Taking a sick day – what did I learn from it?

By Gina Dunlop, teacher, Brisbane

On my morning walks I connect with nature around me, which I love to do. I hear the birds singing, observe the lush magnificent trees, bushes and grasses, smell the fragrance and feel the entire embrace of nature around me. It is beautiful.

But on this one particular morning I could feel my body was aching in many places; I felt heavy and it was pretty hard going.

I contemplated how all those things in nature I was observing were in optimum health and function. Sure, there may be the odd injured bird or animal, but overall everything was functioning spectacularly. My body, a human being on this planet, is a living part on this earth as much as everything else – so why wasn’t I feeling spectacular also? What had I been doing that meant I had a body that wasn’t functioning to the best of its ability and was quite frankly feeling run down and exhausted?

When I got home, I began getting ready for work and realised I was actually sick and I needed to call in unwell. I went into regret and guilt. But on further reflection, I realised there was more – what I was feeling was an irresponsibility.

This was my third day off sick this year – on each occasion, I understood it was my body telling me I was living in stress and nervous energy; I was engaging in behaviours that were not fully supporting me to function optimally and allowing me to flourish.

So with this awareness, on this particular day I felt irresponsible. My body had been communicating with me on two prior occasions and I had deeply understood and linked feeling unwell to these stressful behaviours, but I had not fully dealt with them and here I was unwell again.

On this occasion I decided to do something about it. I spent my day resting and nurturing, but then sought support from colleagues and practitioners. I discovered some new work strategies and visited health practitioners with the willingness, openness and honesty to go deeper at looking behind the behaviours I had previously been exhibiting.

The results have been profound. My body doesn’t buzz with a nervous tension all the time, I am more relaxed and more joyful at work, I have space in my day to be joyful and playful with my partner and young children. I feel so much better!

Since attending presentations by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I have been blessed with an understanding of how our behaviours directly impact our well-being and health. Our bodies are ideally designed to live in harmony and unison with our environment, like the nature I had observed and mentioned previously. In harmony, we have enough energy to function in optimal health, to accomplish all the physical activities we need to do in our day. However, unlike nature, we can load ourselves up with active thoughts, emotions, concerns, stress, over excitement, or consume food and drinks which don’t support us – these emotions and intakes use up energy we require to function – and more often than not, we ‘run out’ of energy.

It is then our bodies become dis-eased which, over time, leads to disease. The ease we should be living with is disrupted.

Just as nature continually evolves, so too do our bodies – as part of that nature – support us to evolve. Illness and disease are the body’s way of clearing anything that does not support us and they are part of our evolution. It is the body’s way of talking to us – alerting us to our harmful choices and behaviours.

How beautiful and wondrous that our bodies speak to us like this – to view illness as a dialogue, alerting us to behaviours which do not support optimal health and living. How often have we felt this – we get sick – and it provides a moment where we can directly feel and link our illness to a certain way of living – a stressful time recently experienced, a few late nights, eating unsupportive foods. Or we bump into something, hit our ‘funny’ bone, even break a bone – it’s all a ‘stop’ moment our bodies are bringing us to in order to pull us up to reflect on behaviours which are taking us away from feeling awesome.

I, like many, had always felt a connection between behaviours and illness, but since listening to the presentations of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine I have deepened my awareness and acceptance of this inner wisdom and knowing and have brought this to all areas of my life. As a result, I am living with an inner joy and true confidence in myself, which I had never dreamed of attaining.

I am so appreciative of the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for bringing to me these ancient understandings of the science of life and how the world truly operates.

I am a forever student, ever learning from my body and from life how to grow in love and wisdom, every day.

1,158 thoughts on “Taking a sick day – what did I learn from it?

  1. Our bodies are amazing in what they show us and it’s up to us to track back and understand that being stressed for example has an impact and rather than continually wearing that impact which our bodies do, we can find new ways to live. This is our very own feedback loop.

  2. So true that there are lots of ‘stop’ moments in our day where we bump into something, knock something over, or just feel more deeply in our bodies and realise that we’re not at all still but feeling quite hyped up. All signs that we’re not aligning to our true nature – that we are making decisions that are putting us out of sync with the harmonious flow of the universe that our bodies are designed to be part of.

  3. I love what you are sharing here Gina and it is very refreshing to hear someone write about illness in this way because so often we can just assume that it is random or an accident or it just happens to us but to go deeper and really consider the why we got sick and what was our part in it seems to me to be a great step to take in life.

  4. It really does pay to pause and reflect on what we have allowed into our lives that does not support us. When we feel exhausted, stressed, anxious or any emotion felt within the body, where we have responded with reaction of some sort, we have said yes to an energy that abuses the body.

  5. Gina, illness is a dialogue between our bodies and ourselves and you listened. I love that you looked deeper into the cause of your sickness and did something about it. Too often, we feel unwell, accept it, treat symptoms but go no further. You show the value of taking responsibility for our own health, seeking support from practitioners and people around us

  6. I loved how you acknowledged to yourself that you had been living irresponsibly due to the behaviours you had used that did not support your body, it is when we are honest with ourselves that we realise that we need to take responsibility for the choices we make, and how we can change those choices to better support us.

  7. Whether we like it or not the fact is we as humanity have been living in huge irresponsibility – not occasionally but all the time. The sooner we are honest and admit this as you do Gina the sooner we can live what is true.

  8. “Illness and disease are the body’s way of clearing anything that does not support us and they are part of our evolution. It is the body’s way of talking to us – alerting us to our harmful choices and behaviours.” One day, humanity will be more willing to accept this as truth, and we will have a very different view of illness and disease. We would have more respect for the way we are living knowing it contributes to whether we are healthy or not. I have recently broken my wrist which is a big stop moment, and where as before I would have seen it as inconvenient blip in my life and get frustrated with how it is limiting everything I do, I now appreciate what my wrist is offering me and where in my life I need to go deeper with my connection to God.

    1. Absolutely Alison, there are no accidents, all orchestrated to make us more aware of how we’re living. Your willingness to receive the wisdom offered by your wrist confirms your evolving relationship with your body.

  9. It is very revealing to understand that often the quality that we are working in and living in in life is the very thing that is draining and overwhelming us.

    1. Yes it is easy to blame work or life’s challenges for our stress or exhaustion but I know for me that gets me nowhere in terms of getting to the answers as to how to change anything. Only when I look at the quality I am living in and my relationship with life and its components does anything really shift or change.

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