Combining Conventional Medical Treatment and Esoteric Healing – A Client’s View

by Carmel Reid BEng, DMS, Cert Ed, MCMI, Somerset, UK

Ten years ago, at the age of 52, I was obese, breathless, and diagnosed with a hyperactive thyroid. When I asked the Doctor if it was stress that caused the thyroid condition, he said yes, and we had a brief discussion about ways to reduce it (diet, exercise etc).

Since meeting with Serge Benhayon and many of the Universal Medicine practitioners, I have been learning a great deal more about what causes stress in my life, and have been amazed to find out just how much it is about me and not anything outside of myself.

Knowing that, I have been able to make better choices about how I live my life, for example, what I eat, how I sleep, how I think about life/issues and how I relate to others, particularly at work.

I am delighted to say that, at 62, my body has returned to its natural weight, my vitality has increased, my thyroid is back to normal, and I’m having a great deal of FUN.

I am grateful to everyone in the medical profession who has helped me along the way, and I will always seek a medical diagnosis if I am concerned about symptoms in my body.

I fully endorse/recommend the combination of Western Medicine and Esoteric Healing as practised with integrity by Serge Benhayon, his family, and all the practitioners who have trained with him and who work under the same code of ethics.

221 thoughts on “Combining Conventional Medical Treatment and Esoteric Healing – A Client’s View

  1. This is a remarkable turn-around Carmel, and yet what strikes me most, is how truly ‘healthy’ it actually is, to not only receive the amazing support our medical professionals can offer us, but to also go deeper in exploring what has been behind stresses and ill conditions in our bodies, for us.
    I know of no other organisation that offers what Universal Medicine does in this regard – that we may find such a deep understanding in life, not only of ourselves and the delicateness with which our own body and being is entwined, but of human life and its outplay.

    1. I agree Victoria, looking at the whole picture rather than pockets in isolation is the only way to see what is not working but also to see what is working and bring that same focus, dedication and love to all equally so there are no pockets left less!

  2. The combination of conventional medicine and esoteric healing is incredible, with them both together you have the power to completely change your health around by seeking all the medical attention you need, whether it be surgery, or medication and then with esoteric medicine you are supported to look at your whole life and all your choices and what may have led to this so you can essentially reroute and rebuild your life so this doesn’t happen again, so a true healing can occur – I think that’s amazing.

  3. An extraordinary and profound testament to the healing power of both western medicine and esoteric healing combined. I love that not only has your health transformed to better than before you were diagnosed but that the choices that you have made have transformed your entire life and the relationships within it. It is amazing to know of the power we have through choices made based on love and understanding

  4. A great self-revelation to discover how it is our own choices that are responsible for the stress that we feel, and how through changing our choices we can help alleviate the stress we put ourselves through, allowing the body to take care of us through supporting it more deeply.

  5. It makes perfect sense to combine western medicine with something that is complementary to medicine, and Universal Medicine therapies are very complementary to medicine.

  6. Now this is front page news, these types of stories just blow me away. The proof of how beneficial the work of Universal Medicine really is, is in the pudding or in this case, in the general public, ordinary people, like yourself, who are reaping the immense advantages of lifestyle change and energy shift that transforms life as you know it. The marriage of Western Medicine and Esoteric Medicine is a golden one and should be accessible everywhere.

  7. I wonder if that is what we are missing in medicine, the honesty of practitioners who will hold our hands and tell us we have the potential to turn some of the lifestyle illnesses around. To tell us in a way that supports us to know we can change our environment to better support the change as a return to a more natural way of living rather than another thing on our ‘to-do’ list.

  8. What I love about Universal Medicine is how the responsibility of our health is always brought back to us and has us look at how we ended up with a specific illness and disease, and that within the healing process we also have the support of the Universal Medicine practitioners and conventional medicine – who could ask for more.

  9. I have a much better understanding of why when things come up in my body they are not there to be annoying or stop me from doing things but are an indication of how I am living an what areas I need to look at. It is amazing how much we can learn about ourselves from listening to our body, and you have shown Carmel how much we can change once we understand and embrace what is really going on in the body. Combining conventional Medicine with the understanding of the body that Universal Medicine offers is the way forward and one that is very much needed as we see our health services struggling to meet the demands of the many illnesses we have today.

  10. One of the biggest things I have learnt from Universal Medicine when it comes to what causes stress is disconnection to myself – if I am thinking about work while in the shower or running over my to do list in my head while trying to get to sleep, these all cause stress. The more I am connected to my body and how it feels in and with the moment I do not feel stressed, not a dot.

  11. I also have discovered a great deal about the connection between my health and well-being and choices that can either exacerbate stress or support myself to feel and have vitality through attending Universal Medicine presentations.

  12. I know this is a short and sweet article but that is a pretty massive change in your life and from their a huge change in how the body responded. So often we hear that we are ‘victims of society’ and yet here we have living and walking proof that that isn’t the case. Not only that we have the steps we can all take to move out of the world impacting on you. Even with this point alone would make a huge difference, “I have been learning a great deal more about what causes stress in my life, and have been amazed to find out just how much it is about me and not anything outside of myself.”

  13. Understanding our bodies from the inside out is super important, we can all feel what stresses us and why, we know the effect our particular stresses have on our physical bodies and we also know what calms us and brings steadiness and stillness back you our beingness. The only thing we don’t support each other enough to do, is to choose our stillness.

  14. In learning to live in connection to our bodies we discover there is a whole other way of living that is far more loving and honoring, allowing our true well-being and vitality to naturally come to life

  15. Carmel, you share so simply a miracle. How many people can say their body has reversed a thyroid condition? Many doctors will tell you that it is s life long illness that will require medication, constantly. So the very fact miracles can happen, you have proved.

  16. Yes it is true Carmel that mainstream modern medicine is accepting more and more the links between are emotional state e.g. stress and our physical health. Universal Medicine in my view has provided a great deal of insight and understanding to this link and therefore is a great complement to what conventional medicine already knows and can do for us.

  17. A great point Carmel, stress is about how we choose to live our lives (and therefore entirely in our control) and is not imposed – often cited as imposition from outside that is all too easy to blame.

  18. I have seen your before and after photos Carmel and it is without a doubt you now glow with health and vitality, you are a living miracle and proof that how we live and the choices we make can transform or support any medical condition to improve or completely heal.

  19. Through combining Conventional Medicine and Esoteric Medicine the body is very well supported, I have found on the occasions that I have combined the two I have healed much more deeply and quickly too.

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