Medicine and Universal Medicine Working Together

by Denise Morden

12 years ago I was diagnosed with a rare genetic lung disease by a Sydney lung physician who advised me to

“contact a thoracic surgeon at St. Vincent’s because you’ll  need a lung transplant within 5 to 10 years.” Shocked and angry by the way the diagnosis was delivered I decided to change my lifestyle.

We moved to Byron Shire in 2002 and a few months later I met Serge. I will never forget the first appointment with him. It felt as though a great weight had been lifted off my chest. For the first time it felt as if I could breathe my own breath and take responsibility for my own health.

In 2008 Serge suggested I see Sam Kim, a lung specialist. I was amazed at the love and respect Sam showed in his treatment of me. I feel healthier now than I ever have in my life and I don’t need a lung transplant. With this amazing medical support and the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom taught by Universal Medicine, my life now is Glorious and full of Joy. Every day is a Blessing.

I was empowered to step onto the path of returning to myself to become a Master of my own life. Now I am able to be of service as a Practitioner of Universal Medicine modalities and able to support others to become Masters of their own lives.

113 thoughts on “Medicine and Universal Medicine Working Together

  1. This is so inspiring to read Denise, how you’ve changed your life and are now a Master of your own life. It was pretty shocking how your doctor delivered your diagnosis, I wonder how many patients would have crumbled and just give in with this kind of news. Your story will inspire so many people to also take charge and become Masters of their own lives. Amazing story.

  2. Every day is a blessing when we are truly taking care of our bodies and our health, and this also serves as a powerful reflection to others that they too can take their health into their own hands which starts with self care and self nurture. It is this self support that is truly healing and empowering which brings us back to loving and appreciating ourselves which totally transforms lives… own included!

    1. I totally agree.. when we start taking care of ourselves, we’re essentially saying to ourselves that we are worth taking care of, worth loving on a deep level, and it’s this message that is such an integral part of the healing and act of self-care.

  3. This also shows to me the absolute responsibility we have for learning about our bodies, so when we walk into any doctor or surgery, we know what is going on and also what feels right.
    How people treat us is also our responsibility, as we have the opportunity to say no.
    This account of being asked to get a lung transplant, but then choosing to listen to your body and make changes based on how you feel not what you are told is huge. Serge Benhayon has inspired hundreds of people to take the same approach. To master our own lives.

  4. Wow, what an extraordinary testament to the power of Esoteric Medicine, Serge Benhayon, Dr Sam Kim and yourself. It is amazing to read that taking responsibility for your health and committing to mastering your life can have such a remarkable healing effect.

  5. Wow what a great sharing, through the power of Esoteric Healing, you mastering your life and the Support of Serge Benhayon and Dr Sam Kim you have turned around your life. How crazy it is that you experienced such an awful diagnosis. What is clearly reflected is that we all have it in ourselves to heal, once we connect to the true ageless wisdom we already know. This wisdom is never lost, just buried deep within and we have just forgotten it.

  6. Sometimes I wonder if our attitudes to health actually are making us sicker. Universal Medicine has turned a lot of thoughts I had considered as just ‘how it is’ completely on its head so to speak. There is so much support for us to live truly amazing, joyful lives; sometimes that means surgery is required to remove what is not needed and sometimes you discover surgery is not required. With Universal Medicine it is always about treating the person and discovering the root cause of their woes, which assists greatly when the body literally takes you to the doctor and says “listen to me!”.

  7. This is great Denise – your first thought upon hearing your dire diagnosis was to change your lifestyle – your responsibility to self-love and nurturing yourself has healed you from so much ill in your body. Combining these new lifestyle choices with conventional and complementary medicine has enabled this deep healing. This is inspiring to read and I would like to hear more of your story.

  8. Thank you Denise for sharing your amazing story, becoming responsible for your choices and choosing self love, are potent medicines for living a joyful life which you have just testified to. Where would we all be with out the simple loving teaching and wisdom, lived and presented to us by Serge and the loving dedication of Unimed Practitioners.

  9. So powerful to read your story Denise, it shows how by being willing to take true responsibility for your health and seeking support from conventional medicine along with esoteric healing, you have created true healing within your life. It shows what is possible for us all when we truly commit to living a truly loving life.

  10. The marriage of conventional medicine and Universal Medicine very evident in its effects here with you Denise. Thank you for sharing, I would also love to read more.

    1. Me too, I could read more about Denise’s experience and how she has navigated the health care system as a patient. Not to criticize the system but to learn about health care through the eyes of the patient and their families, without diminishing the voice of the health care provider or denying there are many factors at play putting stress and strain on our current medical model. The more we share, the more perspectives to consider and the more understanding we will all have.

  11. This is very beautiful to read Denise. I have a medical condition at the moment that requires the partnership between Conventional Medicine, the medicine and wisdom of Universal Medicine and the innate wisdom of my body; what a combination for true healing!

  12. When patients are empowered to take responsibility for their own health while at the same time working in consultation with modern medicine there will be no losers, it will make a physician’s job easier. This is very different to alternative medicine and doing away with the numerous medical advances that can support us, it is a call for people to be more responsible patients and for more medical practitioners to embrace this process.

  13. You can hardly blame the first surgeon’s way of practicing medicine when we human beings tend to want a pill for this or that, or surgery rather than make lifestyle changes that will at least support and improve the bodies capacity to deal with these treatments and medical intervention. If people did have this approach then medical specialists might start having different conversations with their patients about the spectrum of possible outcomes and that there is a correlation between patient behaviours and outcome. Of course there is no guarantee of a cure but we can make choices that make a difference to how process and cope with life, illness and dying.

  14. What a real stop moment this blog is, short and clearly written but a huge message that once we are back in the driving seat of our lives, miracles happen. Thank you Denise this is an another example of how our health can change once we are ‘breathing our own breath’ and we become responsible.

  15. Denise,
    To have made such a massive change in your health is a miracle that cannot be ignored. All by the simple choice to breathe your own breath, the service that Serge Benhayon has offered the world is beyond amazing, but in truth can bring miracles such as you have shared into all of our lives, if we too choose to breathe our own breath.

  16. “For the first time it felt as if I could breathe my own breath and take responsibility for my own health.”

    And isn’t this the root of all lung conditions? That we stop breathing our own breath and get caught in the momentum of a life lived in disconnection to ourselves, each other and to God. It’s lovely to hear how you have restored your own breath Denise and saved yourself a lung transplant in the process! Although equally, a lung transplant can also be a valuable part in assisting someone to ‘breathe their own breath’, which is ironic as technically the new lung in this instance is not ‘theirs’! There is so much deeper we can go in learning how true healing actually takes place. Not everything has to end in complication and surgery; sometimes a simple change can shift seeming big things. The key is to take responsibility for our health and be willing to see the choices we have made along the way that have led us to this point and from here we simply make different choices if we do not like where it is we stand.

  17. We are masters of our own illusion and so it is we can equally master the unveiling of all that has kept us bound, blind and lost. This is how we truly master life and you Denise are a great example of how to begin this process.

  18. “I was empowered to step onto the path of returning to myself to become a Master of my own life.” These words have so much power and inspiration in them for those feeling like their life is out of control, that life just happens to them, that nothing they do makes a difference, and so on. I can feel, and I know others will too, how you have re-claimed the ownership of your life and in so doing began to make choices and changes that have had some wonderful results, and now you are able to support others to do the same; that is so awesome to read.

  19. What you have shared here Denise is very inspiring and such a beautiful testimony to Sam Kim, Serge Benhayon and the Teachings of the Ageless Wisdom. Your transformation is a credit to you and the self-loving responsible choices you have made, and continue to make.

  20. “I was empowered to step onto the path of returning to myself to become a Master of my own life.” The more I am able to master my own life, the more I am able to see the illusion that keeps me held in a certain way that does not allow mastery over my life, This would not have been possible without the teaching of the Way of the Livingness through Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

  21. We all know when something doesn’t feel right in our body… the thing is we often like to ignore and/or not take responsibility for the choices we have made that created the illness or disease in the first place… and go to our medical professionals wanting them to fix us. The beauty of Universal Medicine and Western Medicine as you experienced and chose Denise for your healing, is that it supports us with the next steps of the care our bodies need to truly heal.

  22. How powerful is it when we take responsibility for ourselves by choosing to look at how we are living and the impact that is having on our health and wellbeing.

  23. To ‘breathe our own breath’ is the key to true health, for the root of all illness and disease is found in breathing a breath that is not truly ours. In other words, we get so caught up with all we are fed externally by way of images, ideals and beliefs that we forget beneath these false layers lays a most precious love-filled being that is being smothered by all that we impose on ourselves that is not of the great love that we are.

    Denise, you are a walking miracle here to reflect that is it never to late to return to our true home – the love and the light of our Soul. All we need do is make the necessary adjustments in how we are living, get some medical support and surrender to that which we already are but as yet are not living in full. Thankyou.

  24. Your story Denise brings to light just how much our lifestyle impacts our bodies. To go from needing a lung transplant to having healthy lungs is a miracle. The true miracle though is choosing to take responsibility in a world that shies away from this and making the choice to support your body in how it truly needs to be.

  25. Some doctors’ bedside manner does leave a lot to be desired but I would say that most doctors are better communicators than perhaps doctors used to be, still it is upsetting when you are delivered a diagnosis that you don’t want to hear in an entirely insensitive manner. It is awesome that you made changes to your life that enabled you to prove this particular doctor wrong.

  26. Amazing Denise what we all have available to us. As Universal Medicine expands into other countries by way of students dedicating themselves to being the Master of their own lives we all can return to an optimum health and fill this world with joy.

  27. Mastering our own lives is important Denise as you show, and combining the Esoteric wisdom and teachings with Western medicine is the way forward.

  28. You are a miracle and an inspiring example of how effectively Universal Medicine works with Western Medicine to offer transformation if one is willing to take the necessary step of taking responsibility for one’s choices.

  29. Amazing story Denise and so empowering, as others have shared you are a miracle and a testimony that through our choices, love and support from others we can completely turn our lives and health around. From knowing both Sam Kim and Serge Benhayon I know for a fact that you would have only received love, respect, care and the utmost integrity from them.

  30. Wow! this is truly amazing Denise. I love how you deliver it so matter-of-factly too. It’s common sense that if we look after ourselves our bodies will be able to support us to the best of their ability.

  31. A beautiful testimonial of someone with problem lungs to be able to breathe their own breath with the loving support of conventional medicine and esoteric medicine together with taking personal responsibility in the healing process.

  32. A beautiful and inspirational story of you taking responsibility for your own health and quality of your livingness Denise; thus becoming a master of your own life, thank you.

  33. We become masters of our own lives when we choose to take responsibility for our own health and wellbeing through breathing our own breath and through listening to and heeding all the wisdom which our body shares with us.

  34. It’s extraordinary the turnaround that can happen in our health and wellbeing when we take responsibility for it ourselves. All it takes is another to reflect to us that there is another way to live that doesn’t involve giving our doctors and other health professionals the responsibility to ‘fix’ us when we have become unwell due to our own choices.

  35. I’ve not needed to be treated by Dr Sam Kim but I know him and have seen him care for a patient who was ill. What a beautiful, tender man and a loving doctor. The profession is lucky to have him – he’s paving the way for true medical wholism by bringing his gentleness, wisdom and understanding of the root causes of our conditions to his knowledge of our physical bodies.

  36. Most of us know or are realising, how we live has a direct impact on how we are and how our body is. This articles sets it out pretty straight forward. Live this way and lung transplant, live another way and magically you are taken off that list. For me it’s worth exploring deeper and deeper the relationship of how we live to how our body responds. Our largest barometer we have is our body and if it’s not doing well then this is an absolute sign a change is needed.

  37. Denise, by all counts you’re a living miracle, to be told you would need a lung transplant, and then to not and be completely vital and feel amazing should be studied or researched. Even if we just exercised self-care and self-love alone, that would take an enormous pressure off the crippled medical system that is busting at the seams.

  38. Esoteric Medicine is an as yet untapped resource offering unlimited potential for healing. Working hand-in-hand with Western Medicine, it will be one half of a powerhouse duo.

  39. When we take responsibility for the day to day choices we make, and re-imprint our lives we are able to make many changes that improve our health and well being, a very powerful testimony to Western medicine and Universal medicine working together hand in hand.

  40. Every moment we have a choice, and that choice can be loving and supporting or unloving disregarding ourselves and others, choices are like ripples in a pond, they affect not only us but all those around us, and as we change our choices to those more loving ones on a more consistent basis our body has time to start working more deeply on healing itself. I am very grateful to Universal Medicine for showing me that how I live impacts my body every moment of every day.

  41. It is always gorgeous to hear of the amazing medical recoveries that people experience after combining both western and esoteric medicine – the world truly does not get what they are missing out on. Your healing is extraordinary, especially to the medical world and anyone who has not been blessed by the wisdom of the esoteric teachings and modalities, however you only need to read the countless blogs to see these remarkable healings are almost normal they are so common… but never less of a miracle worth appreciating in full.

  42. We don’t realise it in how our world is that we don’t “Breath our own breath”. When such a possibility is introduced, and such dramatic physical changes experienced, is it not time to question what it is that we allow to drive how we Breath?

  43. I have read many blogs that show the immense gratitude from receiving a combination of Western Medicine and Universal Medicine, it’s beautiful to see that so many amazing Specialists, Doctor and Dentists love working beside Serge Benhayon to support not only their patients but themselves back to a body that is able to speak and be heard.

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