Osteoporosis – how could this happen to me?

by Francene Cartaar, Australia

I recently suffered a shock – the shock of being informed that at the age of 54 I had osteoporosis in my back and also bone weakness in my hips. My reaction to the news from my GP was to ask myself: ‘How could this have happened to me?’

I realised that I held a perception that osteoporosis only occurred in ‘older’ women who did not look after themselves. As I regarded myself as a ‘healthy’ person, this diagnosis did not fit in with the image I held of myself.  My GP explained that bones could regenerate with weight bearing exercise and that vitamin and mineral supplements were also beneficial. The diagnosis and explanation left me feeling unsettled and upset.

I subsequently decided that I wanted to understand this diagnosis from an energetic perspective so I decided to consult an Exercise Physiologist who also had a deeper understanding of the body on an energetic level from her studies with Universal Medicine.

What then transpired was truly inspiring! I was shown a simple standing movement to connect firstly to my body and at the same time more deeply with my hip area. Next were hand and ankle weights for strengthening and feeling how to move with connection and gentleness in my body.

My exercise routine in recent years had been caring – gentle walks, stretching and relaxation. These provided great benefits to my body, but during my appointment I realised that my body was now requiring a different type of exercise.

I was offered an explanation that osteoporosis, on an energetic level, was related to disregard. This initially left me with a heavy sinking feeling, because in that instant I knew it was true – that I had pushed myself over many years.  Also that osteoporosis didn’t just ‘happen to me’, that I had played a part in this with my choices. For example, putting others before myself, undervaluing myself, overriding my own instincts, ignoring when I was tired or even not dressing to be warm enough.

The next morning I decided to exercise with ‘regard’ for myself and see what this felt like. I started by walking down stairs with intention and focusing on the soles of my feet. I felt an amazing surge of energy up my legs and spine. Next was the introduction of hand and ankle weights. At the end of a few sets of movements I had a renewed sense of vitality and strength that I later noticed lasted throughout the day, together with a feeling of steadiness within my body.

I am truly grateful for being able to consult with an Exercise Physiologist who could offer all the knowledge from her formal training and experience, but equally important, combined this with training in energetic awareness. We discussed this during my appointment and I could see how making choices that went against the natural and easy flow of the energy in my body could have an impact.

The diagnosis of osteoporosis inspired me to have a more caring regard for myself and for my body, and also to appreciate how conventional medicine and an understanding that our bodies are energy can work together for the benefit of us all.


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642 thoughts on “Osteoporosis – how could this happen to me?

  1. It feels very complete the treatment you received. Indeed if we are energy first, the fact of considering the energetic factor should be a basic in medicine. With time we’ll see it for sure.

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