My Relationship with my Spleen.

by Suzanne Cox, Australia.

Most of us don’t know much about our spleen and we certainly don’t have an intimate relationship with it. My relationship with my spleen was not something I was consciously aware of early in life. Yet when I was younger, I grew up in a family where early to bed, early to rise was the way we lived. In bed by about 8:30 to 9pm and up at dawn, or sometimes earlier if a school assignment had to be finished and handed in that day. I never could stay up any later than 9:30pm, which is why I would get up extra early in the morning to finish the school assignment, and I was much fresher and clearer at that time of the morning.  

Once I was in Business College and later at work, my number one priority became my friends and socialising late into the night. I would do this activity on work nights as well as during the weekend, feeling invincible with the heightened stimulation that comes with drinking alcohol, loud music and social activity among close friends and large groups at a venue. I was having so much fun being “out there,” that there was little consideration for “in here” until my body could no longer take it and asked me to stop one night. But I didn’t stop though, arguing with my mother who wanted me to stay in. There was no way I was going to miss out on being with my friends on Thursday night at the local pub. The place was always packed, with so much going on and I certainly did not want to miss out so off I went, with my fever to the pub!

The next day I could not lift my head off the pillow. Glandular Fever was diagnosed after the appropriate blood test and I remained off work and unable to play for at least six weeks.

 I was never able to party that hard again and although I continued to go out and socialise with friends I could no longer do it with the same fervour.  

Hello Spleen! Prior to this I didn’t really know my spleen or even know it existed at all, or what its function was, until I was forced to learn it through this illness.   

Despite being aware that I could no longer play so hard or if I did I would have to sleep all day so I could go out again the next night,  I didn’t realise that my body and in particular my spleen was calling me back to stop and consider perhaps there was something more enriching on offer. Was going out and being amongst it all and in particular not wanting to miss out, covering up something much deeper that I was missing out on; connecting to me, connecting to God?

At home there was a natural unquestionable sense that God existed. For me it wasn’t held within the four walls of the church and I was able to freely express this in my family. However, I had not continued to explore this any further until much later in life when I came across Universal Medicine and returned to a way of living that in and of itself was religious simply by its activity, its commitment to life and me playing my part in something much greater than could be seen playing out on earth.

Somehow, despite us being educated and having the knowledge that we are on a sphere that goes around the sun, we don’t live with the awareness that we are going around and around and coming back to the same point over and over again fully integrated into our bodies. I remember always feeling like I could run forever, as if I was on an infinite flat surface that could go on forever and if I ran fast enough and far enough, I would leave behind the mess I had made, never to return to it. But inevitably I would find myself returned right back to where I started, having to face all that I had done and accumulated, and which then required some healing and discarding.  Like when I was 19 and my spleen was trying to tell me that I was running my body with excessive stimulation and disregard and was not allowing myself down time or true rest.  

 It was through the understandings offered by Universal Medicine on the role of the spleen in the body energetically that I came to a much deeper awareness of why I had taken sick and how my spleen had been affected by my way of living and late nights. 

What I discovered with Universal Medicine is that prior to my late teens, I was already living in a way that supported my body to rebuild, simply by going to bed before 9pm! 

In fact, if you ever came over to visit my family in the evening back when I was young, you’d find us all sitting in front of the TV asleep! Some may say this must be in our DNA but I feel there is more to it than that. I feel that we have lived knowing our body’s natural rhythm before and simply honour that movement that aligns with the earth’s movement and its relationship to the sun. It fits in very much with the work ethic which both my parents lived by which is “early to bed, early to rise, makes a man, healthy, wealthy and wise”.

It is with the deepest of appreciation I thank Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for reigniting something within me that had already been lived before. Honouring my body and its natural rhythm is a constant process of refinement.  To live without having to stimulate the body into action gives me space to connect more deeply to my Soul and its sometimes unfathomable wisdom.  It is pure magic when the body and the Soul work in synchronous harmony, and the space is given to feel what is next, ready to serve humanity with true power, united in brotherhood.

Universal Medicine also deepened my understanding of the role of the spleen in my connection with God and my sacredness – encouraging me to nurture myself to the bone, to deepen the love and care for myself by how I live every day.  

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2 thoughts on “My Relationship with my Spleen.

  1. Quite remarkable that in your early years you discovered already that you were much fresher early in the morning and could complete your homework easily. It took me until much later in life to realise, inspired by the teachings per Universal Medicine, that staying up late and trying to complete any admin work or study assignments was an absolute waste of time and only led to frustration and lack of completion. Is it possible that conventional medicine hasn’t yet realised the magnitude of our spleen and its cycle?

  2. Its like if we can’t see a body part then we think “it surely can’t be significant in what it does” – its just a tiny thing inside somewhere. Yet there is so much in life we can’t view with our eyes that actually has a huge role to play in who we are. Every thing we do and what we choose has a huge impact on these ‘unseen’ parts of us. Just allowing for the possibility they exist and need caring for, leads to a new way to live and commitment and purpose to our every move.

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