How a Cervical Smear Test became possible through Loving Choices.

by Ruth Ketnor, Frome, UK 

At the age of 29 I gave up on having cervical smear tests. I found them so extremely painful and distressing that I decided I wasn’t going there again.

At the age of 50 I had to have a smear test as one of a series of tests (note I said had to). I went to the appointment in dread of what was coming and felt a lot of tension. With a very caring nurse we tried 3 times after which we called it a day, as it was still so painful.

The next year I attended a group in which Natalie Benhayon presented Sacred Movement. When starting this gentle and very subtle movement of my pelvis I felt pain and a real tightness, a hardening I had been holding in my pelvic area, particularly on the right side. As I did the movement in the classes and then daily at home, these symptoms cleared from my body quickly, the movement becoming more flowing, even, and as if my body was naturally doing it rather than me intentionally doing it.

Five months later, I felt it was the right time to have another smear test, this time as a loving choice for myself. I booked the appointment as a loving choice for me, supporting myself in my own health care. I supported myself with further loving choices, nurturing myself before and after the procedure. In the waiting room I focused on staying present with myself. I went through the usual questions with the nurse, who was quite rushed with her busy job.

She then said to get up on the table ready for the test. I wasn’t moving. I said: “Before we go any further, I need to explain something to you”. She sat down, put down her questionnaire and really listened. I briefly told her my history and said: “I need this to go very slowly and very, very gently”. She instantly changed, slowed her pace down and it felt like she was treating me rather than doing her job. I then got on the table and she gave me a blanket to cover myself, which I had not had before.

We took time to make sure I was comfortable and relaxed. We had a dialogue through the whole procedure; the nurse saying what she was going to do in each next step, checking with me all the time that it was ok and me saying how it was for me and if I needed it done differently. There was no rushing and I didn’t feel like I was the next one in. She also gave me time afterwards to sit and recover, which I didn’t need, as things had gone so smoothly and gently.

It was an amazing procedure, the nurse so gentle and caring. All I had was mild discomfort during the procedure and afterwards was able to continue my day as normal, with no discomfort or pain at all. I felt very cared for and nurtured through the whole procedure, being given all the time I needed. I thanked the nurse, telling her she had been amazing.

My loving choices before and during the procedure led it to be a light, supportive experience with an attentive caring nurse.

I was inspired to communicate what would support me during this procedure, and to support myself with loving choices, from the workshops/presentations with Serge Benhayon. Normally I would have gone along with what was asked and had lingering feelings of distress/trauma afterwards. This time I walked out smiling and continued my day. After 21 years the test came back clear.

For me, a profound, deep healing has come as a result of doing the Sacred Movement. This has allowed me to make healing choices for myself, including having a cervical smear as part of caring for my body. I have found that all the presentations of Universal Medicine offer a deep healing and inspire me to make more loving choices.

With deep thanks and appreciation for the presentations, teachings and wisdom from Serge Benhayon and the Benhayon family and for their true and consistent support in my healing process.



602 thoughts on “How a Cervical Smear Test became possible through Loving Choices.

  1. Ruth I participate in Sacred Movement sessions and have done so for several years now and I have found the gentle movements are a way to feel my body and to trust myself enough to let down the wall of protection we build to keep the world out. There is now an honouring of my body rather than using it as a battering ram to get through life.

  2. When we engage with the doctor, dentist or nurse and explain to them, how we are feeling I have found they do stop and take their time. I saw a new dentist recently and explained how I hated having a filling because the anesthetic made me very racy and I hated this feeling in my body, so they gave me a different kind of anesthetic and I was fine no raciness at all. And the dentist was extremely gentle and caring it was the best visit to the dentist ever. All because I took the time to talk to the dentist rather than just letting them get on with what they are doing, because they are the experts not me.

  3. Serge Benhayon and the whole Benhayon family have supported me immensely to heal deep wounds, to them I am deeply grateful for they have inspired me to see, feel and claim my own magnificence.

  4. This is a brilliant sharing about smear tests becoming much more comfortable than before. I haven’t had the same experience as you, in that I have reluctantly gone ahead and had the tests, and found them quite painful and at times left feeling violated even though the person hasn’t meant it from that intent.

    It is so important with any tests that care and attention is offered to every patient, or client in anything that is performed on them. We are all deserving of this loving attention.

  5. It makes a world of difference when a person is asked to slow down and be ultra considerate when doing a procedure that can be extremely painful and distressing. It makes me wonder how many women grit their teeth and bares the pain without saying anything. Well done Ruth for speaking up – by all accounts it sounds like it activated the natural caring side of the nurse that can so easily be forgotten when we are busy or overworked.

    1. Agree Julie, the ‘natural caring side of the nurse can so easily be forgotten when we are busy or overworked’. I feel this statement is relevant in every profession, the ‘caring’ part is crucial in providing a service to everything and everyone.

    2. My last smear test was a nightmare the nurse told me that scientists had decided that the lubricant that was used on the instrument might interfere with the test itself. So the nurse wasn’t allowed to use any lubricant. I found this procedure to be extremely painful and the nurse after a few unsuccessful attempts said she could not carry out the test as I was being a difficult patient. I asked her to use the lubricant this made a huge difference and the test was completed. Thankfully that was my very last smear test for this life time. I did wonder after all these years why the scientist had made the decision to change the procedure, surely the lubricant used had been tested to ensure it did not interfere with the test results? And did it mean that all those tests on women for all the years had the potential to be misleading?

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