Magic Moments – True Medicine

By Matilda Bathurst and Judy Joy. 

Do you ever get that feeling when you wake up that you have to work through some fogginess to come to the sense of opportunity that each day has? Why is that? Why do we not wake feeling the lightness and joy we did when we were young and that we know we naturally are?

In our daily lives how often do we allow ourselves to see and feel the opportunities presented to realise the joy that sparkles in often unexpected places and situations?

Whilst shopping today there was a little girl in a shopping mall wearing sandals with a built-in squeaker and with every step she took she visibly delighted in these shoes and the noise they made. The ripple effect of her joy was properly palpable in all who saw and heard her. People stopped and literally lit up as she passed them by and conversations started up between strangers. It was an instance of twinkle and joy… a moment that touched many. And we have no idea how far this spreads beyond this shopping mall to conversations and interactions throughout all the lives of the people who witnessed this.

“To return to the essence of your whole body, as all children naturally are, and not just the governance from your mind, is in itself an enrichment that is well worth taking, whatever steps are required to do so.”

Serge Benhayon An Open Letter to Humanity, p 550

So, what if, in accepting the impact we have in our every move, we take up the joyful responsibility of living with a quality, care and appreciation that builds and reflects these attributes back to others and into the foundations of our communities, which then have their own ongoing ripple effect?

When lived from the essence of who we are, life can be simple and joyful. If we suspend disbelief, self-doubt, complication and whatever else we use to make life a struggle and allow ourselves to quietly but surely build a relationship with appreciation, could this be the silent world changer that we are all privately yearning for? In that moment in the shopping mall, that particular community were offered the blessing of no boundaries, no attachment, no expectations LOVE… pure and simple, always on offer and waiting to be noticed, embraced and enjoyed.

With our eyes and hearts open, willingly accepting and embracing all the possibilities and sparkles that rain down in our days, could we start to value and appreciate the quality of these magic moments for the life-changing medicine they offer?

 “Forget ‘happy’, there is no joy greater than the one that lives inside you. Let it out and you will feel the immutable truth of these words.”

Serge Benhayon An Open Letter to Humanity, p 596


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409 thoughts on “Magic Moments – True Medicine

  1. The medicine of the joy in being ourselves, can be very clearly seen in the story of the little girl in her squeaky shoes. Not only for the pure joy she felt but the ripple effect of this moment on all around. How important it is to appreciate these moments when we are the little girl in the squeaky shoes.

  2. Feeling the opportunities is a great way to put it. We don’t naturally go to appreciating ourselves and in this we set ourselves up to not be in constant joy.

  3. If we reflect on what is being revealed here, we would notice that neither magic moment nor true medicine is something extra ordinary. Such exquisite relationship with life can easily be chosen in every single moment.

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