Heart Attack – A stop moment in life and a chance for a fresh start.

The website is dedicated to sharing stories of people who have utilised both Western Medicine and Esoteric Medicine to address their health conditions.

This interview tells of the experience of Business Owner, Michael Nicholson, when he had a heart attack and how he utilised both Western Medicine and Esoteric Medicine to help him recover and heal and find a new way of living and working.



Eunice Minford is a General Surgeon with an interest in Holistic Health and Wellbeing. She is not a Cardiologist and this interview does not offer medical advice and should not be taken as medical advice. Eunice works as a surgeon  according to the teachings, training and principles of evidence based Western medicine. All health concerns should be discussed with your doctor.

16 thoughts on “Heart Attack – A stop moment in life and a chance for a fresh start.

  1. Esoteric medicine takes into account the fact that we’re multidimensional beings which when you think about it is crucial to true healing because how can a person truly heal if not all of them is taken into consideration? True healing must include the whole because unless we heal the whole then all we’re doing is temporarily fixing a part.

  2. There were a few key things in your interview that stood out, the care of your family, and the care of paramedics and the medical professionals. What the Esoteric way of life supported you with is to bring greater care to yourself and see how certain ways of living contributed to your health condition, allowing you to make changes and bring more love and care to yourself. I was feeling from your story how care is such a foundational part of harmony between human beings, and we also need our own self care so we can be in harmony with ourselves and with our body, instead of fighting against ourselves. Thanks for the interview and sharing your life.

    1. C.A.R.E care, a small word, just four letters but caring has the power to transform our world. The reason why we’re in so much strife is because basically we don’t care and fundamentally what we don’t care about is ourselves. Quite frankly we don’t give a damn. We treat ourselves absolutely appallingly. We use and abuse ourselves and then wonder why the world is full of abuse. Self-care is where it’s at, care for self and then keep deepening that care and everything else will be taken care of. It’s as simple as that. We’re the portal, we’re the activity of life, which is why the focus has to be on ourselves in order to change anything or anyone else.

      1. Alexis what you share is very true in currently just how uncaring the world is. How uncaring we are with ourselves and with others there is much to change here ❤️

      2. I have had my own stop moment that was caught before a Heart Attack. The unknown chest pain that over a few weeks became more frequent spurred me to go to A&E to see what it was, only because it was convenient. I had just got to work so it was early and a major hospital was across the street from where I worked. It was Tuesday, 830, so A&E should be fairly empty and I had a meeting at 11. I also had the magic ticket if there was a queue, just mention chest pain. I discovered chest pain has its own special queue! Four days later, I left the hospital with a go-fast again heart augmented with a stent. The experience was a wakeup call on how I was living and caring for my body. I am a bit long in the tooth, but old dogs can learn new tricks. I had thought I had made changes to my lifestyle over the last 15 years but realised they were just perfunctory. I have now gone to a deeper level with self-care.

  3. We view illness and upset as our foe instead of seeing them as life’s guides showing us the way back to truth. Isn’t it greater to be helped back on track than left stranded amidst lies? There is often pain but that’s often what it takes to get us to awake.

  4. This interview gives us a clear example of how Western medicine and Esoteric Medicine can work together for the benefit of the patient. And after all that is what is most important the patient making not only a full recovery, but understanding in this case what contributed to the heart attack so that life style changes can be made so that it is less likely to occur again.

  5. This is a very honest account of how we can get caught in the ‘doing’ even when we are ill, we still think we can carry on. I’m sure many people could put their hands up to say they have acted in this way. And sometimes we are given a stop moment to bring us to our senses.

  6. Thank you Michael Nicholson and Dr Minford for this superb interview that brings home how important it is not to fight a condition or illness but to surrender to the process so that our body can heal. If drive and control made us sick in the first place, then it is evidently not a good idea to drag that way of being into the healing and recovery process too. What an immense learning this is for all of us.

  7. An honest interview and as others have shared how western medicine is so important and to be very much appreciated but also the importance of bringing in the self-love and self-care for ourselves and a willingness to look at how we have lived which brought on the illness or dis-ease in order to make the changes needed.

    1. Without self-love and self-care there can be no true healing, it’s as simple as that. We can travel to Switzerland for the top medical treatment, we can be blessed by holy men, we can detox our bodies to the nth degree but without self-care and self-love our bodies will remain energetically contaminated. Self-love and self-care act like an energetic wash that cleanses the deepest part of us and re-aligns us to to truth and love.

    1. And not understanding the ‘why’ sees us repeating the same old patterns and behaviours and basically inviting the same old consequences of those behaviours into our bodies until it ramps up to such a degree that the consequences of our behaviours are literally right in our faces. And yet still we’re able to manage to not see what’s right in front of us, so practised in the art of avoidance are we and so determined are we to hang onto our old ways of being. We’re very comfortable being who we’re not, we’ve been that way for aeons.

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