“Hello Thyroid”

by Dianne Trussell, BSc Hons, science & health educator & writer

How often do we think about our thyroid glands? Probably only when something goes wrong. Me too, but looking back, ever since puberty or earlier, my thyroid gland has probably been a little bit sluggish. Not pathological, just ‘not firing on all cylinders’. I used to need a lot of sleep, feel the cold, had cold hands and feet, poor digestion, put on weight easily which I found difficult to shift, plus my hormones were out of balance… these are all signs associated with low-ish thyroid activity. Ironically I had enormous amounts of energy for my high levels of physical and mental activity, from waking to bed-time, in contradiction to the pattern of low thyroid, which usually goes with poor energy levels. I was evidently getting my energy from somewhere else – and in retrospect I’d say it was nervous energy that kept me going.

Seemingly unconnected to these low thyroid signs, I did not want to eat broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower or beans. Something in my body didn’t want them, and I did not like the smell or taste of these foods, so it was easy for me to not eat them. That is still true today, and they make my body very uncomfortable for a few days if I consume them.

Fast forward to recently when I discovered that these foods are known to suppress thyroid function! So for me (not necessarily everyone) with my low-ish thyroid, they may not be suitable as regular dietary choices. Obviously my body knew this, even way back as a child, maybe even before scientific research brought us this information.

Apart from the continuous confirmation that our bodies really do know what’s right and not right for them, there is more to this thyroid story than the scientifically known chemistry and physiology.

A recent experience really expanded my understanding of how choices and energy impact the physical well-being and medical conditions of the body. Not long ago I felt as if my energy had drained out through the floor. I was tired all the time, falling asleep sitting at my computer by mid-morning, needing naps during the day, could barely manage a fraction of my normal activities, and trying to push myself to keep going only made it worse. This was so ‘not me’! What’s wrong with me? There were lots of ‘suspects’, such as an enduring parasite that was inflaming my intestines, a degenerate lower spine in pain all the time and headaches. These things made me feel drained and cranky about not being able to do all the things or work at the racehorse pace that I used to and felt I wanted to. But those other symptoms had been going on well before this abnormal bout of extreme tiredness – a level extreme by comparison with anything that had gone before.

My doctor had the inspiration to test my thyroid function. That’s a normal, appropriate response by the doctor – medicine sees the correlation of low energy and low thyroid. But modern medicine doesn’t take it deep enough, because ‘causes’ can just be the effects of something even earlier. My thyroid had tested as being at the low end of normal about 3 years before. But now it showed as abnormally low. My doctor was very concerned, and wanted to put me on thyroid drugs for the rest of my life. Now that option is not one I usually take up straight away, and I’ll try every other less invasive option first. So I asked her to give me a month, then we’d re-test and take it from there.

I wanted to get to the bottom of the cause of my low thyroid. I researched the literature and found plenty of physical causes, most of which I could rule out in my present situation. Regarding energy causes, theories abound, but what is true?

One spiritual new age theory is that thyroid problems are related to how we express.

Now for some scientific testing of that theory! Is low or suppressed thyroid anything to do with low or suppressed expression? Let’s see if there’s a correlation. However it’s important to be aware that even if there is, it might not be a causal relationship. When I got home from the doctor I ‘tuned into myself’, and asked myself this question: “In what ways have I been allowing my expression to be suppressed?”

This ‘inner experiment’ would be called unscientific by the mainstream. But the mainstream is missing a lot of truth and only has a part of the picture. I decided to be totally honest with myself, as truth is very important to me. I discovered that a ‘biggie’ blocking my expression is an old pattern: speak truth – get slammed; see truth and expose that which is uncomfortable for someone else – get attacked; stand in the fullness of who I am, without hiding, lessening, or sympathising with other people’s feelings of inadequacy – get rejected, belittled, punished.

The program this set up in my body was anxiety – as soon as I would see or feel truth and intend to express it, either in words or with my whole being, up would come fear and dread of rejection and aggressive reactions and repercussions, and I’d allow this anxiety to stifle my expression.

Then I’d react by either withdrawing from the person as quickly as possible, or silencing and shrinking myself, calibrating my expression down to let them stay in their comfort zone. Oh yuk! I now know that, apart from harming myself, that harms the other person by denying them the opportunity for greater awareness. How irresponsible! Withdrawing from a situation and not expressing was an understandable reaction ‘back in the day’, but now’s the time for clearing old patterns and getting on with evolution.

What we’re talking about here is energy: not the calories, kilojoules, metabolism type of energy, but the energy behind and from our choices. The energy we choose to let run our thoughts and actions, and the way we are in our bodies, can lower us into emotions or elevate us to a greater, truer form of expression. I learned this from Serge Benhayon, and found from my own experience that it is true. However modern science rejects the energetic science of the Ageless Wisdom. The New Age movement has not helped this situation, with its careless use of modern and ancient science, sometimes containing a seed of truth, but not going deep enough nor being discerning of energetic integrity and is thus often misleading. Nor does current medical science have the full picture. The study of energetic root causes for illness and disease is a relatively new field requiring open mindedness, not dismissal. In this situation, it’s imperative to seek deeper for the truth and not skip to conclusions.

So…. OK me, on with the experiment, and time to stop suppressing my own expression. On with it, even if it means a rocky learning period in how to stay open and be all of myself in situations that could lead to people rejecting, reacting or attacking me. Challenge, yes. Impossible, no. It starts now. Only a few hours went by until an opportunity arose to put my new commitment into practice. And it worked! In fact, the more I choose to connect with myself and hold myself in the fullness of love and understanding, stay open without sympathising, and let go of the fear, hurts, and programs, the more the other person is able to choose true expression instead of reaction, which supports me right back. A positive feedback loop. In the endless ‘mirrors reflecting mirrors’ human situation, this new response to new expression reduces the anxiety that arises from fear of being attacked, which then makes it easier to express fully, which reduces reactions and attacks, which makes it easier to express fully… and so on.

This is a turning point in my life, and can’t be under-estimated.

At the same time as doing this essential bit of work with my energetic awareness of expression and connection with myself, I felt it would be a good idea to do a few things to physically support my thyroid too. I increased my consumption of dietary phytosterols (which help with hormone balance) by taking a supplement, and I researched what foods I’m eating that might suppress thyroids. I found out that as well as the aforementioned broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and beans, phytates are a problem. I already soak my almonds and cook my dark leafy greens to reduce phytates, but there are high levels of them in sesame seed hulls. And I was eating a lot of unhulled tahini made from sesame seeds! So I switched to hulled tahini. These were the only physical changes I made, and I had another blood test quite soon after.

After my little experiment, off I went back to my doctor for the results of the follow-up thyroid function tests. She was gobsmacked because the result was normal! She said that ‘never happens!’

Sounds great, hey? Then another doctor, refusing to accept the science of energetic choices, said low thyroid can sometimes reverse and I must have “just dealt with my stress”.

But the stress level in my life had not changed. Thus I skipped too soon to the conclusion that the rapid reversal of my low thyroid function came by simply looking at my expression honestly and putting the resultant awareness into practice, plus a little bit of dietary tweaking.

But hold on – is poor expression the cause of thyroid problems or only a correlation? I obviously had low physical energy but what caused that? I eat well, sleep well, exercise, do esoteric yoga… and my level of stress was not obviously more than usual.

The esoteric explains it this way: “Hypothyroid issues are a fourth stage kidney issue [from lack of commitment to life] and not a direct result from a lack of expression issue. The process is low kidney life force -> low adrenals -> stimulated nervous system then thyroid problems.” – Serge Benhayon.

(Note, according to esoteric medicine, it is the kidneys that that are the energetic centres of our life force).

Applied retrospectively to my situation, this makes sense. It is going deeper for the truth of causes (which is ‘good science’) to the pre-physical origins of the illness. Is it possible that by withdrawing from a life situation – which in my case was accompanied by holding back my expression – I was reducing my commitment to life and thus choosing an unsupportive source of energy and stressing myself without realising it? The sequence above would naturally follow, and thyroid problems would be a predictable consequence. It also explains the ‘running on nervous energy’ component, which is exhausting below the radar of day to day busy-ness. It also explains the historical sluggish thyroid symptoms associated with holding back out of anxiety.

And so how about my healing? From my personal experience, I can’t deny a link between the healing of my thyroid and my commitment to heal and express in full. When I made the commitment, I was facing up to the life situation, bringing all of me to it and thus renewing my commitment to life and evolution. Up would come my kidney life force energy, followed by the re-balancing of the whole system, and quickly too! Now that is true medicine, and true science!

Thus the important thing here in the healing was the fact of committing to life.

Naturally, each person with thyroid problems (or adrenal or nervous problems) may have a different way than me of not committing to life. It may not be through under-expressing but some other choice altogether. Although modern medicine has great diagnostic and disease management tools, it tends to treat the ‘end of the line’ effects instead of tracing back to the energetic origins of illness. Thus a significant heads-up from my thyroid case is the importance of considering the energetic consequences of choices before jumping to the ‘one size fits all’, physical-based treatment of symptoms (effects). Propping up the thyroid pharmacologically would of course help the person get through each day, but not solve the underlying problem which could then rear up in another way.

Medicine and science have a great deal to learn from the Ageless Wisdom indeed!




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764 thoughts on ““Hello Thyroid”

  1. There is much we are able to learn and evolve from the more we commit to building a true relationship with ourselves, deepening our awareness and expressing the truth of how we are feeling in our body. In deeply honouring the truth the more we are able to surrender to opening up our expression so that fear and anxiety from reaction starts to subside and the more confident and steadier we become in claiming ourselves and our true expression.

  2. Thank you for putting pen to paper (or finger to keyboard), for this is a subject I am particularly interested in due to the holding back an aspect of my life, such as expression and the nervous energy that is running as an under current through the body – this blog offers another piece to the puzzle.

  3. I love the example you provide here of being deeply interested in what our body offers, to reflect on the possible factors, seek advice and also use our own observations to deepen our understanding. And with all of that to work closely and lovingly with our body honoring our deepening awareness. If everyone does half of this our health system would not be struggling so much.

  4. We so take our bodies for granted and how amazingly tolerant they are, until something goes wrong and then suddenly we pay more attention and realise just what a great, marvellous and magical job they constantly do. So could one of the purposes of illness and disease actually be to remind us to be more connected to our bodies?

  5. Absolutely incredible Dianne, it amazes me every time I read such story of health being turned around so absolutely that there is so much more for us to understand and respect for the intelligence of the body being just one step in the right direction.

  6. Your sharing is so great because your sharing shows the love for detail you have and your delivering supports to understand the whole. Thank you.

  7. Awesome blog Dianne. The true way forwards for science in the future –
    “The study of energetic root causes for illness and disease is a relatively new field requiring open mindedness, not dismissal. In this situation, it’s imperative to seek deeper for the truth and not skip to conclusions”.

  8. This really shows how The Ageless Wisdom as delivered by Serge Benhayon adds the missing pieces to conventional medicine, allowing us to make different choices and redress the imbalances in our life. Together, esoteric and conventional medicine are a veritable power house and deliver the whole picture of what is going on for a patient and what is needed for them to heal and not just cure, fix something or get better.

  9. We don’t realise just how much we hold back, for example, there are many instances in our lives where we feel something but, rather than rock the boat, we convince ourselves that it doesn’t matter, so we stay silent. But resentment or frustration builds, and eventually the dam bursts and either our body gets very sick or we voice out with a tirade of abuse that is truly harming. So holding back hurts all round.

  10. “The study of energetic root causes for illness and disease is a relatively new field requiring open mindedness, not dismissal. In this situation, it’s imperative to seek deeper for the truth and not skip to conclusions.” Being open to understanding the body from an energetic perspective builds a deeper awareness of the energy we are choosing to run our body with and the effect our choices have on our body. Developing a true relationship with ourselves supports us to take responsibility for our own health.

  11. What I get from this is that we may find something that looks like the answer or the solution to something, be it a health issue or anything else, but it’s important to discern if this is indeed the ‘end of the line’ of the root cause. We might feel better, but if we leave the true root cause unaddressed, we will have other issues crop up which might seem unrelated on the surface but will have the same root cause as the original issue.

  12. The more I learn about the purpose of the different parts of my body on not just a physical level, but their pupose in our evolution, the more I can appreciate just how precious and powerful our body actually is.

  13. Diane your realization about stress, and what stress on the body can be caused by is key here. To say that the stress is caused from within, through the source of energy you were choosing, is unlike most views on stress, which is based on what is happening outside of us. When looked at from this perspective it very much makes it about our responsibility to learn about and understand what source of energy we are choosing.

  14. Dianne, I love how you so wonderfully observe, assess, question, postulate and experiment with various aspects of your personal life just as rigorously as you would if you were conducting a scientific experiment. I also love the amazing insights you gather and share from such an approach. This provides an inspiring example for how we could each be deepening our awareness and wisdom simply by living and observing our lives.

  15. This personal experiment is a wonderful demonstration of how we can work with our body, rather than against it. This is true wisdom.

  16. Diane, thank you for sharing. I can totally relate to your first statement. We never think of our thyroid gland until something goes wrong. I never thought of my thyroid until I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer 2 months ago. I have started my own blog here as part of my healing process and speaking up my truth.

  17. Indeed medicine and science do have a great deal to learn from the Ageless Wisdom Dianne. I enjoyed reading and learning from your blog, Dianne. Commitment to life is certainly the key to our healing.

  18. So awesome what you have shared here. An incredible insight into the functioning and purpose of our bodies.

  19. What is so beautifully exposed here is that we can misuse the nervous system to drive ourselves which is in disharmony to the rest of the body. All the while not addressing a quality of living that means our body systems are not working together in harmony.

  20. Dianne I really appreciate you writing this, only a few hours ago I was feeling to tune into my thyroid and how something did not feel right and then remembered this blog and how you found it was linked with expression (or lack of!) and certain foods like broccoli (which I eat a lot of!) which is also interesting as when I looked up supplements to support the thyroid one of the had broccoli in it! It just goes to show how important it is in expressing what we find as it can help another.

  21. Thank you again Dianne… Yes it is obvious that medicine and science too have a great deal to learn from the ageless wisdom… The thing is that so many of us either are or will be experiencing thyroid problems even when we have taken on the journey of knowing one’s true self… So I trust that this article will be well read.

  22. There is much to appreciate about what you have shared here, that you really took the measures to change how you were living, not just medically, but energetically also. Really amazing.

  23. ‘Propping up the thyroid pharmacologically would of course help the person get through each day, but not solve the underlying problem which could then rear up in another way.’ So, so true Dianne. Most of us rely on a ‘magic pill’ (where there is one available) to alleviate our ills without going remotely near the root cause of the issue… which will ultimately show up another way. Esoteric Medicine encourages us to really understand why we’re at where we’re at – and what a blessing that is.

  24. This is amazing Dianne, what a dissection. Modern medicine suffers from an issue that abounds in modern life, we treat the symptoms and we want solutions fast and are not always willing to trace back and find out what choices led to the condition in the first place. We need both as without the full understanding that you note here in your case we just recreate those situations elsewhere.

  25. Thyroid issues as a development of lack of commitment to life is a proposition well worth exploring – I can certainly feel this applies to me, and an over-stimulated nervous system has definitely been part of my life story. What a difference it makes to contemplate all of this, rather than write off my condition as some sort of random, bad luck event. It’s a far more responsible approach. And the good news is in my experience Esoteric Medicine not only supports with the answers, but with modalities that can work with the body and the underlying issues.

  26. Thank you Dianne for your amazing blog- revealing the importance of not only dealing with the physical ailments, which the body clearly reveals if we are open to feeling the signs of dis-ease in our body, but also a very important component not looked at in modern medicine- the energetic factor to illness.
    Addressing both areas leads to true medicine.

  27. DIanne, it really sounds like you decided to look at all aspects here regarding your thyroid, from a physical perspective, emotional, mental and energetically. This is what was key, looking at all aspects and taking responsibility for changes in your life.

  28. ‘These things made me feel drained and cranky about not being able to do all the things or work at the racehorse pace that I used to and felt I wanted to.’ I have a hypothyroid condition and found there was a correlation between my ‘racehorse pace’ and my illness. Working in a super-stressful way was just one of the contributing factors, something this condition has taught me I can no longer do. I still do a lot, but the energy I do it in is very, very different – far more considered, balanced and sustainable.

  29. This is such a great blog. So practical and bridgeable. It’s inspiring how we can be our own experiment and really uncover what works for us and is needed for our evolution.

  30. True commitment to life that is bringing all of you and what you feel is true to the world knowing we are so much more than just physical human beings alone is best medicine for so many ill conditions in the world.

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