Osteoporosis – how could this happen to me?

by Francene Cartaar, Australia

I recently suffered a shock – the shock of being informed that at the age of 54 I had osteoporosis in my back and also bone weakness in my hips. My reaction to the news from my GP was to ask myself: ‘How could this have happened to me?’

I realised that I held a perception that osteoporosis only occurred in ‘older’ women who did not look after themselves. As I regarded myself as a ‘healthy’ person, this diagnosis did not fit in with the image I held of myself.  My GP explained that bones could regenerate with weight bearing exercise and that vitamin and mineral supplements were also beneficial. The diagnosis and explanation left me feeling unsettled and upset.

I subsequently decided that I wanted to understand this diagnosis from an energetic perspective so I decided to consult an Exercise Physiologist who also had a deeper understanding of the body on an energetic level from her studies with Universal Medicine.

What then transpired was truly inspiring! I was shown a simple standing movement to connect firstly to my body and at the same time more deeply with my hip area. Next were hand and ankle weights for strengthening and feeling how to move with connection and gentleness in my body.

My exercise routine in recent years had been caring – gentle walks, stretching and relaxation. These provided great benefits to my body, but during my appointment I realised that my body was now requiring a different type of exercise.

I was offered an explanation that osteoporosis, on an energetic level, was related to disregard. This initially left me with a heavy sinking feeling, because in that instant I knew it was true – that I had pushed myself over many years.  Also that osteoporosis didn’t just ‘happen to me’, that I had played a part in this with my choices. For example, putting others before myself, undervaluing myself, overriding my own instincts, ignoring when I was tired or even not dressing to be warm enough.

The next morning I decided to exercise with ‘regard’ for myself and see what this felt like. I started by walking down stairs with intention and focusing on the soles of my feet. I felt an amazing surge of energy up my legs and spine. Next was the introduction of hand and ankle weights. At the end of a few sets of movements I had a renewed sense of vitality and strength that I later noticed lasted throughout the day, together with a feeling of steadiness within my body.

I am truly grateful for being able to consult with an Exercise Physiologist who could offer all the knowledge from her formal training and experience, but equally important, combined this with training in energetic awareness. We discussed this during my appointment and I could see how making choices that went against the natural and easy flow of the energy in my body could have an impact.

The diagnosis of osteoporosis inspired me to have a more caring regard for myself and for my body, and also to appreciate how conventional medicine and an understanding that our bodies are energy can work together for the benefit of us all.


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577 thoughts on “Osteoporosis – how could this happen to me?

  1. ‘The diagnosis of osteoporosis inspired me to have a more caring regard for myself and for my body, and also to appreciate how conventional medicine and an understanding that our bodies are energy can work together for the benefit of us all.’ Our energetic make-up is undeniable and cannot be ignored in our health treatments.

  2. Our bones are the foundation of our physical body. They are quite simply what hold us together. By living in such a way that we are in disregard to our physicality in that we allow our mind and emotions to drive us, we create a separation between body and mind that causes a wobble in the otherwise solid structure that is there to support us. By re-connecting to our body by way of simple exercises in which we are able to remain consciously present, we open up the communication channels once again so that the universal intelligence that flows through us can do so unencumbered.

    It does not take rocket science to heal the human body and the at times wayward being that runs it, it only takes one simple choice and then the consistent living of it. Our ability to live our love whole-heartedly is the greatest medicine there is, all other forms of medicine will simply support the body to come back into line while this love is being lived.

    1. “Our bones are the foundation of our physical body. They are quite simply what hold us together.” I love that Liane as I was not fully able to grasp from the blog how disregard would relate to osteoporosis but now I understand. When we move in disregard I noticed we keep many things unfinished for instance letting doors or drawers ‘close themselves’, not being present with what we do and moving without being present all contributes to our bones ‘falling apart’ too. It may sound a bit silly, but it really makes sense. Our body needs us to be present with it and that confirms its solidness.

  3. If we take note of any signs our body may give us – and take appropriate steps to truly heal – illness and disease can be used as an opportunity to deepen our connection with ourselves, after wondering ‘why me?’ – which may be our first reaction. We are more than just pure function.

  4. I can understand the shock! I was diagnosed with osteoporosis’ precursor, osteopenia at the early age of 30!! How on earth was that possible? But possible it is, as is absolutely everything. We take our bodies for granted and forget that they require a quality of care of the highest degree. After living what I believed to be a pretty healthy life, I’m 35, and have a number of conditions that I never expected to have. This has been a wake up call to really look at just how much attention I place on myself and my body. It turns out, living to support others does not support you, but living to support you first naturally supports others. Just had it the wrong way round. Simple to flip and try again.

  5. I appreciate how the body is forever loving to us in asking us to live a deeper love for ourselves. Every message the body imparts is for us to change our movements to deepen self-love. Every choice of disregard is collapsing the foundation we build with ourselves, that, which is our relationship to ourselves.

  6. Thank you for writing this as it makes perfect sense and has inspired me to get a check done for myself as I am 56 years old, and have always thought it was something you get in your 70’s. Makes you wonder how many women have it and never find out until they fall over.

  7. “How could this happen to me?” is usually the first question that people ask themselves in a mixture of shock and disbelief when they discover they have an illness or condition, however, the penny seems to drop when they get over the initial shock and take a good, hard and very honest look at the choices they have been making and how they have been living.

  8. I too was surprised with my diagnosis of osteoporosis having always lived a healthy lifestyle with lots of exercise, however I can relate to the fact that I have at the same time been disregarding of my body – ouch. Now, I am learning to be honouring, tender and nurturing with my body which brings a whole new way of being with myself.

  9. Thank you for sharing this, its great to understand the energetic side of osteoporosis and how it comes from disregard. We get so caught up in the physical side of why we might get the condition without understanding there is more. It’s great to have the understanding of both and be able to make choices to support the both. So in truth osteoporosis can come at any age if we live in disregard, something for all of us to work on.

  10. As our relationship with our bodies deepens, we start to naturally want to take care of it. At first, when we become aware of the disregard we’ve been living in, it can feel like a huge challenge to even begin to unravel this momentum. There’s a sense of given-upness when we contemplate the enormous mountain to climb in front of us. But slowly, as we start to admit that we haven’t looked after ourselves at all, and start to really listen to the body and be open about what it’s telling us, and not what we want it to tell us, we start to want to treat it more lovingly, with no perfection. In my experience this is a step by step process, and there are no shortcuts. But the more I look after myself, the more open and honest I get about how I’m feeling and what’s going on in my body, the deeper my relationship with it becomes.

    1. Yes Bryony, it is the absolute honesty that supports us to grow and sometimes it may be uncomfortable but I know that I have to face and accept truth if I want to evolve and be a greater light that is naturally within me to live.

  11. I am finding it very supportive to be open to the way in which I exercise and not have a picture of what I should be doing. I used to exercise to lose weight and while I am aware of this thought which can enter occasionally I am learning to listen to what my body needs at that time that will support it eg. a swim, gentle stretches or maybe a brisk walk with the intention to honour and look after my body.

  12. Why do we so often put ourselves at the end of our never-ending to-do list? Making life about others, or our work or family before ourselves is so often perceived as ‘normal’ but is so against our natural way of being. We cannot truly offer support to another if we can’t provide it to ourselves first.

  13. ‘Why did this happen to me?” When we understand the cause and effect of the energy in the way we live it becomes very clear that we know the truth. Living in disregard to our being and the call of our body to take loving care of ourselves this will inevitably weaken the structure, our bones.

  14. How refreshing it is to find medical support for your body that takes into account how you live in conjunction with the recovery and healing process.

  15. This is a healing to read. To see how it is possible to be with these diseases and understand that there are many levels of healing that can be on offer. Loving our bodies is so important and it really does support us.

  16. Modern medicine is a wonderful thing and so is getting the advice we need for a particular condition(s) but our true medicine is the way in which we live – living from the Love we are and when lived consistently, everything from there on in, simply supports that way of living.

  17. “making choices that went against the natural and easy flow of the energy in my body could have an impact.”
    Reading this I had a moment where I was about to dismiss it as it seems impossible to actually live constantly. Then I stopped and accepted that that thought was a choice. Very revealing in how it seemed to make a living truth ‘too hard’. Or my choice can be to acknowledge, accept and surrender to the natural flow of my body.

  18. Arresting Osteoporosis for me is making a deeper level of commitment to myself. I can partake in the surface self care activities, however on a deeper level it is in truly committing to my relationship with myself and falling in love with the woman I am, caring for her with deep intimacy and reverence.

  19. How beautiful you are building a new foundation of love for your body and I can relate to feeling energised, more vital and steady when I have exercised with weights and all, my body is so grateful when it builds and feels its strength.It always confirms me in being the gorgeous woman I am

  20. When we ask the question ‘how can this have happened to me?’ we can choose how far to go with it. Do we look at it on a purely physical level or are we willing to go deeper as Francene has done and look at the energetic root cause to bring a true healing to ourselves?

  21. A great sharing in that any illness or dis-ease doesn’t just happen to us it is a build up of accumulated choices, un-dealt with emotions and disregard. Something for me to reflect on. Thank you.

    1. So true Vicky, illness or dis-ease just doesn’t just happen, it is a build up of accumulated choices where we have lived in disregard. Our body is so intelligent in how it works and how it notifies us of everything that does not feel true, it is us that ignores all the signs and continue to indulge.

  22. The way we treat our bodies as if they are unbreakable, by not caring what fuel we put into them, how we pace them, how we rest them when they are calling for it, it is hardly surprising that something is going to break and then of course we are surprised by this because we didn’t take responsibility for our body and we don’t want that fact thrown up for us to have to look at.

  23. Being diagnosed with osteoporosis is indeed a huge wake up call Francene; a call to deepen the quality of care we have for ourselves, and thus for others. I am inspired by your commitment to caring for yourself with tenderness and reverence.

  24. We can all learn from this, it is inspiring that after a diagnosis you decided to take your health into your own hands. I guess one better than this would be to take our health into our own hands just because we love and care for ourselves so deeply.

  25. The way we live, our choices all have a big impact on our health. To choose to be love in full and be loving in everything we do and are will support us and our health.

  26. Great blog Francene, taking responsibility for our choices and accepting how they affect our body, gives us an understanding that by changing the choices we make, we can change the extent that osteoporosis affects our body. Simply making loving choices is a great starting point.

  27. It is a shock to discover previously unforeseen health conditions, especially if there’s been a bit of a dream run on the health front. Their root cause/s however should not (if we’re honest with ourselves) be too surprising… and therefore we should not be, in truth, shocked at all.

  28. I understand the shock. I was 30 when I was diagnosed with Osteopenia, the precursor to Osteoporosis. Now, that seemed outrageous to me, and also confirmed that dairy prevented this disease of the bones was an absolute lie. My mother, who is French and grew up on dairy and who ate copious amounts of yogurt also has osteoporosis. More confirmation that there is more going on in our bodies that the food we ingest.

  29. Francene, your story goes to show that we can disregard our bodies in many different ways – this one was new to me. Looking after ourselves can come in many different ways, very cool for you to share how it is for you.

  30. Why is it we wait for a serious diagnosis, before we are willing to stop and admit that the way we are in life is not right? It’s like sitting an exam then hoping that the results get lost in the post – and meanwhile carrying on with old answers even though in our heart we know they are wrong. What is it about us, that doesn’t get that we don’t get away with anything at all? And why don’t we simply embrace learning, growing and being ourselves, magnificent in all? In holding back and letting things slide I can see Francene we are always guaranteed an unpleasant ‘surprise’, whilst ‘going for it’ in life, you never know what joy you might find.

  31. The gift that can come through illness or being unwell is an opportunity to review the past and see how we have been living, and whether there is an opportunity for greater self-care.

  32. We take our body for granted and don’t realise the harm it causes our body when we are living in disregard. What is disregard? people will say. What I have come to learn is that it as simple as washing hands in really hot or really cold water, not wearing gloves when washing the dishes. Working bare feet on hard surfaces. All these little things are considered as disregard.

  33. “The diagnosis of osteoporosis inspired me to have a more caring regard for myself and for my body.” Any form of illness, whether it be minor or severe, is a wake-up and as to the care and healing required.

  34. ‘Also that osteoporosis didn’t just ‘happen to me’, that I had played a part in this with my choices. For example, putting others before myself, undervaluing myself, overriding my own instincts, ignoring when I was tired or even not dressing to be warm enough.’ I can relate to all your examples, and when I read this I question how hard can we be for ourselves and not listening to what our body is sharing with us. We need to thank the body for the stop it has to create in order for us to make different, more loving and caring choices from a deep knowing that we are innately love. Something for myself to truly tick in and not only ticking the boxes when it comes to care and nurture myself.

  35. I hate that feeling when you know your choices have hurt your body, sometimes we need quite a good shake up to start making choices that really care for our body and everything it has to do for us.

  36. Thank you for your insight here. I am recovering from an illness and have not been able to exercise for a few weeks, I have noticed how my body has lost a bit of its vitality. I had started doing some connective tissue exercises but I can now see how important it is to get back to slowly building a new routine into my rhythm and my body. Thank you for the inspiration.

  37. It’s true, we do get shocked when we discover we have a potentially intractable or hard-to-reverse condition. Probably because deep down, we’ve known all along where we are headed but with our spirits forefront we’ve cruised on the knowledge we are immortal and are coming back. But ah – what kind of body will we be coming back to? We don’t leave the imprints and impressions of our past lives behind and get a ‘clean slate’: when we return, they travel forward with us like the grooves in a vinyl record, ready to be replayed. Unless of course we get aware of the game being played and, in our current life accept and understand what our bodies are showing us and begin to arrest and address the momentums we are in – begin to cut ourselves a new record.

  38. “How could this happen to me”? This is the question we all ask ourselves after a diagnosis of an illness or disease that we were not expecting to hear we have! We are fortunate to have truly wonderful Practitioners who offer ongoing support to us if we are open to this. There is the need for us to give our all to looking after ourselves first and then others. This may at first seem selfish but I have learnt that this is not the case!

  39. As much as conventional medicine supports the body a true healing cannot occur without addressing the energy that created the illness or disease in the first place. Taking responsibility and making changes to the way we are with ourselves in our daily living can make all the difference to our health and wellbeing.

  40. It is awesome that you have chosen to be inspired by your osteoporosis diagnosis to take deeper care of yourself and your body. Thank you I can relate to having an image of myself as a ‘healthy’ person but am also aware of the level of disregard that I have allowed for many years so feeling to explore how I could support myself more with an exercise programme.

  41. ‘The next morning I decided to exercise with ‘regard’ for myself and see what this felt like. I started by walking down stairs with intention and focusing on the soles of my feet. I felt an amazing surge of energy up my legs and spine.’ I am becoming more aware of just how much disregard I have treated myself with and it feels so confirming to approach exercise with ‘regard’ for myself. A deeper level of appreciation for my body and the enormous support it offers me.

  42. When we recover from the initial shock we can work with the body and heal a pattern that has been there for a long time, life or lives long and then we can see it as a blessing and no longer as something that is done to us or we have to beat ourselves up for.

  43. The bones feel like the foundation or solid structure within the body and for them to be affected by deep disregard makes so much sense. I have allowed living in over-drive, with the intent on gaining recognition and praise, control my life to the degree that this foundation has also been robbed. The body is amazingly wise and the outcome of osteoporosis has also supported me to choose a very different living way.

  44. Many of us will be in for some rude awakenings so to speak… Even if we have been ‘on the path’ for a long time… We all are the sum result of the consequences of all our choices… And this is also where Universal Medicine comes to the fore… in its ongoing support for all of us in whatever stage we are at.

  45. There are many aspects to our bodies that go beyond the physicality that we all know. And so, to truly heal the body we also must take into consideration the being and the other energetic aspects that are moving the body. You have highlighted just how valuable working in unison with conventional medicine and esoteric medicine is, to understand the energy behind our dis-ease, and be supported by a team of highly skilled practitioners when we undertake the corrections that are needed to bring true healing to the body.

  46. Whatever is revealed through the physical body is the blessing we receive that invites us to arrest the ill-energy that has been in control.

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