obvious effect on someone I know they have let down their guard with me and allowed themselves to fully connect to the stillness I’m holding within. It is such a beautiful experience to observe the changes taking place with our relationship. If this can occur with one person then it must by the law of science occur with everyone because we are all interconnected.

  8. Thank you for this account and yes, there is more to a cyst than a haphazard occurrence – every bit of language from the body is worth a thousand words and more, if we but care to listen.

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