My Body’s Reactions to Gluten, Dairy and Sugar

by Cherise Holt, Gastroenterology Nurse, Brisbane

Around two years ago I made the choice to eliminate gluten and dairy from my diet and my body instantly benefited from the decrease in stomach bloating, changing bowel habits and other symptoms I had experienced within my gastrointestinal tract. I had eaten these foods all my life leaving me unaware and numb to their compounding symptoms in my body. I had become an expert in overriding what my body truly felt.

The choice to decrease and then to eliminate sugar from my diet came later, and whilst it was obvious my sleep patterns and the raciness I was experiencing in my body did not leave me feeling wonderful – as with all my food choices – I couldn’t make a change without first being willing to understand and heal the reasons why I chose to be unloving with me in the first place, which then lead me to override what I truly felt. 

As a human being, I am not just a creature of habit; I know that I actually live in cycles. Just as the Earth revolves around the Sun and our bodies experience a monthly cycle of menstruation or follow the monthly cycle of the moon, there are times when I know I have been here before’ or have made the same mistakes twice’ – if not many times over. But we can always change or re-imprint the cycle that we may find ourselves in, at any time.

Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon have never told me what foods to eat or avoid, but they have greatly inspired me to be more aware of making loving food choices. Through my own process of elimination, I have been graced to feel how these foods were really affecting me and my body.

As I began to make more self-supporting choices throughout my whole life I also experienced moments when I returned to my old ways or when I was not feeling like myself and I ate foods containing gluten, dairy and sugar. My body suffered considerably…and this was how I felt:


Gluten                                     Dairy                                       Sugar


Tired                                        Sinus, Mucous                        Raciness, too fast

Heavy                                      Chest congestion                     Back pain

Numb                                      Eczema                                    Headaches

Lethargic                                 Sore throat                               Watery eyes               

Bloated                                    Diarrhoea                                Forgetful

Foggy                                      Nausea                                    Shaky

Constipated                             Acne                                        Hyperactive


The unpleasant symptoms I endured also included mood changes and feelings of frustration, worry, anger, fear, stress and sadness, accompanied by poor sleep patterns, nightmares, a feeling of endless hunger and the overall sense of disconnection to me and my own body – awful!

With honesty and awareness of my body, I now know how my body reacts to these foods and with the repercussions lasting for days afterwards, I was left feeling far less than the amazing woman I otherwise naturally feel.

In the field of Gastroenterology patients present with symptoms ranging in severity and always with a knowing that something is ‘not right’ with their health and in their own body. Western medicine and science work persistently to research, perform tests and diagnose the body’s intolerances to certain foods, but as human beings we always have the opportunity to research and feel for ourselves if a certain food sits well in our bodies.

Personally, I have not been medically tested for intolerance to gluten, dairy or sugar but my experience with them is more than enough for me to know that they don’t sit well with me. Without self-responsibility and the willingness to take a more caring approach with me, I was living in a cycle of abusing my body and used food as a harmful form of medication to distract me from whatever I was feeling.

Food has the potential to support us to live our natural way of being, with true vitality and good health, so why don’t we all choose to eat foods that support, build, nourish, confirm and truly complement the amazingness we already are and the bodies we must live with every minute of every day?

656 thoughts on “My Body’s Reactions to Gluten, Dairy and Sugar

  1. It is so powerful to explore why we choose things in the first place and to also sit with what our body says to us when we do something. The fact is it can be very black or white – our body agrees with something or it does not – the key is if we listen and respond.

  2. Science must not be so arrogant to think that it knows it all – for in many instances it is playing catch up with what has already been observed. So, for example, if a person knows that their body does not deal well with dairy products, do they also need medical confirmation of the facts? Our bodies are our own ‘scientists’ in a sense – if we are willing to listen to them.

  3. The more we become aware of how the food we eat impacts our digestion so do the ways in which we eat. The rushing to eat can be just as harmful.

  4. Looking at the table of food and its effect here, I realise how I have been substituting these foods with something else in order to satisfy the same need and I am still experiencing all these effects, and I have yet to fully call out and deal with what is truly going on for me.

  5. It really is crazy even when our body speaks loud enough for us to experience physical pain, looking at what and how we eat seems to be the last thing we want to do, but instead we reach for a painkiller.

  6. Before I came across Universal Medicine I also had discovered how much more vital and clearer I felt in my body from not having gluten, dairy and sugar in my diet. I had not been consistently honouring this for myself as when I looked around I could see that this way of living was not ‘normal’ and I did not fully understand why I was reacting so badly to these foods. I am not a coeliac but I do know when I don’t feel well, as it is not a feeling I enjoy.

    Through the presentations of Universal Medicine, I have been inspired to honour the messages from my body that support my well-being, and as such now live knowing and experiencing how this is true medicine, and as a result I have never been healthier, never felt more vital and live with greater connection to my being than ever before.

  7. Thank you for listing your body’s reactions to these 3 commonly consumed ingredients – I have also experienced many of the same symptoms but for years overrode what my body was clearly telling me and in the case of gluten a knowing for over 20 years before I finally gave it up that it was contributing to my feelings of unwellness but not even alternative practitioners seemed interested in investigating because my symptoms were not extreme although I knew clearly that something was not right. Now that my food choices are generally so much more supportive my body feels vital and so many of the symptoms you describe above have disappeared or considerably lessened and life is so much more enjoyable and productive.

  8. Sometimes it is not until we have given something up and allowed its effects to clear from our body, that we truly understand how damaging it was to consume.

    1. This is very true, I know from my own experience and that of others yet reading your comment today I realise that it also inspires me to drop some substances from my diet that I feel are not really supportive although they are regarded as highly nutritious. I realise that sometimes I think I have to eat something because of its nutritional value or how I think it will positively affect me, rather than feeling the quality that it presents energetically. I have noticed some symptoms returning recently and the chart in the article concurs with my own feeling that giving these foods a long term rest would enable me to see more clearly how they really impact on my way of being.

  9. ‘Food has the potential to support us to live our natural way of being, with true vitality and good health’ this is so true yet currently on the whole food is not used this way, it is used to numb, distract, deny, dull ourselves and our light. I am still learning with this one but am feeling more and more in my body how this needs to change.

  10. The more we connect to our body the easier it is for us to feel what foods feel light and supportive against those that feel heavy or damp which takes our digestive system into overwhelm as it tries to break them down.

  11. Listening to my body is now my greatest guide as to what to eat. If I listened to my mind I would be a stone overweight and probably feel terrible! As I still have a sweet tooth to some degree…….

    1. I too have learnt and experienced how my body is by far the sharpest, truest and most instantaneous guide to knowing what supports my body and being and what does not.

  12. “…. as human beings we always have the opportunity to research and feel for ourselves if a certain food sits well in our bodies” I agree, but before I became aware of what such foods were doing to me I ate them without being conscious of the consequences in my body. Basically I had numbed off my body to a considerable degree. Could this be why so many people eat such foods – and continue to gain weight etc? The more sensitive folk become aware of the impact more quickly.

  13. “Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon have never told me what foods to eat or avoid, but they have greatly inspired me to be more aware of making loving food choices. ” This is so important, when people tell us what to do, we tend to listen with our mind and not feel from our body if it is true for us or not and so we change our diet out of reaction to what someone has said. Listening to our body and all the many signs it gives us in the way of bloating, headache, skin rashes is the only way we truly know when to give up a food that is no longer supporting us.

  14. I stopped eating gluten and dairy ages ago but recently had a period where I was tempted and didn’t resist eating biscuits – dairy and gluten. But I didn’t get away with it, after eating just a few biscuits my stomach was severely bloated. Interesting about your experience of back ache from eating sugar… I’ve been eating more fruit than usual and have had backache too…

  15. We harm and disregard ourselves when we allow our mind to take control so that we override our sensitivity and convince ourselves otherwise in order to not have to take responsibility and deal with the reason why our body is sending us clear messages that something is out of balance.

  16. The basis of this article is beautiful as it brings into our awareness why it is that we ignore the blatantly obvious fact that our body is constantly reflecting to us what makes it feel vital and what doesn’t. The simplicity of loving ones self enough to listen is the deeper lesson to understanding and altering food and behavior choices.

  17. Considering the amount of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, bloating, reflux, yeast build up and many other conditions that we as humanity endure and accept as part of life, are so prolific. Could the foods we eat be part of the equation to such high rates of these illnesses? And could these illnesses be precursors to more serious illnesses in our body? There is much to consider in how we live and what we eat.

  18. “Food has the potential to support us to live our natural way of being, with true vitality and good health, so why don’t we all choose to eat foods that support, build, nourish, confirm and truly complement the amazingness we already are and the bodies we must live with every minute of every day?” Such a great point Cherise, yet so many choose otherwise, preferring the short taste in the mouth of something sweet, starchy or salty – that doesn’t truly satisfy and leaves you wanting more, and could contribute to illness in the long term.

  19. The last time I had a real sugar hit was a fizzy lemon drink on a hot day some years ago, maybe 10 since I last had that, and I felt drunk, and had to go for a walk and sit out about 6-8 hours whilst thankfully my beautiful body cleared it out of my system again. The shocking thing is that I once might have had that more than once a day and I would have been just the same only too numb to realise it. Thank heavens for cleaning up my body and awareness so that I can now discern.

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