True Physiotherapy – Part Two

by Kate Greenaway-Twist, Goonellabah NSW

Following on from True Physiotherapy – Part One:

Over the last 16 years I have transformed from a person driven by the goals of how things should be, how a patient should move or feel after a treatment, to a person far more at ease in myself, with a body that is far less tense. I am lighter and more fluid in all my movements and I am able to truly support my patients in their own natural healing process.

A big part of this transformation was due to me reconnecting to my natural gentleness, a quality within me that I had been disconnected from for a long time.


I have also learned over the last 16 years how important it is to reconnect to the natural gentle quality in me, that is in us all. I was inspired to give gentleness a go from the constant reflection of gentleness, love and true caring for others from Serge Benhayon, of Universal Medicine.

Gradually I became more gentle in my approach to myself and with everything I do, especially in how I am with my patients – how I touch them and treat them.

I learned also how fragmented I had been living; I was stepping into a role as a physiotherapist when I went to work, like putting a uniform on, but I was losing ‘Kate’ in all of that. I wonder how many of us lose ourselves in identifying with the role of being a Dentist, Nurse, Doctor, Cleaner and Mechanic etc. Through the development of this different quality in my body and how I was with patients, I slowly realised that physiotherapy needed to include the physiotherapist being true to themselves first – not acting out a role. Also that our lives cannot be compartmentalised, for it is all one life, so for me being more gentle in everything I did needed to be in all areas of my life – it wasn’t something I could just switch on when I was treating patients. So these days I am expressing me with the skills I have in physiotherapy and in the esoteric healing modalities, which I have studied and used with great benefits to my clients over the last 17 years.

In living more connected to myself and supporting my body with self-care and self-love, I have come to appreciate that I am already all I need to be – the quality I offer patients, how I connect with them, care for and love them as human beings and not see them as “just the next patient” is the foundation to support my patients, no matter what condition they have.

I have experienced burn-out in the past, much the same as many other physios in the profession, and in my learning I have come to know that this happened because of  my ‘looking’ or ‘needing’ an outcome from a patient’s treatment. I have developed a deeper understanding to ‘work with’ the patient’s body and its natural ability to heal itself when supported in the true manner by the treatments I can provide.

I still give strength exercises and postural advice and specific connective tissue exercises but in a very different way, as it is not solely focused to achieve a fixed goal, but seen as a means to support the patient to appreciate their body and how moving gently opens their body to be more naturally balanced, flexible and strong. This approach helps them to connect to themselves and their bodies and often allows them to gain insights into their behaviours and movements that caused their problem or injury in the first place.

Thanks to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I have learned that true physiotherapy is when a person, trained in physiotherapy is being true to themselves first and then use their physiotherapy skills in an unimposing gentle way to support a person’s natural healing process.

With thanks to Andrew Mooney, my fellow physiotherapist in the UK, for his steady friendship, care and editorial support.


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320 thoughts on “True Physiotherapy – Part Two

  1. I came from a therapeutic background that involved a lot of what at the time seemed to be gentle prodding, poking and pushing the body to get it into a functional place that both the patient and practitioner were wanting to achieve. When I came across the Universal Medicine Healing Modalities, they made my previous work seem extremely harsh, imposing and ultimately very ineffective. The human body is extremely delicate, sensitive and very wise. When we approach another person’s body in the full appreciation of these living qualities within us, their body opens up like a flower in the sunshine, ready to relinquish all that does not belong inside its precious confines, fully in control of its own healing agenda.

  2. I have found the more ease I have with myself, likewise that is the way I am with others. It is such a simple life lesson, yet is is so overlooked for just getting things done.

  3. Bringing all that is the true you to all that you do and not living in a compartmentalised way makes all the difference to the quality and integrity in whatever work you do and is a great reflection for all others to feel. I am deeply inspired through the quality and care revealed in the way Kate’s movements in tenderness and gentleness to do the strengthening exercises and connective tissue exercises that Kate suggests and that I have found to be so beneficial.

  4. It is a major lesson in the life indeed to let go of how things and people should be, as this is just coming from a picture we have in our heads according to our ideals and beliefs in life.

  5. ‘In living more connected to myself and supporting my body with self-care and self-love, I have come to appreciate that I am already all I need to be’ it is so simple, just to keep re-conencting within, feeling our own body, thinking about nothing but what we are doing in each moment, allowing life to unfold before us, all of what we need is there.

  6. Burnout is very much part of the current practitioners experience yet what you share here about gentleness, connection and needing an outcome, helps every body in every profession. In effect and in fact, they become vital factors towards maintaining an ease and flow to life.

  7. The more I take care of my body the more I realise how delicate and sensitive it is. I have in the past done kick boxing and other extreme exercise. Nowadays I know gentle exercise, walking and swimming support more than extreme exercise or pushing. Healthcare, physios, and other body support would be completely different if we truly realised how sensitive and tender and delicate our body is.

  8. ‘Thanks to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I have learned that true physiotherapy is when a person, trained in physiotherapy is being true to themselves first and then use their physiotherapy skills in an unimposing gentle way to support a person’s natural healing process.’ Well said Kate – This applies to all professions.

  9. Kate your approach to physiotherapy will one day be embraced by us all, regardless of who we are or what we do for a profession. One way of being, one life, and then that way of life when consistently lived will lead back to the Oneness of life.

  10. Love in one person beckons love in another and as love is the greatest therapeutic remedy that we could possibly have, any therapist that is true love is the best treatment possible.

  11. The fact that you’ve chosen to be much more you in everything you do as a physiotherapist is a testimony of the love and power you hold. For both yourself as well as for the patients you take care of. This requires an enormous will and unconditional love as the world constantly imposes completely the opposite. Thank you dearly Kate!

  12. Physical therapy, or physiological therapy, reminds the body how it is naturally designed to move. Esoteric bodywork takes it a step further and ensures that the energy that moves and flows through the physical body is our true source of energy.

  13. It is lovely reading how over the past 16 years your approach to supporting your patients has moved from being goal driven to truly supporting them in their own natural healing process. As someone who has been at the receiving end of numerous different treatments over the years, I can categorically say that there is nothing as profound and as empowering as receiving a treatment that honours me, my body and my healing process in every detail.

  14. All the Esoteric Modalities presented by Serge Benhayon, “work with’ the patient’s body and its natural ability to heal itself” and by doing so true healing occurs, testified to by the hundreds of personal testaments mine included.

  15. ‘I have come to appreciate that I am already all I need to be..’ this is a very powerful way to be. I can feel in reading it something drop inside of me; a drive I have been feeling – to ‘progress’.

  16. I deeply appreciate the sessions you offer Kate, the awareness with my body movements has never been so consistent, allowing a flow to be present through me no matter what task or physical position, be it standing, sitting bending etc. I am constantly staying connected with how my body feels and if it is squeezed or restricted in any way that isn’t allowing the movement to be fluid. A bit like being aware if I have constricted in any way that forms a roadblock, detour or hurdle for the movement to maneuver to complete my request. Being aware of this prevents a lot of tension, discomfort and potential pain.

  17. What is true for physiotherapists is true for any profession: we are always more than enough and if we make it about people before results, making money or turnover, the results will take care of themselves.

  18. Universal Medicine brings enormous understanding of our bodies and their immense ability to heal them selves. It never regards illness and disease as a failing, but a powerful clearing and in this empowers the practitioner to support a patient’s process of healing even when it does not match up to our expected norms, allowing the body to work its wisdom as only it knows how to.

  19. So true Kate… I have found that by moving gently it exposes all the ways that I move that aren’t supportive of my body – the hardness I move in, the harshness in the way I treated myself and my body, all stood out in stark contrast to gentle movement – you can’t help but become aware of how you are in and with your body.

  20. Being treated by a practitioner who holds you with ‘gentleness’ is exquisite. Healing takes place just by being exposed to this way and everything that has been held in just drops away.

  21. What I have felt from your blog Kate is how important it is to bring our true ‘selves’ to our job. In doing so, we’re all together to break down all the insidious ideals and beliefs that we’ve taken on from school, university, our colleagues, our company etc. What we do is first and foremost about who we are. Yet, the so called modern world is living the reverse. Could it be that all the problems in the world have to do with the fact that product (matter) comes before people? And in choosing so, the majority of people are too scared to open their mouth and hence we’ve built a society based on false security and fear… We’ve all together allowed this and so we’re all together responsible for bringing the change. One by one. Sooner or later.

  22. Realising that we do not ‘belong’ to the profession or job we choose but to something far greater and universal means that we live this first and bring it to whatever we choose to do.

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