True Medicine

by Denise Morden, Byron Bay

Recently I had to spend some time in hospital and it was an amazing experience, because it was the closest I had come to experiencing true and integrated medicine.

My doctor is extraordinary. He is also a healer, who combines medicine with psychological and physical care by treating the whole body. I have never had a physician like this before; he is always accessible and I know he is there for me, in my corner.

This is an extraordinary relationship: a partnership, there is no “them and us.”

His care is for the whole body and the person; I am not just a ‘patient’. I am met, connected to, and he sees who I am. I am not a victim of the disease or the medical system, because I am pro-active in my treatment and care, a co–creator in my own healing. I am fully responsible for the choices I make. I have great trust in him even when he is honest enough to say he is not sure what to do next. I know that his humility and his ability to accept and surrender will allow him to KNOW what the next step is when it comes to that. His skill and care also extend to before, during and after any procedure.

Over the years I have seen how the unit and ward he works in have totally been transformed. His staff love him, because he knows who they are, he knows all their names and what they do. One nurse tells me that some of the other doctors don’t even know their names. He works with them all as a team, each one is essential to the holistic care of the person. This shows in the extraordinary way I am treated by all the staff.

The level of care goes above and beyond anything I have ever experienced from specialists and care in other hospitals.

Everyone I meet who attends to me, from the doctor to the cleaner, introduces themselves and explains what they do.

I am informed every step of the way, about what is going on, and constantly asked if I am OK, comfortable, or in pain.

From the warm blankets put on me in the operating theatre, to the care of the porter who wraps me in blankets in the wheelchair when going to have an x ray.

I am treated with the utmost care and respect, with dignity. But there is also friendly chat, humour and laughter, as we exchange stories about our lives.

No effort is spared in my comfort, from the anaesthetic cream applied to my skin, so I don’t feel a single needle, to the menu specially prepared for me by the chef as I have food intolerances. No expense is spared in my care – l feel that these people love what they do and they do it with love.

No matter how good the doctor is, without this aftercare the outcome for patients would not be so favorable.

For me this is true integrated medicine and holistic care, from the ward through to the procedure and the aftercare and this is empowering for me.

I am an active partner in the treatment, management and healing of my disease.

With this support I am encouraged also to look at the deeper psychological issues and experiences that have got me to this point. My healing is so deep because I have the trust and support to go there, to let go, to accept and surrender to this level of care.

The depth of my healing shows in my recovery and resilience.

I have a genetic disease that should have killed me 10 years ago, yet now my tissue is regenerating, and with the medical help and the letting go of issues, my body is able to heal to a new level.

I am told that I am a ‘medical miracle.’

The miracle for me is finding an extraordinary Physician and Healer whose support and care has allowed me to heal.

I have experienced a new level of true integrated care.

This is truly Universal Medicine.


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779 thoughts on “True Medicine

  1. When we experience care like that described here we start to realise how we have settled for abuse and abruptness under the umbrella of ‘normal behaviour’. There is so much deeper we can go with every movement – if we choose.

  2. Thank you Denise for your testimony. When reading your blog I could clearly feel that, in truth, this is what medicine is meant to be, universally so. I know that this is not the reality in many, many places yet, but with your lived experience, we have a new standard of what is possible from a deeply loving and wholistic perspective of health.

  3. What many have understood from your blog Denise is your understanding that you are not your illness, that you have realised you are responsible for the choices you have made and continue to make. We are in fact the masters of our own destiny by the choices we have made that then stack up in our bodies as unexpressed energy that then becomes blocked or locked in the body. Release the energy and this goes a long way to support the healing.

  4. “I am an active partner in the treatment, management and healing of my disease.” This is so important – too many of us take health care professionals for granted and do not feel to take our own responsibility.

  5. Whilst so many healthcare professionals work tirelessly for others, within the profession I am not sure how much genuine self care is actually practiced. The heart to care for others is there I am sure, but I also question how much of it is it applied to self? We can only care as much as we care for ourselves – getting burned out in the end is counter productive. I have found more often than not, that most professionals in any field will ensure that work comes first and that self care is a much lower priority. Pushing through, sacrificing sleep, sacrificing exercise, sacrificing diet, sacrificing honest expression etc., to ensure function ultimately sacrifices quality, healthy relationships and a vitality for life.

  6. Denise, to read about a doctor who provides truly holistic care is pretty rare within a hospital system. Often they are so busy, it’s not on their radar to treat a patient as more than just a patient.

    What you have described is what I would love to see more of in our health care system. Can you imagine if all health care practitioners provided this type of service, what would the state of the system be in?

    What a beautiful experience to read about and through this example, it is possible that many others can be inspired to follow.

  7. ‘The level of care goes above and beyond anything I have ever experienced from specialists and care in other hospitals.’ When we make caring the foundation of what we do, in everything we do it has the power to lift others – to open everything up for them and they in turn, in this inspiration, offer this to others.

  8. I agree Doug, the combination of western medicine with the esoteric brings the best of both worlds. Both are very much needed in society today. I healed so much faster than expected after surgery a few years ago now, using both. It surprises me that doctors say ‘do whatever you are doing’ that contributes to a speedier recovery, but don’t ask what it is that is making the difference….

  9. “I am an active partner in the treatment, management and healing of my disease.” A beautiful read – and we do need to be actively involved in our healing. Handing over our body for our doctors to ‘fix it’ belies any responsibility on our part.

  10. Maybe the level of care you received could one day be the norm. I feel it is not always about the lack of money in our medical systems, but understanding what self love and self nurturing really mean and are then offered as part of their training so that nurses and doctors are not burnt out and exhausted.

    1. Alison I feel you have hit the nail on the head. Whilst we like to blame the issues in our systems on under investment, we can actually do a lot more than we think with fewer resources if we chose to connect to the love that we are and put that at the centre of everything we do.

    2. Alison the ‘level of care received’, should be the standard everywhere. If the patient is playing their part in taking responsibility in their own healing, the rest of the support will follow too.

      This again should be taught at any medical, or any other health care professional training. We have much to learn from this physician.

  11. There’s so much joy in your words. It’s very beautiful when responsibility is being accepted as power and lived as such.

  12. “I am an active partner in the treatment, management and healing of my disease”. This is a very powerful statement in a medical world where many patients give the power for their healing over to the professionals, and in doing so miss out on the most important factor of all; their part in their own healing. We know our bodies more intimately than any one else and to hold back from sharing all that we know does not support the doctors etc to carry out their role as fully as they could. The union of doctor, patient and medical knowledge is a very powerful union indeed; one never to be underestimated in any way.

  13. Amazing Denise that you have been looked after, cared for and supported to heal your disease and that you have taken full responsibility for why you have it. Bringing yourself to your physician with the understanding that all your choices make an immediate impact on your body and state of being is something that not many people take very seriously. Thanks for sharing.

  14. We are so much more than only physical. Our bodies purpose and its existence is to realign to the grandness from which we are coming from- if we reduce our body to just function we are limiting us from the greatness that we are.

  15. If you make life about people, it does not matter what profession you are in. Only the quality and the connection counts that left its footprints on earth to inspire one and another.

  16. Experiences and your history with your disease should be definitely recorded in a book as a role model of a patient and as an example of true care for people. Universal Medicine ignites the energetic wisdom with the western medicine to truly heal and not find solutions that are expensive and not changing anything in the end.

    1. I wonder statistically how much each medical condition, illness and disease has risen in the last 20 years? Whilst all the money spent on health, training professionals, research and medical solutions have supported the modern population to live longer and deal with symptoms, how much of this money has actually stemmed the flow of disease and illness? At what point do we begin to ask ourselves why there is such an exponential increase and at what point do we begin to get honest at the relentless tidal wave of it all, understanding that we play a huge part in the occurrence of disease and illness in the first place by our simple everyday choices?

  17. No true healing can occur if we’re not wiling to be an active participant in the process. Like all relationships, healing is 50/50 between our willingness to heal and look at what caused the imbalance in the first place, and the body’s natural ability to heal and discard anything that doesn’t belong in it.

  18. Denise this is so amazing, this is the beauty of humanity working together to support people to heal and feel truly cared for. The integrated approach is very supportive, it brings understanding and purpose to the overall healing, not just healing to the physical body but to the whole person.

  19. ” l feel that these people love what they do and they do it with love.” A beautiful example of the power of love in healing.

    1. You can be the greatest, most known and highly distinguished person, if you are not connecting with people and truly loving them, the volume of your work will always be limited and alchemy won´t be able to work through you.

    2. We can never underestimate the ‘power of love in healing’ for if we do, we are excluding one of the most important factors in the healing of any illness or disease. The power of love is always palpable and to be the one on the receiving end is an absolutely beautiful and confirming experience.

  20. “I am not a victim of the disease or the medical system, because I am pro-active in my treatment and care, a co–creator in my own healing” – Wow I love this Denise. When we take responsibility and our care into our own hands we can feel an incredible sense of empowerment and authority, all of which actually supports our body (and our mental state) to feel more vital.

  21. It is the level of care that you get from the whole hospital that makes the difference, from the cleaners, the porters to the surgeons, they all make up the one care package.

    1. We come from a Oneness that´s why true brotherhood does touch deeply, as it reminds us to the great truth we all carry inside us. When groups work in that supportive, loving and caring energy I feel immediately like being in heaven.

  22. True healing is to renounce the ill causing energy, and treat the symptoms affecting the body. Only when the energy is renounced from the body, can the healing occur. Otherwise it will come up in many different forms of illness and disease.

  23. It was so lovely to read this ‘I am pro-active in my treatment and care, a co–creator in my own healing. I am fully responsible for the choices I make.’ we really do need to talk about this more especially when it comes to looking after our health. It is empowering for us to live this way ✨

  24. What I feel in this gorgeous sharing is the absolute equalness in every single person – and the delight and joy in knowing that they are an integral part of the team whether they are a doctor, a nurse, a cleaner, a patient; and the sense of responsibility that naturally arises from that awareness. Very beautiful.

  25. Whenever there is a genuine love for people at heart, the level of care and love can be felt through our work and this is what offers true service and support in healing and in general. Love is indeed the universal medicine that supports us all to live or return to live our true potential.

    1. Sure is! Setting a new level of awareness of how we say yes to healing the body on both a physical and energetic level.

  26. The root of our ill health comes from our separation from the love, warmth and wisdom of our Soul. Therefore if we are to truly heal such a divide, we cannot heal it with further separation such as an ‘us/them’ mentality between practitioner and patient or by segmenting the body and not looking at how each part relates back to the whole it is a part of. We heal it by reconnecting to each other and ourselves and this can only be done with genuine love and care at the forefront and then all that modern medicine can offer to support us during this process. When used in this way, our medicine, like our love, is truly Universal.

  27. ‘I am treated with the utmost care and respect, with dignity. But there is also friendly chat, humour and laughter, as we exchange stories about our lives.’ What you are describing in your blog is exceptional but what I feel is that this should be the norm, we are all equal and responsible beings and this is the way we should be treated where ever we go.

    1. Yes Annelies, and it could be the norm in every type of job, a standard for interacting with humanity we all adhere to, and it’s something that’s naturally there within us all.

  28. ‘No matter how good the doctor is, without this aftercare the outcome for patients would not be so favorable.’ Great point Denise it has to be the whole team that supports the whole of the patient, and everyone needs to take responsibility for their part including the patient themselves.

  29. This is the future way for medicine and care – a true relationship between doctor, patient and hospital care with an understanding of energy in the practical application of medicine.

  30. How beautiful it is to read of a partnership between a health practitioner and their patient equally engaged in the healing process and responsible for their part.

    1. How awesome to read that there is a true relationship that is forming that breaks the ideas we have about the patient and the health practitioner being more or less.

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