Confused. By. Deception. (CBD) – A Modern-Day Snake Oil

by Michael Goodhart, Aircraft Technician, B.A. Psychology, North Carolina, USA

The compound CBD (Cannabidiol) is derived from the marijuana or hemp plant and is currently the newest rage and being touted as the latest ‘cure-all’ in the health and wellbeing industry. The claims made by its proponents cover a broad spectrum of supposed benefits, ranging from a reversal of depression, halting of psychosis and healing PTSD to curing cancer. (1)

In fact, here is a more comprehensive list of claimed benefits now coming from the myriad of companies that are touting CBD as a multi-pronged solution for literally dozens of mental, emotional and physical ailments, including the abilities to: slow Parkinson’s disease, curb anger, prevent anxiety, relieve menstrual cramps, lessen arthritis pain, treat Crohn’s disease, lower blood sugar, rejuvenate skin, heal brain injury, cure insomnia, speed recovery from workouts, calm dogs and stop epilepsy.

Of that entire list, only the limiting of seizures as experienced by people with two rare forms of epilepsy has been medically proven to be somewhat alleviated with the use of CBD oil. (2)

CBD oil is being marketed and sold inside products as far ranging as hamburgers and shampoo to gummy bears in a way to capitalize on a form of created ‘normalcy’ by the companies selling these products, when in fact there are many questions about its legality and efficacy.

Although I feel that it’s everyone’s choice as to what products they use to support the health and wellness of their bodies, the current groundswell of companies and distributors popping up at almost every street corner selling CBD in a way that promises the consumer that it can cure such vastly different illnesses and diseases without any scientific evidence or even FDA approval and oversight is at the very least alarming and is taking advantage of people’s medical needs in a deceiving way,  capitalising on this with massive financial gains at their customers’ expense, whether it works for them or not.

“CBD is being produced without any regulation, resulting in products that vary widely in quality”, said Marcel Bonn-Miller, an adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. “It really is the Wild West,” Bonn-Miller said. “Joe Bob who starts up a CBD company could say whatever the hell he wants on a label and sell it to people.” (2)

The method by which CBD affects our body’s internal mechanisms is via what is known as the Endocannabinoid System, which is a complex cell-signalling system that is responsible for maintaining a state of homeostasis within the body by producing endogenous cannabinoids (AEA & 2AG) that are molecules which attach to endocannabinoid receptors found in the central nervous system (CB1) and the peripheral nervous system (CB2) within the immune system and on various organs like the kidneys and liver, thus modulating their function in various ways not fully understood by science. After the endocannabinoids  AEA & 2AG carry out their functions they are broken down by two different enzymes produced by the body. (3)

The physiological effects of this natural system found within the human body are quite vast and include those that control and modulate chronic pain, stress, sleep, emotional moods, learning, memory, metabolism, inflammation/immune system, the cardiovascular system, liver and kidney function, appetite, skin & nerve function, reproduction/fertility, bone growth and motor control. (3)

By now the above extensive list of innate benefits of the body’s harmonious endocannabinoid system may appear very familiar to you, as it mirrors those claimed by the advocates of CBD oil as listed in the first segment of this piece. Even though CBD oil, (which, by the way, still contains at the very least trace amounts of the psychoactive drug Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and without proper FDA oversight cannot be truly determined or controlled), can be received by the body through its own natural receptors to produce its effects on various physiological systems, it does not mean that it is safe or required for our health and wellbeing. We have opioid receptors for heroin, but does that mean we should inject it into our veins to help with chronic pain and stress, or to help us go to sleep? Obviously not.

There is evidence to suggest that the scientific and medical field has a tendency to extrapolate meanings and connections based on theories of what they want to be true without necessarily confirming anything with repeatable evidence, all in the name of funding, profit and prestige. (4)

For instance, even calling this system of homeostatic control the ‘Endocannabinoid System’ just because it contains receptors for cannabinoid containing compounds like THC can then cause a situation where people more easily justify smoking marijuana, even though it clearly causes a disharmony in the body and mind, taking us away from any true state of homeostasis that the body’s natural systems maintain. This pseudo-science then paves the way for other fad products like CBD oil to be seen as the next ‘saviour’ for our current state of poor health and wellbeing.

The current market environment selling CBD oil is a literal free-for-all, with a lot of companies making huge profits while seemingly taking advantage of people’s desperation to feel better in their lives. The rates of illness, disease and unsettlement continually rise within a society that does not appear to want to deal with the underlying causes of these physical, mental and emotional issues, but instead would prefer the ‘quick fix’ or cure rather than do the work to truly create a lasting healing, perhaps because this would require a level of honesty that would expose their lack of responsibility for not taking care and loving themselves enough to avoid these issues in the first place.

Perhaps the fact that our bodies already have a perfectly good system in place (the Endocannabinoid System) to control and  maintain a homeostatic state of wellbeing is showing us that we have let ourselves be fooled by the appearance of yet another ‘snake oil’, this time called CBD, which only distracts us from what is needed for true healing, a trust and connection with the body that will show us not only how we have been treating it, but how to proceed forth when we reconnect to a more honest and self-loving way that does not look outside of it any more for answers or temporary fixes, but looks deep within to the cause of our problems and the source of our healing.


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31 thoughts on “Confused. By. Deception. (CBD) – A Modern-Day Snake Oil

  1. Thank you Michael, this is a wonder-full understanding with the delivery of information that culminates in us understanding the need to take care with the most Loving approach to our health so we do not have to be involved in the alphabetical soup of illness unless it is to do with Vitamins A, B, C and D all the way to Z for Zinc and maybe adding in some selenium for good measure! So natural vitamins and minerals will always be benefited by us being energetically responsible in all we do.

  2. If it’s source isn’t truth then it has to be a lie. If something is born from truth then it will benefit everyone and not just a few, the truth isn’t selective, not at all and one day we’ll all be able to feel instantly whether something is born from truth or not and it’s then that everything that’s a lie will start to crumble away like an unstable rock face.

  3. CBD is simply another distraction and it’s us that’s willingly and wantonly cuing up for the distractions, we can’t get enough of them, we’ll take them in whatever form they come. The only problem is that we’re not going to be able to distract ourselves indefinitely although we’ll certainly give it our best shot.

  4. Does this CBD oil support us to evolve and become more of our true self, our magnificence, or is it a distraction that allows us to continue with our lack of love and true care?

  5. The penultimate paragraph says so much about the current situation in society; that we do not ask the questions answered so clearly in this blog because we want to believe in the quick fix, as opposed to feeling the truth of our current way of living and how it came to be.

  6. Leigh it is quite clear that we do not live in adoration of our bodies that carry us through life. I know I was always looking for that ‘fix’ the cure that would make me feel better. I have found the cure to not look outside of myself, to be honest and listen to my body which requires me to look inwards not outwards. It’s a continuous process but one that I am deeply loving because I have discovered so much about myself I didn’t know, the relentless neediness has been replaced with a settlement I haven’t felt for a very long time.

  7. CBD oil or any other substance or treatment that doesn’t support a person to look at the true root cause of their ailment comes from the same consciousness that the ailment does. The only way to truly heal is to switch to the only other consciousness that’s available to us and that’s the consciousness of truth. And the only way to switch consciousnesses is to change our movements. Without any change in our movements we are locked into a way of being and seeing in the world that literally doesn’t allow the option of seeing anything differently.

    1. Having spent life time’s living from a consciousness that has me believing that that is all there is, so as you say Alexis being locked into a certain restrictive dense movement to then discover in this life time that potentially there is a different way to be and trying out this different way my perspective on life has changed less of the ‘negative Nancy’ and my movements have become lighter which has brought about a natural sense of wonder and joy back into my life. Switching consciousness does work, aligning to truth changed my whole perspective of life.

      1. “Switching consciousness does work, aligning to truth changed my whole perspective of life”, yep mine too Mary, which is why the forces are so focused on ensuring that we keep repeating the same movements over and over again because they know that the only way to switch consciousnesses is to change the way that we move. Keep people repeating their movements and people stay locked into a consciousness that doesn’t allow them to see the truth of life.

  8. Absolutely everything in life can be traced back to one of two impulsing energies. One of those energies is truthful and the other is not. Every thought, every word, every movement, every product has a starting point of either truth or deceit. If we’re plugged into the energetic starting point of deceit then we’re not readily given the option of being open to the truthful origin of whatever ailment we’ve got or indeed to the true energetic remedy for that ailment. Deceit leads to deceit and truth leads to truth. That’s not to say that truth is not always on constant offer, it is but deceit is forever trying to knock us off course.

  9. Our perception of life is incredibly limited and so it naturally follows that the methods that we currently use to heal ourselves are also incredibly limited. Once we start to open ourselves up to the vastness of the truth about life then so too will we open ourselves up to the energetic reasons that sit behind every disease and every illness but until that happens we will be limited by our own short sightedness.

  10. We seem to live in a demand society and so we get supplied, we don’t seem to be aware of what we are being supplied as long as it produces the desired relief from the constant unrest we cannot escape from.

    1. Relief, relief, relief, we really don’t care how it comes as long as we get it but relief requires constant application because the moment that we don’t apply relief to our lives we are left feeling the deep unease that we all live with constantly. Hence we have created a world based around providing relief for ourselves and others. Providing relief is what so many of our organisations, activities and products are based on.

      1. Wow Alexis reading your comment I suddenly got a sense of the tension in my body that I seek through food relief from. I seek food to dull the tension rather than just feeling the tension and discovering where it comes from and why it’s there. We build a false identification and present this to the world while all the while hiding who we truly are. We have built a society based on abuse, competition money and greed a ‘dog eat dog world, rather than allow our true selves to be seen as the delicate and sensitive beings we are’. When I say delicate and sensitive not in a soppy way because in our delicateness and sensitivity we are allowing ourselves to become aware and feel everything around us and that awareness is very potent because nothing can be hidden from us because we feel everything, the lies are exposed.

      2. Mary, most of us seek relief from food in some way, even if the relief that a person gets is from denying themselves food. The food industry is massive beyond comprehension and so detailed and involved. Pretty much all of us are caught up to some extent in some aspect of food/eating and many of us without actually realising it, because eating and the way that we eat has become a totally normal pert of our lives. We don’t think anything at all about overeating because we nearly all do it, we don’t think anything at all about constant snacking, eating sugar or late night eating, it’s all just simply part of ‘what we do’. But all behaviour happens for a reason and so every single thing that we put in our mouths is going in for a reason.

  11. Man’s propensity to be duped is endless and only when we are ready will we be willing to let the scales fall from our eyes and see the truth.

    1. Susan I have just read an article about current world events that has the potential to control the world population, it is happening so stealthily, increment by increment, putting out press releases which sound reasonable but actually hide the true intent behind the words. Will the scales fall from our eyes in time to see the trap that is being laid out for us?

  12. Thanks for bringing this subject to the table, Michael. I appreciate having access to what you expose here, as misinformations seem to be the trend for ‘scientifically validating’ without enough evidence whatever makes profit at each moment. That takes me to the need of being very discerning about everything that comes to me and also being even more responsible in the way I approach my health.

  13. This is another example of how so called ‘scientific evidence’ can be manipulated and distorted to give whatever result is desired, all in the name of money, profits and greed. Rather science should be used for the true support and advancement of all of us equally.

    1. And that’s it in a nutshell isn’t it Andrew, whether a product or service has come about with the sole intention of benefitting mankind or whether or not it’s come about to serve just a select few. If we see ourselves as separate individuals then it’s more than likely that whatever it is that we’re involved in will be in many ways self-serving whereas if we see ourselves as part of the Collective Whole then it’s more than likely whatever we’re involved in will serve the All that we’re a part of. It’s hard to serve the All if we’re not aware that the All is who we are.

  14. Great article, Michael, The world has a history of creating insistent pit-stops to compensate for our lack of self-care. CBD is just another Snake Oil, or could it be a Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing awaiting to bite you?

  15. Our amazing existing system known simply as our body begins life communicating what is there and what it requires to maintain ‘whole’ health, but instead of listening to this wisdom we over-ride it by making decisions that cause stress and ill health. Bringing in something from outside doesn’t make sense when all we need to do is go back to the communications of the ‘Master’ we started life with – Our Body – and listen to its wisdom.

  16. Removing symptoms can seem desirable but in my experience it can greatly impede our body’s natural healing course. Better to get to the root of what’s occurring than micro manage our small miseries away.

    1. What I have discovered Joseph is that those miseries you speak of don’t go away they get absorbed into our bodies, which makes it harder for our bodies to naturally heal because there is so much suppressed energy to discard. Which is why we need more and more distractions to distract us from the root cause of what is occurring.

  17. “distracts us from what is needed for true healing,” The ‘Quick fix’ often comes with its own problems and is no panacea for making an honest appraisal of the choices we make in the way we live and care for ourselves.

  18. Thank you Michael – I really enjoyed reading this article as it brings this current rush to accept CBD oil as an answer to pain, illness and disease back to ground level. Many people I have spoken with are very keen to accept all the claims about its benefits (which is understandable if you, or someone close to you, is unwell) however, when I talk further with them they don’t want to look any further than the surface at what is going on with their own and people’s health in general. This situation makes it very easy for the profiteers to swoop in any say whatever they want. The evil of this multi layered corruption is huge.

    1. But surely Helen when you say
      ‘The evil of this multi layered corruption is huge’ surely that’s because we as a society are demanding it, because as you say many of us do not want to look below the surface level of our health conditions and get to the root cause of ill health. As long as we demand there will be a supply.

  19. A well spoken piece exposing the gullibility of those whom desire relief in preference to responding to the body in which we each live, introducing a responsibility in living in a way that honors, adores and appreciates in full the body that carries us through life. A way of living that leaves our community’s lacking, as such responsibility may begin in ones own back yard, but once lived and continued to deepen and expanded in ones life, it naturally expands to be seen and experienced in our wider community. A livingness of responsibility by one then becomes an offering for others to see feel and possibly choose for themselves. Interesting that such a simplicity is not sold in the same frenetic way that CBD oil is.

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