Abortion – a responsibility.

by Gyl Rae, teacher, Scotland. 

Recently I had a session with a very wise Esoteric Practitioner around my need to have children. What came up in our discussion was the question: had I ever been in a relationship where we seriously talked about having kids? I hadn’t, but I had had two abortions when I was younger, that if I am honest, I carried guilt around for years, and didn’t want people to know about in case of what they thought about me.

These thoughts can come from pictures, beliefs and ideals we are fed that having an abortion is the ending of life, from the imposition of the world’s ideals and beliefs and the Church – all of which can come through both women and men, where we are told a woman does not have rights over what she can do with her own body and the choices she makes.

Just recently, 4th of February 2017 – under a new law passed in the state of Arkansas, in the USA1, “A pregnant woman’s husband will have the power to stop her from having an abortion, even in cases of spousal rape”. How far lost are we that we can pass a law that allows a man to rape a woman and stop her from aborting the child? In this one law we are saying rape, abuse, and controlling a woman and her body are okay.

This is very similar to the control of a woman’s body and the lessening of women that we have seen throughout the ages in many institutionalised religions across the world, whereby, for example, women are deemed to be dirty when they have their periods, or that they are the lesser sex. Some may say, but ‘it’s her husband, of course he has a right’, but rape is rape no matter who commits the crime. Not to mention the fact that it is the woman’s body, therefore her choice.

Would we be allowed to pass a law giving women the right to stop their partners or boyfriend having a vasectomy? I think not. We would never be allowed to control or tell a man what to do with his reproductive organs – so why are women being denied the same right to choose?

Abortion laws and debates have been going on for a long time, we all know the cases we read about across the world every day, from abortion being illegal in Northern Ireland, even in cases of rape, or incest, the only time it is legally allowed is if the woman’s life is at risk – in fact in Ireland, both North and South, abortion is criminalised in most circumstances2 – to the new USA legislation that the recent President of America has passed stopping funding from foreign aid or non government organisations from supporting women financially to have abortions.3 Not to mention three bills passed, see below, in Indiana State that would restrict a women’s access to abortion.4 And note these are not all passed by men.


  • Senate Bill 404, authored by Sens. Erin Houchin, Travis Holdman and Jeff Raatz, would impose restrictions on minors seeking abortions by removing, in some cases, a judge’s ability to ensure their privacy. Along with requiring parental consent, the bill would make it a criminal offence for a physician or a religious leader to counsel a minor on whether or not to have an abortion.


  • House Bill 1128, authored by Rep. Ronald Bacon, would require that a pregnant woman be informed orally and in writing before a chemical abortion that the procedure could be reversed or stopped.


  • Senate Bill 118, authored by Sens. Dennis Kruse and Liz Brown, would require a mandatory ultrasound before an abortion, and, notably, the bill would require the pregnant woman to view the foetal ultrasound imaging and listen to foetal sounds. Currently women can opt out of this procedure.

Note – The ultrasound mentioned above is transvaginal and is not medically required, thus it is subjecting women to an invasive and unnecessary procedure in an attempt to psychologically and emotionally manipulate her, or some might say, to bully her to change her decision.

Opponents to the bills say, “the bills serve no medical purpose and their sole purpose is to restrict women’s access to abortion.” “These bills are so unnecessary and don’t contribute to the safety of the procedure,” said Sue Ellen Braunlin, co-director of the Indiana Religious Coalition for Reproductive Justice. 4

Do any of the anti-abortion bills, lobbies, demonstrations, charities, companies really take into account the feeling and choice of the woman and her body – or are they solely built on ideals and beliefs from institutionalised religions, with many of them more in keeping with the Dark Ages than the 21st Century?

What if having an abortion was actually taking a deep level of responsibility?

Never once did I consider or even given myself credit for the level of responsibility I took to have an abortion. Some may say, ‘well you should have taken more responsibility to not get pregnant in the first place’, and yes I agree, but we all make mistakes. The choice I made was not selfish, and not solely about me, but the foetus as well. Deep down in my body I absolutely knew and know the level of responsibility and integrity I want to have a child with, and the responsibility I have and want to parent them in. I was not and I am not willing, to bring a child into this world in a loveless and abusive relationship or out of pure need. I knew in my circumstance this was the correct and most loving choice to make. I took everything into account.

So the question I would ask when all things are considered, is, are many, if not all of these women who choose to have abortions actually making a very loving and responsible choice for themselves and others?

Given that it is their body, their life, and a choice they will have to live with for the rest of their life, is it not their right and choice to make it?


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518 thoughts on “Abortion – a responsibility.

  1. Having a child is a massive responsibility and if a woman is not ready or without capacity to take that responsibility on then the harm that can be caused by having that child can be sometimes beyond belief. Having worked in child protection I am aware of families with strong religious values that stop them from having contraception let alone an abortion, as such they can have multiple children when in truth they should not have any due to the neglect and abuse that the children endure… resulting in them often being removed and placed into care. By the time they have been removed they are usually traumatized from often months or even years of abuse and playing out horrific behaviours as a result of the trauma. This culminates in a substantial burden and expense on society. All of which could have been avoided if the woman was given a true choice free of religious doctrines and beliefs in the first place.

  2. I don’t feel its an easy decision for any woman and then having others give their opinion or make judgement serves no-one. It is very imposing, as you share a woman should have rights over her own body and life.

  3. Everyone has their own reasons to have an abortion or not, and it’s in that freedom of choice where we find and take the responsibility of our actions.

  4. I read this blog a while ago and was shocked that this is occurring in 2017? I mean really, how can we champion women’s rights, give two big thumbs ups to ourselves for pay increases and all women football teams (which BTW is nothing to do with true equality but that is a whole another blog), how can we celebrate how far we have come whilst female genital mutilation and spousal rape is happening legally to women somewhere in the world?
    I love that you are asking these questions, below a quote from this amazing blog.
    “How far lost are we that we can pass a law that allows a man to rape a woman and stop her from aborting the child? In this one law we are saying rape, abuse, and controlling a woman and her body are okay.”
    We are lost and we are far gone but what is more disturbing is that this is not reported on and discussed as a constant until change occurs.

  5. It is almost impossible to credit too that this year in NSW Australia,Parliament recently voted NO to what would have been landmark legislation to decriminalise abortion. It is astounding to think that the woman’s uterus – the sacred grail – can be in the clutches and domination of a legal system and government, who will not allow the woman to have a choice over whether she is ready to have a child or not? there is no right and wrong in abortion, it just IS. The only right and wrong is that judgmental thought paradigm that is ingrained in the human psyche and passed on from generation to generation like a contagion, then further embedded in our schooling. Through this absolute lie can come the energy which wishes to annihilate the power, stillness and beauty of woman, because of the healing effect it has upon our race.

  6. Men feel threatened by the power in women and women feel threatened by the power of other women and even of their own power. There is power and glory in the stillness and grace of a woman. When we dare to connect to this and live it we bring about clearing and healing there is no doubt. Just walking down the street in this energy we are clearing and healing, whatever we touch or come into contact with we are healing, the ramifications of this are enormous.

  7. A woman knows her body and what is needed – there is no right or wrong, good or bad, these are just convenient ideals so that people can have opinions. There is only truth, and truth is simple and perfect, whatever the outcome.

  8. Perhaps we need to pause and draw breath to ask ourselves which is the more loving act – to not bring a child into this world that is unable to be cared for in the way they deserve OR, to bring a child into this world that will become the subject of much abuse? Because we choose to live in ignorance to the great cycle of life, and have subscribed to the lie that is ‘death’, we allow all manner of emotions to cloud a very simple decision. If the child in this case will not be born unto us, they will go back and be born unto another. It is the nature of the Universe and the part we play is in upholding the responsibility we each have for making decisions that are in the best interest of all. We are still very much divided when it comes to this understanding.

    1. Wow! when we start to look at the big picture rather than making it about ourselves, it all starts to make sense. It is not that great a switch in perception but the old consciousness has a tight grip on us that we have to free ourselves from.

    2. “If the child in this case will not be born unto us, they will go back and be born unto another. ” This line holds the understanding as to why we have this emotional debate around abortion, in that it is a universal truth that we reincarnate and yet humanity in large part have dismissed this truth as unprovable fables, hence why we have this situation where those who believe we live and then we die, full stop, fight so hard to deny the right of the would-be parent/s to decide whether it is true for that spirit to return into their family at that time.

  9. As soon as the word need is mentioned as in the need to have children, it should raise a flag in us that there is something not quite right about it and allow ourselves to go deeper to feel what is actually behind such a need, where did it come from? Who fed it to us?

  10. And in some places in the world, homosexuality is still illegal and severely punished… We have a long way as a species, to travel, and yet everyone has the spark of the divine, just waiting to be lit.

  11. I agree there is a lot of responsibility in abortion, and it should be a woman’s right ALWAYS to be able to choose what happens to her body, and to choose to live with that responsibility. I experienced a medical termination 2 years ago, which is when the medical profession do tests and find the baby is not right and the doctors I met in the NHS were actually amazing and encouraged the termination, which allowed a totally guilt free process and for me to take responsibility and to learn exactly what I needed to.

  12. ‘What if having an abortion was actually taking a deep level of responsibility?’ This needs to be honoured. To have a child that you are not ready for is the ultimate in irresponsibility.

  13. Gee its a messy world we live in when you consider all the contrasting and at times barbaric and nasty ideals and beliefs that drive people in their attempt to control another’s free will.

  14. Every man and woman should have their right to make decisions about their own body without laws or judgements passed on them. It is not what is right or wrong, but what is true for us.

  15. The relationship between a pregnancy and (ir-)responsibility is not yet well established. We tend to circumscribe it to certain matters and to exclude others from any debate on this matter. The overall effect is that we have found a way to try to get away with irresponsibility.

  16. “We would never be allowed to control or tell a man what to do with his reproductive organs – so why are women being denied the same right to choose?” Everyone should be allowed the right to choose what happens to their bodies – whether it be vasectomy, abortion, medical treatment or vaccination etc. being responsible is the important factor. Yet how responsible are we when it comes to our daily living – re our food choices, exercise, drinking and drugs etc?

  17. I know it’s a bit off topic but….. I was recently talking with a friend who went to America and the stories she told of what she witnessed I found very shocking. She expressed how visible it was there was no government supported health care/income support system due to what she viewed on a daily basis in different states. I found this shocking as the world tends to view America as a leader of the world in setting standards/trends… This is a scary understanding at present!!!!

  18. It is crazy that our society believes it owns women and their bodies the way it does, we are still living in the dark ages when it comes to truly supporting women in what they bring to the world….

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