By Roberta Himing, Student of Life, Australia 

The final check for the visual function of the new lenses following cataract surgery was complete and the journey home once again on the public transport system, gave me the opportunity to reflect upon this latest little medical adventure of mine. So much to marvel at as I thought about the surgery associated with the cataractous lenses. Dr. Anne Malatt, an ophthamologist, had gently indicated a few months earlier it could be time to consider the removal of the thickening cataracts from my eyes.

What was it that was being revealed to me? What lay behind the fact of experiencing ‘blurred’ vision or even the fact of having had to wear prescription eye glasses since a teenager? Had I been viewing life in reaction rather than response?

There had only been a few events in this life that I had knowingly recoiled from in fear, trepidation or disbelief, wanting desperately for the things that I saw or was aware of to be different, though I had had a difficulty in accepting the horror of the newsworthy events of the world, subjecting myself to feeling the pain and supposed injustice personally.

At that time, I did not have the understanding that the energy of all expression flows through us constantly, notwithstanding whether these energies were seen to be immoral or benevolent, leaving me contemplating whether we had at some point a choice in allowing these unloving energies to take hold. The constant thoughts and the enquiring mind also saw me wondering whether we all had indeed had a part to play in some way through our past choices and behaviours on our world and the current state of play we are all experiencing.

Some may see this cataract removal surgery as commonplace.  Not uncommon at all, however, how many of us would choose to take the time to look within a little more carefully to gauge what it really means energetically? Surely, it’s not a part of the Divine Plan for all those with numerous candles on their cake to line up as on an assembly line at a certain age to correct the supposed ravages of what some may see as Time. One could marvel at the numbers being in the hundreds of thousands of such surgeries.

Could it be that there is a deeper understanding behind this condition? I am slowly learning to leave the ‘catacombs of the mind’ and connect with me, listening now more to my body as it clearly lets me know of the disregard of many of my previous choices in life. Did I really listen to my body when I pushed through doggedly to complete the ‘to do’ lists? Was I endeavouring to justify or prove that I was at least loveable at some level, as someone who could always be relied upon to say ‘yes’ even if it was detrimental to my physical and delicate womanly body? There had been so many instances of the ‘doing’ of physical tasks just to be noticed, acknowledged, recognised and ultimately accepted as worthy of existence. Where was this woman in livingness – where had I been? Had I been lost in a consciousness of a certain indoctrination, blindly following the ideals and belief systems of a wayward humanity?

As grace would have it, there did eventually come a time when, crumpled physically and emotionally, I knew there had to be another way, and falsely I sought that other way in the spiritual ramblings and the seduction of the New Age movement for a time until it was shown clearly that this was not a way of Truth. It seems that I was well entrenched in the mind where gathered information had been downloaded from another source outside of myself, resulting in persistent foggy choices still being made while endeavouring to search those recesses for the answers. Thank God, and with deep appreciation I finally listened to my inner heart, that place of connection with Soul within. There lies another continuing story of seeing with clarity that the Truth that I had been seeking possibly in so many thousands of lives was held within all along. Oooh! The games that are played in the guano embellished caverns of the mind, however out of the guano is also the potential for a deeper beauty to unfold.

Wow! What a revelation embraced in that moment. My own perception as a knowing was offered not only from within on this specific occasion, but only days later a deepened wisdom of understanding the truth also from a very wise young woman, Natalie Benhayon, confirming and adding to my words shared in regards to my interpretation of the relevance of this eye condition. Was it possible that in my many lives there had been a build-up, a thickening/pollution that was blocking my true sight – the inner signs of what we feel and sense intuitively, perhaps even to the point of ‘not wanting to see’ and perhaps ‘harbouring pictures of how one would prefer life to be’.

So much to ponder on…

My travelling time on the light rail was nearing the end, where I was to a-light, but I recalled and felt to share a moment bathing in the Magic of God. Looking back, it was after 5.00 o’clock late afternoon. The day was winding down with the fiery light of the sun at about 51 degrees settling in the western sky. High humidity following the hot day saw the storm clouds already having moved easterly out to the ocean horizon. I was resting quietly following surgery that morning to remove the cataract from my right eye and the insertion of a new lens. Deep appreciation was coursing through as an awareness not only of the skill of the surgeon and the caring team but the opportunity of being given another chance to look at life more clearly and from a different perspective with a greater sense of seeing beyond the obvious temporal view.

I felt the impulse to step outside onto the balcony of our high-rise apartment and it had to be answered. What appeared to me to be an offering, perhaps a blessing, was delivered in the form of what one could call a natural phenomenon, a gift from God from His heavenly presence. I will endeavour to describe in simple language what I saw with these human eyes, albeit with the right eye covered at that time with a perforated plastic shield.

The sea was dark and still. A magnificent single voluminous dark cumulo-nimbus cloud in all its shades of dark hues hung like a dirigible just there in all its glory at about 2,000 feet above the almost smooth ocean surface.  It seemed so near one could see the heavy rain leaving this cloud, but as the rain fell closer to the water it was apparent that the density of the rainfall was becoming lighter until at about 500 feet it was visible as a dissipating mist effectively leaving a treasure, a jewel of a huge elliptical shaped rainbow the size of a very large lake on the surface of the now still sea. What a gift – how divine.

I see with more clarity now the games of the human spirit and it seems there is no end to the ingenuity or the insidious desires that these forces inflict on the unsuspecting masses.  Have we all not only been lied to, but have we in fact been responsible for the demand or development of the lies due to not being ready to accept responsibility or transparency of the Truth? What is it that I did not really want to see but instead chose to cover the Truth with a film to dull the sight?

Could there be such a thing as a science to explain the dynamic forces that seem to control all that we choose to see and possibly could there even be a science to explain why I have chosen to dwell in the consciousness of ‘comfort’? Is it possible that ‘cataracts’ are a result of being in resistance to what is clearly seen and felt? Does the surgical procedure of the removal of the cataracts from my eyes offer a remarkable clearing and healing opportunity, not just on a physical level, but an opportunity to heal old ways of seeing life and people that have not been true and whole.

As I sit at my computer writing this blog with a new lens in each eye I am astounded at this gift of newly gained in-sight – having received the offering of the possible truth behind my sojourn of “Cataracts and the Catacombs of the Mind”.


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351 thoughts on “CATARACTS and the CATACOMBS of the MIND

  1. Roberta I understand about viewing life from reaction, as this is what I struggled with all my life too.

    Our senses are more than the physical purpose, they can feel the truth of what is actually going on. And when we fight against the truth, well the senses certainly communicate this to us. For me and from a young age this was the ears.

    When we see life from the physical point, everything is a chaotic playground and yet, when we see life for what it is and the energies at play, our senses feel energy as well as the physicality of what is actually going on. We need to be open to it…

  2. I have come back to this blog because there is so much here to comment on
    What you have shared with humanity is massive. I had a family member who had cataracts and because they were a certain age they thought it was all part of getting old. But Roberta you are suggesting something much deeper and worth considering.
    “Was it possible that in my many lives there had been a build-up, a thickening/pollution that was blocking my true sight – the inner signs of what we feel and sense intuitively, perhaps even to the point of ‘not wanting to see’ and perhaps ‘harbouring pictures of how one would prefer life to be’.”
    This makes complete sense to me because my family member didn’t want to see, didn’t want to fully engage in life and so checked out and died an alcoholic they just couldn’t cope with life any more. But it feels to me that there is something else going on here at a much deeper level than we are wanting to be aware of because what child at the age of say five when they first go to school tells the teacher that when they grow up they want to be an alcoholic?

    1. Nobody wants to grow up being an alcoholic, surely – but we do have a lot of means at our disposal to numb and check out from what we perceive is too much, unbearable even.

    2. Mary this is a powerful comment about how humanity can be impacted. But they need to see it for more than just life and it does require us to be engaged with it, instead of being separate from it. When we absorb life there are so many of us that have chosen to separate ourselves from life, because we could not cope. When the simplicity is to observe and not absorb it.

      1. When we get caught up in life we can be impacted by it in the feeling of being overwhelmed. I had an experience of this recently when a friend called as they were totally overwhelmed by a situation and needed some support to understand how this has happened.
        Is it possible that when we admit to being overwhelmed and want to unpick the root cause of it the overwhelm is dissolved and no longer has a hold on our bodies? How often is there someone to talk to? And how often do we turn to food drink, or drugs to suppress the overwhelm we feel as a way of coping with it?
        Gone are the days when it was possible to go and chat with a wise elder that could support you to not get so caught up in life but as you say Shushila observe life not absorb it. To absorb it is poisonous to our bodies.

  3. Roberta this is a most delightful blog to read and to discuss because we have not been told about the wayward spirit it is not referred to in such terms in the Roman Catholic faith. I seem to remember it is referred to as something of benevolence and now we find it is anything but. And this makes complete sense to me that there is a spirit within us that has all the ingenuity or the insidious desire and it keeps us unsuspecting because of our lack of knowledge about it. We have been so lied to it is beyond belief the lies we have willingly swallowed.

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