Medicine and Universal Medicine Working Together

by Denise Morden

12 years ago I was diagnosed with a rare genetic lung disease by a Sydney lung physician who advised me to

“contact a thoracic surgeon at St. Vincent’s because you’ll  need a lung transplant within 5 to 10 years.” Shocked and angry by the way the diagnosis was delivered I decided to change my lifestyle.

We moved to Byron Shire in 2002 and a few months later I met Serge. I will never forget the first appointment with him. It felt as though a great weight had been lifted off my chest. For the first time it felt as if I could breathe my own breath and take responsibility for my own health.

In 2008 I saw a lung specialist. I was amazed at the care and respect the Specialist  showed in his treatment of me. I feel healthier now than I ever have in my life and I don’t need a lung transplant. With this amazing medical support and the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom taught by Universal Medicine, my life now is Glorious and full of Joy. Every day is a Blessing.

I was empowered to step onto the path of returning to myself to become a Master of my own life. Now I am able to be of service as a Practitioner of Universal Medicine modalities and able to support others to become Masters of their own lives.

129 thoughts on “Medicine and Universal Medicine Working Together

  1. Thank you Denise for sharing your story, it shows how much power we have to both harm our health and care for our health. I have learnt so much about self care from Universal Medicine and Esoteric Women’s Health, both amazing organisations empowering people to live responsibly and joyfully. Be great to get a follow up on your story, thank you.

  2. In any profession we have a responsibility in how we speak with others and treat others. I feel every industry should have a code of conduct similar to the one of the EPA and adhere to this. Luckily on this occasion with you, although you went into reaction, followed your heart and a different path to one not only that has been empowering for you but in how you can support others to truly be empowered as well. Now that is very cool ✨

  3. This is an amazing testament to what can occur when we are willing to take responsibility for the way we are living and make changes in our lifestyle so that an invasive procedure such as a transplant can be avoided.

    1. I agree Helen, it’s also a huge burden off the medical system, not to mention avoiding the lifetime of pharmaceuticals required after every transplant operation.

  4. We have a huge part to play in our own health and healing and when we take responsibility for this as shown here the medicine can do wonders for medicine isn’t just our doctors, it’s how we live and with us in each moment.

  5. A great testimonial of the the impact our choices have on our health, and how through making changes to our daily living can greatly support us, and help us make informed decisions too.

  6. The beauty of Universal Medicine is that is offers the understanding of how we are responsible for our health and well-being, through the way we live and the impact that our choices have on our bodies, which is insightful and empowering to no end. With this understanding we realise that just as we have been making certain lifestyle choices, we can also choose to adjust that way we live and with the support of western medicine and esoteric medicine combined we have a super powered formula that support to truly heal our dis-ease and live with greater and sustained vitality, health, well-being and connection.

  7. It’s amazing how changing our lifestyle means that some of the more invasive or extreme forms of conventional medicine is not required. Universal Medicine inspires people to change the energy of their lifestyle rather than swapping out one behaviour for another under a different guise.

  8. Denise, what you share is nothing short of a miracle….the choices that you made, with the support of Serge Benhayon and Dr. Sam Kim, to change your life style and heal your lung condition is deeply inspiring, and reveals how when we take responsibility for our living way and listen to our inner wisdom we create space for miracles to occur.

    1. In time the medical profession may have to reassess how they view illness and disease as there may be many conditions that are reversible, perhaps not in 100% of individuals but for many. Maybe with a different understanding of the energetic origins of why we become sick we may see many more miracles in the future.

  9. Thank you Denise, your story will inspire and support others who may be facing a similar condition to know there is a different way to live and move that can positively affect your health and well being.

  10. Lovely to read how you started to take responsibility for your health, and changed your life around, a great testimonial to Dr Sam Kim, and Serge Benhayon for their love and support.

  11. This is an amazing turnaround. Not only you no longer need a lung transplant, but you are now a practitioner yourself to offer support to others to live their own breath and return to who they truly are, just like you have. What a powerful reflection you are. You could have so easily just followed the doctor’s instruction at the first diagnosis, and it’s just so amazing your reaction actually prompted you to choose self-responsibility instead. Amazing.

    1. It’s a great comment, thanks Fumiyo. So many people would give up after a diagnosis not realising that they may still be able to have a significant impact on their health, wellbeing and quality of life from their own interventions and self care.

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