My Experience with Conventional Medicine and Universal Medicine as a Breast Cancer Patient

by Ingrid Langenbruch, Ocean Shores, Australia

I am a student, client and friend of Universal Medicine (UM) and Serge Benhayon. Hearing about some rumours about Serge and UM – which sound like outright lies and misinterpretations – I would like to share the following with you:

I have lived for about 10 years with breast cancer; my 4th recurrence was at the end of 2011. Over the first 5 years – until about 2007 – I tried each and every natural and alternative way to heal myself. Having experienced two severe medical mistakes in my family in Germany and having studied natural healing and nutrition for years, I had had no trust or confidence in conventional medicine at all since I was a teenager (I am now 59).

I was not successful in healing the cancer and chose to have a mastectomy in 2007. By then I had started going to Serge’s presentations, workshops and having esoteric healing sessions. Since I felt so ‘ right ‘ about being anti medicine, I was surprised to hear Serge saying in several presentations that he is pro conventional medicine. As my alternative efforts over five years to heal had failed, I needed to have a truthful look at my emotionally driven aversion to doctors and anything to do with conventional medicine, and esoteric counselling has been very helpful with this. Slowly my view of the medical world changed and I chose to trust it more. At the end of last year – having the 4th recurrence – I agreed for the first time to have radiation therapy whereas before I had rejected anything medical except the surgery itself.

The radiation oncologist was wonderful and so was the hospital staff. During the six weeks of daily radiation treatments I had the most amazing loving support from Serge and the practitioners at the UniMed clinic. I had regular sessions from Serge to support my body through radiation and was able to stay at UniMed House opposite the clinic as I live too far away from the hospital in Lismore to drive in every day. I was looked after with meals prepared for me while I was getting very tired and burnt from the radiation. And all this support was free of charge! I healed and recovered quickly and very well from the radiation.

Serge never tells me what to do. I sometimes wish he would when I find it very difficult to make a decision about a medical treatment or medication. But when I asked he always said that I have to feel for myself what’s right for me. He often stresses this in his presentations too, that he never tells us what to do and that we have to feel what’s true for ourselves.

I don’t know if or when the cancer will come back. I do my best and I am less and less worried about it. What I do know is that I have support in a way I never experienced before, that I often feel amazing and loving within and with myself and I trust that I can hold that state should I have another recurrence.

With the support of UM I rarely suffer or worry anymore but am learning to love myself and my fellow human beings. I feel this is a much better contribution to human life than being a victim, suffering, miserable, worried and depressed, all of which I used to be.

My studies with Universal Medicine and the esoteric healing sessions have enriched my life immensely.

255 thoughts on “My Experience with Conventional Medicine and Universal Medicine as a Breast Cancer Patient

  1. Conventional medicine is now well proven as it has been well researched but unless we do our part in the healing process, which is where Universal Medicine comes in, conventional medicine can only do so much for us.

  2. This is true community – people coming together to support someone who is sick. A joy to read that this model is possible an can be reflected to the world. Often in illness people do not want to be a burden and they hide from the world. BUt this avoids the one thing we need at the time – support from others and the reflection of what is truly going on .

  3. No ideal or belief can withstand truth. Every person has their story, their experiences and their lessons. We cannot apply a “one size fits all” bandage on people and call it that – for some illness, herbs and nutritional changes may support, for other we may need surgery and for third we may simply need a pill. But, if we don’t address the energetic cause then nothing in our lives can truly change.

  4. Ingrid you are a true inspiration, the more we honour ourselves and deeply feel from within our body we can use that feeling as a guide to what supports us in different situations, it is very loving how Serge supports people through their medical treatment, often without payment, providing support which allows you to feel deeply into what is going on, and an opportunity to deeply heal what caused the illness.

  5. Feeling for ourselves with regard to what treatment feels right for us as individuals is so important , as there is no one right way to do anything.

  6. Ingrid, you are a shining example to this day of everything that The Way of The Livingness is about and represents. The undeniable truth is evident in how you live, and your living imprints mark the way of truth and love for those who are willing to see. This can never be denied, thank you for the inspiration that you are and will be for us all many years to come.

  7. I love how you were able to define your preference of alternative medicine as “my emotionally driven aversion to doctors and anything to do with conventional medicine” to have a truthful look at it – sometimes what we think is good for us only comes as a result of our past hurt but we like to justify it as being ‘right’ stubbornly.

  8. Combining conventional medicine with esoteric therapies offers us the best of both worlds. I healed quickly after surgery a few years ago and took advantage of both systems of medicine. My surgeon was surprised how well I healed, even tho I was in my sixties when theoretically it should take longer to fully recover. Interestingly doctors often don’t ask what we are doing to heal so well. When I do see a doctor these days they are surprised that I am not on any prescribed medication.

  9. I agree, being anti-medicine is not the way to be healthy. In 2002 I was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation and a hyperactive thyroid and was advised to take aspirin to thin my blood and avoid a stroke. I didn’t take anything. I was fine for a couple of years but in 2004 I had an arterial clot in my right leg and could have lost it. That was a big wake up call for me – now I take whatever medicine is prescribed – I always chat with my Doctor first and he doesn’t prescribe any medicine unless it is really necessary, but I no longer shy away from seeking medical help, and then will often see a naturopath to support my body in dealing with any side effects.

  10. You make a very important point here Ingrid that we need to allow others the space to make their own decisions, as we all have an innate wisdom to be reconnected with when we live from our innermost.

  11. Ingrid what if we all embraced life and healing in the way you have shown is possible? What if we looked at Cancer not as something to fight but something to reflect on and adjust how we live life so we don’t repeat the same patterns that got us sick.

    1. Yes I agree, fighting energy takes a lot out of us and gives us a rather hard stance on life. It actually produces tension in the body when our body is asking for care and love and the space to heal. Looking at ourselves and our behaviours gives us clues as to how come the cancer started and how it developed as it did.

  12. Ingrid thank you for sharing your experience, it is very important that we make our own decisions when we are ill, once we have all the facts because it means we are still taking responsibility for ourselves, the moment we stop taking that responsibility we give up on ourselves.

  13. This ‘anti medicine’ stance is so easy to pick up when looking for alternatives. It’s only when I stopped being so critical that I realised that western medicine has a HUGE amount to offer, its just that it does not cover everything. That is where complementary medicine, and in particular esoteric medicine help to complete the picture.

  14. ” Serge never tells me what to do. I sometimes wish he would when I find it very difficult to make a decision about a medical treatment or medication. But when I asked he always said that I have to feel for myself what’s right for me. ”
    This is so important, for a person’s choices are based on their free will which is the basis for living one’s own life and way of being.

  15. Ingrid, I can relate to what you share. I have in the past pitched conventional medicine against complementary, and at times dismissed the former. Far better, as you confirm, to remain open and enjoy the the benefits of working with both fields of medicine.

  16. “But when I asked he always said that I have to feel for myself what’s right for me.” In truth this is the most loving thing someone can say to you, that you have to learn to feel for yourself again what is true and to confirm that we indeed do know what is true inside ourselves without needing an outer source to tell us what it is.

  17. It’s really inspiring the point you share here, where the surrender, acceptance and empowerment are felt and one and the same. What else we could need in a moment like that and ever?

  18. ‘My studies with Universal Medicine and the esoteric healing sessions have enriched my life immensely.’ A beautiful way to express the impact of Universal Medicine on your life.. The quality of my life has change beyond all recognition: it now has purpose and with this every moment precious and lived to the full.

  19. I too am learning, when relating to others ill or otherwise, the value of allowing people to feel for themselves what is true and make their own decisions. This empowers them to connect to their own knowing and wisdom and make supportive choices for themselves and even when they don’t, can learn from it

  20. Ingrid thank you for sharing how deeply you care for yourself and all the ways you feel are appropriate and loving for you. What also struck me as very beautiful is that there is no ‘suffering’ of thought, this would be truly inspirational and support for many people.

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