Expanding Medicine by Introducing the Energetic Factor

by Eunice J Minford MA FRCS Ed, Consultant General Surgeon, N. Ireland 

This site is dedicated to sharing stories, articles and interviews that bring a reality to the statement that ‘the marriage of Western Medicine and Esoteric Medicine will be the greatest union that will serve humanity’. Many people have shared how they have utilised both Western Medicine and Esoteric Medicine together to transform their health conditions.

In this interview Serge Benhayon expands further on how the esoteric understandings can expand the whole sphere of medicine and introduces the energetic factor that is not yet part of the Western Medical paradigm. This brings a higher level of responsibility to our discussions on health and wellbeing – but given the current rates of illness and disease, the time is surely overdue for such discussions.

How do the esoteric modalities work? Is there more for us to learn about how to truly care for our bodies and what being responsible really means? Is our way of living both the problem and the answer?  Come and listen and be inspired to care deeply for your body and yourself….



Disclaimer: The information shared in this interview is based on Esoteric Medicine and goes beyond what is currently known and accepted in evidenced based Western Medicine and it is for the viewer to discern if what is shared is true, or could possibly be true or not. This interview does not constitute medical advice and if you have any concerns regarding your health please see your doctor.

Eunice Minford works a Consultant General Surgeon in full accordance with the principles of Western Medicine.

She has found personal benefit to her own health and wellbeing from applying the esoteric teachings and having esoteric healing and has observed the same in many others. She shares her personal experience, supported by science, religious and philosophical understandings through blogs and interviews for consideration as a possible way forward for a truly holistic understanding of the human being, illness, disease, health and healing. These understandings go beyond Western Medicine and do not constitute medical advice and it is for the listener/reader to discern if what is offered is, or could be true or not.  If you have any health concerns please see your doctor.


684 thoughts on “Expanding Medicine by Introducing the Energetic Factor

  1. Approaching life itself as the one and only laboratory and clinic where we can explore, understand and in full heal all the conditions we as humanity suffer allows us to appreciate the medicine we have as part of what we need and as well admit the areas and aspects where we lack awareness and willingness to expose the underlying ill and apply the appropriate healing in whatever way it is required.

  2. ‘Where we don’t flow we have a correction’ Something tells me that as humanity we need to flow more!

  3. The moment we realise that there is far more to illness and disease, and we are prepared to consider the implications our life choices have, is the moment we start to take more responsibility for how we live.

  4. It says a lot about where we are at as a race that we are sitting here talking about introducing one of the basic building blocks of life. It’s a bit like we got up one day and started to concede there might be a sun.

  5. Living life without paying attention to the energetic quality of what’s going on around and within us, is like walking around with our eyes closed or another one of our senses seriously compromised. We rely on our 5 bodily senses so much and pretty much ignore our 6th sense unless it’s really shouting loudly. But the more we pay attention to what we can sense and feel, the more we are supported in life, because we are giving ourselves the gift of being open to reading situations on an energetic level, not just whatever is playing out on a physical level. With that, we can access greater understanding and awareness.

  6. As already known in Science – everything is energy first and foremost. To bring this understanding to Western Medicine is as important as finding and adding the ‘missing piece’ of a jigsaw puzzle to be able to see the full picture.

  7. The energetic factor is completely overlooked by most of us, we rely so much on what we see and what our heads tell us. As a physical therapist I was very engrained in looking at the physical, but there is a human aspect and a being aspect of the human being as described on Sergebenhayon.tv episode 7. When we understand the energetic factor, we realise how it influences everything.

  8. We can delay and delay and further delay but one day we all will have to understand that it is our choice to not be responsible that is making us sick.

  9. We all need to understand that illness and disease are connected with energy, and it is great when a well-respected general surgeon such as Dr Eunice Minford makes time to expand her understanding of the body and how the energy that is always passing through us affects us all.

  10. It would seem that the only reason we don’t want to accept and be open to the fact that everything is energy is simply because it introduces the responsibility factor in life. Everything. And that means Every Single Thing matters and is seen and taken into account

  11. The moment we consider and eventually acknowledge the energetic factor we will realize that without it we have lived a reductionistic life and hence practised a reductionistic form of medicine.

  12. Medicine, just like the traveller that travels the world to ‘find himself’ only to return back to where he started from to see that what he was looking for was actually always there within him, literally under his nose… so too will medicine come to realise that the energetic understanding was always there, simply waiting for mankind to turn towards it.

  13. Once the energetic factor is personally experienced and realized it becomes a most obvious and immutable fact that allows us insights and an understanding of such depth that a life in ignorance of it is exposed for the limitations in awareness we have accepted and thus are ignorant of.

  14. I just heard an interview by someone I once met talking about an electrical medical device that they hope to prove assists with healing in the body tissues – all very physical and scientific. What I felt was though, that these studies are attempts to artificially reproduce the effects of true vitality in the body, rather than connect to its natural innate quality that can be constant rather than some kind of expensive treatment needed over and over again to make up for a vitality not lived in the first place. Everything is already Energy – we just need to embrace and work with it from within.

  15. ‘Is our way of living both the problem and the answer?’ When we decide to really look at how we are living our lives, and the moment to moment choices we make, it becomes quite obvious which ones are supporting and nurturing our bodies and leaving them vital, and which ones are depleting them. The question is then what we do with that knowing.. pay attention and make the changes our bodies are asking us to make, or leave it for another day.

  16. “We are living in a way that is anti-medicine, and then going to medicine to try and get fixed” – I just think everyone on this planet needs to hear what this man has got to say.

  17. Understanding that solid, liquid and gas are atoms in a different vibrational state, is basically stating that we are surrounded and live in a world of energy… even our human body. So its interesting to question why we have not incorporated energetic science into medicine to understand diseased states?

  18. I love the way that Serge Benhayon talks about energy in the body. Because he always brings it back to responsibility in a manner that supports everyone to heal themselves, which in turn has a greater and wider affect on the whole of society and all of its systems of care.

  19. Leaving the energetic factor out of medicine is like draining oxygen out of the air. It is an important component that we cannot do without if we are to embrace everything there is to know about illness.

  20. I love the term ‘expanding medicine’. It offers the bigger picture and space to feel what more there is to health and illness other than the small confines of what we usually allow ourselves to know. It means expanding our minds and embracing the underlying personal, energetic, emotional and environmental reasons for the state that our bodies are in. Very refreshing and much needed by the medical profession.

  21. A lot of scientific research is about dealing with variations on how individuals respond to treatments. Many influences on these variations are known but that still leaves a substantial number of influences that can greatly affect outcomes completely unknown. A systematic search for such causes may be useful and the answer may lie outside current medical knowledge as these causes haven’t been found even after thousands of years of looking.

    1. So true – if one variation was missed in our original assumption on which our research is based then all subsequent results must surely be only part of the truth and not complete.

  22. Science looks down microscopes and can identify the fact that everything is energy. We just have to take note of what scientists see through electron microscopes and what quantum physicists see. So how is it possible, we say that energy has nothing to do with it when we look down through a microscope at ill and diseased cells? There is more available to be seen and know of what is going on if we include the energetic understanding to medicine.

  23. Energy is life, I see it in how I live, I observe it in our speech, breathing, posture, movements, emotions etc…it is what makes up everything, so when we consider medicine, it too is made of energy….now the quality of that energy is something that we often do not want to look at, because yes it asks us to consider the true meaning of responsibility.

  24. Without the energetic factor we are simply not knowing what is really going on, our awareness will always be reduced to what the five senses and the intellect can comprehend but never can we see the full picture of what life is.

  25. When you combine the energetic factor of life, with our health then we not only can start to appreciate that the power of what Universal Medicine offers but for myself it made sense as to why in life there was no true healing when I went to the doctor, I never looked at my part or changed not only my behaviors but the energy that was impusling them to be that way.

  26. The same science that knows that everything is energy postulates through the evidence-based concept that what makes today’s foundation of what is accepted or not in medicine that there is no evidence for the energy involved in illness and disease and healing as if including energy as a factor in medicine would threaten the biomedical model. In fact they complement and would both gain from a common understanding.

  27. There is a richness and vivaciousness to life that we rarely see in society today and because it is so rare we assume it to not be normal to live it every day. But what if it was? And what if someone who is physically well but not living such joy is actually not well at all even though they may tick all the boxes as being ‘normal’ and ‘healthy’? Without taking into account the energetic factor we are able to get away with calling someone that may not be truly well within themselves as well simply just because they can function and get through in life.

  28. We recognise how everything in life has an energetic base to it – which is confirmed through the looking through a microscope in biology, the Hadron Collider at CERN in Geneva where beams of light are collided to observe and understand particles smaller than atoms and through the telescopic lens observing and discovering the galaxies in astrophysics… It seems only a matter of time until we apply this same reverence and awareness of energy with medicine to deeply understanding the human body in health and disease.

  29. The medical system is full of amazing personnel and some equally amazing techniques to support patients during their times of illness, injury and disease but still the global statistics on the state of the ill-health of humanity continue to rise unabated. So is it possible that there is a missing factor that may turn this situation around? Serge Benhayon makes it very clear that there is, that the missing piece of the medical puzzle is the energetic factor and from how he has presented this, it makes total sense.

  30. It is quite possible to check whether the energetic factor has an influence on the outcome of a medical intervention, it just takes time and financial resources but there is nothing intrinsic that makes these concepts and their applications impossible to evaluate.

  31. We are energy first, I have no doubt about this and so simply put the energetic choices of a practitioner makes has an impact on the quality of the session you will receive, putting our head in the sand about this will not change it, it can look nice, good, fun, exciting but is it loving and does it hold integrity?

  32. Indeed without incorporating the energetic factor into all our systems in life we are left looking for short term solutions to an ever increasing complexity of issues and disorders.

    1. Jenny thats the thing that gets me so much, how come we have so many systems without consideration of the energetic factor, its like we avoid the truth and in that give ourselves the excuse of all the issues.

  33. Without incorporating the energetic factor even the best conventional medicine will not be able to manage and definitely not to heal the plethora and increasing severity of the illness and disease that is on the rise. Hopefully this will be realized before the ultimate collapse of our health systems that already have fallen ill.

  34. I think it is ironic that some doctors are just as unhealthy as those they are treating. I don’t say this to condemn doctors cause they are doing a super awesome and amazing job considering the pressures society places on them. But to see a doctor smoke for instance when they are already well trained and knowing of how damaging it is for their health to do so shows something is lacking in our understanding of health and wellbeing.

  35. Historically, we have looked out to the horizon and looked up out to the stars and Universe, all in the pursuit of the inquiry that there has to be more… It now seems time to look inward to discover that ‘More’

  36. Thank you for sharing such an important message, an important topic and that is how we are far more than our condition or illness, and that there is also far more to what causes us to get sick than we appreciate and far more for us to heal we need to explore the quality of energy that is behind the movements and choices we make.

  37. How supportive it is for ourselves and the medical profession to actually take care of our own health. By being aware of the way that energy works we can make a choice to live in a way that is responsible. There is a very real reason to do this, for what we do and how we choose to live affects everybody else. To not take care of our own health is actually a selfish act.

    1. So true Rebecca, and to take care of ourselves is in fact loving for all around us too.

  38. ‘Is our way of living both the problem and the answer?’ Our Doctors do an amazing job but with the escalating health problems we have in our world does this indicate that there is something missing? From my own experience bringing how I live into my day to day life has had a huge impact on my health, taking care of myself, what I eat, how gentle I am with myself, early bed, a good wind down before bed, gentle exercise to strengthen my body for day to day life, learning to respond rather than react, all these and more contribute to our health and vitality.

  39. This is fantastic that people with medical backgrounds and so much knowledge of the body like Eunice realise there is so much more than the physical , and there needs to be a change in society for people to realise we have a responsibility for our own health and healing with support from the medics.

    1. Yes, patient responsibility seems an area that has considerable potential for reducing health care costs and improving patient health.

  40. I love how this interview brings more attention to the responsibility we ourselves have in healing and that it is not just the doctor, surgeon or nurses job to heal us.

  41. Expanding medicine into everything we do in life, from the way we breathe to what we eat and how hard we drive our bodies to looking at the energetic reason behind illness and the wonderful treatments that are available to us today if we do get ill, basically looking at our health from all angles and taking responsibility for ourselves and not just leaving our health in the hands of another is the way we will save ourselves so much grief and stop the collapse of the health systems around the world.

  42. “Is our way of living both the problem and the answer”? Great question! I had never looked at it this way before, but the answer is a definite yes. The way we live these days, with stress, busyness, poor diet, and complete lack of presence is causing dis-ease in our bodies and minds. Whereas there is a way to live that brings ease, harmony and vitality.

  43. The real importance of introducing energy into medicine is quite remarkable, it shows us what is possible in life, it shows us that all the answers are there should we be open to see the whole. It shows us that medicine is amazing but unless we consider the energy behind a condition we will never truly heal. It shows us that we are in the state we are today as we have ignored the energetic factor, the wise choice would be to now fully embrace all factors.

  44. Western Medicine is amazing at what it does, but as so many of us have found out the problem lies with the unknown. I know for myself when I have a ‘symptom’ or severe illness medicine can find a fix, yet all the in-between stages it does not really have answers for. And yes whilst the fix may get the relief or return to function, is it actually asking me to go deeper and take responsibility for why I ended up where I am? I know for me it does not ask me to back track as that would mean taking responsibilty for my choices. Which is where Esoteric Medicine comes in as the bridge, the cement and the foundations upon which Western medicine can then work upon so we get fully looked after and taken care of from all angles.

  45. Our escalating illness and disease, as well as the constant drop in our accepted level of ‘normal’ health so clearly shows that despite of our medical advances we are missing something. We are energetic beings and it is unwise to keep pretending otherwise.

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