True Physiotherapy – Part Two

by Kate Greenaway-Twist, Goonellabah NSW

Following on from True Physiotherapy – Part One:

Over the last 16 years I have transformed from a person driven by the goals of how things should be, how a patient should move or feel after a treatment, to a person far more at ease in myself, with a body that is far less tense. I am lighter and more fluid in all my movements and I am able to truly support my patients in their own natural healing process.

A big part of this transformation was due to me reconnecting to my natural gentleness, a quality within me that I had been disconnected from for a long time.


I have also learned over the last 16 years how important it is to reconnect to the natural gentle quality in me, that is in us all. I was inspired to give gentleness a go from the constant reflection of gentleness, love and true caring for others from Serge Benhayon, of Universal Medicine.

Gradually I became more gentle in my approach to myself and with everything I do, especially in how I am with my patients – how I touch them and treat them.

I learned also how fragmented I had been living; I was stepping into a role as a physiotherapist when I went to work, like putting a uniform on, but I was losing ‘Kate’ in all of that. I wonder how many of us lose ourselves in identifying with the role of being a Dentist, Nurse, Doctor, Cleaner and Mechanic etc. Through the development of this different quality in my body and how I was with patients, I slowly realised that physiotherapy needed to include the physiotherapist being true to themselves first – not acting out a role. Also that our lives cannot be compartmentalised, for it is all one life, so for me being more gentle in everything I did needed to be in all areas of my life – it wasn’t something I could just switch on when I was treating patients. So these days I am expressing me with the skills I have in physiotherapy and in the esoteric healing modalities, which I have studied and used with great benefits to my clients over the last 17 years.

In living more connected to myself and supporting my body with self-care and self-love, I have come to appreciate that I am already all I need to be – the quality I offer patients, how I connect with them, care for and love them as human beings and not see them as “just the next patient” is the foundation to support my patients, no matter what condition they have.

I have experienced burn-out in the past, much the same as many other physios in the profession, and in my learning I have come to know that this happened because of  my ‘looking’ or ‘needing’ an outcome from a patient’s treatment. I have developed a deeper understanding to ‘work with’ the patient’s body and its natural ability to heal itself when supported in the true manner by the treatments I can provide.

I still give strength exercises and postural advice and specific connective tissue exercises but in a very different way, as it is not solely focused to achieve a fixed goal, but seen as a means to support the patient to appreciate their body and how moving gently opens their body to be more naturally balanced, flexible and strong. This approach helps them to connect to themselves and their bodies and often allows them to gain insights into their behaviours and movements that caused their problem or injury in the first place.

Thanks to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I have learned that true physiotherapy is when a person, trained in physiotherapy is being true to themselves first and then use their physiotherapy skills in an unimposing gentle way to support a person’s natural healing process.

With thanks to Andrew Mooney, my fellow physiotherapist in the UK, for his steady friendship, care and editorial support.


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454 thoughts on “True Physiotherapy – Part Two

  1. “Gradually I became more gentle in my approach to myself and with everything I do, especially in how I am with my patients – how I touch them and treat them.” How lucky are those patients to have someone as aware and caring as you Kate, treating them in such a gentle and loving way.

  2. I’ve observed people who do body work all day and I can see it is a highly demanding physical job. So what you share here is to not harden in response to this, but to develop your gentleness and bring this to your sessions shows a different relationship with the body that is loving and nurturing.

  3. Our body is so grateful if we let go of drive (pictures, ideals and beliefs). The space this offers allows different, more fluent movements and people around us experience the blessing of this as well.

  4. I love how you bring in that actually is everything one and we cannot compartmentalize. There can be no difference to being at home to being at work. There goes the whole concept of work/life balance, that if focussing on time instead of on quality.

  5. ‘I am already all I need to be’ is also stated in the Code of Ethics of the Esoteric Practitioners Association code of and it simply takes all the drive, proving and striving away and offers space for the practitioner to be themselves.

  6. I truly appreciate your honest sharing here. In any profession, through experience, we build our skills and we become more accomplished, and we can be very comfortable in that. It takes humility to remain open to be challenged by something that questions our learned way. And I guess that is the moment when our true intention gets revealed – security, or service.

  7. For the physio to be themselves first and then apply their tools, makes complete sense but many of us do not live this in our work and often allow work to take over, yet what is presented here is a truer approach, one where we are us first and always and bring that to our jobs … it changes the paradigm of how we work.

  8. Bringing gentleness into how I work as a Physiotherapist has definitely added another dimension to my work as clients really feel and appreciate the difference. We can all feel the difference between a merely functional touch and one that carries the quality of tenderness or care.

    1. Love this profound and very deep statement you have made here Jenny and the beautiful simplicity of it….when we consider how often we touch things or people in a typical day and how the quality we touch in has an impact and a profound effect on everyone and everything more than we possibly allow ourselves to feel.

  9. When we step in a role no matter what role we choose, we will never bring who we truly are. When we bring who we are we see, in this case, patients not as patients but as our equal brothers and whatever treatment we give we hold the other and healing can occur on a much deeper level.

    1. I agree, Annelies, identifying with a role we have is imposing on another. But also damaging ourselves, as I have experienced with people losing their job. All of sudden they are ‘nobody/no one’ and find this of course difficult to handle.

  10. There is a huge difference between when I understand and learn something conceptually through my brain alone, to when I actually put it into practice. Living a truth means every cell and every aspect of me knows it through and through – the mental knowledge alone pales into insignificance compared to such depth of awareness and absolute knowingness this provides. I am not surprised then that depending on the level of our livingness, other people’s experience of what we offer is also so significantly different.

  11. To work in a way that simply focuses on developing your body in the most gentle way and truly nurturing it first, takes a lot of stress and burden off of practitioners of medical practices and other complementary healing modalities because then there is no longer a need or investment in the patient ‘getting somewhere’ in their treatment, but instead the way you live naturally inspires the patient to do the same for themselves and come to their own healing in a more organic way.

  12. Recently I have learnt the true value of valuing myself, and how through that I have been able to connect more deeply with myself, and as a result I am far more gentle with myself and others.

  13. “I have learned that true physiotherapy is when a person, trained in physiotherapy is being true to themselves first and then use their physiotherapy skills in an unimposing gentle way to support a person’s natural healing process.” This principle is applicable to every single person bar none. Being true to oneself one can then be true in life and to others.

  14. In the UK we currently have a situation where more and more people are needing to be hospitalised but the number of beds is not similarly increasing. Therefore there is a need to get people out of hospitals to free up a bed for the next person. All makes sense, but from what I gather, the physiotherapists are tasked with getting people walking etc immediately after a major operation with minimum recovery time allowed. This doesn’t feel very loving to me.

  15. I have had treatments from physio’s in the past where the whole session was geared towards the ‘problem’ part of my body. What I now find interesting is how the tension/soreness that I feel physically in my body is always due to a way I am holding my body that is triggered by a way I think I have to be in life, that most erroneously is not the way my body wants to be held. Whilst my body needs physical support at times to release this tension, it will not completely let go until the thought/belief behind it is too addressed. This is the true physio that our world again needs.

  16. Needing an outcome or having a picture of how things should turn out is not allowing the client to follow their own path in their own timing. When i feel myself wanting a result I know I am letting ‘self’ in.

  17. I love the way you shared going from simply treating an ailment to treating the patient with the whole of you present and the benefit this brought to your practice and your whole lifestyle….

  18. How we live our life in every way lays the foundation for the quality that we then take into work with us and can be a great support for the quality that we are then able to bring to others and the clarity that we have with regards to what is truly needed from us.

  19. ” A big part of this transformation was due to me reconnecting to my natural gentleness, a quality within me that I had been disconnected from for a long time. ” This is such a key to healing, for it’s the disconnecting from one’s gentleness, that precipitates the dis-ease, the illness, in the first place.

  20. ‘I have developed a deeper understanding to ‘work with’ the patient’s body and its natural ability to heal itself when supported in the true manner by the treatments I can provide.’ This is lovely because it shows the equality of patient and physiotherapist working together for the patient’s health.

  21. We tend to separate our life, our movements, with our professions. What if, however, we stand to gain from not doing so; if what you offer is simply what you live and not only what you know? Wouldn’t this be a valuable asset to share with the world?

  22. I love how you speak of moving in a more fluid gentle way Kate, this is truly the health practitioner living what they present and offering it to others.

    1. The most empowering moments of support I have received in my life have all been when someone has expressed with the absoluteness of what they have already been living.

  23. ‘A big part of this transformation was due to me reconnecting to my natural gentleness, a quality within me that I had been disconnected from for a long time.’ This will bring change for all of us in whatever we do as reconnecting to our natural gentleness and eventually stillness brings our true qualities to the fore and exposes or dissolves those things which have been present that are not of this.

  24. It is so different and empowering for the client to have a practitioner who doesn’t need to force the body to conform or respond as they think it should. Working with the body and letting it call the shots is the way we need to practice any healing or body therapies.

  25. I am totally blown away with how treating our bodies with real respect, tenderness allows us to release physical conditions, everything is so connected.

  26. Taking care of ourselves to the level you describe here Kate is really fundamental to how well we can truly support and inspire another to take care of their own health. How we are never goes unnoticed, even if we are not aware that others are clocking our day to day choices.

  27. I love what you are saying here Kate that first it is a way of living and being true to ourselves and then bringing this to the role/roles we do. Taking care of ourselves across the board and living one transparent life. This is the true way forward. And from having sessions with you I can testify they are very unimposing, very loving and truly supportive.

  28. It makes so much sense for a healing professional to get to know their own body and themselves first before treating others. I love, Kate, how as you began to get to know yourself more deeply that this self-understanding flowed naturally on to the understanding and care of others. As a patient, one of the most important things is to feel that your practitioner is taking the time to understand you and to treat you as a whole person, not just a knee, or a wrist or a neck. And from this understanding true healing is then offered a strong and trusting foundation.

  29. This way of supporting patients to connect with themselves is an empowering way for both practitioner and patient and it gives us both the responsibility to express more as ourselves.

  30. I had no idea about the gentleness quality that I could be until I was introduced to Serge Benhayon and felt it in the core of my being. So it has been like I have been learning to ride a bike again and the trainers have come off recently and that this quality goes very deep if we so allow ourselves to connect to it.

  31. Beautifully expressed, Kate. We all are much more than our profession and when we gently express who we fully are in there, this is more than a job, but a deep service with endless benefits for all.

  32. How can someone who is not living in a harmonious, caring, honouring and healthy way, inspire another to build that in their own life? This is one of the discrepancies in life as adults we seem to shut our eyes to, but with the purity of the vision of a child it is more than obvious that such an undertaking is fruitless. It is a blessing to receive treatments from the likes of Kate Greenaway-Twist and Andrew Mooney.

  33. True integrity right there. What better way to pass on wisdom and knowledge than through a body living it. A perfects reflection for us all.

  34. I love what you share about how our lives can’t be compartmentalised as much as we try to have it this way. Everything is Everything as Serge Benhayon presents and that what we do in one area of our lives has an immediate effect on the other area. Bring me to all that we do not matter what this is and not putting more value on another is one I am consistently looking at. It can so easily sneak in, the nobody is looking syndrome and thinking I can get away with. This happens less and less by the day the more I bring my awareness to a deeper connection to my Soul and if feels super incredible to move, talk, eat, drink and communicate in this way.

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