Abortion – a responsibility.

by Gyl Rae, teacher, Scotland. 

Recently I had a session with a very wise Esoteric Practitioner around my need to have children. What came up in our discussion was the question: had I ever been in a relationship where we seriously talked about having kids? I hadn’t, but I had had two abortions when I was younger, that if I am honest, I carried guilt around for years, and didn’t want people to know about in case of what they thought about me.

These thoughts can come from pictures, beliefs and ideals we are fed that having an abortion is the ending of life, from the imposition of the world’s ideals and beliefs and the Church – all of which can come through both women and men, where we are told a woman does not have rights over what she can do with her own body and the choices she makes.

Just recently, 4th of February 2017 – under a new law passed in the state of Arkansas, in the USA1, “A pregnant woman’s husband will have the power to stop her from having an abortion, even in cases of spousal rape”. How far lost are we that we can pass a law that allows a man to rape a woman and stop her from aborting the child? In this one law we are saying rape, abuse, and controlling a woman and her body are okay.

This is very similar to the control of a woman’s body and the lessening of women that we have seen throughout the ages in many institutionalised religions across the world, whereby, for example, women are deemed to be dirty when they have their periods, or that they are the lesser sex. Some may say, but ‘it’s her husband, of course he has a right’, but rape is rape no matter who commits the crime. Not to mention the fact that it is the woman’s body, therefore her choice.

Would we be allowed to pass a law giving women the right to stop their partners or boyfriend having a vasectomy? I think not. We would never be allowed to control or tell a man what to do with his reproductive organs – so why are women being denied the same right to choose?

Abortion laws and debates have been going on for a long time, we all know the cases we read about across the world every day, from abortion being illegal in Northern Ireland, even in cases of rape, or incest, the only time it is legally allowed is if the woman’s life is at risk – in fact in Ireland, both North and South, abortion is criminalised in most circumstances2 – to the new USA legislation that the recent President of America has passed stopping funding from foreign aid or non government organisations from supporting women financially to have abortions.3 Not to mention three bills passed, see below, in Indiana State that would restrict a women’s access to abortion.4 And note these are not all passed by men.


  • Senate Bill 404, authored by Sens. Erin Houchin, Travis Holdman and Jeff Raatz, would impose restrictions on minors seeking abortions by removing, in some cases, a judge’s ability to ensure their privacy. Along with requiring parental consent, the bill would make it a criminal offence for a physician or a religious leader to counsel a minor on whether or not to have an abortion.


  • House Bill 1128, authored by Rep. Ronald Bacon, would require that a pregnant woman be informed orally and in writing before a chemical abortion that the procedure could be reversed or stopped.


  • Senate Bill 118, authored by Sens. Dennis Kruse and Liz Brown, would require a mandatory ultrasound before an abortion, and, notably, the bill would require the pregnant woman to view the foetal ultrasound imaging and listen to foetal sounds. Currently women can opt out of this procedure.

Note – The ultrasound mentioned above is transvaginal and is not medically required, thus it is subjecting women to an invasive and unnecessary procedure in an attempt to psychologically and emotionally manipulate her, or some might say, to bully her to change her decision.

Opponents to the bills say, “the bills serve no medical purpose and their sole purpose is to restrict women’s access to abortion.” “These bills are so unnecessary and don’t contribute to the safety of the procedure,” said Sue Ellen Braunlin, co-director of the Indiana Religious Coalition for Reproductive Justice. 4

Do any of the anti-abortion bills, lobbies, demonstrations, charities, companies really take into account the feeling and choice of the woman and her body – or are they solely built on ideals and beliefs from institutionalised religions, with many of them more in keeping with the Dark Ages than the 21st Century?

What if having an abortion was actually taking a deep level of responsibility?

Never once did I consider or even given myself credit for the level of responsibility I took to have an abortion. Some may say, ‘well you should have taken more responsibility to not get pregnant in the first place’, and yes I agree, but we all make mistakes. The choice I made was not selfish, and not solely about me, but the foetus as well. Deep down in my body I absolutely knew and know the level of responsibility and integrity I want to have a child with, and the responsibility I have and want to parent them in. I was not and I am not willing, to bring a child into this world in a loveless and abusive relationship or out of pure need. I knew in my circumstance this was the correct and most loving choice to make. I took everything into account.

So the question I would ask when all things are considered, is, are many, if not all of these women who choose to have abortions actually making a very loving and responsible choice for themselves and others?

Given that it is their body, their life, and a choice they will have to live with for the rest of their life, is it not their right and choice to make it?


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492 thoughts on “Abortion – a responsibility.

  1. Thank you Gyl I like your take on abortion leaving all the emotional drama out and bringing it back to the responsibility we have. We need to learn to honour our bodies to then make decisions from there, instead of issuing more and more bills that only serve to keep things under control but leave no room for learning and self responsibility.

  2. All women deserve to be given the grace and support to decide what they feel is true for them, without interference or imposition.

  3. Such laws as the new law passed in the state of Arkansas are usually made by men who do not see things from the woman’s angle and so they impose such things on the women. But women are not innocent victims, they have the choice to stand up and speak up, and the more each of us do this, the less we can be imposed on by men or women and the ideals and beliefs which drive them to make such unloving acts.

    1. Yes we need to stand up and speak up for every single small level of disregard and abuse wherever we feel it happening whether it is directed to us or anyone else, man or woman. The complacency responding from this innate deep sensitivity allows the wayward and loveless energy to take root and spread. We have the power to stop it in its tracks, and when we don’t it hurts both men and women.

  4. Love to me is a key, so that if I was asked did I have any children I would always answer, that if I did not know how to love myself how could I bring love to another especially a baby. When asking other about love I could never get an answer that was fully engaging until I listened to Serge Benhayon on love. It is possible that to have a baby when true love is in the relationship, that the child will be nurtured and given every opportunity to develop into a truly loving being?

    1. Would we then nurture this child in a way to never belittle it but by sharing with loving discipline that allows the baby the space to develop a true relationship with it so that it is treated as an equal and never lesser than any adult?

      1. The more we can hold ourselves with love we are able to make decisions that support not only ourselves but all when we make it about what is true rather than what feeds the ’emotional truth’.

    2. This is gorgeous Greg – I agree with you wholeheartedly. The more I have worked on a loving relationship with myself the more I can hold my own children in love (and everyone else too). To me it is a huge act of irresponsibility to bring a child into the world if this is not in place, or there isn’t the intention to work on this.

    3. I really appreciate what you are saying here Greg, surely it is every child’s right to grow up feeling nurtured and respected for everything they are and all that they bring. I have come to understand that we are so much more than we allow ourselves to be and this seems to get crushed from a very early age. Imagine how society would interact and be if we were all raised in a true loving relationship. There would be no room for abuse of any description.

      1. Wow! This is great Mary, what you have added is another depth so we can expand the re-development of being Loving. Simply from the aspect of how nurturing it can be in any Loving relationship and not only for the couple but also the siblings, as we all get the blessing from those around us being Love. Then as you correctly say, what would this be like in the broader world, there would be no abuse.

      2. So often sympathy and emotional support override the true decisions many people make when it comes to deciding to follow through with a pregnancy. I have heard so often others share how they felt pressured to have a child that they knew they couldn’t support to the levels that were needed.

  5. Abortion is indeed a responsibility. If a woman is not in a position to parent a child it is actually irresponsible to bring a child into this world – for the child, for the mother and for everyone else.

    1. How often are we clouded by the ideals and beliefs of saying yes to pregnancy when our body and lifestyle choices are saying the opposite. What are the ideals and beliefs that feed the need to accept what others impart rather than stopping to take note of what we truly need to learn?

      1. From where I view it at this point in time, it is not so much whether it is a responsibility or not to have an abortion, but that each woman should be free to choose which way they go and not be made a criminal one way or another and be forced to get an illegal abortion.

  6. There is so much to be understood about what truly responsible parenting looks like, not just ‘life at any level is better than none at all’ we are not animals keeping up a flock in numbers, we are forming lives to support a son of God to come back to the love that they come from. If that life and circumstances doesn’t support that journey for both parent and child, then maybe best to let it go so that another opportunity can be taken up. I also appreciate that some don’t have great lives due to Karma being played out, so no judgement there either, each case by its own merits, is a choice to be felt into.

  7. Children are a huge responsibility and I don’t think anyone realises quite the extent of it until we have children of our own or have the full time care of a child or children. I certainly felt like the first time I really grew up was when I had my son – it was only then that I really got to appreciate more fully the level of responsibility that we are actually capable of stepping up to whilst being parents. And I also got to deeply appreciate my own parents for having brought me and my sister up, and all that they did do for us and the warmth that they were able to give us despite all of life’s challenges that they took on.

  8. ‘Would we be allowed to pass a law giving women the right to stop their partners or boyfriend having a vasectomy…’ The ridiculousness of the situation is highlighted in this one question.

  9. There are a lot of controlling beliefs held around women’s reproductive systems – including periods and menopause. The sacredness and true beauty of a woman is always there.

  10. Responsibility I think starts with ourselves and making choices that are self caring and self nurturing and consider the all in each situation.

  11. What if the sprit doesn’t enter the foetus until after twelve weeks or more? Would knowing this make a difference?

  12. I can remember debating about this in my high school philosophy class, and how even then at young ages, people were divided by their opinions and beliefs around the morality of abortion. I have been on the fence at times and even wondered if perhaps it wasn’t right, and maybe it shouldn’t be allowed. But for me it has been my experience of the real world and how it is that has convinced me that abortion is a needed part of today’s society – we already have enough children suffering at the hands of parents who don’t really want them, had them for their own personal reasons, are unloving, abusive, ignore them, push them to be doing things they don’t want to and all manner of other behaviours that occur in families that can scar and affect children their entire lives. Given that this is the reality, it is clear that this does not need adding to by removing the option people have to abort a pregnancy before it becomes a child that then needs to suffer the consequences of a family that are not loving – it is the ultimate responsibility to admit that having a child is not something you are ready for. Failing this aspect, it is a person’s right to do as they wish with their body and their health.

  13. Has the world gone crazy? How can a woman be raped, and then not allowed to abort a pregnancy that is a result of that rape? There is much for us to learn as a global society about life, honouring one another, and true respect.

  14. Thank you for bringing this subject up Gyl.
    It is shocking to see that in modern USA we find laws in which even abortion is forbidden when women are raped. I know the churches always tried to influence women by a way of controlling them.
    It shows how much we as women left the true power we keep within our body in all this sacred area.
    I do now for a while Sacred Movement, which supports me to re-connect with that area in a true way. To claim myself again, which I did not do as a woman for lifetimes. To express ourselves about things we can not allow any longer is one important part and the other is to claim back our sacredness. To stop with giving our power away in the many ways we did. This we do for us and all other cultures where this dishonoring to the woman’s body is tolerated and also for all our future young lady generations to come.
    If someone wants to know more about Sacred Movement; go to http://www.esotericwomenshealth.com

  15. If I put myself into the position for one moment of being brutally raped and then not being allowed to abort the pregnancy, feels absolutely in the dark ages, adding insult to injury. And maybe the people making these bills should pause for a moment to feel what they would feel if it happend to them or their wife or daughter, as this would provide a different perspective for them.

  16. This is a topic that needs to be discussed and exposed for the current laws do not support nor honour women and are harmful, ill-conceived and undermine a woman’s knowing of her own body and authority to do what is needed.

  17. This is a big issue, no human would want to end the life of the other with no feeling around it, it is an issue for any woman who makes the choice, and I am sure they have a great awareness of the responsibility of it. It is awful that women are attacked so, when they are making such a choice. It can be deeply responsible to decide to have an abortion and we should judge no woman.

  18. It’s a sad state of affairs when our Government in 2017 are forming a coalition with a political party the DUP in Northern Ireland who are openly against abortion – and a country which still holds abortion as illegal. Dark ages have never changed.

    1. The clamping down on abortion is completely devoid of the more expanded appreciation of the energetic dynamics at play when considering incarnation, birth and responsibility.

      Also the lack of understanding of relationships, responsibility and choice between, not only the parties present in flesh, but also those involved on the etheric plane, in such very emotive circumstances of miscarriage and cot death as well as abortion, has been crippling humanity for eons and has blocked true healing and profound learning offered from such experiences.

      Instead of vilifying and clouding these areas with emotions and bullying tactics, we ought to collectively openly discuss, support one another and deepen our awareness and understanding.

  19. Abortion is not something a that is commonly talked about maybe because of the fear of judgment but also an understanding of the seriousness of the decision that each woman makes. It does amaze me that when one woman brings it up how many are ready to share there is still a disconnect on how we hold this experience in our bodies.

  20. America has the CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention collect data on abortions only from states that wish to provide information? In the home of the free, it seems to depend on what state you live when it come to abortions!

  21. This casts a light on a subject that is not commonly talked about, and when it does come up emotions run high and people do think clearly, only from the emotional upset and turmoil. It’s been very cool to read this balanced account Gyl, exploring some of the complex issues from the perspective of love first.

  22. I quite understand that you didn’t want other people to know about your abortions for fear of what they would think of you as in our experiences of life we can experience all manner of impositions from the opinions of others based on their own beliefs and ideals. This really strikes me this morning how much we dance around this sort of thing, and also to be responsible, by not imposing our beliefs and ideals on others who may be having a very different experience of life. Who is to say we are right anyway? These are just pictures, our pictures. There is another way, that is simply to hold another as the love that we all are, end of story.

  23. Hear Hear Gyl, “What if having an abortion was actually taking a deep level of responsibility?” I so agree, what if having an abortion can be a deeply responsible choice. I know that it isn’t at times for women, but it can be and fundamentally ALL women no matter what the choice, deserve to make that choice for themselves.

  24. I find it staggering reading those cases you share, I suppose it is to be expected at a time when women around the globe are starting to reconnect to their sacredness there has to be an equal and opposite force, nothing else really explains why our legislation around the world would be going backwards.

  25. The problem with the viewpoints of anti abortionists is that they do not understand life in full nor do they understand the science of reincarnation. If all emphasis is placed on the 1 life then of course people will think they need to fight for it. We are born again and again and again, we choose who we are born with and all of our cycles come with a purpose. Nothing is coincidental so if there is truth in a mother having an abortion so too is their truth for the spirit that will then not incarnate in that exact moment.

    1. This reminds me of the period in my life when I was anti- medication of any form. I thought ‘natural’ and ‘honouring’ meant rejecting the support that our medical system could provide. I am so grateful for the support Serge Benhayon’s teachings offered in opening up my perspective and see a much fuller picture. I can see the same with the anti-abortionist view you describe. When we hang on to a blinkered view of life we get stuck in some crazy limited ideas about the world.

  26. There is still a strong consciousness in our world that tells us that women do not have a right to their own bodies nor their own innate expression. In some cultures it is blatantly obvious and in some it all seems very civil. But none the less it is still present everywhere and before we can have sensible discussion on how to approach these kinds of subjects we need to call out and arrest the energy that is aimed at keeping the sacredness of women suppressed.

  27. I found it very shocking to hear how backward and controlling some governmental and religious laws are around abortion, still existing today; a cycle returning from the Dark Ages.
    All woman should have a right over their body whether to have an abortion or not.

  28. Abortion comes loaded with so many beliefs and societal norms that it would be easy to go into guilt and regret. The church and our politicians would do well to reduce the weight of this process that most women go through by promoting freedom of choice for women and their bodies, rather than the draconian beliefs and legislation they create.

  29. We all have the right to choose how we live and what happens to our body – it is part and parcel of our responsibility.

  30. I really support all that you have shared here Gyl, that abortion is and can be all about responsibility, not about letting go of a life, but making choices for all involved.

  31. When we bind ourselves up with ideals and beliefs and doing the so called, right thing, we are really operating under a man made system that seeks to control and manipulate the masses into guilt and shame. Where is the love, truth or evolution in all of that?

  32. Why would a woman choose abortion? Is it just a case of deflection of another issue like self harm or harming another is? If that was the case, the woman would need love, understanding and tender care as a support to find her truth again. Or could it be that the choice is made with an awareness and understanding of responsibility and honouring of what being a parent involves? Either way, the bigotry of marginalising and condemning a member of our community is not the answer, a conversation with genuine love, care and openness offers expansion and evolution.

  33. Thank you Gyl. This is a very insightful article… Brief, to the point, on such an issue that has caused so much conflict. Your insight upon personal responsibility is profound, and really this is where this must stay… Is a reflection of personal responsibility and personal choice… No one else’s.

  34. Do we ever question as to whether our choices are based on ideals and beliefs we have taken on from outside of ourselves? That we are to give birth no matter what because of a belief or doctrine we have chosen to align to without first discerning as to whether it was true for us? There are always consequences when we do not listen to our body regardless of what we thought was the right thing to do.

  35. There seems to be so much implied ownership to a woman’s body with all these laws defining what can or can’t be done… Where is the voice of Women in all these laws?

  36. My feeing is that the more women suppress abortion and keep it secret if it happens to them, the more we feed the fact that women don’t deserve the right to choose what happens to them. By suppressing it – we choose to feed the abuse from the bottom up.

  37. Where do these beliefs even come from, I remember years ago saying to myself that if I ever got pregnant I would never have an abortion – now I question that picture. It seems there are too many things in life that we do not question and blindly follow.

  38. If we consider the accountability of being a parent:, i.e. putting our hand up to:
    – physically take care of another being while they are too young to be able to do it,
    – support them to connect to, appreciate and live their true essence in a world that does not encourage that,
    – offer a role model of living that true way
    this is not something to take lightly. If we are not ready for it, we do need to gracefully admit that this is not the right time and take appropriate action. An abortion when truly chosen is an absolute moment of responsibility.

  39. What if having an abortion was actually taking a deep level of responsibility? A great question to put out there Gyl. Truth is a very loving choice to make.

  40. I keep coming back to this blog Gyl becase I feel just how powerful it is, and really love what you have shared, just how much resonsibility can be displayed and lived from deciding to have an abortion, we as women deserve the right, no matter what to decide.

  41. A woman’s body belongs to her so it is her and her alone that has a right to make a decision about abortion.

  42. Regardless of the circumstances of a pregnancy, all women should be lovingly supported to make whatever decision they deem is the right one for them, whether that is to abort or to continue with the pregnancy. Every being should have the right to choose, in all medical procedures, when it comes to making decisions in regard to their own body.

  43. The decision to have a child or not have a child demands exactly the same level of responsibility. The fact of having become pregnant and then making the choice has been held against women for much too long while men making such judgment never considered themselves to be responsible but free to walk away and leaving the pregnant woman alone with the physical and moral dilemma.

  44. Gyl, thank you for being so honest and sharing this, what you write about is happening all over the world, many women feel shame and guilt after having an abortion, these emotions then fester and harm.
    It is never a decision that is taken lightly and in this day and age it is shocking that a woman’s body is still looked upon as being owned by someone else.

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